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How to Sell Your Articles for Cash

One of the best ways to make money online is to sell articles. The World Wide Web has over 30 million websites and blogs including billions of content.
There are several ways to sell articles based on the writer’s content. Some strategies attract high premium prices while others low but consistent income.
The competition is fierce because of the number of writers servicing the same marketplace. To succeed you need to develop your writing skill, vocabulary and technique..
There is no substitute for hard-work, focus and dedication to your craft. There are many ways to approach selling articles with varied results. Some writers earn thousands of dollars online with their article while others struggle for cents.
Who Needs Content?
The list of companies, private individuals and groups seeking valuable content is huge. Those that seek content are website owners, advertisement agencies, blog masters and eBook markets. Others are magazines, online newspaper and content farms
How to Sell Articles for Hard Cash
We will examine several ways to sell your articles for hard cash. You could sell the article directly or through a third party.
Pitch the Article
The first way is to pitch the article to an established website. There are a huge number of establish websites willing to pay top dollar for your articles.
To get your article through the door you need to pitch the content to the editor or web curator. Interestingly the websites pay upfront or based on impressions after the articles are featured.
The average payout on such sites ranges from $50-$600 per article. They usually have specified minimum word count ranging from 1500-3000 words.
Its difficult getting on board however quality content based on the niche of the website is the best approach.  A top website that pays for content is listverse. Are you interested in such sites then here is a list of 60 websites that pay 50+ dollars per article.
Sell to Magazines
A smart way is to sell your article to niche magazines. Focus on websites with content in line with your interests.
You could focus on magazine/newspapers that cater to specific markets. A new comer could pitch articles to medium sized websites with lots of traffic.
Sell Articles through Third Party
If you are not interested in pitching content to websites then sell through a third party. The third party accepts content and features it on their website.
The website features only a snippet or summary of the article uploaded to their website. Most websites in this category allows writers set their own prices.
They in turn are paid a percentage of the sales when an order is executed. A top website to consider is Constant-Content.
Customers can order custom content, buy content or search for images. The content are categorized into arts, business, general, home, merchandising, recreation, health and lifestyle. Others are technology, sports, society, science, relationship and regional.
Sell Private Label Articles
There are two ways to sell private label articles. You purchase from a third party and sell or develop your own articles.
Private Label Rights content are commonly sold by webmasters and marketers. PLR confers on the buyer the right of attribution, distribution and resale.
The buyer can even modify the content and sell as an e-book. PLR articles are sold in bundles usually 10 articles at a low price.
The bundles could sell from $3.99-$10 per bundle. These types of bundles are sold many times to different buyers.
How to Make Money As a Freelance Writer
Sell through your Website or Blog
The easiest method is to create a website or blog and sell your articles. On the website place a snippet or summary of the content you want to sell. 
Make it easy for your visitors to purchase the article or download the content. Accept payment through PayPal or any other online payment solutions.
A good way to earn top dollar is to sell the exclusive rights. Exclusive right articles attract sums ranging from $10-$100. You retain all the profit from the sales and set your own prices.
To succeed using this method your website should have tons of traffic. Write quality posts to showcase your proficiency and attract organic traffic. You can use classified websites and advertisement to drive people to your blog.

