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100 Websites to Earn Money Selling a Product or Service

You can earn passive or full time income for a product or service online. The platforms are ideal for professionals, stay at home moms and college students.
Your home is a treasure chest of used and old items. Did you know that people are actively searching for such items?
You can create art works, sell jewelry, used cloths, books or offer graphic work. If you are looking for extra cash check out these websites.
100 Websites to Make Money Selling a Product or Service
Sell Used Wedding Dresses
You can dell used wedding outfits, accessories, shoes and shirts. These sites allow listings of items such as used wedding dress, prom dresses, braids made cloths and such related items.
A list of websites is StillWhite and Others are nearly newlywed and oncewed. You can also sell or trade makeup at glambot and muabs.
  • StillWhite
  • newlywed
  • oncewed
Sell or Trade Makeup
  • glambot
  • muabs.
Create T-Shirt Designs
There are some websites that focuses on T-shirt designs. They provide a platform to design, upload and create T-Shirt designs.
 How it works
Simply upload artwork, choose a t-shirt type, color and set your price then add a product description. When customers buy your shirt the website handles the production, shipping, and customer service with no upfront costs.
You can add a price, shop free and earn a percentage for every sale. Top contenders in this business are zazzle, teeSpring and CafePress
  • amazon
  • zazzle
  • teeSpring
  • CafePress
Sell New or Used Items
Reduce the clutter in your homes by selling new or used items. There are many sites that have marketplaces for such sales.
Some are newegg, oodle, and uBid. Others include eCrater, eBid, Craigslist, Backpage, Listia and Bonanza.
  • Newegg
  • Oodle
  • uBid
  • eCrater
  • eBid
  • Craigslist
  • Backpage
  • Listia
  • Bonanza
Sell Stock Photography
Websites that deal in photographs are many. You upload images to the site and earn commission for each download or sale.
Some good photographers earn full time income doing this business. A list of websites into photography is dreamtime, iStock, Fotolia, BigStock and ScoopShot. Others are 123RF, Foap.  PhotoStockPlus, SmugMug and ShutterStock.
  • Dreamstime
  • iStock
  • Fotolia
  • BigStock
  • ScoopShot
  • 123RF
  • Foap
  • PhotoStockPlus
  • SmugMug
  • ShutterStock.
Micro Job Sites
There are many micro job sites that offer job opportunities. The members are usually freelancers and professionals in different fields.
The jobs are found on the job boards and secured through various ways such as bidding. The job scope covers administrative work, web designing, graphic artist and content creators.
Others include technology related jobs and marketing. Top sites that offer this service are Upwork, SEOClerks, Guru, Freelancer and Fiverr. Others are 99Designs, GigBucks, DoJobsOnline, People per Hour and Fourerr.
  • Upwork
  • SEOClerks
  • Guru
  • Freelancer
  • Fiverr
  • 99Designs
  • GigBucks
  • DoJobsOnline
  • People Per Hour
  • Fourerr.
Sell Your Expertise
Everybody has some form of education or knowledge. Some sites have platforms where you sell your expertise.
The platform caters to cooks, teachers, life coaches and creative artists. You can open your own job boards use video chat, email and other resources to provide expert services.
Top websites to consider are Udemy, popexpert, sendowl, teachable and maven. Others are brainmass, createpool and skillshare
  • Udemy
  • Popexpert
  • Sendowl
  • Teachable
  • Maven
  • Brainmass
  • Createpool
  • skillshare
Sell Gift Cards
Sell your unwanted gift cards at raise, CardCash and GiftCard Zen. Other website includes Cardpool and Gift Card Granny. Sell designer bags, purses and accessories ar Fashionphile and Bag Borrow or Steal.
  • CardCash
  • GiftCard Zen
  • Cardpool
  • Gift Card Granny
Sell designer bags, purses and accessories
  • Fashionphile
  • Bag Borrow or Steal.
Sell Cloths
There are many websites to sell your used and new cloths. Although they have different requirements the operation are identical.
Sell your cloths on Tradesy, Poshmark, Recycle Your Fashion and The RealReal. Others are ASOS, Grailed, Material Erld, SnobSWAP and TredUp.
  • Tradesy
  • Poshmark
  • Recycle Your Fashion
  • The RealReal
  • ASOS
  • Grailed
  • Material Erld
  • SnobSWAP
  • TredUp
Sell Telephones and Electronic Gadgets
Sell your smartphone’s and electronic gadgets at uSell, NextWorth, GameStop and SellCell. Others include Exchangemyphone, YouRenew and Swappa
  • uSell
  • NextWorth
  • GameStop
  • SellCell
  • Exchangemyphone
  • YouRenew
  • Swappa
Sell Your Video Games CDs, Vintage Items
Sell your Video Games and CDs at Amazon and SecondSpin. Others are Decluttr and SellDVDsOnline. Sell vintage items on TIAS and Ruby Lane.
  • Amazon
  • SecondSpin
  • Decluttr
  • SellDVDsOnline
Sell vintage items on
  • TIAS
  • Ruby Lane.
Sell Your Art and Craft
Sell your handbags, art and craft at Yokaboo, Zibbet, StoreEnvy and iCraft. More websites include CraftStar, ArtFire, Aftcra, and Etsy.
  • Yokaboo
  • Zibbet
  • StoreEnvy
  • iCraft
  • CraftStar
  • ArtFire
  • Aftcra
  • Etsy
Sell New or Used Books
Places to sell your new or used books are BookFinder and They have tools that search your ISBN number and provide a price. More websites that offer this service are Powells, Cash4Books and BookScouter.

