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How to Become a Human Resources Consultant

Human resources personnel offer advice on a wide range of issues. They are involved in workplace activity, policies, procedures and compliance to the law.
They recommend, reorganize, mediate and develop an effective HR model. They work as independents or through a consultancy firm. The individual should have higher education such as a Bachelors, Masters DBA, PHD.
The Job Description
What does a human resources consultant do? The person assists, develop, coordinate workflow and audit conduct. They offer strategic services, hiring, benefit packages and recruit. They prepare HR reports, implement, develop and revise policies.
The person conducts training sessions, offers recommendations and analysis the companies HR programs. They require IT training, sales finance and marketing skill and understand labor laws.
HR Work
         The person assists
         Coordinate workflow
         Offer strategic services
         Benefit packages
         Prepare HR reports
         Implement, develop and revise policies
         Conducts training sessions
         Offers recommendations
         Analysis the companies HR programs
         Require IT training
         Sales finance
         Marketing skill
         Understand labor laws
Salaries and Remunerations
Companies pay top dollar for the services of a qualified human resources personnel. The pay package differs based in demography, experience and qualifications. According to various sources the pay in Nigeria averages $22,700.
The HR salaries in Atlanta, GA Area is $62,054/yr while additional cash compensation range from 1,069 – 19,587. Human resources salaries differ by company from Home Depot 40,000/yr  or 17/hr. Hospital 70,000/yr, Caters hourly intern 13 -15 hours, university 57,912/yr.
HR Salaries
         HR in Nigeria averages $22,700
         Atlanta, GA Area is $62,054/yr.-cash compensation1, 069 – 19,587
         HR Home depot 40,000/yr, or 17/hr.
         Hospital 70,000/yr.
         Caters intern 13 -15 hours
         University 57,912/yr.
How to Become a Human Resources Consultant
To become one you need to acquire the necessary certification and training. You need formal education and completion of a bachelor’s degree. To advance quickly in the competitive market you need a master’s of business administration in human resources.
Other related fields of study are marketing management, international business management and management information system. Take courses in leadership, strategic management, business ethics and organizational behavior. Make sure you get a professional certificate.
         Bachelor’s degree in HR
         Masters of business administration in HR
         Marketing management
         International business management
         Management information system
         Strategic management
         Business ethics
         Organizational behavior
         Professional certificate
Personal Skill
The competence requirements include ability to improvise, good listener, practical and theoretical knowledge. Others are good interpersonal skill, self-confidence, trustworthiness, ability to conceptualize ideas and a hard worker. The person needs advanced business knowledge of the industry.
         Ability to improvise
         Good listener
         Practical and theoretical knowledge
         Interpersonal skill
         Ability to conceptualize ideas
         Hard worker
         Advanced business knowledge

How to apply for government loan

It is easy to access information through an online database for various loans. The process of applying for a personal government loan is easy and straightforward.
You don’t need a third party simply go to the government website. Some provide microloans, help subsidies new businesses or operate small business incubators.

1. To effectively apply for the loan you need to research your cost and expenses. You need to state how you will use the loan and why you need the loan. It is important to have well-research figure.
2.  Develop a business plan that explains your business structure and ideas. The detailed account should specify how the money will be spent. It must show how the business will generate income and pay off the loan.
3. A business plan developed with small business association assistance will go a long way. Try to emphasize on the returns and potential for success.
4. There are different types of loans for rural business development, minority business and agriculture. You need to learn which loan best applies to your business.
Make sure you speak to an SBA official and obtain an SBA loan application. The loan should address your specific needs or circumstance.
5. To obtain information on government loans go directly to the government website. Avoid third party website that demand some fee because this information is free.
6. Once you have found what you are looking for choose the best agency from the list of government agencies offering loans. Focus on the one that represents your needs. Select the appropriate agency from the government loan homepage.
7. Before applying for the loan view the terms and conditions. Make sure you are eligible for the personal government loan. Read the terms carefully then make your selection. Focus on the loan that meets your eligibility or industry.
8. The next step is to prepare the attachments and supplementary form
9. You need to write a cover letter and executive summary with reasons for requesting the loan. Submit your business plan or business profile.
10. Did you know you can take advantage of non-profit organization mentorship program to review you application and get it proofread?
The next step is to apply to county incubators. Once properly prepared submit the application form. Each loan has a unique submission process for personal government loans.
10 Signs you are heading for bankruptcy

