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Guide to Opening Your Own ICT School

ICT is a broad based term that refers to coverage, computer networking, and information/communication technology by cabling system. Any device that transmits, stores, retrieves or manipulates information falls under ICT.
ICT has greatly improved access to smart technology data and internet accessibility. This makes the profession highly lucrative in today’s reality.
Top countries in the ITC sector are Japan, Sweden, South Korea, Hungary and United States. The business is profitable, requires moderate funds and is challenging.
Any school needs an operational license, qualified teachers and robust curriculum. Here are a few things to consider before starting an ICT school.
Things to Consider
There are things to consider before setting up your ICT School. You need to have a credible workstation and network environment.
Provide proper file access, hardware and operational systems. There is also infrastructure, school management and addressing technical problems. Other considerations are sourcing startup funds, legalities and hiring qualified teaching staff.
  • Workstation
  • network environment
  • proper file access
  • hardware
  • operational systems
  • focus on infrastructure
  • school management
  • addressing technical problems
  • find sourcing startup funds
  • legalities
  • hiring qualified teaching staff
computer school
What are your Credentials?
The type of school depends on your business template. Are you qualified to offer ICT training or will you hire qualified teachers.
Information communication technology requires serious technical knowledge of operational systems. The course requirements are vast and cover aspects such as animation, software development and coding.
ICT Courses
You need to develop a good curriculum for your students. You could offer full time or part time courses.
The ICT training course should provide opportunities for corporate staff and private individuals. The course content could include AS/A Level computing, diploma in advanced computing and wireless and mobile computing.
Other courses are foundation of software development, computer programming, professional and web application development. You can include mobile application development, high performance computing, certified information system auditing and diploma in business computing.
  • AS/A Level computing
  • diploma in advanced computing
  • wireless
  • mobile computing
  • software development
  • computer programming
  • web application development
  • mobile application development
  • high performance computing
  • certified information system auditing
  • diploma in business computing
Locating the ICT School
Your business plan should accommodate the size and scope of the enterprise. You could purchase landed property and invest in infrastructure or rent space. 
Once you secure appropriate space purchase and install the computers and teaching aids. You could also offer clients out-calls and organize seminars and lessons.
Legalize the ICT School
You need certification form the federal educational board for your computer school. The school should pass infrastructural scrutiny, hire qualified teachers and offer a robust curriculum.
Select a school name and register as a limited liability company. You need liability insurance and tax identification number.
Build a Website
Every school needs a website to inform the general public of its activities. The website is also a marketing tool to gain new students.
You can also offer part-time online courses to international students. Make sure the website has course outline, address, phone number and location. Add your school certification and credentials of teaching staff.
Drive traffic to your website through online advertisement. You can target certain demography, age group and corporate clients.
Offer short courses, part time courses and discounts for early registration. Use electronic and print media such as flyers, billboards, banners and business cards.