Starting Rice Retailing and Distribution Business

Rice is a staple in many homes especially in Asia and Africa. Millions of tons are consumed everyday worldwide.
Rice farming is labor intensive and requires certain soil and weather conditions. An investor looking to make money selling rice has many options.
The person could invest in haulage, re-packaging, wholesale or retail. The market is huge and attracts good price in the open market.
The distributor needs to find a ready source of the grain and sell to retailers. The retail end only requires networking with wholesalers of the commodity.
Stocking rice in large quantities is capital intensive and you need funding. To start the business you need funding, good storage facility and location. Other requirements are haulage, company registration, casual labor and marketing.
Write a Business Plan
Write a rice distribution and retail business plan. Then carry out a feasibility study and survey. Make sure you have suppliers, storage facility and transportation
Funding for Rice Distribution Business
The capital requirements are huge because rice is expensive. A wholesaler needs to stock several tons of the grain.
To rise funds apply for loans from a bank or financial institution. Make sure the loan is long termed and has low interest rate.
Other funding sources are venture capitalist, angel investors, cooperatives or core investors. You could form a partnership or borrow from friends and family.
  • bank loans
  • venture capitalist
  • angel investors
  • cooperatives
  • core investors
  • partnership
  • borrow from family
  • Personal Savings
Warehousing is very important in the commodity trade. The warehouse should be secured, easily assessable and dry. The storage facility should be well aerated and have pallets.
Rice Supplier
The main suppliers are local farmers, farmer markets or huge wholesalers. Many Asian countries are destination locations for local wholesalers. Try to network with farmers, warehouse and commodity markets.
Permits and Licensing
In some countries importation of rice is banned. This is usually a Government initiative to stimulate local production.
Therefore before venturing into the rice business find out what is obtainable in your country. If importing rice is forbidden then there is a good business opportunity in farming.
Find out the legal requirement applicable to your country. Once you have the license, register the business as a limited liability company. You need insurance cover and tax identification number.
The price of your rice should be competitive and same as those obtainable in the market. You could use credit supply for trusted retailers, free delivery and discounts.
Other marketing strategy includes product sampling, branding and promotions. Reach customers through television advertisement, radio and print media.
Build a website and introduce the product, price and location. Add contact information, telephone number and address of warehouse.