How to Create Streams of Income from Feed Mill

The agriculture sector is a driving force in most countries. It supports the local economy and adds to a country’s GDP. It is a good employer of skilled and unskilled labor contributing 1/3 the labor force.
In rural areas it is the main source of livelihood and of great importance to the local community. Third world countries have failed to utilize the great potential to transform the economy.
Farming is still rural based with smallholder farms providing 90% of produce. An important sector agriculture is the feed mill. Feed mill business is very lucrative and capital intensive. An entrepreneur needs determination, courage and tenacity.
feed mill
There are different challenges that contribute to poor harvest and slow growth of the sector. Challenges include poor government intervention, climatic change, and lack of fertilizer.
Others include reliance on manual labor, high energy prices. Funding is a major hindrance to the development of the sector. This is because there is a huge financial gap in the industry.
The rural farmers are poor illiterates with no knowledge of modern trends. Other mitigating factors are lack of adequate water supply, inadequate utilities, unable to afford farming machinery.
         Poor government intervention
         Climatic change
         Lack of fertilizer
         Reliance on manual labor
         High energy prices
         Low funding is a major hindrance
         Rural farmers are poor illiterates
         No knowledge of modern trends
         Lack of adequate water supply
         Inadequate utilities
         Unable to afford farming machinery
Feed formulation and milling
The primary function of a mill is feed formulate. Feed is an important food for livestock and commercial fish production.
Formulating high quality grain would position the factory for profitability. The cost of the grain should be competitive to meet customers demand.
Funding is a huge challenge for feed mills. An average feed mill requires about N10 million to operate. To acquire funds use personal savings, partnership of borrow. The loan should be low interest, long termed.
Acquire machinery
The type of machinery will determine the level of production. Purchase high quality machinery and employ highly skilled technician.
Machinery you need are mixers, conveyor. Others include crusher machine, feed mixing machine.
         Feed mixing machine
         Crusher machine
Hire professionals
The feed mill business requires skilled professionals. Hire experts in the field to work in the production area.
Source raw material
The source of the raw material would affect the quality of the feed. Buy only quality grains free of insecticides or other preservatives. The main difficulty is the seasonal nature of the raw materials therefore getting the right mix is difficult off season.
Other challenges are fluctuating price of raw material and cost of transportation. Always strive for quality to differentiate your produce. Make sure the feed for the commercial fish farmer or chickens are of high quality.
Types of raw materials
Sourcing the right material is very important. Common ingredients are palm kernel cake, soya beans. Others are limestone, rice grains and maize offal.
         Palm kernel cake
         Soya beans
         Rice grains
         Maize offal
Waste management
Waste from the factory on the environment should be minimal. Feed formulation does not generate harmful waste.
There is a huge demand for quality feed. Most feed in the market are low quality so good feed easily stands out.
Farmers are ready to pay the extra cost for faster growth of their livestock. A small feed mill can sell an average of 200 bags per day.

