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How to Apply Online For Jobs

Many government organizations, companies and recruiters prefer applicants applying for jobs online. This strategy saves costs on interviews and opens the job to a whole lot more qualified applicants.
There primary method relies on company websites or job listing websites. Some result to newspaper publications to encourage job seekers.
 Applying online is moderately easier than appearing in person. To succeed you need to prepare a good application that provides all the necessary documentation and information.
Some organizations are open to annual applications while others offer only when there is a vacancy. You need to get the application right from the get go for better results. Here are a few things to consider before submitting an online application.
How Employers Accept Applications
Employers accept applications by email though their human resources channel. Other methods are directly on the company website or through a job site. Some post application forms with email addresses.
  •  Direct application to company
  • Email application to human resources
  • Job search websites
  • email to application form address
Research the Company
It is very important conducting a search on the company. Find out their core values operational procedures and company structure. Gaining this knowledge would improve your chances at getting employed.
Go to their website and get a feel of the company. Find reviews, products or services, about us page and other valuable information. Knowing their organization in-depth would give your application an edge over other job seekers.
How to Complete an Online Application Form
Submit an Individualized Form
Some applicants make serious errors when submitting application forms. They create a generic form and send to each company. This is a wrong strategy that would yield zero returns.
Don’t submit a generic form but tailor each form to accommodate the company’s core values. The same applies to a cover letter. Make sure you write a good resume or cover letter.
How to Complete an Online Job Form
To complete an online job form creditably you need to read the application form instructions carefully. Follow the instructions to the letter to avoid immediate disqualification. Make sure you answer the questions truthfully and correctly.
Any employer would carry out their own background assessment before offering the choice applicant the job.  Whilst filling out the form read it thoroughly to make sure you have correctly filled the information and followed the instruction.
Provide In-depth Information
The recruiters want to know your abilities, education, work experience and background. Make sure you provide detailed information within reason.
Don’t forget to double check the instructions before sending the application. While filling the form check the grammar and spelling. There is nothing more annoying than spelling mistakes or use a spell check tool to correct errors.
Avoid Rushing
Employment is all about meeting deadlines and time management. Some companies deliberately offer job posting a few days to the deadline. This is to test the applicant’s response time and efficiency. Make sure you leave enough time for review and submission.
Add a Cover Letter
You can add a cover letter to your application form unless otherwise instructed. Make sure any information in the letter correlates with that on the application form.
A cover letter is either included in the form or sent separately. It should cover all parameters for speedy processing by recruitment agents.
The File Format
The company may request applicant use a particular file format. Any diversion from the instruction results in automatic disqualification.
Common formats are text, document txt, word document or rich text documents. Avoid submitting the form as a pdf and use a .doc file format when applicable.
Email Address
It is important getting a personal email address for correspondence or to receive feedback. You can use yahoo mail or Gmail to create an email with your actual name.
Once the application is submitted it takes a while to get a response. Sometimes the company is unwilling to send feedback to job applicants.
Sometimes they send mail only to the successful ones. Don’t get depressed because this is a normal practice. This does not mean you are not qualified for the job but just a victim of the system. 
A good example is a financial institution I once worked that processed application forms of one to three years for new job openings. We collated the lot and invited over a hundred applicants for specific job openings.
How to Follow Up
Companies do not want applicant inundating their customer service with calls or mails. They would rather contact only short listed candidates.
However you can follow up with an email after you have submitted the form. A good space of time after your application is a week. The reason is to check the status of your application.
Unfortunately there is a chance you would not hear from the company at all. Once you have job interviews make sure you attend and don’t decline any until you have actually bagged a job.
10 Tips to get through Online Application
1. Apply for jobs you want and make sure you are qualified
2. Follow the instructions on the application form
3. Add a cover letter
4. Add a link to your Linkedin profile
5. Make sure the application is sent
6. Keep track of your application
7. Follow up on Linkedin
8. Apply for other jobs
9. Attend interviews
10. Get the Job

