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How to Become an Aerobic Instructor

There are different ways to become an aerobics instructor. You need certification, work experience, training. Other requirements include fitness training, technical workshops, and seminars.
An instructor could teach private, public schools or individual clients. The person could open a fitness studio, work part time or full time.
Opening a fitness studio comes with its own set of challenges such as finance, good location, equipment and licensing. Another way to get into the business is to work for a fitness studio. Here are some ideas on how to become an aerobics instructor.
 Aerobic Instructor
Learn the Trade
To join the industry you need to get formal training. You need higher school diploma or bachelors degree. The courses of study are physical education, fitness training.
Others include kinesiology, exercise science and aerobics. The basic requires to become an instructor is high school diploma. You can take associate degree programs on nutrition, anatomy, physiology.
Other course of study are business management, accounting. Obtaining a bachelors degree in related fields will offer job advancement opportunities. It is essential the individual has good physical fitness and regular exercise practice.
  • higher school diploma
  • bachelors degree
  • associate degree programs
In the United States of America you need certification. Top bodies are the Aerobics and Fitness association and American Council on Exercise. You can also join the International Fitness Professional Association.
Some states, private institutions offer examinations or certifications. There are also fields of study on first aid techniques in case of emergency.
If you wish to open a fitness studio your outfit needs certification. The studio should have safety equipment, insurance cover. The operator should register the business as a limited liability company and have a tax identification number.
Work Experience
It is important to gain work related experience. Secure employment as an instructor in aerobics studio, recreational center or gym. You need good interpersonal skill, basic knowledge of business management and accounting. You can gain experience from seminars, workshops or internship programs.
  • seminars
  • workshops
  • internship programs
  • apprentice
Things to Consider Before Opening a Studio
To open a studio you need to define a clear picture. Who are your customer’s and what are the cost implications.
First write a studio business plan then carry out a feasibility study. Make sure the plan has an executive summary, future projections and finance information.
Estimate your financial requirements, credit and expected income. Secure funding through personal savings or bank loans.
Other funding sources are through partnership, angel investors or crowdfunding. More considerations are studio demography, operational costs, lease, pre-sales marketing. You need good advertisement plan to attract patronage.
  • write a studio business plan
  • carry out a feasibility study
  • estimate your financial requirements
  • secure funding
  • studio demography
  • lease
  • pre-sales marketing
  • advertisement plan 
  • become dance instructor
To become an aerobic instructor you need formal training and experience. Business owners require additional skill in management and accounting. An instructor could join an established gym or provide private practice.

How to Become a Dance Instructor

A dance teacher’s main constituency is schools and private individuals. They can operate a private dance studio or offer schools special dance programs.
They teach foundation movements, dance techniques and choreography. The business involves deep knowledge of dance, education and stamina.
The career is rewarding and moderately challenging. To succeed you need to maintain a good professional image and build a solid reputation. Here are things to consider before starting a career in dance.
How to Become a Dance Teacher
A dance teacher could work public or private establishment. They can also open a studio to teach the discipline.
To become a teacher you need training, education qualification and certification. Try to join dance groups, aerobic classes and work on your fitness level. To gain knowledge attend dance workshops, dance seminars ands dance conventions.
How to Become a Dance Teacher
  • Training
  • education qualification
  • certification
  • join dance groups
  • attend aerobic classes
  • work on your fitness level
  • attend dance workshops
  • dance seminars
  • dance conventions
  • how to become aerobic instructor
Conduct Research
 Conduct research on the industry to learn the best teaching practice. You could establish a gym or work in private or public schools. Another way is to join an establish gym as an instructor.
Get Trained
You can obtain a bachelors degree in theater arts or bachelor’s degree in dance education. Other ways is to join a dace group or studio. Attend training programs in demonstrative teaching techniques, directed teaching. You can increase knowledge by acquiring a master degree program in dance.
You need a teacher’s certificate in dance education. There are many dancer certificate programs and examinations. You need dance skill, practice and consider internship.
Some states have administered examinations. Take continual courses and attend professional workshops to deepen your knowledge. There are also professional associations and bodies to join.
Dance Styles Different
The instructor should be knowledgeable of different dance styles. Common disciplines include ballet, freestyle and jazz. Others are tap, contemporary dance and waltz.
  • Ballet
  • Freestyle
  • Jazz
  • Tap
  • contemporary dance
  • waltz
Create Dance Classes
Once certified and active you need to create dance classes. Make sure the routines are fun, interesting and practicable. You can focus on specific niche or offer different dance styles.
The amount of money you earn depends on many factors. Some include number of students you teach, public or private students. Some instructors charge group fees, flat fees or earn per hour. They offer hourly private lesion or are on a retainer fee.
Where to Find Work
Common clients are public and private schools. You can teach community college or at local dance studios. Teaching opportunities include health clubs, theater, gyms and cruise ships. To get jobs network with industrial players, use referrals and word of mouth.