When to Open Multiple Bank Accounts

Your financial personality and saving habit will determine your financial position. Opening multiple accounts for various savings target is an effective way to avoid debt and create wealth.
There are different types of accounts to consider. We have savings account, fixed deposit, join account and current account. Financial experts recommend opening multiple accounts for target savings.
Multiple accounts are ideal for highly organized individuals. Before opening any account compare interest rates and fees on all the accounts.
multiple bank accounts
Write a budget
The first step is to list your income and fixed expenses. The income is the amount for each paycheck while fixed expenses are mortgage, utility, and rent.
There is also the fluctuation expenses like grocery bills, medication. Write a practical budget to track your earnings and expenses for two months. The entire exercise is to create room for savings.
Fixed expenses
Fluctuating expenses
         Grocery bills
Automate the transfer
A very effective way to increase savings is to automate transfers. Instruct the bank to automate transfer of funds into your savings account. The amount could be a fraction of your earning depending on your comfort level.
Open a fixed account or money market account
If you constantly spend funds from your target savings account you need an account that would restrict access. A money market account limits the number of times you can withdraw from the account.
 Another account is the termed fixed deposit. Early withdrawal of funds from a fixed deposit would attract penalties. A fixed deposit could be for six months, one year or five years.
Why multiple accounts work
Multiple accounts offer individual savings goals like paying off the mortgage, buying a car. Online banks have made opening multiple accounts easy. You are at liberty to use one financial institution or multiple institutions.
Different accounts offer multiple savings options, goal, better tracking. You can open an emergency account, long or short termed fixed deposits. Another advantage includes better interest rates, multiple perks or account opening bonuses.
         Individual savings goals
         Easy to open
         Use one or more banks
         Multiple savings options
         Better tracking
         Better interest rates
         Multiple perks
Disadvantages of multiple accounts
The major disadvantage is the lean spread. The individual will not benefit on high interests on cumulative funds. Others difficulties is tracking each account and confusion.
There is also the difficulty in reaching minimum balance, low interest rates on loans. The person can lose money on transfers, complicated automatic transfers, and higher fees.
         Lean spread
         High interests on cumulative funds
         Difficulty in tracking funds
         Difficulty in reaching minimum balance
         Low interest rates on loans
         Lose money on transfers
         Complicated automatic transfers
         Higher fees
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10 Signs you are heading for Bankruptcy

When a court enters an order of relief when a bankruptcy charge is filed. It is very painful to sing for the facility but sometime it is inevitable.
The first sign is when your credit card balance is at its limit. Others include zero savings, inability to earn enough to pay down debt. More are when you forgo necessary items or take loans against you retirement account.
A bad sign is when you use your life insurance to stay current debt, are not credit worthy or you rob Peter to pay Paul. Another sure sign is when your account goes negative during the month, you are behind on home/vehicle payments and debt collector comes calling. . Here 10 signs you are heading for bankruptcy.
Signs of impending Bankruptcy
         Credit card balance is at its limit
         Zero savings
         Inability to earn enough to pay down debt
         When you forgo necessary items
         Take loans against you retirement account.
         When you use your life insurance to stay current debt
         Not credit worthy
         Rob Peter to pay Paul
         When your account goes negative during the month
         Behind on home/vehicle payments
         Debt collector comes calling
1.Creditors Rage
A sure sign you are heading for bankruptcy is when creditors come calling, sue or send letters. This is a bad sign because it means you have defaulted far enough to be labeled bad debt.
The lenders send debt collectors in a vicious and persistent cycle to collect the loan. The creditors result to harassment, intimidation and levies. The final assault would end in court.
2. You are behind on home loans
You know you are heading for bankruptcy when you get behind on home loans. Home loans are lifetime investment and a place to live. Mortgage default is a serious indication of impending trouble.
3. You are behind on vehicle loan
Getting behind on vehicle loan is not that terrible except if it is commercial vehicle and your source of livelihood. The car becomes a priority and default has dire consequences.
4. Negative bank account
If your bank account goes negative during the month you are in trouble. Bouncing payments before next paycheck is bad.
This is a sure indicator of overspending, bad planning and bankruptcy. If the trend is not checked you are advancing towards total penury.
 5. Incessant Borrowing
I know an individual who makes good earnings yet is always broke. This is because of huge expenses spent on his large family and outstanding debts. The person borrows from one source and pays to the other.
Robbing Peter to pay Paul is a very bad strategy. The individual has serious cash flow problems. Taking from one creditor to cover some bills and paying another is very bad economics.
6. Creditors refuse to approve loans
You are heading for trouble when creditors see your debt and determine that the odds of paying back is remote.
If your overall debt load is high, creditor see you as a risk. This might occur despite balancing payment, you are refused loan approval.
7. Using life insurance and retirement account
Having a life insurance or retirement account is to facilitate a source of income in your old age. But if you find yourself taking out loans against insurance policy or retirement account to service a loan you are in trouble.
Large monthly payments are automatically deducted from your paycheck to service retirement account loans. Using this will provide added problems of large retirement account loan payments.
8. Foregoing necessary items
When you find yourself forgoing necessary items like toothpaste, soap, foodstuff you are in trouble. If you can’t maintain your vehicle or pay health insurance that is a bad sign.
Skipping basic necessities to keep up debt payments is a sure sign you are heading for bankruptcy.
9. Low earning
If you are unable to earn enough to keep up with your debts you are in trouble. If the minimum cost to maintain the balance on your credit card is lacking bad omen. Some people work two to three jobs or overtime yet the debt persists.
10. Poor saving culture
Saving is a good way to keep some money for the rainy day. You earn low interest and gradually increase the account.
If you have no way to save each month your finances is in trouble. A sure sign of bankruptcy is when your debt gobble up your earning leaving no room to save
how to jump-start a failing business