How to Get a Job in Accounting

To become an accountant you need the right educational qualification. Some form of experience in an accounting firm would be an added advantage. Almost every business needs an accountant to balance the books and advice the company. Finding the job requires patience, good work ethics, networking and persistence.
Gain an Accounting Education
You need a higher degree in accounting to practice. The basic entry level for accounting jobs is a Bachelors degree.
The accountant needs to pass a certified public account examination or similar exams in your country. To improve your prospects of employment you can read to MBA. There are different requirements in most countries on how to become a certified accountant.
Master the Accounting Skill
Accountants are good mathematicians and they deal with numbers. The job requires a quick analytical mind and accurate data on financial deals.
The accountant should be able to spot irregularities and decipher complex numerical data. You need to master accounting software and accounting skills.
The job requires serious concentration and lots of numbers. The accountant’s job description is to audit accounting information provided by different departments. You need to be strict, discipline, focused and hardworking.
What Do Employers Seek
Employers seek a level of proficiency and good GPA. They look for evidence of academic achievement, work experience and 3.5 GPA. They seek candidate who would work without supervision and deliver the goods.
How to Secure an Accounting Job
There are three ways to get an accounting job. The first is to become an intern in an accounting firm or company.
Students who complete accounting internship have a higher chance of employment. This is because the job placement offers real life experience in paid employment.
Visit your career officer in campus for advice on internship programs. The second is through student recruitment programs. Many top organizations conduct interviews with bright students to find qualified accountants.
Finally use networking to find job placements for accountants. There are lots of networking possibilities from friends, acquaintances and family. Seek advice from your campus career officer or job placement companies.
The Accounting Interview
Everyone has to go through some form of interview before getting a job. The job of the interviewers is to probe your accounting knowledge and ambition.
This is to determine if the candidate is right for the job. They would look at your job experience, educational qualifications and awards.
Some questions are to understand your character and how you respond to challenges. Make sure you are appropriately dressed and exude confidence. Some experts say it is only polite to send a thank you email after the interview.

How to Start a Gardening Business

The best weather conditions for a garden are adequate sunlight, good soil and water. Gardening is a leisure pastime that could become a viable business venture.
High net worth individuals and middle class workers desire beautiful gardens and are unable to tend them. The logical thing is to hire a gardener to do the job.
Gardeners earn by providing a service, purchasing plants and selling to residential homes. The job is labor intensive and requires lots of man hours. Startup is low and you could start the enterprise with little money.
Different Gardens
There are different garden types based on the fauna. The major categories are herbal gardens, vegetable gardens and flowering gardens. An ideal garden should have different types of vegetation.
A Gardeners Services
The gardener has lots of services to offer clients. You could offer your clients a niche garden, maintenance services and sell plants. Other services include landscaping and weeding.
Learn the Trade
Gardening involves basic knowledge of plants and soil composition. You need to develop your knowledge through apprentice programs and gardening workshops. Others are through books, eBooks, online courses and tutorials.
Grow Plants
You need to select a parcel of land or greenhouse and grow lots of plants. The pottering plants are later sold or used in your gardening projects. You could open a flower shop to argument your income and service public and private individuals.


Visually showcasing your plants is a good advertising technique. You could make signboard, posters, banners and business cards. Use social media like Facebook to showcase your talent.
Graders use lots of basic equipment. Common equipment’s are hand gloves, rakes, flowering pots and gloves. Others are knee pads, boots, sac bags, shovels and wheelbarrows.
They use wire fences, casted pots and plastic pots. You need a business name and insurance. Register the business as a sole proprietorship and you need a tax identification number.
  • flower pots
  • straw hat
  • boots
  • rakes
  • gloves
  • shovels
  • wheel barrows
  • Kneepads
  • sacs
  • hand gardening tools
Garden Business Customers
You customers include financial institutions and government offices. Others are residential houses, schools and estate developers.
  •  residential homes
  • Financial institutions
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • mosques
  • estate developers
The price depends on your services and scope of work. Things that influence prices are type of plant, size of flower pot and amount of fertilizer. Set your prices according to labor, type of plant and plot size.

