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Why Start a Biotech Business in Singapore

The primary reason to start a biotech company in Singapore is money. The industry is very challenging and highly lucrative. It requires huge investment, highly qualified professions and availability of quality equipment.

Market Conditions
The market conditions is very favorable for startup companies in this industry. They include high global market, need for epigenetic research and sequencing. There is fast growth in diagnostic and new treatment methods.
Market Conditions for Biotech Startup
Favorable for startup companies
High global market
Requires epigenetic research and sequencing
Fast growth in diagnostic
Discovery of new treatment methods
Huge Number of Biotech Companies in Singapore
There are over 50 biotech companies in Singapore because the industry is highly lucrative. Top companies are Biosensor,FivePrime, Lonza, Adamas, Kadmus and Renovis. Others include Vanda, Kalypsys, Addex, Codexis and U3pharma.
Some Biotech Companies in Singapore
Why Start a Biotech Business
Biotech companies have a record number of IPOs globally. The stocks are highly priced and outperform other industries. Major pharmaceutical companies are ready to invest in independent startups and new technology.
Reasons to Invest in Bio Technology
Record number of IPOs globally
Highly priced stocks
Stocks outperform other industries
Major pharmaceutical companies invest in independent startups
Development of new technology
The challenges attributed to the industry are inadequate funding, attracting top scientists and equipment. The business is highly competitive and challenging. 

Success comes with investment policies, innovation and intellectual property rights. It is important to network with industrial professionals, people with appetite for risk and experienced scientists.
Inadequate funding
Requires experienced scientists
Appetite for risk
Real hazards
Requires serious financial 
Intellectual property rights
There are many ways to secure funds for the company. The investor can leverage on financial planners, investment bankers or venture capitalists. 
Other ways are through angel investors, sale of startup shares, partnership. 
The company needs huge funding and might consider market capitalization. More funding sources are corporate investors, private angel capitalists
Investment bankers
Venture capitalists
Angel investors
Sale of startup shares
Market capitalization
Private angel capitalists

How to Become an Actor: Step by Step Guide to Starting an Acting Career

Actors portray characters to educate and entertain audience. The job requires natural talent, good interpersonal skills, ability to memorize and interpret roles.
It requires practice, passion, stamina and loads of confidence in your ability. Today more than ever acting is very lucrative and there are many platforms to express your talent.
The job is very challenging and competitive because of huge number of people seeking fame. You could earn regular income as an actor however only a selected few become stars.
To learn the craft you need appropriate training, certification and determination. Here is a step to step guide on how to become an actor.
become an actor
Step by Step Guide on How to Become an Actor
Different Types of Performing Art
The performing art is very broad and has different aspects. Common types are choreography, singing, dancing and acting. More are stage recitals, voice over and singing.
Acting Techniques and Methodology
An actor should develop his craft to succeed. There are different acting techniques such as Stanislavski system, lee Strasberg’s method and Stella Adlers technique.
Other notable techniques are Meisner, Practical Aesthetics, Uta Hagem method, Viola Spolin approach and Michael Chekhov method. 
Where to Act
An actor portrays characters in television productions, movies and plays. They also lend their voice to commercials and children cartoons.
Actors are seen on stage plays, documentaries, home videos, movies and television productions. They work in music videos, YouTube videos, voiceover and different entertainment medium. You find actors on podcasts, local plays and commercials.
  • children cartoons
  • stage plays
  • documentaries
  •  home videos
  • Movies
  • television productions
  • music videos
  • YouTube videos
  • Voiceover
  • Podcasts
  • commercials.