How to Grow and Market Edible Mushrooms in Nigeria

Nigeria has perfect weather for mushroom growing and they attract good prices. Despite a huge population of over 150 million people Nigerians hardly eat edible mushrooms.
There are few mushroom farmers and moderate consumer market. Those that embrace mushroom farming are making good money. This is because of little competition.
The major advantage to this business is low startup capital and space requirement. You can start the business at your backyard or work part time. The business is practicable alongside your regular job.
The other incentive is huge financial reward for your effort. Commercial farmers are capable of making six figure incomes in the business. However the major challenge is finding credible customers for your product.
Edible Mushrooms
Facts about Mushrooms
Mushroom is the fleshy part of a fungi growth found on logs, soil or tree trunks. Some are edible while others are dangerous to consume.
The edible mushrooms are delicious with many health benefits. Mushrooms prefer moist shady environment and need plenty of oxygen to grow.
There are four categories of mushrooms the parasitic type, entophytic, Mycorrhizal, and Saprotrophic. It is important you recognize and choose only edible mushrooms. 
Types of Edible Mushroom
There are many types of edible mushrooms found around the world. Common types of edible mushroom are Shiitake, and Chanterelles. Others include Pleurotus Oysters, Morchella Esculenta.
Once you identify the edible mushroom you want to grow purchase spawn from credible sources. The spawn carries the mycelium that is cultivated.
Learn the Business
Before you can go into mushroom farming learn the trade. There are many ways to acquire knowledge.  Learn through seminars, online courses, practical demonstrations and books. You can hire a tutor or work on a mushroom farm.
Decide on the Medium
Mushrooms grow in different mediums therefore you need to decide on the medium. There are three possible candidates for growing mushrooms. You can grow them on log wood, sawdust or straw material.
Basic Growing Technique
The growing technique depends on the type of mushroom and medium of choice. The medium should be free from micro organisms then spread in container.
Mix the spawn with medium (straw) in container and place in direct sunlight to introduce heat. After heating the mixed medium, place in darkroom, drawer, box or cabinet.
The environment should be dark, damp but airy. To maintain a damp consistency spray with water periodically. Growing mushrooms is highly technical so you need adequate knowledge of growing techniques.
How to get the Spawn
There are three ways to get the mushroom spawn in Nigeria. You can order for the spawn online, buy from a farmer or the federal institute of international research Oshodi Lagos.
To sell your produce you need a regular customer base. Sell your produce to large supermarkets, restaurants and hotels.
Try Shoprite, Eko Hotel, Lagoon Restaurant and locations in Lekki, Ikoyi or Victoria Island. Once you conduct good marketing research you will be surprised by the huge market for your product.