All You Need to Know about Palm Wine

You will find the palm tree in many countries like china, Philippines and India. There are different types of palm tree and not all species produce palm wine sap.
In West Africa the palm tree is revered and has socioeconomic importance. The tree is highly integrated into the culture and traditions.
 It features prominently in many festivals and special occasions. It is common in child naming, marriage or traditional institutions. The wine is highly favored in such gatherings.
The palm tree has many economic benefits such as the production of timber, raffia, mats, chairs and fashion accessories. The tree also produces palm wine which is a sweet/sour flavored alcoholic drink.
Some of the top palm trees tapped for their sap include coconut palms, oil palm. Others are elaties gulneenis, date palms, raffia tree. We have the Palmyra, lala palm, and the African oil palm,.
Palm wine is obtained from the sap of the palm tree and seasonal. The type of sap depends on the specie. There are different kinds of wine such as the wine gotten from grape.The grape wine is extracted from fruits to make fruit wine while the wine sap is extracted from palm trees.
Unlike other wine which goes through the plucking and crushing stages. The sap of the palm tree is already liquefied and is easily ferment by adding alcohol to the brew.
The palm sap is a rich store of sucrose a major component that triggers yeast used to ferment the wine.
Quality of Palm Wine Sap
The palm wine sap is harvested or tapped by palm wine tappers. They start the process of fermentation as soon as the sap is collected.
 The purity or quality of the sap depends on the type of palm tree, soil composition age of the tree and method of harvesting.
Harvesting or sap collection could be done by climbing the very tall palm tree by a palm wine tapper.  A destructive method is by felling the tree to collect the sap.
The destructive method of felling the tree to extract the sap is the main reason some palm tree species have become extinct. Two palm trees that readily come to mind are jubaea chilensis the Chilean palm tree.
palm wine
Collecting the Sap
The palm wine tapper makes a cut and fastened a keg to the palm tree to collect the palm sap.  The palm wine sap is milky or white in color and has a tendency to ferment quickly.
This is largely due to airborne bacteria or yeast in spent containers. Yeast accelerates the process and within three hours and the sap acquires a nice aroma, and is sweet to taste.
Collecting the sap is a highly specialized skill passed on from father to son. That involves a delicate incision and collection mechanism attached close to the cut that stores the sipping liquid.
The sap drips slowly and the tapper usually allows twenty for hours before extracting the container full of juice. The fermentation process makes use of natural forming yeast.
During the fermentation process the palm wine foams vigorously which is a natural reaction during the fermentation process. The palm wine tapper in order to increase the liquids content or volume introduces water and some added agents to the mixture.
The sweet liquid does not contain alcohol until fermentation occurs. The fermentation process lasts twenty four hours which accounts for the sour tasting beverage drink. So basically palm wine is the fermented sap of a palm tree.
The most common palm tree used in West African to collect palm sap is the data palms, Jaggery palm and raffia palm. There are two methods used in collecting the sap.
The tappers might decide to cut down the tree or burn to collect the sap or might climb the tall tree using improvised vines. The raffia palm is easier to reach because they are not that tall and tappers do not have to bring them down.
Cutting down the palm tree does not have any economic value because by killing the tree, the tapper has to find another wild palm to tap. Therefore killing the tree is not common and they prefer climbing the tree and tap the sap directly..
Methods Deployed by Tappers
Top of Form
  • felling the tree
  • crushing the tree
  • tapping the tree
  • burning the tree
Bottom of Form
Top of Form