The Career Basics
The career basics include memorizing scripts, auditions and characterization. You work both live and on prerecorded acts such as movies.
You need to pass an audition to become one of the casts. Most time the actor works as extras, supporting roles before headlining or becoming a leading character.
Acting Skills
There are certain skills you need to perform credibly. You should be creative, have the ability to memorize scripts with excellent communication skill. You need passion, determination, persistence and physical stamina.
  • Creative
  • ability to memorize scripts
  • excellent communication skill
  • passion
  • determination
  • persistence
  • Physical stamina.
Tools of the Profession
Tools of the profession are stage lighting, digital cameras and microphones. Others are motion picture software, costumes and scripts.
  • stage lighting
  • digital cameras
  • microphones
  • motion picture software
  • costumes
  • Scripts.
Actor Remunerations
Actor’s salaries and remunerations depend on many factors. They need to sign contractual agreements based on the amount agreed by both parties.
Some include the geographical location, type of production and expertise of the practitioner. Hollywood stars earn six figure incomes based on popularity, job description and brand.
They are able to attract such huge earns because they add lots of economic value to the production. A new actor in America could earn $20 per hour based on the producers.
Steps to Become an Actor
So your dream is to become a successful actor, enjoy your craft and earn good pay. The step to become one differs with each individual.
High School Theater
A good place to start developing your skill is high school. Early training accounts for many actors and musicians success.
High School Theater is full of drama, plays, recitals and stage plays. Such classes introduce student to the performing arts and is guided by a trained thespian.
The student learns different acting technique, speech and dramatization. They also learn script writing, editing, stage lighting and production.
The students build confidence and have a foreknowledge of what acting entails. There are also acting groups and associations. Many actors have leveraged on the early couching to launch acting careers.
Join a Play House
Popular television, stage and movie stars launched their careers by joining a play house. A play house focuses on stage drama presentations.
They have directors, producers, script writers and actors. Find one in your locality and apply to join.
You could start with stage decorations, equipment handling, lights and small roles. Try auditioning for acting roles in such establishments.
Get Educated
Many actors go through university and obtain degrees. You could study for a bachelors and masters degree.
Enroll in an acting school to obtain a theater degree. The schools provide professional tutors in different aspects of performing art.  
Different Training Institutions
There are different training institutions that offer acting. They are Commercial acting schools, performing art school, community college and university education.
Associate Degree in Theater and Acting
You could get an associate degree in acting and theater. The courses include basic costuming, history of cinema, acting fundamentals and entertainment.
Bachelors Degree in Acting and Theater
Many universities offer degree program in theater arts. The programs usually run for 4 years with an award of bachelor’s degree in theater arts.
Course offered by such institutions are dramatic techniques, audition workshops, performing projects and Shakespearean/cultural performances.
You might decide to further the education by acquiring a master’s degree in acting and theater. Courses to expect are practicable business of stage, dramatic interpretations, script interpretation and traditional history.
If you are so inclined further the education and obtain a PHD.
Acting Institutions
  • Play House
  • High school
  • Private Couching
  • Universities
  • Performing Art Schools
  • Acting Schools
Potential Career Choices
Bagging a degree in theater and performing art opens many career choices. Apart from a career as an actor you could offer different services.
Top choices include becoming an acting coach or opening an acting studio. Others are producing, directing, acting, and set designing. 
Related career choices are film/video editing, camera operations, and animation. More are announcer, multimedia artist or explore you music and singing.
Acting Career Choices
  • acting coach
  • opening an acting studio
  • producing
  • directing
  • acting
  • set designing
  • film and video editing
  • camera operations
  • animation
  • announcer
  • multimedia artist
  • Singing.
Build a Resume
A good resume should accommodate all your productions. Make sure it covers stage productions, commercials, short dramas, and stage work.
Hire an Agent
Every actor needs an agent to find credible work. An agent offers huge network of possible clients, productions and auditions. It is not compulsory to have an agent however working with one could provide lots of opportunities.