How to Start a Guava Farm

The guava tree is common to tropical Countries. The delicious fruit tree is also found in South America and Central America. 
The ripe fruits are generally green in color with slight yellow coloration. And a member of 'Myrtaceae' family of small trees with abundant bushy leafs.
There are many industries that use the fruit during manufacture. Common industries are the beverage industry, food and pharmaceutical industry.
An investor interested in starting a guava plantation needs adequate land, good soil and source of water. They also need good seedlings to produce lots of fruits. Other requirements are casual labor, farm registration and permits.
Starting Guava Farm
Types of Guava
The guava fruits have many name variations based on demography it grows.  Its origin is traced to the Caribbean region, Mexico and Central America. Types of Guava are the ripe apple guava and apple guava. Others include the Thai Maroon guava, yellow cherry guava and strawberry guava.
  • Ripe apple guavas (Psidium guajava)
  • Apple guava (Psidium guajava) flower.
  • Strawberry guava, Psidium littorale var..
  • Apple Guava plant leaf.
  • 'Thai maroon' guava, a red apple guava cultivar.
  • Yellow-fruited cherry guava, (sometimes called lemon guava) Psidium littorale var..
Uses of Guava
The fruits have a sweet, better taste similar to lemons. Their outer skin is usually rough, green in color with different variants such as maroon, yellow, pink and off-white.
The culinary uses are found beverages, sauces, fruit bars and dried snacks. More are artisan candles, desserts, blended in alcoholic dinks, eaten raw and made into a dip.
The fruit is also a common ingredient in fruit salad, jams, jellies, marmalades and preservatives. Other uses are found in medicine and the seeds are used in cosmetic products. This is because the fruit has loads of unsaturated fats and linolenic acid.
  • Used in beverages
  • Sauces
  • fruit bars
  • dried snacks
  • artisan candles
  • desserts
  • blended in alcoholic dinks
  • eaten raw
  • made into a dip
  • ingredient in fruit salad
  • jams
  • jellies
  • marmalades
  • preservatives
  • uses are found in medicine
  • used in cosmetic products
How to Grow Guava
There are two ways to plant guava. You could grow them from seeds or seedlings. The most effective method is growing from small seedlings. This ensures 98% growth success rate.
Grow from Seeds
Growing guava from seeds is very challenging because the plants might not germinate and eventually die. The guarantee of fruiting through this method isn’t assured. The outcome is also difficult to predict and establish.
To grow them from seeds purchase the fruit from the open market. Keep them till they become over-ripe.
The next step is to cut the fruit into pieces and boil for 5 minutes. The boiling process animates the seeds in preparation for planting.
The next step is to place the seeds in a saucer plate and cover them with water. Leave till they start germinating into tiny sprouts. This process takes about 4 week.
Before transplanting the seedlings prepare the nursery and grow them into tiny plants. Finally transfer them to the farm for proper planting.
Grow from Seedlings
Planting from seedlings is very easy and stress free. All you need to do is buy the seedlings from a nursery and plant.
Make sure you prepare the soil before introducing the young plants. It is important to maintain some distance between each plant. Guava trees are rugged and can thrive in very hash conditions. Water them twice a week for maximum yield.
Guava Production Method
Prepare the Soil
The first step is to determine the suitability of the soil. Then dig profile pits and remove rocks and roots. Avoid soil that retain stagnate water or is water logged.
To establish the maturity of the soil carry out a soil test to determine the PH level. Prepare a layout, plough and clear the land, peg to demarcate. Prepare the soil and dry out the dugout pit to discourage pests or rodents.
Procure the seedlings
Make sure you procure high quality seedlings for best result. Purchase directly from a horticultural or research facility or popular nurseries. You need high yielding fruit for your commercial venture.
Once your soil is ready plant the seedlings and erect a barrier to prevent farm animals eating the sprouts. While planting the seedling be careful with the roots and use drip irrigation on the plants.
Keep the plant base clean by weeding and removing shrubs and grass. Remove side shoots and prevent water logging situations. Prune the tree by removing the side shoots and mulch to retain soil moisture.
You can choose to sell locally or export the produce. The local consumers are supermarkets, commodity stores, market women, beverage manufacturers and the food industry. Ways to reach consumers is through advertisement and word of mouth.