The Pros and Cons to Starting a Dating Website

Matchmaking sites offer single people a chance at love. They provide an enabling platform for social interaction and dating.
Such sites have paid subscriptions, membership area and a whole lot of service. Some offer upgrades to premium accounts or telephone number disclosure.
Why Start a Matchmaking Service
The reasons why you should start a dating service are numerous. Apart from offering valuable service you tend to make lots of money.
The business template is simple and straightforward. Focus on attracting members by using questioners and personal data. They could also leave the pairing to members.
Functions of a Matchmaking Service
The functions of a dating agency are to bring people together. This is done by inviting participants to provide personal data.
The data includes interests, profession and preferred mate. This allows people to make a choices based on the information provided. Another effective strategy is added photographs of members.
The Pros of Starting a Dating Website
  • The website provides a valuable service
  • The business is simple and straightforward
  • Dating sites help people find love and relationship
  • The industry is large
  • The webmaster could make lots of money
  • There are different services to offer members
The Cons of Starting a Dating Website
  • Dating sites have an in personal nature
  • There are cases of litigation
  • You face lots of competition
  • The sites are sometimes restricted by demography
You have the terrestrial and online dating agencies. The terrestrial have physical offices and addresses where members meet. They need to register as LLC and secure a permit or certification.
Online dating websites provide a platform for social interactions between members. They offer telephone exchange, premium members, upgrades and contact information.
 Mode of Interaction
Match making requires an umpire to connect both parties. The site could organize outings, events or try speed dating. The webmaster needs to specify services, limitations and acceptable conduct on the site. The sites are usually bound by a confidentiality clause to keep members info safe.
Before you start the dating service conduct research and study the industry. Try to understand the pricing system and services you render.
Other parameters are focusing on a niche offering innovative and unique experience. You can focus on a region or demography.
Questioner and Profiling
The questioners used by matchmaking sites have common questions. Common questions include ethnicity, age and location. Others are profession, what you prefer in a mate, and work experience.
The questioner also focuses on actual expectations such as friendship, marriage love or relationship. The questioner is to have a better understanding of the individual. The information provided is used to profile the individual and conduct compatibility tests.
The Profiling
  • Qualifications
  • Ethnicity
  • Location
  • Age group
  • expectations
  • work experience
Build a Matchmaking Website
To build website buy a top level domain name. Then pay for a host plan and use a premium template. Add the images and profile of members including paid upgrades. Drive traffic to your website through quality blog posts or online advertisement.
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How to Become a Nurse Registered Nurse

Do you aspire to become a nurse and wish to achieve your dreams? There are many ways depending on the country and laws.
According to the bureau of statistics nursing has seen a steady growth of 16% in the last 10 years above other professions. The job is rewarding and attracts good remunerations.
However the job is tasking and requires discipline, hardwork, long hours and dedication. There is nothing glamorous about cleaning human secretions and applying injections. However nurses provide an important service in the healthcare sector.
Advantages of Nursing
Nurses are always in demand and job prospect are high. There remains a high demand for registered nurse worldwide. Other advantages are job security, good pay and job satisfaction. And there is also the possibility of advancement and promotions.
A Nurse Duties
The job specification for nurses is huge and diverse. The job depends on the nurse’s specialization and sector.
Responsibilities include critical care, gerontology, rehabilitation or outpatient care. They work in pediatrics, hospitals, clinics, dialysis centers and nursing homes.
There primary constituency is to assist physicians in the treatment and care of patients. They monitor patients progress, administer medication and educate patients. Other functions involve treatment, post hospital treatment and alleviate patients suffering.
How much do Nurses Earn
Registered nurses in America earn from $45,000 to $80,000 annually. New nurses earn lower than $40,000 however the earnings increase with experience and higher education.
How to Become a Registered Nurse
Although there are different provision in each country the basic format is the same. There are many affordable options and nursing degrees. You need to decide on your career goals and interests.
Types of Nursing Degrees
There are different types of nursing degrees from the low entry level degrees to higher degrees. Here are a few degrees necessary to practice nursing.
  • Licensed Vocational certification
  • Diploma in Nursing
  • Associate of Science in Nursing
  • Bachelors of Science in Nursing
  • Masters of Science in Nursing
Licensed Vocational Nurse
The lowest cadre of nursing is the licensed vocational nurse or licensed practical nurse. To become a licensed vocational nurse you need training in a community college.
Other avenues are at a hospital or technical school. This is a way to fast track your career goals at an entry level. To acquire a license the student nurse needs to pass a state nursing examination.
Residential Nurse
A residential nurse primary responsibility is to care for patients and assist the physician to treat sick patients. A registered nurse needs to acquire a higher degree.
Common education includes an associate degree in nursing, diploma or bachelors degree in nursing. The diploma course could run for a year, associate degree two years or four years bachelor’s degree.
Holders of associate degree in nursing are regarded as technocrat because of the course content and practical knowledge. The bachelor’s degree in nursing is awarded by a recognized university.
Students with associate degrees could register for a bachelors of science in nursing. All registered nurses need to pass a state examination.
To achieve a higher level of education you could consider pursing a masters of science in nursing. This degree will offer higher levels of position at your workplace.
Second Degree BSN
The second degree BSN is specially designed for people with an unrelated BSC degree. They study for the bachelors of Science in nursing to become nurses. The duration of the course is two years.
Online Nursing Degrees
Did you know that you can earn an advanced nursing degree online? Find a certified institution that offers MSN in nursing administration or nursing education. Make sure the institution you choose is accredited to offer such courses.
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45 Unique Small Business Ideas for Teens and Youths