How to Enlist in the US Military

There are certain criteria a person needs to join in the U.S. military. They should have good moral standards, physical attributes, aptitude and determination. They should talk to a recruiting officer and visit a military entrance processing station.
Personal Criteria
         Good moral standards
         Physical attributes
US Military
The person must be a US citizen, have a green card and the right qualifications. Other considerations are Non-citizens currently living in America or non-citizens with English fluency in speaking, reading and writing.
The individual should be in good health, 17 to 40 years old. Basic educational qualification are high school diploma and a pass in the armed service vocational aptitude battery test. To join the officer’s rank you need a college degree.
Educational Qualification
         High school diploma
         College/University degree
         Pass SVAB test
What Disqualifies You
There are many things that will disqualify the candidate. If the candidate does not have the basic educational qualification of high school diploma.
Others are having a criminal record, age, bad morals, medical issues or mental health problems. A recruiter may ask the command for a waiver, however there are no guarantees.
Disqualification Conditions
         Moral attitude
         Low level of education
         Criminal record
         Age less than 17 older than 40
         Mental health issues
         Medical issues
US Military
Military Service
It is important to know the different arms of the military. The different arms are the Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy, Army and Air force.
The air force has the reserves, National Guard and active duty. The army has the reserves, active duty and National Guard. The navy and Coast Guard have the Active duty and reserve
Military Formations
         Coast Guard – Reserve and Active Duty
         Marine Corps – Reserve and Active Duty
         Navy – Reserve, Active Duty
         Army – National Guard, Reserve, Active Duty
         Air force – National Guard, Reserve, Active Duty
How to Become a Military Office in US
To become a military officer you need adequate qualification and training. The individual should have a college or university degree. Commissioned officers are trained in the US service academies.
The academy offers free boarding, tuition and students are remunerated. Top five are military academy, naval academy, coast guard academy, air force academy and merchant marine academy.
You can earn an officers commission to the reserve officer training corps or officer candidate school direct commission from enlisted ranks.
How to Enter the Academy
Acceptance into the academy is through nomination. Apart from the Merchant Marine academy others require nomination from a US senator, US representative, vice president of US.
Enlistment Process
The first step is to contact a recruiter for the department of defense serve branch.
Step 1
The steps involve taking the armed service vocational aptitude battery test. The test is either computer based or pen and paper exam.
The test duration is three hours and are science, writing, English and Math’s. The result would determine the career path best suited for the individual.
Step 2
The person needs to pass a physical examination. The examination includes hearing, vision, height and weight.
Others are drug, alcohol and blood/urine test. The medical history of the person including specialized tests if required. There are also joint maneuvers and muscle group.
Physical Examination
         Blood and urine test
         Medical history
         Specialized tests
         Joint maneuvers
         Muscle group
Step 3
Career selection is discussed with a service enlisted counselor. This is based on your results, job availability and physical requirements.
Others are recruitment preferences, ASVAB score and service needs. The enlistment counselor explains enlistment agreement, recruitment provisions and commitment.
Career Selection
         Job availability
         Physical requirements
         Recruitment preferences
         ASVAB score
         Service needs
Step 4
On determination of recruitment career determination the individual takes an oath of enlistment. The oath generally states defense of US, obey constitution and uniform code.
Step 5
The branch or job assignment will determine the next step. The recruit completes MEPS test and reports for basic training. There is also the delayed entry program DEP