Quarry Business: How to Start a Stone Crushing Business

The business of crushing stones is important to the construction and building industry. The stones are broken down to granite stone material.
The granite stone is used in foundations, to reinforce building in a concrete mix. The concrete is also ideal for pillars, slabs, pavement stones and road construction.
 A stone quarry business is capital intensive and requires specialized equipment. You also need special licensing from government and designated land allocation. The business is practicable in any country that has huge deposit of the building material.
How to Start a Stone Crushing Business
Write a Quarry Business Plan
The first step is to write a quarry business plan. The plan should cover key sectors of the industry.
It should have an executive summary, management structure including products and services. Outline the business structure, staff, location, opportunities and add a vision statement. The business plan needs to identify staff roles, conduct a SWOT analysis and marketing.
The amount you need to start a quarry business is huge. Therefore approach a commercial bank for low interest long term loans.
Startup considerations are company registration fees, legal expenses, consultancy fees and insurance. Others include leasehold, stationery, cost of machinery and staff wages.
  • Loans
  • Business plan
  • company registration fees
  • legal expenses
  • consultancy fees
  • insurance
  • leasehold
  • stationery
  • cost of machinery
  • staff wages
Quarry Business Scope of Work
The business involves lots of crushing, digging and excavation of the stones. It also involves heavy lifting, haulage, heavy equipment and site maintenance. A quarry could operate in the production, wholesale and retail end of the business.
  • crushing
  • digging
  • excavation
  • heavy lifting
  • haulage
  • heavy equipment
  • site maintenance
  • production
  •  wholesale
  • retail
The staff you hire should be qualified and competent. Staff positions include CEO, quarry manager, administrative officer, and human resources manager.
Others are site supervisors, stone quarry casual workers, sales and marketing officer. Others are customer service executives, equipment handlers and truck drivers.
The chief executive officers responsibilities are recruitment, coaching, implementation and strategizing. The quarry manager handles the quarry operation, quality checks and training.
 The human resources manager covers the administrative tasks, finds exploration opportunities and employee assessment. The sales manager is responsible for prioritizing supervision implementation and sales.
Accountant handles the financial reports, budgeting cash management and payrolls. Truck driver’s responsibilities are logistics, haulage, safety of equipment and delivery.
  • CEO
  • quarry manager
  • administrative officer
  • human resources manager
  • site supervisors
  • stone quarry casual workers
  • sales and marketing officer
  • customer service
  • executives
  • equipment handlers
  • truck drivers
Extraction Process
The primary extraction from a quarry site is stone and gravel. Other materials extracted from the rock are granite, sand and limestone.
The process of extraction starts with the surface removal via blasting or stripping process. The crushers pulverize the rocks into manageable bits.
Bulldozers use large blades to rip through rock and present blasting holes. Wheel loaders load the material in huge buckets for onward transportation.
Types of Quarry Equipment
The equipment needed to perform extraction are stripping and drilling equipment. To launch the business you need specialized heavy equipment.
You could buy the equipment or lease accordingly. Common equipment used during the mining process includes excavators, trucks and tippers. Others are stone crushing equipment, crawler tractors, and bulldozers. More equipment’s are wheel loaders and rock trucks.
  • Jaw & Cone Impact Crushing Plant
  • Dynamite
  • Excavators
  • Trucks
  • Tippers
  • crawler tractors
  • bulldozers
  • wheel loaders
  • rock trucks
A company into stone crushing business has a large inventory of products. The products are used in the construction and building industry. The company could engage in wholesale distribution of the building materials.
Common products to consider are limestone, cement, gravel and ripraps. Others are crushed granite, dimension granite and decorative stones. More related products are slates aggregates, rocks and calcimine.
  • Sand
  • Limestone
  • Cement
  • Gravel
  • Ripraps
  • crushed granite
  • dimension granite
  • decorative stones
  • slates
  • aggregates
  • rocks
  • calcimine
The price depends on the prevailing prices in the market. Factors that affect pricing include labor costs, transportation and type of product. Provide adequate payment options such as check, bank draft, POS machines, cash and wire transfer options.
Marketing and Licensing
The marketing can focus on the supply end of the business. Top customers are construction firms and real estate developers.
Others are block molding companies, cement production plants and road construction companies. The marketing strategy involves advertisement of products, direct marketing and online resources.
Advertise on billboards, branded products, social media, monograms and stickers. The company needs to obtain the required permits and licensing. The license should cover exploration, stone crushing, wholesale and distribution.