Bottom of Form
The Palm Wine Drink
The palm sap might be preserved in its non alcoholic state or fermented to make the palm wine drink. The drink is alcoholic, and the hours apportioned to the fermentation process yields various degrees of alcohol in the drink.
The longer it is fermented the strong the drink. If left to ferment further the wine becomes vinegar. Palm wine may contain up to forty percent (40%) alcoholic content by the time it reaches maturity and it quickly deteriorates without proper storage or refrigeration.
The palm wine drink is usually white, dull white, milk or red colored. The wine is usually collected, fermented and stored in wine drums or large calabashes.
However in modern times is stored in large fifty litter kegs. Other locally made alcoholic brews are derived from palm wine during the fermentation process.
During the fermentation process the palm wine is further distilled into local whiskey a cheap highly alcoholic drink. In many West African counties this brew is responsible for the high prevalent of kidney disease.
The sour taste of palm wine is due largely to the presence of lactic and acetic acid present in the alcohol.
Palm Wine Names
Palm wine is known by many names like. Matanga, Matanga ya mbila, Segero, Lapo tuak and Emu.
Species of Palm Trees
There are many types of palm tress that produce sap that can be used as palm wine
1 Raffia palm
2 Silver date palm
3 Jaggery
4 Date palm
5 African oil palm
6 Nipa palm
7 Coconut palm
8 Palmyra palm
9 Lala palm
10 Chile palm
11 Malafu palm and many more.
Distilled Palm sap
The distilled sap of the palm wine tree produces very strong alcoholic drinks that are comparable to the Russian vodka. They come out water clear and may contain up to seventy percent alcohol (70%).
The drink can be found in many countries and is readily consumed by the poor, low and some middle class members of society. You can find such brews in local drinking joints or make shift wooden sheds.
Other business locations are shanty towns, the ghetto, cities and shacks. The alarming practice of selling the dangerous brew at motor packs account for high rate of vehicular accidents.
In some cities you can find beautiful young girls hawking the brew in different bottles full of homemade remedies and concoctions. Some vendors add garlic, herbs and roots.
Many believed to have curative effects against diarrhea, pile, stomach upset and general body pain. Most of these concoctions have not been scientifically tested or certified.
 Producers of Palm Wine
African palm wine producers
Non African Producers




South Africa

Sierra Leone



Countries that Produce Palm Wine
Many countries produce palm wine from palm trees indigenous to specific areas. Countries that produce the wine are republic of Congo, Ghana, Indonesia, Gambia, and Kenya.
More include Southern Africa, Philippines, Mexico Chile, Algeria and Vietnam. You find other producers in Tunisia, Thailand, Sierra Leone, south Africa, Nigeria and Maldives. There are many more countries that cultivate and tap palm sap.
Palm Wine Names
Many countries have their own species of palm trees that produces sap. The palm wine is called by many names some of which are; mimbo, matanga by Cameroonians.
Others are masanga ya mbila and kikongo in the central republic of Congo and Gambia. Ghanaians call the palm wine nsafufuo, doka and yabra depending on the region.
The Indonesians call the palm wine ballo, lapo tuak and arak, tuba in Mexico, segero by Papua New Guineans and emu in Nigeria.The different names show the fondness and diversity of the palm wine beverage.
The drink is cherished and has significant roles in certain tradition practices, cultures and herbal remedies.
A palm wine tappers tool
The palm wine tappers tools are basic but functional. Some of the equipment frequently used include some of the listed items.
1 A sharp cutlass
2 large straw hats or baseball hats
3 They need strong banded rope to climb the tree
4 The carry along plastic kegs for the palm wine extract
5 They have small sharp knives to make delicate cuts
6 Some use bamboo tubes to guide the sap into small containers

The Tapping Culture
Cultural Significance of Palm Wine
Palm wine is a significant part of African culture and traditions and is widely consumed by both male and female. The beverage can be drunk during traditional weddings especially in eastern Nigeria.
Commonly used in naming ceremonies, birthdays, towns meetings and certain traditional festivities like new yam festivals. Some traditional rites and religious ceremonies use palm wine for libation in honor of past ancestors and gods.
Focus on the palm wine tapper
The palm wine tapping is almost an extinct profession, and the tapper is hardly seen. Most palm wine tappers learn the profession from their father or grandfather.
 And palm tappers can be seen mostly in rural areas and communities where the palm trees grow. Tappers are not known to have their own trees but they go into the forest to specific locations past down to them by their fathers.
Tapping palm wine is very dangerous business because the palm wine tapper contends many dangers. The dangerous animals include poisonous snakes, harmful insects and predators.
They are also prone to accidental death or injury from tree fall especially when they climb very tall palm trees.
Tools of the Trade
The palm wine tappers use basic tools to extract sap from palm trees. Some of the tools are a cutlass, straw hat to shade his eyes, strong banded rope, vines or synthetic strings.
Other tools include a twenty five or fifty litter keg and smaller container to collect the sap. More implements are small knife to make small cuts and incisions, small hose or thin bamboo stick.
Most tappers have no formal education especially those that grew up in remote villages. For convenience of movement within forest terrain they use of bicycles not only as a means for transporting the goods but to get around more quickly.
Many forage with their bare feet but some wear sandals to protect their feet from harm. The trees that produce palm wine have different characteristics.
Some have narrow rugged trunks and are tall and slender. While others have thick jagged stems and are relatively short. They can grow and live for many years if not felled, burnt, cut or infected.
The Red Palm Weevil
One parasite that causes extensive damage to the palm trees is the larvae of the red weevil beetle. The creature feeds ravenously on the palm tree.
The palm tree has great economical value and it seems that every known part of the tree can be harnessed and turned into cash. The trees trunk for wood and furniture making, and leafs made into mat, bag accessories or hats.
The sap turned into palm wine or other stronger derivatives like gin. The brew can even be made into herbal concoctions.
No wander in some folklore the palm tree plays a prominent role and is referred to as the nectar of the gods.