How to Start a ChildProofing Business

Childproofing experts provide safety areas for babies and young children. The service is restively new and growing each day.
It is important for parents to consider hiring an expert to avoid household disasters, accidents and injury. The home is full of dangerous hazards for innocent kids especially the kitchen and bathroom areas.
Types of Hazards
There are different types of Hazards in the home. Common ones include electrical fittings, sockets and sharp objects.
More are glass plates, sharp objects, loose cabinets and small objects. Make sure the soft bedding, crib, widow blinds, safety gates, cabinet locks are certified safe.
The danger lies with things that are moveable, cut, burn, crush or suffocation. Other dangers are drowning and accidental poisoning. This highlights the importance of safety in the home.
child in kitchen
Childproofing Dangers
  • electrical fittings
  • sockets
  • poisoning
  • drowning
  • suffocation
  • sharp objects
  • glass plates
  • sharp objects
  • loose cabinets
  • small objects
  • soft bedding
  • crib
  • widow blinds
Childproofing Services
Childproofing services are geared to establishing a safety area for infants. The services include providing cabinet locks and cordless window blinds. Others are secured furniture, crib safety, toilet locks and safety gates.
Childproof Services
  • Locked Cabinets
  • Childproof Locks
  • Cordless Window Blinds
  • Crib Safety
  • Toilet Locks
  • Safe Furniture
  • Harnesses
  • Safety Gates
Learn the Trade
Your career path as a child proofing expert involves education, training and apprentice programs. The international association for child safety provides child safety certification.
Professionals need to meet certain criteria and Qualifications. The expert is tested based on knowledge, interaction with clients and experience.
The certification offered are advanced professional childproofing consultant and certificate professional childproofing consultant. The certificate program looks at best practices in ethics, experience, childproofing knowledge and standard practice.
The expert needs to acquire an operational license. There are associations that regulate the practice and offer certification.
One of such is the international association of child safety. The safety issues covered by the association extend to children stores and toys. Register your business as a limited liability company, get employer tax identification number and insurance cover.
The expert charges for a full home assessment to determine the extent of childproofing. They then draw a draft of recommendations to fix the problem areas.
The assessment fee of $100 dollars is added to the final charge. The severity of the problem dictates the amount charged. A Company may charge from $500 to $2500 based on the findings.
The mount of money you need to start the business is low. You can work from home or open small office. You need a computer, internet connection, website and dedicated phone number. Inventory includes deadbolts, screwdriver, locks and hinges.
To reach clients print flyers, billboards, posters, banners and business cards. Use Adwords and Facebook ads to drive traffic to your website. Advertise in newspapers and parenting magazines.

How to Start a Phone Case Business

There are millions of mobile devices in the market and most are smartphone’s. The importance of phones in our daily lives has revolutionized the way we live and interact.
The functionality keeps increasing making the device very valuable and important. The huge number presents an irresistible opportunity for investors to focus on a niche market.
Phone accessories and cases sell more than the device. The cases are readily available, easy to source and attracts moderate price. The cases provide easy accessorizing and unique identity to each device.  
Phone cases were previously bland and unattractive not anymore. Many people are eager to buy customized products in line with their style and personality.
The top users of smartphone are teens and young adults. The phone case business is very lucrative and easy to establish.
Sell Customized Smartphone Covers
Things to Consider before Starting the Business
Things to consider before starting the business are type of phone cases and sourcing the product. Other considerations include understating the market, recognizing popular brands and finding an ideal location. More include funding, marking, rent, business registration and staffing.
  • type of phone cases
    phone cases
  • sourcing the product
  • recognizing popular brands
  • finding an ideal location
  • funding
  • marking
  • rent
  • business registration
  • staffing
Benefits of Starting the Business
The benefits of starting the business include low startup and huge demand. Others are easy stocking, small inventory, bulk and retail opportunities.
More are print on demand orders, online and offline sales opportunity, new phone upgrade opportunities. You don’t even need a terrestrials store to sell phone cases.
You can sell through a website, blog, Facebook page or Instagram. The cases are light and fulfilling online orders is easy. The cost of production and you can offer can customization.
  • low startup
  • huge demand
  • easy stocking
  • small inventory
  • bulk and retail opportunities
  • print on demand orders
  • online and offline sales opportunity
  • new phone upgrade opportunities
  • a terrestrials store is not required
  • customization opportunities
  • easy shipment
Types of Phone Cases
Before starting the business you need to learn about different types of phone casing. The common types are gel, slim, wallet shaped, folio, and bumper.
Others include battery cases and tough cases. Tough cases are built to withstand accidental falls. They are bulky, rugged and heavier than regular cases. 
Battery cases are practical and provide extra charging options while wallet cases are built to protect the screen of phones. Bumper cases are shock resilient and protect the edge of phones. Slim cases are more aesthetically pleasing with beautiful designs, flexibility and customizable.
  • Gel
  • Slim
  • wallet shaped
  • folio
  • bumper
  • battery cases
  • tough cases
Focus on a Device
It is obvious that a dealer in phone cases should focus on a device. Specializing in a device would offer more credibility and better products. There are thousands of manufacturers and top band names to consider.
Top of the range are iphones 7, 6 and 5 and nexus 6 cases. Others include Samsung galaxy cases s6, note or pixel case. Once you have determined the type of phone stock accordingly.
  • iphones 7, 6 and 5
  • nexus 6 cases
  • Samsung galaxy cases s6
  • Note
  • pixel case
Get the Design
Create your own designs and use print o demand services. Top print and demand sites are Printful and Caseapp.
Use Photopea or hire a freelancer on fiverr. Other options include leveraging on design communities like Dribble.
It is important getting feedback on your designs before selling to your customers. To get feedback use social media like Facebook or google+.
Pin your designs on Pinterest or a popular forum. While creating your designs you can focus on a subject matter such as wild life, birds, pets, or even geometric patterns.
Making the Phone Cases
There are many ways to produce the phone cases. You can approach a manufacture to produce the cases or use a print on demand service.
There are many manufacturers in China who offer very cheap production services. If you prefer print on demand you need a store to display the images while the print on demand site fulfills the order.
The third option is to select existing phone cases and sell through your eCommerce Store. Make the store a drop-shipping arrangement by displaying the product on your store and integrating a checkout system.
Once an order is placed you contact the wholesaler in turn sends to the address you provided.
Sell the Products
To sell the products online you need an eCommerce store. Build your store on Shopify and add the oberlo app.
Make sure your store has images of the product, description and checkout. Add contact information, customer support phone number and easy to navigate template. Drive traffic to the site through Facebook advertisement or Adwords.