How to Successfully Sell Advertisement Space on Your Website

Selling advertisement space on a website could provide a huge revenue stream. However not every site is suitable for advertisement.
The property needs to conform to different requirements such as high traffic, niche and quality content. The business plan and objectives would determine if advertisement is the best option.
Different Monetization Methods
Some websites are built for eCommerce or drop shipment. Others are content website or blog. No matter the template along the line the administrator would consider different monetization options.
They can develop their own products or sell third party products. Other methods include affiliate programs, eBook sales and online courses. The primary way webmasters earn revenue is through advertisements.
  • Sell your own products
  • sell third party products
  • affiliate programs
  • eBook sales
  • online courses
  • advertisements
advertisement spaces
Way to Serve Advertisements
There are three ways to serve advertisement on a site. You can use banner ads powered by affiliate programs or advertisement networks. The advertisement networks are the most common method used by webmaster.
The third method is selling advertisement space directly to customers. The common models are CPM, CPC and CPA.
Affiliate Advertisement
A webmaster could decide to signup as an affiliate. The affiliate is then given a special URL per product for effective tracking.
The cookies track any user that clicks the advert for a specified period. The tracking period is usually 30 or 60 days. Once a purchase is made the affiliate earns a small percentage.
Most affiliate sites provide banners of different sizes for affiliates. Popular sites that offer affiliate opportunities are Amazon associate, eBay and many host providers.
Advertisement Networks
There are many ad networks but the most popular is Google Adsense. A website with adsense earns when someone clicks on the banner. There are strict guidelines and any infractions could lead to an outright ban.
 A list of advertisement networks is, Ad Maven, Adbuff and Infolinks. Others are Recontent, Undertone, AdBlade and Adsense.
List of Some Advertisement Networks
  • Adsense
  • Ad Maven
  • Adbuff
  • Infolinks
  • Recontent
  • Undertone
  • AdBlade
Direct Sales
If you have huge traffic you can sell advertisement directly to companies. This method is highly profitable and simple.
You offer advertisement space and set your own prices. If you have adsense on the site make sure your adverts are easily differentiated.
Things to consider before selling advertisement space are reasonable traffic, comprehensive statistic of site performance and charges. You can prepare a contract, accept payments and find potential advertisers.
How Webmaster Earn from Advertisement
Webmasters earn from banners on their site. The site should generate huge traffic to become profitable.
The advertisements are usually banner ads and placed at strategic locations. Common locations are header, side bar, footer or within the content of the site.
The banner ads are either context and image or only context. The sizes of banners also differ from skyscrapers to smaller ads. There are three ways banner ads work, pay per impression, pay per click or pay per sale.
Affiliate networks offer subscribers a fixed percentage for every sale. Cost per Mile are based on Impressions and estimated at 1000 impressions for $0.25. There are also pop up advertisement, link advertisement and referrals. 