Steps to Starting a Six Figure Digital Marketing Agency

Running a successful digital agency involves long hours, high pressure and deadlines. You should have SEO knowledge, be self driven and focused.
You need appropriate branding, networking and startup funds. Follow best practices, develop a frame work and have a sales mindset.
To succeed you need to hire the right people and optimize your opportunities. Apply effective marketing strategies to drive engagement and place your agency in the fore front.
Things to Consider before Starting an Agency
Before starting an agency there are some things to consider. You should consider how to start the agency both offline and online.
Focus on client acquisition, closing deals, managing leads or sales. Other considerations are SEO work, developing an action plan, acquiring information and SEO tools.
24 search engine optimization tools
diital marketing
How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency
Set Your Goals
To become a successful digital marketer you need to set your goals. The goals should reflect your mind set and focus.
Why do you want to open an agency? Are you qualified, trained in digital marketing? What are your passion academic qualifications, aspirations and financial standing?
Make sure the goals are specific and measurable. Specific reasoning should be clear and concise and measurability depends on certain parameters.
Other goals include achievable aspirations, time bound goals and realism. Without all five elements in your goal mapping you are setting yourself up to fail.
Numerical goals should include number of clients serviced in a year, contractual agreement, execution, staff strength and position in the industry in a year.
Focus on a Niche
In high school economic they say opportunity cost equals specialization. So true in the business environment because focusing on a particular field develops your expertise in the niche.
Your marketing should be tailored to the specific clientele. Having a broad based clientele could be counter productive therefore narrow the field.
Narrow down your niche to the demography and clients you want to service. Make sure you offer them quality, unique service to differentiate and brand you agency.
Focus on your strengths, passion and product. Don’t forget to delegate work appropriately.
Build Relationships
In the digital marketing business you get repeat patronage from satisfied clients. You need to build a relationship with your clients and network appropriately. Building a reliable network and relationship takes time, trust and sacrifice.
Brand Identity
It is important you build a clear brand identity for your agency. The top brands account for 55% of all major digital marketing contracts.
A brand identity promises quality service, responsibility, time management and trust. Your brand needs a clear identity clients can understand. Branding requires innovation, unique ideas, risk management and goal oriented.
Build an Online Presence
Your business entails owning a SEO website for internet marketing. Hire a good web designer or develop the site yourself.
You need a keyword rich domain name and host plan. Use and install a premium template.
Include digital images, type of service and contact information. Make sure the website is easy to navigate, design friendly and appealing. Digital marketing is about SEO therefore optimize your channels.
Develop a Portfolio
A good result oriented portfolio is your secret weapon to success. People generally associate with successful brands based on quality, trust and results.
Highlighting your client base, jobs you have executed and work scope will attract more clients.  Build a portfolio by offering free services, compile a network and project list.
A good portfolio should have client’s testimonials, case studies, results, future target, goals, headlines and short snippets.
Portfolio Features
Funding the Enterprise
The amount of startup funds you need depends on your budget and business template. Focus on cost saving methods to reduce unnecessary overheads.
Focus on your essential goals, recurrent costs and expansion. Proper fund management should focus on cost effective marketing, networking, customer service and acquiring clients. Use casual staff, freelancer, outsource some service and other cost saving methods.
Every successful business will eventually expand and require employees. The bigger the brand and growth the more employees you need.
You could start the enterprise yourself and gradually hire as your grow. Employee considerations are sales reps, freelancers, part time and full time staff. Put in place a solid framework for better efficiency of your workers.
Cost Saving Methods
  • use free classified websites
  • hire sales reps
  • freelancers
  • part time staff
Learn the Business
Develop the prerequisite skills to master your universe. Learn the trade through tutorials, books, training institutions or workshops.
Hire a tutor, buy books, use online resources and learn from practical experience. Digital marketing’s main objective is results based on traffic, engagements, impressions and clicks. Make sure you properly explain your services and benefits.
Social Media
A digital marketer without a powerful social network is bound to fail. An active social page with huge followers and a community is an effective marketing tool. The social network provides lots of lead generation, marketing opportunities, followers and customer engagement.
Appropriate pricing is critical to your success and customer base. Never sell yourself short and present competitive pricing according to the services you offer.
The price usually attracts the type of client you want. Develop good bookkeeping skills, budgeting and inventory management.
There are many ways to market your services. Use free or paid classified websites to drive traffic to your landing page.
Use Facebook advertisements, Adwords, directories and social bookmarking. Advertise in local newspapers, directories and optimize your content.

