Do Follow Article Directories: High Page Rank Do-follow Article Submission Sites list

The major advantage of using an article submission website is quality Backlink and improves search engine optimization. Most of the websites mentioned in this publication have high page rank and could generate huge amount of traffic to your website.
Article directories from 2009-2015 were very popular however many have faded into oblivion while a few keep on going. The article directories cover various topics from health, fitness, traditions, religion, technology and current affairs.
High quality articles including good back-link’s from submission websites could guarantee first page listing in search engines like Google search.
There are other highly important ways to get good Back-link such as social bookmark websites and directories. Other ways top gather the much needed Back-link are photo sharing sites, classified Advertisement posting and micro blogging sites.
Link building includes press release websites and Web 2.0 sites.
How to Use Article Websites
To use high PR websites you need to first sign up with the site. Read their terms of service, guidelines, rules and regulations.
To benefit from such sites submit only high quality articles to the different article submission sites. Not every article submission site allows do-follow so make sure the link is do-follow.
Do-follow articles on high PR sites are very valuable to your website. The article you submit should be devoid of grammatical errors, original content and engaging.
Different article sites have word count acceptable for submission. Majority of them will accept word count between 750-1000 words.
To get top billing write articles of about 1000words, add images, video and include back-link’s.
How to Build a Profitable Classified Website
Article Marketing
Article marketing is when a webmaster writes a quality article and promotes the content through a high authority website. The websites are usually free article submission sites. If your article is of good standard they give instant approval and posting.
The webmaster then places a link pointing to his main site to attract traffic. Article directories have lots of unique visitor’s daily so leveraging ion this huge traffic will impact nicely on your site.
To underestimate the strong potential of content marketing in traffic generation is a big mistake. Top websites know that content marketing is an effective tool in traffic generation.
Benefits of Article Submission Sites
The benefits include brand awareness, higher page rank and huge traffic to your site. Your website gets better ranking and more visibility.
The website that has Backlink from high PR sites enjoys better Google Page Rank and stronger domain authority. Other benefits include Page Authority and better Alexa traffic statistical data.
Why Do-follow Article Submission Site Rock
The main reason article submission websites are so important is the huge traffic they attract. A well placed do-follow link will direct thousands of visitors to your site.
The high page rank the article directory enjoys impacts positively on your Backlink. The link shows search engines the importance of your site.
The Backlink improves search engine optimization and page rank. Other ways to increase traffic to your website are guest blogging and forums.
Google crawlers acknowledge unique back-link’s from high PR article sites. This improves your websites visibility and standing.
High Page Rank Article Directories
How do you spot article submission sites that have high page rank?  The basic criteria are high domain authority, strong page authority and good Alexa ranking.
The article sites have page ranks ranging from 9 PR-3PR and below. Here is a list of high page rank article submission websites.
Try to use only article sites that have 9-3 PR and forget the others.
Top Article Submission Websites
High Rank 9-8 PR Do Follow Article Submission Sites
PR7-3 DoFollow Article Submission Sites List


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