Starting a Call Center Business

Starting a call center is moderately challenging and profitable. You can work full time or part time depending on your business structure. It is practicable as a one man business or large agency.
Some things to consider are type of equipment, staff, location, license and funding. You also need to connect with companies that need your services. You can start a call center with $2000 to $10,000.
Call Center Business
How to Start a Call Center agency
Write a Business Plan
You need to write a call center business plan the carry out a feasibility study. Determine the type of center, lease office space and procure equipment. You also need adequate funding and qualified staff. Make sure you plan accommodates growth and expansion.
Determine the Type of Call Center
A  call center has different job specifications and operational structures. The different types of call centers are domestic, outbound and inbound call centers. You also have the international call centers.
Most centers are classified based on ownership structure. The outbound ones are usually outsourced to domestic or international partners.
Outsourcing operation in different country is cost effective. The company cut costs on training, staff, equipment, leasehold.  In-house centers are operated by the company.
Types of Call Centers
  • Domestic
  • Outbound
  • inbound call centers
  • international call centers
Size of the Call Center
Other classifications are based on mode of communication, size. Virtual or home based centers are usually small one man businesses.
You have small, medium or large centers. The number of agents in each center determines the size of the operation.  Large center could have upwards of 400 staff while medium center has about 50 agents.
  • Virtual
  • home based centers
  • small
  • medium
  • large centers
Type of Communication
The mode of communication defines the operation. We have basically two types of communication. Centers use either web enabled system or telephone. The phones are used to make or receive calls.
Web based software and agents chat in real time or use email contact. Staff requirements are maintenance staff, technical staff, phone operator and hardware engineers.
The equipment depends on the type of call center. You need a dedicated telephone, computer, USB headset and modem for high speed internet connection.
Others are cloud based solutions, CRM package, virtual contact center by Five9 and software. More are Hands free headset, smart dialer, on-screen caller info, office supplies.
Call Center Equipment
  • dedicated telephone
  • computer
  • USB headset
  • 3G/4G modem
  • cloud based solutions
  • CRM package
  • virtual contact center by Five9
  • software
  • Hands free headset
  • smart dialer
  • on-screen caller info
  • office supplies
Find out if your state requires an operational license. Most call centers need to obtain telemarketers license and vice versa. The center mangers are also mandated to get individual license.
The cost also depends on the state fee from free to application fees of $6000. You might need a surety bond from an insurance company.
Other considerations in regards to obtaining a license are number of agents, company article of association, driving license and work history.
More include no criminal record, litigation history, home or office address. It is important your incorporate the business as a limited liability company. Some states require individual sales person’s registration.
To secure partnership contact different companies that outsource. You need a state operational license and search online for opportunities.
You can contact businesses or call centers that outsource. Use advertisement, networking to attract good clientele. Try to join a professional body or organization in your industry.