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Start a Mobile Car Wash Business

A mobile car wash is easier to execute than owning a terrestrial establishment. The demand is consumer driven and there are lots of opportunities. You need startup capital, washing equipment, marketing and strategic planning..
Write a Business plan
Write a mobile car wash business plan and carry out a feasibility study. Study your competitors and invest in equipment and marketing. The business is practicable full time or short time.
Mobile Car Wash Equipment
The type of service determines your inventory.  Purchase used high quality equipment or new ones.
There are some basic equipment’s you need to start your mobile car wash business.  Common equipment’s are vacuum, pump, polishers, brushes, and buffers. You need sponges, vapor steamer, pressure washer, buckets, microfiber towels, portable generator and cleaning agents.
mobile car wash
  • Vacuum
  • Pump
  • Polishers
  • van
  • Brushes
  • Buffers
  • Sponges
  • vapor steamer
  • pressure washer
  •  buckets
  • microfiber towels
  •  portable generator
  •  cleaning agents
Permits and License
Before starting the business you need some permits. Permits include trade license, waste water protocols and company incorporation.
Incorporate the enterprise as a sole proprietorship business or limited liability company. If your vehicle has advertisement then you need mobile advertisement permit. You need business insurance, current vehicle documents and valid driver’s license.
You can offer the basic car washing and interior car cleaning service. Added revenue services include headlight restoration, mold removal, carpet and seat shampooing. Others are seat vacuuming, leather conditioning, scratch removal and car waxing.
You can provide two payment options for customers. You should accept cash payment or use POS machines.
Other methods could be through smart technology and payment portals. Make sure your prices are commensurate with prevailing prices in your locality.
Promote the Business
Promote the business by placing advertisement on your vehicle. Use word of mouth, print medium and newspaper publications. Print flyers, billboards, posters and banners to reach potential customers.
Build a Website
Build a website to showcase your services. The site should target you operational area and local government. Include contact information, about us page and terms of service.
Access funds through small loans and private savings. Obtain loans from microfinance institutions or corporate societies.
How to Start a Mobile Car Wash Business
  • Write a business plan
  • Purchase equipment
  • Acquire permits and licensing
  • Offer additional
  • Service
  • Promote the business
  • Build a website


