Uber Cab Business Opportunity

The app based taxi service aggregator Uber Cabs is very popular in many countries. They provide an easy way for cab owners and passengers to connect.
The service allows individual car owners to attach their cars or a few vehicles with dedicated drivers. The whole process is managed by the Uber team and the smart App.
Uber offers great incentives to both cab operator and passengers. They give bonuses on certain routes and peak periods including number of passengers serviced in a day.
uber cab
Purchase the vehicle
The primary equipment you need is a good vehicle. If you have the financial means purchase a new vehicle.
If not you could do nicely with a used vehicle. Make sure the vehicle is not more than 5 years old from manufacture and falls under the Uber category. You could fund the enterprise through a bank loan or personal savings.
Uber Vehicle Requirements
The vehicle should not be more than 5 years from manufacturers date. It should be roadworthy with vehicle insurance cover and commercial vehicle particulars.
The vehicle should pass a vehicle inspection test and MOT test. It should be kept in pristine condition and neat. The vehicle could be used or new however they must have the aforementioned qualities.
How to Attach Car to Uber Cab India
Uber Vehicles/Driver
  • Minimum 5 years old vehicle
  • Valid license
  • Driver should be18+
  • Roadworthy vehicle
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Commercial license
  • Pass vehicle inspection test
  • Pass MOT test
  • Vehicle in Pristine condition
Important Considerations
There are a few things to consider while running an Uber service. You car requires monthly maintenance and servicing.
Your insurance and vehicle papers should be always up-to-date. Make sure your commercial driving license is current and calculate the amount of fuel you use daily.
You are also responsible for the number of passengers transported daily.
Operational Considerations
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Current vehicle particulars
  • Current drivers license
  • Insurance cover
  • Amount of fuel and millage
  • Working duration
Choose the right Category
Uber services are divided into different categories based on the type of vehicle and service. Uber categories include UberBLACK, UberXL, UberX, and UberSUV.
One of the most popular and patronized category is the UberX. Vehicles under this category are mid range such as Honda Accord, Mazda, Chevrolet, Volvo and Toyota vehicles. If your vehicle falls under the luxury service then consider one of the other options.
Documents needed to Attach Vehicle to Uber Services
To attach your vehicle to Uber services you need the following documents. You need a commercial driving license and current vehicle particulars.
The particulars are vehicle license including insurance cover. Other requirements are bank account and company registration certificate.
Uber Vehicle Documentation
  • Commercial driving license
  • Vehicle license
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Road worthiness certification
  • Bank account
  • Business name
Earning Potential
A commercial Uber cab driver in India can earn 90,000INR per month on one vehicle. Peak periods attract the highest fees including bonuses.
The number of rides the transporter carries increases his earnings and attracts more incentives. The amount of money to make depends on working hours, number of passengers serviced and Uber category.


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