Starting a Noodles Stand Business

To open a noodles restaurant you need very little capital. The entire expenditure could cost N10, 000 naira.
This amount covers the cost of making a stand, buying cooking utensils, kerosene cooker, supplies. The business is very lucrative and practitioner’s make about N4000 daily.
Noodles is a popular food in Nigeria and eaten as a snack or whole meal. The delicious meal is eaten as breakfast lunch or dinner depending on the individual.
The popularity of the food is the cost effectiveness, fast cooking time. If you are looking for a business to start with little overhead and good returns then noodle making is your best bet.
Noodles Stand
How to Start a Noodle Restaurant
Landed Space
The first step to starting the business is to find space. This is moderately challenging however scalable.
You need to find space in a busy area with lots of human traffic. Popular locations are close to factories, commercial areas and schools. The space could be obtained free or leased depending on the present occupants or landed property.
Space Requirements
  • busy area
  • heavy human traffic
  • area close to factories
  • commercial areas
  • close to a school
Put Up a Structure
The next stage is to put up a structure. To do this contact a carpenter to build a simple shed for the business. The shed should have display shelves, cooking area and you need to provide a sitting area for your customer.
Buy your Equipment
The major equipment is your kerosene cooking stove. You need utensils like pot, frying pan, plates, and cutlery. Other include bench, mixing bowl, long spoon and kerosene. The type of cooking equipment could be cooking gas, kerosene cooker, and charcoal cooker.
Noodle Restaurant Equipment
  • kerosene cooking stove
  • pot
  • frying pan
  • plates
  • cutlery
  • bench
  • mixing bowl
  • long spoon and kerosene
  • cooking gas cooker or charcoal cooker
The supplies you need are top noodle brands, eggs, cooking oil. There are many brands in Nigeria so choose wisely.
Your noodles are best eaten with fried eggs, fish or chicken. Other supplies are pepper, onions, tomatoes, seasoning, and groundnut oil.
The supplies are readily available in the market. Make sure you buy the noodles in cartons for better profitability. You can sell cold drinks and water to your customers.
Noodles Fast Food Supplies
The profit margin depends on the order. On an average plate a fast food seller can make 45% returns. This amount gradually adds up to sizable earnings. To get a good appraisal of prices eat at a noodle restaurant. Calculate the cost of the noodle and ingredients.
There are no licensing associated to this business. However there are food handlers health and safety concern. Others include illegal structures, environmental issues and local government levies. The only marketing you need is a signboard, word of mouth and delicious meal.
The business is highly lucrative and easy to establish. You need very little funds, good cooking skill to prosper in the business. Other requirements include good customer service, added value such as free sachet water and other incentives.

How to Start a Pizza Business in India

Pizza is a traditional dish that originated from Italy. The delicious fast food comprises flatbread, cheese, tomatoes sauce. More are different condiments, meat, and vegetables. The ingredients vary according to geographical location and recipe.
It is prepared fresh or frozen and baked in an oven. The snack is popular worldwide, easy to prepare. Commercial restaurant that offer the snack earn good income despite a few challenges.
Pizza Types and Toppings
The difference between each pizza is the toppings. Different types of pizza include Neapolitan, mozzarella, pizza alla marinara and pizza pugliese. Common toppings are olives, peppers, tomatoes, garlic. You have bacon, chicken, carrot, spinach, anchovies.
Common Pizza Toppings

  • Olives
  • Peppers
  • Tomatoes
  • Garlic
  • Bacon
  • Chicken
  • Carrot
  • Spinach
  • Anchovies
  • Cheese
Learn the Trade
The first step is to learn the trade. You need to know different types if pizza and how to make them.
Other aspects include creating a menu and gaining culinary experience. You could go to a culinary school, work at a pizza kitchen or become an apprentice.
Other ways are through online courses, books and vocational training. You need basic business and accounting skills to run the parlor. To acquire business knowledge take some classes.
Develop a Business Plan
It is essential you come up with a plan. The plan should focus on equipment, menu, staff and location. Focus on immediate and future goals to prepare a practicable blueprint.
To succeed you need to offer innovative services and delicious food. You could increase customer awareness through discount, free giveaways, friendly competitions or added services and products.
Franchising or Independent Business
There are basically two ways to get into the pizza business. You could leverage on a franchise or start independently. It takes more funds to join a popular franchise than starting from scratch.
However franchise owners offer ready made menus, and training. You gain from their experience, brand name and marketing paraphernalia. Another advantage of franchising is that you get loyal customers of the brand.
On the other hand independent operators need to cover every aspect of the business. The major advantage of being independent is full control of your establishment.
The Type of Pizza Services
You need to decide the type of services on offer. You could offer a restaurant type service or home delivery service. To offer delivery service you need a mode of transportation like motorcycle, bicycle or car. The target area for delivery should be with a maximum of 30 minutes from your location.
Choose a good business name and logo. This will become the identity of your pizza. Find a good graphic designer to create something unique, interesting and fun. The logo should be on your boxes including the address and phone number.
Find an Ideal Location
The best location is in commercial areas with lots of human and vehicular traffic. The location should be easily accessible. You can carry out a feasibility study and use realtors to find the ideal location. The location also affects the pricing, rent and type of clientele.
There are some guidelines to running a food business. Your establishment needs to comply with health and safely issues.
There is also food handler’s health including operational permit. Others include business registration, insurance and tax identification number. Find out state laws that apply to your food business.
You need to get funds to start the business. Acquire funds through target saving or borrow from friends and family. Approach any commercial bank in your area for long term low interest loans.
There are four types of ovens used n the preparation of pizza. You have the coal fired brick oven or wood oven. Others include conveyor belt oven and electric deck oven.
More equipment is the peel (long wooden paddle). You need disposable boxes, rolling pin, warmers. Small outfit needs a chef, receptionist, service personnel, manager, and delivery person.
Payment Methods
It is import you accept money through different payment methods. You can accept cash payments or POS payment. Other methods include credit card, debit card payments online.
Build a Website
Going online could double your output and profit margin. Make sure you get a good domain name, host plan.
The site should be attractive and include images of your product. Highlight the geographical location you cover, add terms of service. Introduce an online payment system, contact number to receive orders.
Deploy television adverts, radio, print in your marketing campaign. Print flyers, handbills, posters, billboards and signboard. Use targeted social media ads, Adwords to drive traffic to your website. Offer your customers discounts, run occasional promotions.