Starting a Video Editing Business

The arrangement and manipulation of video is video editing. It is practicable full time and part time depending on your business template.
The business is highly lucrative and a veritable venture. You can run the business from home or a dedicated office.
Video editing opportunities have increased due to huge demand for editing and proliferation of video platforms. Common editing formats are films, home videos, music videos and advertisements.
To succeed you need to set yourself apart from competitors and offer quality service. Other things to consider are finance, production, sales, administration and marketing.
Types of Editing
The type of editing includes re-sequencing clips, cutting, transitions and effects. Common types of editing are vision mixing, online editing tools linear and non-linear video editing.
  •  re-sequencing clips
  • Cutting
  • transitions and effects
  • vision mixing
  • online editing tools
  • linear editing
  • non-linear video editing
man with video camera
Video Editing Equipment
There is some basic equipment used by editors. The editing equipment should store, capture, arrange and manipulate images.
You could purchase laptop, desktop, video editing software and recording devices. Equipment’s include digital camcorders, analogue capture cards, and workstation.
  • laptop
  • desktop
  • video editing software
  • digital camcorders
  • analogue capture cards
  • workstation
Different Video Editing Opportunities
There are lots of video editing business opportunities. Jobs include projects by private individuals, schools, home videos movies, wedding and anniversaries. Others are online TV stations, YouTube patrons, webmasters, music videos, documentaries and commercial films.
Video Editing Jobs
  • private individual projects
  • schools
  • home videos movies
  • wedding
  • anniversaries
  • online TV stations
  • YouTube
  • Webmasters
  • music videos
  • documentaries
  • commercial films
You need to educate yourself and learn the trade. Perfect your editing skills through technical courses, training workshops, books and tutorials.
 Attend seminars, try apprentice programs or hire a private tutor. Gain video film editing experience and develop proficiency in your craft.
Specialize in a Niche Market
You should target specific audience and offer specialized services. This will create a brand identity and accommodate clients seeking such services.
Home videos films are huge business opportunity in a country like Nigeria. The Nigeria market accounts for thousands of drama releases quarterly. Therefore video editors in Nigeria could specialize in this industry.
Choose your niche according to your local market and demography. Target your prefer audience, build a reputation, develop a brand and offer quality service.
Types of Video Editing Service
What are the types of services you offer your clients? A video editor could offer consultancy services, editing services and index footage.
Others are online video marketing, creating extra footage and web hosting of clients videos. The services include editing DVDs, video tapes, web streamed videos.
Video Editing Services
  • consultancy services
  • editing services
  • index footage
  • online video marketing
  • creating extra footage
  • web hosting of clients videos
  • DVDs
  • video tapes
  • web streamed videos.
How much do Video Editors Make?
Fixed costs are low if you operate a home editing studio. Successful video editors earn from $2,000-$4,000.
You could estimate your hourly cost at $18 per hour. Factor cost of editing equipment, low cost marketing, labor costs and licensing. Learn to work within a budget and use free classified advertisement.
Take advanced payment of about 50% of your fees before embarking on the project. Use the advancement to purchase raw material needed for the project.
Legal issues cover incorporation, tax, customer service and insurance. You need CPA for taxes, proper accounting, and attorney for legal advice.
Invest in accounting software, study industry billing and write a policy or terms of service. You can join an association in your locality.
Create standard contracts, warranty and determine appropriate billing. Don’t forget to open a separate account for the business.
Marketing is essential to the success of your enterprise. Build a website and drive traffic though social media engagement and online advertisement.
Use Adwords, Facebook ads and StumbleUpon. Use free and paid classified websites, guest post and forums.
You need to network with industrial players and use newspaper advertisement. Focus your customer demography in your advertisement campaign.
Print business cards, handbills, posters and banners. Produce demo reels, offer discounts and do promotional.
Make sure you get credit for your work and include contact information. Use word of mouth and referrals to reach customers.