How to Make and Sell Ringtones

Ringtones are generally snippets of music or voice recordings. The user is informed through a telephony signal of incoming call as a ringtone. They are ideal for customization and personalization of phones.
The snippet can emanate from an existing song or specially created for phone users. The sound individualizes the phones to the preference and taste of the owner.
Ringtone business is highly lucrative and many investors earn lots of money monthly. A top creator can earn over $100,000 from a viral tone.
The tones are sold via the internet or a phone service provider. The ringtone could be a message, song sample snippet or mix of sounds. The tone is only subjective to the creativity of the producer.
Commercial Value
Ringtones are estimated to have sold $714 million in 2007. Global sales top $3.5 billion in 2003 and sales of $4.5 billion in 2016. The worldwide sales of ringtones continue increasing with subscribers eager to pay from $1 to $3 dollars for their favorite tones.
How it Works
The first step is to create a snippet not more than 20 second. Upload the ringtone, share and earn.
You can sell ringtones, alarm clock sounds and text tones. You can sell on iTunes to mobile users worldwide.
You can use video, audio or record new content. Top markets are Android, iPhone and other smartphone’s. To succeed you need to signup with a distribution network, upload and earn monthly payouts.
Ringtone Format
There are different types of encoding format for ringtones. You have the FLAC for smartphone’s such as Android and Blackberry and eMelody for Ericsson.
Others are AAC used by Iphones and Sony Ericsson and iMelody the monophonic format for Nokia smart messaging. More are 3GP popular with 3G mobile phones, QCP, Palm base technology, Mp3 format. Some popular formats are Motorola’s MOT, MIDI and PMD.
  • FLAC for Android and BlackBerry
  • eMelody for Ericsson
  • AAC used by Sony Ericsson
  • iMelody for Nokia smart messaging
  • 3GP
  • 3G mobile phones
  • QCP, Palm base technology
  • Mp3 format
  • Motorola’s MOT
  • MIDI
  • PMD  
Types of Ringtones
There are basically four types of ringtones. We have the sing tone, truetone, polyphonic and monophonic tones.
The sing tone is combines back tracks and a recorded voice. The sound is usually delivered in karaoke fashion.
The truetone is recorded as mp3 or AAC format. They are generally song excerpts, superphonic, mastertone or audio recording.
Polyphonic ring tones are sequential or synthesized music. Polyphonic tones are capable of sounding different notes at once while the monophonic tones are fashioned to play only one tone.
  • Sing tone
  • Truetone
  • Polyphonic
  • Monophonic tones.
How to Make and Sell Ringtones
Conduct a Research
The producer of a tone needs to carry out extensive research. The business opportunity only works if you create a good trending sound.
 The tones should be fun, catchy and easy on the ear. There are also copyright provisions on distribution and use of certain music. Before creating your tone find out what people are listening to.
The next step is to find and download editing software.  There are free and paid software to consider such as magic music maker 17, Audacity and WavePad.
Once you have downloaded and installed the software, upload your personalized tune. Upload and edit it to create a seamless work. Ringtones are not longer than 20 seconds so select a 20 second slice of music.
Voice Recording
If you wish to include voice recording then download and install voice recording software. Spend on a good microphone for clarity and better sound quality. Then record the vocals as poetry, message or song.
Signup on a Ringtone Distribution Website
You have the option to signup on a ringtone distribution website and a network provider. In Nigeria top network providers are MTN, GLO and AIRTEL. Top websites that offer ringtone sales database are Mpush, Thumbplay and Axysweb.
You have uploaded to ringtone sales data base, what next? You need to deploy a marketing strategy to drive sales.
The best way is to build a blog and add content related to ringtones. Drive traffic to the site through social media engagement, viral content and advertisement. Send out newsletters, use email marketing and word of mouth.