Tips on How to Open a Toy Store

Proper inventory management is important in the toy store business. Ordering the right products, stocking and selling popular toys can increase the business profitability. Profitability depends on many factors such as cost of toys, regular patronage and operational costs.
Over the years big box toy stores have competed to open retail stores or connect with distributors. Variable estimates in recent years from 2012 to 2018 are 2.5 to 4.5 percent.
A store owner should be people oriented, interested in toys and collectibles. They need proper networking, distribution deals and unique ideas.
toy store
How does a toy store make money?
The store makes money through the sale of toys. They can focus on personalized services, home delivery, vending machines, and paid store games.
         Sale of toys
         Focus on personalized services
         Home delivery
         Vending machines
         paid store games
Steps to Opening a Toy Store
The first step is to write a business plan. Make sure you form a legal entity, register for taxes and open a business bank account.
Other steps involve setting up a business account and getting insurance cover. More considerations are establishing a web presence, define your brand.
         Write a business plan
         Form a legal entity
         Register for taxes
         Open a business bank account.
         Setting up a business account
         Get insurance cover
         Establish a web presence
         Define your brand
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Cost of opening a store
The cost of opening a store depends on many factors. The costs include location, type of inventory, local taxes, insurance, leasing. Others are cost of customizing the store, staff wages, advertisement.
         Cost of location
         Type of inventory
         Local taxes
         Cost of customizing the store
         Staff wages
Learn the trade
You need to have previous experience working in a toy store or hospitality industry. It is important to have quality mentorship and basic business knowledge. Learn through apprentice programs, seminars, trade workshops.
         Gain experience
         Get quality mentorship
         Attend seminars, trade shows
         Develop business knowledge
Toy store expenses are utilities, rent, and staff wages. Others include insurance, local government levies, advertisement costs. More are cost of decoration, phone calls, store expenses and transportation.
         Staff wages
         Advertisement costs
         Store expenses
         Purchase of inventory
         Government levies
The manufacturer fixes the retail price of the toy. Therefore charges depends on the price of each toy.
The toys attract very small margins and stores need to sell huge volumes. There are low cost toys and expensive toys. some stores supplement income by selling non toy related merchandise.
To operate a store out of a physical location you can acquire the property or lease. To purchase the property you need a certificate of occupancy. The business should conform to zoning requirement and building codes for renovations.
Legal Requirements
You need a license and permit to operate. The business requires sales tax on the products. Register the business as a limited liability company and you need local licensing.
Many smallholder stores are one man businesses. However retail business requires a store clerk, bookkeeper, cashier, store manager. The size of the store would determine the number of employees you hire.
Get repeat customers
To keep customers coming back you can offer home delivery and toy storage. Other ways to encourage repeat patronage sell video games, offer sweets, promotions and public demonstration. A good strategy includes advertisement, discounts.
The business is highly competitive and you need an effective marketing strategy. Use newspaper advertisement, social media, deals. Focus on holidays, special occasions and birthdays. Build a website or online store to push your products and use customer reviews