Teenagers are full of boundless energy and courage. They can put that strength and determination to work by starting a small enterprise. There are many small businesses and occupation that require very low startup capital. They are practicable full time or part time depending on the person’s schedule.
young girl
45 Unique Small Business Ideas for Teens and Youths
1. Wind Chime Making
2. Web Designer- offer clients web designing services
3. Sell Used Books- sell used textbooks and novels online or to bookstores
4. Become a Wedding Planner- if you have good organizational skills you can try wedding planning
5. Start a Tattoo Palour- you need to learn the tattoo trade or work as an apprentice
6. Become a Tour Guide- rake in cash by offering foreigners tour guides
7. Become a cobbler- repair and produce shoes, sandals and slipper
8. Sell stock photography- sell photographs on stock photography sites
9. Pet setting business- try pet sitting
10. Flip domains- purchase top level domain names and resell for profit
11. Open a Pet photography studio
12. Start a catering service- there are lots of teens into catering services
13. Become a graphic designer
14. Flip websites- buy and sell websites for cash
15. Sell on eBay- there are lots of things to sell on eBay
16. Become a virtual assistant-to become a virtual assistant you need good organizational skills
17. Open a Laundry Service- use your washing machine to earn cash
18. Start a home tutoring service- good at mathematics and English tutor others
19. Become a social media marketer- a huge following on social media equates to marketing opportunity
20. Try freelance writing- join a freelance site and offer your services
21. Write and sell eBooks- writing eBooks are easy and fun. Sell them on kindle direct publishing
22. Produce apps- create and sell apps
23. Start a teen magazine
24. Stat a teen radio- purchase software and start an online radio
25. Become a voice over- artist- do you have an amazing voice try voice over
26. Try gardening- get your hands dirty with gardening services
27. Start a carwash business- earn good pay washing cars
28. Start a photography business- buy a digital camera and offer photography services at parties
29. Do micro jobs-there are many micro job sites
30. Breed exotic dog
31. Start a pet store
32. Start a babysitting business
33. Become a disc jockey
34. Open a video Rental shop
35. Try jewelry making
36. Open a grocery store
37. Go into fish farming
38. Blog for cash
Start a cleaning Service
39. Try affiliate marketing
40. Open a video game center
41. Go into craft making
42. Try computer programming
43. Drive a private taxi
44. Start a barbing saloon
45. Become an party clown

How to Start a Paper Recycling Business

Paper recycling businesses provide environmental solutions for urban dwellers. Paper is easy to recycle and re-purpose into useful items.
There are two ways to enter the paper recycling business. You could gather and sell to recycling plants or run a plant.
Gathering the waste product is infinitely cheaper than establishing a yard. Startup for paper gatherers is very low but requires lots of haulage and sorting. A recycling center uses specialized machinery, staff and adequate land space.
How to Start a Paper Recycling Business
Write a Business Plan
Write a paper recycling business plan and carry out a survey. The plan should define the scope of your business, equipment and location. Factor the cost consideration, haulage and sourcing raw material.
Types of Scrap Paper
There are different types of scrap paper. Collect newspapers, newsprint, bond paper and cardboard's. Some collect exercise books, print waste paper and glossy paper.
Running a Collection Center
You could run a collection center from home or a small space. Notify friends, neighbors and trash collectors to supply waste paper. 
You could offer to pay for high grade paper or provide waste paper disposal service. Before offering a price, study competitors in your locality and compare prices. Make sure the price you offer provides room for profit making.
Things to consider in your pricing are quality of paper, transportation cost and handling. Purchase or hire a truck to haul the paper. Look around for second hand or used truck to reduce costs.
Used paper is bought in tons and weighed appropriately. The price fluctuates according to demand and supply.
Running a Paper Recycle Yard
To run a recycle yard you need proper equipment.  You need to rent a large space, install equipment and source paper. The location should have good roads, storage facility, adequate utilities and labor. You can hire casual laborers according to your needs.
Paper Recycling Equipment
Paper recycling equipment’s are CPScreen, NEWScreen and V-screen. CPScreen is used to separate small fibers and effectively decreases fiber loss. They have consistent spacing making it resistant to wrapping and jamming.
Features of the CPScreen are carbon timing belts, variable frequency drive motors and fast disc replacement. The NEWScreen is used to separate large fibers and has easy replacement parts. V-Screen provides best separation and maximum efficiency.