26 Profitable Business Ideas in Kenya

Kenya is a beautiful country with many small business ventures. Investors have a wide range of businesses to consider.
Some require education, technical knowledge and creative skill. To start any business you need to first write a business plan. The plan should be followed with a feasibility study and survey.
Things to look out for are good location for the business and adequate funding. Other requirements are equipment, licensing, marketing, staff and company incorporation. Listed are 26 business ideas to do in Kenya.
26 Profitable Business Ideas in Kenya
1. ECommerce Consultancy
Ecommerce has become big business and practitioners actively seek guidance. A professional in e-consultancy stands to gain lots of money providing valuable service. The customer potential is huge with many companies and individual going online.
2. Ebook
Did you know that writing an eBook is financially rewarding.The author needs to write a quality book and find a good publisher? Top platforms to consider include Amazon’s kindle direct publishing and lulu.
3. Music Video Production
Kenya pop culture is thriving with new acts creating good music. The increase in youths in entertainment has opened new expression for videographers. Music video producers tend to make good profit doing what the love.  Music videos aren’t cheap and costs huge sums to produce.
4. Event Planning
Event would always take place since human beings are socially inclined. There are many business opportunities for event planning.
The planner needs to gain valuable experience and offer a robust service to customers. Common events are child naming, weddings, anniversaries and political events.
5. Content Writing
Content is much needed in magazines, newspaper publications and blogs. A content creator has a vast market to consider. The content writer should be proficient and master his craft. The writer could work as a freelancer or join an established organization.
6. Private Taxi Services
Private taxi services are fast becoming the norm. They are clean, elegant, comfortable and very efficient.
There are various ways to get into the taxi business however using an app will provide lots of business opportunity. The driver only needs to own a car, sign up with the cab company and select fares.
7. Disc Jockey
The multitude of musical artists in the country use the services of DJs. Disc Jockey also earn at birthdays, anniversaries and even political events.
8. Car Wash
The huge number of cars in Kenya requires occasional wash. To start a car wash you need a good location, car wash equipment and staff.
9. Car Hire Business
Car hire business is still relevant however the owner needs to stock classy vehicles. The vehicles should be insured and safeguard from theft with tracking technology.
10. Tourism Business
Kenya is a beautiful city with lots of tourist destinations. Operating a small tourist business is very profitable.
To attract patronage you could build a website and advertise on travel magazines and Destination sites. Other requirements are security for guests, transportation and hotel accommodation.
11. Trash Collection
Trash collection business is highly profitable. You need a dump truck, dump site and government or state license.
12. Aquaculture
Aquaculture is highly profitable and easy to accomplish. You need a large pond, fish fingerlings, feed and source of clean water.
13. Phone Store
Everyone has a phone to communicate with friends and loved ones. There are thousands of brands and millions of potential customers.
14. Become a Private Tutor
Teachers are ideal for private tutor business. The tutor could operate from the student’s home or open a learning center.
15. Auto Mechanic Shop
Once a car is bought it starts to depreciate in value. Along the line it will develop mechanical faults and needs the services of a mechanic. Make sure the mechanics are properly trained and know how to fix cars.
16. Consulting
Consulting covers a huge range of job disciplines. You could consult in any field of specialization and earn good money. Consultants are usually retired office workers, teachers or CEOs of top companies. The consultant needs to have a full grasp of the subject matter to succeed.
17. Build a Blog
Blogging could be profitable but very challenging. You need to post regularly, provide good content and have a good command of the written word. The blog needs a domain name, host plan and easy to navigate template. Monetize the blog through advertisement, affiliate or direct sales.
18. Open an eCommerce Store
It is easier than you think to open an eCommerce store. The store only needs images of what you intend selling and a checkout platform. The goods could be sourced from different store, in-house products or affiliate items.
19. Baby Sitting
You need some type of credibility to get baby sitting jobs. The job is more suited to teenage girls and best practiced in a specific demography. However safety is the top priority and common sense.
20. Computer Repair Business
You can develop the technical skills to repair a computer. The learning curve may involve becoming an apprentice, going to a technical institution or attending several workshops.
You could provide outcalls or work from a dedicated location. You need to purchase appropriate tools to carry out the job.
21. Security Service
There are two ways to join the security business. You could learn the rudiments and become a security consultant or join a private security outfit. Other ways is to incorporate your own security unit and offer private security services to banks and corporate entities.
22. Soap and Detergent Making
Soap making is practicable from home or a store. First learn how to make soap and print labels. Sell your soap to small stores in your area or supermarkets. You can also sell the product directly to people in your neighborhood.
23. Open a Restaurant
Food is a necessity and everyone eats at least twice a day. Restaurant business is very profitable and moderately challenging. You need a good location, serve quality meals while offering good prices. The size of the establishment is negligible however the food should be delicious.
24. Poultry Farming
Chickens are high maintenance birds not suitable for home breeding. If you have a large parcel of land you could go into eggs or meat production.
25. Open a laundry Service
Laundry services provide a valuable service to busy individuals. Laundry service operators earn good money based on the number of customers and location. The business requires basic equipment and labor.
26. Real Estate
The real estate market is huge and plenty opportunity for new entrants. You need to decide which aspect of the industry you wish to work.
You could go into constriction, property sales or become an estate agent. Other areas include building contractor, building supply, cleanup crew and raw material merchant.