Guide to Starting a Noodles Manufacturing Business

Noodles are popular in many countries and eaten regularly. Manufacturing them is profitable, easy to execute.  The business is practical large or small scale and raw material abundant in local markets. You need basic equipment either branded or locality manufactured in you country.
Why Invest in Noodles Manufacturing
The question is why invest in noodles manufacturing. The product is easy to produce, ready to eat, durable. The product is popular, low price, availability of raw materials and convenience of preparation. Investors make huge profit selling the product.
  • easy to produce
  • ready to eat
  • durable
  • product is popular
  • low price
  • convenience of preparation
  • Investors make huge profit
  • availability of raw materials
Types of Noodles
Before you venture into the business you need to identify the different types. Although there are different variations you have two major categories. You have the instant ready to eat and plain noodles.
How to Start a Noodle Manufacturing Company
Factory and Location
The manufacturing plant should have adequate space to accommodate equipment. You need an administrative office, warehouse, packing and loading area.
The location could be in a commercial area close to your customer base. You need transportation trucks, utilities like clean water, electricity.
  • adequate space
  • administrative office
  • warehouse
  • packing and loading area
  • transportation
  • utilities
The amount of money you need depends on the size of the operation. Secure funds through target savings or borrow from friends, family. Larger operations need huge startup so approach a commercial bank in your area. Use angel investors, partnership or find a core investor.
Legal Compliance for Noodles Manufacturing
This legal compliance for noodle manufacturing is pertaining to Indian. To establish a noodles plant you need to fulfill certain legal requirements.
Commercial producers need a trade license, company incorporation and BIS certification. You need ISO 9001certifiction including an FSSAI license.
Then apply for Udyog Aadhaar MSME online registration. Your product is subjected to value added tax. You need food handler’s certification, insurance cover, tax identification number. Your manufacturing company must comply with the PFA ACT and GMP.
Legal Compliance for Noodles Producers in India
  • trade license
  • company incorporation
  • BIS certification
  • ISO 9001certifiction
  • an FSSAI license
  • apply for Udyog Aadhaar MSME online registration
  • product subjected to value added tax
  • food handler’s certification
  • insurance cover
  • tax identification number
  • comply with the PFA ACT and GMP
Raw Materials
The type of noodles you produce will determine the raw materials. Basic ingredients are wheat flour, sodium bicarbonate, vegetable oil, spices. Others are salt, sugar, and starch.
Noodles Making Equipment
The choice of machinery will determine the output. You need good equipment and right consistency to produce quality products.
Common equipment found in production plants are noodles making machine fitted with adjustable die-heads, dough mixer. Others are vertical powder mixer, wooden trays, weighing scale. More are water boiler, pouch filler, sealing machine, plastic buckets.
  • noodles making machine with adjustable die-heads
  • dough mixer
  • vertical powder mixer
  • wooden trays
  • weighing scale
  • water boiler
  • pouch filler
  • sealing machine
  • plastic buckets
  •  steps to start small scale flour.
Noodles Manufacturing Process
The manufacturing process involves dry mixing, ingredient blending. The dough is then formatted and ingredient mixed using the dough mixer.
The kneaded dough is transferred to noodle maker and extruded. The length is cut to desirable sizes. The final stages are pre-drying to determine appropriate moisture content then steaming to dry.
The product should have good consistency, length color, and long shelf life. The final product should be subjected to quality control, packaging, labeling.
  • Dry mixing
  • Dough formation
  • Extrusion
  • Pre-drying
  • Drying
  • Packaging
  • Labeling 
  • p
It is important to establish a distribution channel. You need many wholesalers to push your product. Use product branding, vigorous advertising including product awareness campaigns. Offer rewards, competitions and offer good prices.
Use television adverts, radio, flyers, billboards, signboards, distribute business cards to grocer store owners. You can sell your product in grocery stores, supermarkets, open market or food vendors.