10 Ways a Delegate Use Live-Tweet at Events

Live tweets increases your chance for new contacts and a good back-channel resource for delegates. It enlarges your online networking, offers viral following and interactive walls including reconnecting new and old acquaintances.
Prior event engagement
Although twitter has been around a while not many people understand the power of a tweet. Tweeting offers event organizers to engage with companies and individuals. It offer personal insight for bonding, meeting and interactive opportunities.
Know the hashtag
To avoid getting overwhelmed at the event or conference be prepared. Delegates in attendance should make sure they get the hashtag of the event.
Search for twitter handles of speakers, event hashtag through online research. Visit websites, blogs, online entertainment magazines, twitter.
Live-tweets offer top level insights
Live tweets capture the essence of a conversation. There is an air of razzmatazz, excitement and frequent updates.
The audience should be paramount while sending a live-tweet. The on the spot tweet will enrich your wide audience while offering valuable insight for onsite participants.
Keep the conversation flowing?
Learn how to keep the conversation flowing by providing an insight or agreeing with a tweeted statement. You need to develop the skill and find mutually interesting aspect of the event.
Get visual
Compelling conversations can carry so far however adding visuals will increase atmosphere. Use your smartphone or camera to take visual pictures of speakers or important participants.
Use special apps to increase the definition of the images and photographs. Use pictures to create ambiance such as buffet table, popular guests or take selfies with guests.
Connect with delegates
Tweeting live significantly increases your follower. Leverage on the event hashtag to appear in the live stream. This will effectively increase your social footprint and following. To create new connections it is important to follow some of the new followers.
Quote speakers accurately
Quote speakers correctly and add their name when sending a tweet. This is to avoid confusion as to who is speaking at the time.
Always attribute authorship and twitter handles to the right speakers. It is very important to get twitter handles of speakers in advance. Find out if speakers are on twitter then get their handle.
Tweet after the event
Some delegates stop tweeting immediately after the event. This is a wrong strategy because there are lots of after event things to do.
Use the events hashtag to send summaries, photo albums or after event analytics. You can comment on popular blogs, websites or entertainment magazines.
how to jump-start a failing business

How to Jump-start a Dying Business

Most startup business ventures fail in the first three to four years? Success or failure depends on many factors and signs that shows a failing business. Identifiable signs are stagnation, poor cash flow and mounting debts.
Cutting down expenses is only a temporary measure however more concrete sets should be taken. To turn around a dying business you need to implement certain steps. Here is a guide on steps to jump-start a dying business.
Sell a Different Product
The simple solution to jump-start a failing business might be the product. It is possible to overvalue a product or market potential.
It is easier to change the product to accommodate fast changing trends. Analyze the products that sell or appeals to customers. The value of the product is immaterial so long as you make regular sales.
Appropriate Pricing
A serious business killer is appropriate pricing of goods or service. Offering high quality merchandise at premium rate to middle or low class neighborhood will fail. They would rather buy cheaper products of the same item.
Customer Demand
Focus more on customer demand and moving to a completely different vertical. A business owner on my street started out selling bags and footwear. She added small snacks and biscuits to attract school children.
Then pivoted to selling hot meals for workers in the area. Now the bag/shoe and snack business are discarded for the huge profit in hot meals.
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A good strategy is to revamp and re-brand the business. Re-branding will inject new life to an old brand. Re-branding positions a business properly if a complete overhaul is executed.
A falling business can repackage the product, name and company logo. The main focus of any re-branding is marketing. How to present an old product in a new exciting way.
An effective business strategy is to focus on a niche. Focusing on a niche leads to specialization and domination.
If you have too many products it can get confusing and more challenging. It is better to be known for one thing than unknown for different products. Specializing equates to customer trust in your knowledge of the product.
Develop a Marketing Strategy
Create a marketing plan and develop a marketing strategy. You would be surprised that many companies fail to use all the marketing opportunities available to them.
A good marketing plan re-invigorate, re-invents and leverage on technology. Marketing strategies include newspapers, magazines, radio, and television.
We have social media marketing, paid posts, email marketing, blogging, in-bound marketing.
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Take Risks
Owning a business comes with some element of risk. Taking bold risk during time of crisis could be your best option. It is better to try new things than being conservative.
If you own a brick and mortar shop why not open an online store. If you are into manufacturing why not sell branded products on social media platforms.
Without risk there would be no gain. The difficulty of taking more risk in a failing business involves new addition of funds and marketing.
Sell the Business
If you have tried re-branding, pivoted new products without results then it is to sell. So long as the business is moderately profitable there is a buyers. Some entrepreneurs specialize in buying failed businesses and turning them around.
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