The Pros and Cons of Starting a Paper Recycling Business
Paper recycling offers environmentally friendly solutions for waste paper. Billions of tons of paper are produced daily. They are used in newspaper publications, exercise books, novels, office files and print.
Other applications of paper are found in cardboards, food boxes and paper based products. The small business owner could create a collection center and gather up the waste paper. Then sell directly to recycling plants or larger agents.
To start the business you need large landed space and storage facility. Other equipments are truck, safety gear and weighing equipment.
Write a Business Plan
A collection agent’s requirements are basic and straightforward. You need a delivery truck, collection yard, safety equipment and scale. The business plan should focus on logistics, price differentiation, transportation and storage.
Different Types of Waste Paper
There are different types of scrap paper collected by recycle agents. Common papers are glossy paper, bond paper, cardboards, and exercise books. Others are corrugated paper, newsprint and Léger paper
A Paper Collection Yard
A paper collection yard should be easily assessable with good road network. You need heavy lifting equipment and good storage facility. The storage facility should be watertight to prevent damage to the paper. Other considerations are utility, labor and transportation costs.
Paper Recycling Equipment
As a collection agent you don’t need much equipment. You can hire casual labor to carry the paper. You need a small forklift truck, haulage truck and storage facility.
Others are safety gear like boots, goggles and leather hand gloves. The paper needs to be weighed so purchase a heavy duty weighing machine. You need ropes to bind the paper into batches for easy transportation
The used papers are bunched and weighed appropriately. The price fluctuates according to demand and supply.
The Pros of Starting a Paper Recycling Business
  • Paper recycling offer environment friendly solutions
  • The business is highly profitable
  • The business template is easy and straightforward
  • The raw material is abundant
  • The amount needed to start the enterprise depends on the scale
  • To succeed you need an ideal location
  • You need proper networking with recycling plants
The Cons of Starting a Paper Recycling Business
  • The business requires huge land space
  • Sorting is labor intensive
  • Although the product is abundant sometime stocking is difficult
  • The price of waste paper fluctuates with demand
  • You need to invest in haulage truck
  • You need large storage facility
How to Run a Collection Center
To run a collection center you need a dump site or yard. You can offer to collect waste paper from neighbors for free.
 Another alternative is to buy from smaller dealers and sell to the recycling plant. Make sure you are abreast with fast changing prices to remain profitable.

How to Start a Self Storage Business

The storage container business requires lots of financial involvement. It is capital intensive and need huge landed space. The space is meant to accommodate the containers and administrative office.
Container storage businesses are mostly self service centers. An individual hires a container to store valuables or household items. They pay an annual rent for the space and have access to the storage facility during the tenor.
Storage business is interesting because once setup you only require a small working capital for maintenance and security. Other requirements are site approval, accreditation and bonding.
Types of Containers Storage
The container storage business is carried out onsite or offsite. Traditional storage involves a number of storage containers in a location.
They are fitted with strong locks to secure the customers property. The location of the business is of paramount importance. The location should be accessible, with good road network and easy to find.
Things to Consider
Before you start write a storage container business plan. Then carry out a feasibility study to identify the best location. You need a good source to purchase containers.
It is important to provide adequate security measures and guards. You can use close circuit cameras, security guards and dogs. You need administrative staff and heavy equipment driver.
  • write a storage container business plan
  • carry out a feasibility study
  • identify the best location
  • find a good source for containers
  • provide adequate security measures
  • use close circuit cameras
  • security guards and dogs
  • hire administrative staff
  • heavy equipment driver
The Pros of Starting a Storage Business
  • You need to write a water tight contract
  • Get liability insurance cover
  • The business is very lucrative
  • Once operational you spend very little money on maintenance
  • Location is key to success
  • Register the business as a limited liability company
  • You don’t need an education or special knowledge to own a storage facility
The Cons of Starting a Storage Business
  • Startup requires huge monetary investment
  • You need a large parcel of land
  • You need to provide adequate security
  • There are risks of litigation form theft or damaged property
  • High transportation costs
  • Buying and installing containers is challenging
  • The price of containers are high
Storage Company Services
There are lots of services offered by storage companies. Offer your customers container delivery, removal and upgrade. Other services are refurbishing, pickup and storage facility services.
The pricing for services is subject to demography, type of storage and prevalent rates. Popular storage container sizes are 20 feet and 40 feet containers. You can buy a used container and use different advertisement methods to attract patronage.