How to Earn Money by Hiring Out Your Car

I have a natural curiosity concerning business startups and structures. Several years ago I noticed an individual who seemed to have lots of time, cash and drove 2 identical Benz Jeeps.
I started a conversation with the individual to find out what he did for a living. After a slight hesitation he told me about his car hire business.
He leased 3 cars to an oil servicing company and received monthly payment. According to him the amount of money he receives for each vehicle in a year is enough to buy them.
This business is a very interesting and thousands of people earning money from car rentals. Here are a few ideas on how to start a car hiring business.
taxi cab traffic cab new-york-
Determine the Type of Car Hire
There are different types of car hire formats. You could drive the car yourself, hire a driver or the company provides one.
The first step is to find the company to attach your vehicle. The type used by the individual illustrated above involves hiring his car to a company on yearly bases. The company takes car of servicing, repairs and driver.
Types of Car Hire
The different types of car hire businesses are taxi services or Park, Pick and Drop format. This type involves choosing a popular destination like a hotel, airport or arrival destination. The vehicle owner joins a taxi pool to offer service.
The second type depends on smart technology such as Uber cabs, Taxify and other software 'Driver for Hire' companies. The taxi operator uses an app to accept fare, goes to the customer and transports to predetermined destination.
The app estimates the distance, fare and route. The drive then shares a specified percent of the fare with the software company.
How to Start a Car Hiring Business
To start a car hire service you need a vehicle. The year of manufacture should not exceed six years. Make sure the car is in good working order and determine type of car hire. Some car hire companies have a color scheme while others don’t.
The Driver
You can use hire purchase format, drive yourself or employ a driver. All depends on your terms of agreement, business structure. Don’t forget to read the terms of agreement and contract.
Read the Contract
If you are hiring out to a company they would have a contact paper. Make sure you read the contract or hire an attorney to decipher the small print. They would also include a terms of agreement and disengagement.
The contract could specify self repair in case of damage or they company could cries out the job. Most cars are returned to the owner once the duration of the contract is over. The duration of most contracts are 1-2 years due to deprecation of the vehicle.
Payment Terms
The payment terms differ based on the companies agreement.  The company might decide to pay quarterly or yearly. The sums vary sharply depending on the company’s preference.
How to Find Such Companies
The biggest challenge is finding companies willing to hire your vehicle. A good place to start the search is multinational companies in your country.
Multinational companies prefer hiring the vehicle instead of buying them. Other likely prospects are banks, financial institutions, oil exploration, servicing companies. Approach the car pool management for possible placement of your vehicle.