How to Start Mobile Phone Repair Business

Due to the proliferation of mobile phones the repair business is now a huge industry. Most phones are fragile and require maintenance and repair.
The industry is highly specialized and practitioners need training. The technician could focus on different brands or specialize in a brand.
The startup is low and you can work from home, a kiosk or small shop. To start you need to learn the trade, acquire tools, replacement parts and rent a workshop.
Business Models to Consider
The technician can work from a storefront or provide mobile services. The storefront model is more practical and easy to establish. While the mobile platform requires some means of transportation and communication.
  • Work from Home
  • Offer Mobile Service
  • Open a Storefront
Top Brands
The technician should focus on top brands. A list of top manufacturers is Samsung electronics, LG electronics and Ericsson. Others are Apple Inc, HTC Corporation, Huawei Technologies and Google Inc.
  • Samsung electronics
  • LG electronics
  • Ericsson
  • Apple Inc
  • HTC Corporation
  • Huawei Technologies
  • Google Inc.
Learning the Trade
 To repair phones successful you need appropriate training. Work as an apprentice, learn from books or attend a technical institution. Others ways include online tutorials, online courses, eBooks and seminars. You need to practice the skill before offering your services.
  • become an apprentice
  • learn from books
  • attend a technical institution
  • online tutorials
  • online courses
  • eBooks
  • seminars
Startup Capital
The amount you need depends on your inventory, rent and equipment. The location of your store is also important.
The startup is low and tools are easily sourced. You need tools, office equipment and diagnostic equipment.
For better efficiency the technician can stock inventory as appropriate. You can start the business with N175, 000($500).
Secure funds through personal savings or borrow from friends and family. There are many micro credit financial institutions eager to assist small entrepreneurs.
Services to Offer
Although your core business is general repair and maintenance you can offer additional services. Sell accessories, mobile hardware, mobile applications and provide mobile money services.
  • general repair
  • maintenance
  • sell accessories
  • mobile hardware
  • mobile applications
  • mobile money services
It is essential you buy high quality mobile phone components. Purchase components directly from manufactures or major distributors.
Tools you need include adhesives, screwdrivers, generator and tape. Others include soldering iron, meter, tweezers, spudger. More include cleaning brush, battery tester and magnifying lamp.
  • adhesives
  • screwdrivers
  • generator
  • tape
  • soldering iron
  • meter
  • tweezers
  • spudger
  • cleaning brush
  • battery tester
  • magnifying lamp
Business Registration
Register the business as a sole proprietor or limited liability company. You need a trade license, personal identification number and insurance. There are also trade and association levies and fees to consider.
The amount of money depends on the number of customers you service. They will have different requirements such as changing screens, power outage and faulty keypads. It is possible to make from N50, 000 to N100, 000 a month.
The best marketing strategy is your location. Find an ideal location with lots of human and vehicular traffic.
Develop your skill by servicing friends, neighbors and family. You could try printing flyers, posters and business cards. The best location is in a commercial area that trade in phones, accessories and gadgets.