Biotechnology: How to Start Biotechnology Business in Singapore

Biotechnology uses living organisms in a biological system for product applications. The systems encompass different science disciplines such as gene technology, genomics and immunology. The science is related to other fields such as bio-manufacturing, bioengineering, molecular engineer and molecular biology.
The technology is applicable to the development of pharmaceutical drugs and food production. They use tissue culture, artificial selection, genetic engineering to achieve their product. The aim is to improve value in agriculture, consumables and medicine.
Biotechnology is based on research, test, development, exploitation, extraction technics that a biological.
Biotechnology in Singapore
Singapore has grown in recent years as a top location for biotechnology. This was achieved because of heavy investment in the sector by the Government. With an initial investment of 6 billion dollars and additional 16.1 billion the industry is well positioned for greater achievements.
World leading pharmaceutical companies have found a good partner in Asia. This has significantly increased employment and further investment in the sector. The industry has contributed a huge 5% GDP in 2011. 
Key to Success
Key success of bio-technology in Singapore is inflow of foreign investment. Many small startup companies, research institutions and universities are benefiting from the foreign interest. Although public sector research funding is low, international scientists have on the increase.
Biotechnology Startups
The industry is driven by government, private and foreign investors. First private startup in Singapore is Lynk Biotechnologies. The company was funded with $2 million dollars seed money.
It was established by Professor Lee Chee of the National University of Singapore. One of its major achievements was in the field of cancer research. Some other notable companies are ES Cell International, PhytoProtein Biotech Pte Ltd and Biotech International Ltd.
Biotechnology Products
The technology is used in crop production, healthcare, non-food and agriculture. The technology is applicable to waste treatment and recycling. Others are biological weapons, degradable plastics, vegetable oil and pesticides.
It is used in the production of vaccines, antibiotics, beer making, development of hormones, antibodies. Other products include pharmaceutical drugs and to produce genetically modified crops.
Biotechnology Uses
         Crop production
         Waste treatment
         Biological weapons
         Degradable plastics
         Vegetable oil
         Production of vaccines
         Beer making
         Development of hormones
         Pharmaceutical drugs
         Produce genetically modified crops
An investor interested in biotechnology requires huge funds. The funds could be sourced from grants, government subventions or angel investors. The person can approach a commercial bank, find a core investor.
         Government subventions
         Angel investors
         Commercial bank
         Core investor
The team should consist of bio technologists, industrial professionals and international scientists. Others are academic scientists, business investors and young scientists. Other staff requirements are marketing, accounting and finance professionals.
         Bio technologists
         Industrial professionals
         International scientists
         Academic scientists
         Business investors
         Young scientists
         Finance professionals
Write a Business Plan
The first step is to write a business plan and carry out a feasibility study. The plan should focus on business structure, funding, growth potential and equipment.
There are patent laws, incorporation and business name registration. Others are tax, liability and health insurance. There are also safety protocols, bio-hazard laws and guidelines. It is important to have ready to use intellectual property license.
         Patent laws
         Limited Liability Company
         Business name
         Liability and health insurance
         Safety protocols
         Bio-hazard laws
         Intellectual property license
Products that pass extensive testing are scalable. The product will determine the type of marketing.Owning your own swim business

How to Become a Human Resources Consultant

Human resources personnel offer advice on a wide range of issues. They are involved in workplace activity, policies, procedures and compliance to the law.
They recommend, reorganize, mediate and develop an effective HR model. They work as independents or through a consultancy firm. The individual should have higher education such as a Bachelors, Masters DBA, PHD.
The Job Description
What does a human resources consultant do? The person assists, develop, coordinate workflow and audit conduct. They offer strategic services, hiring, benefit packages and recruit. They prepare HR reports, implement, develop and revise policies.
The person conducts training sessions, offers recommendations and analysis the companies HR programs. They require IT training, sales finance and marketing skill and understand labor laws.
HR Work
         The person assists
         Coordinate workflow
         Offer strategic services
         Benefit packages
         Prepare HR reports
         Implement, develop and revise policies
         Conducts training sessions
         Offers recommendations
         Analysis the companies HR programs
         Require IT training
         Sales finance
         Marketing skill
         Understand labor laws
Salaries and Remunerations
Companies pay top dollar for the services of a qualified human resources personnel. The pay package differs based in demography, experience and qualifications. According to various sources the pay in Nigeria averages $22,700.
The HR salaries in Atlanta, GA Area is $62,054/yr while additional cash compensation range from 1,069 – 19,587. Human resources salaries differ by company from Home Depot 40,000/yr  or 17/hr. Hospital 70,000/yr, Caters hourly intern 13 -15 hours, university 57,912/yr.
HR Salaries
         HR in Nigeria averages $22,700
         Atlanta, GA Area is $62,054/yr.-cash compensation1, 069 – 19,587
         HR Home depot 40,000/yr, or 17/hr.
         Hospital 70,000/yr.
         Caters intern 13 -15 hours
         University 57,912/yr.
How to Become a Human Resources Consultant
To become one you need to acquire the necessary certification and training. You need formal education and completion of a bachelor’s degree. To advance quickly in the competitive market you need a master’s of business administration in human resources.
Other related fields of study are marketing management, international business management and management information system. Take courses in leadership, strategic management, business ethics and organizational behavior. Make sure you get a professional certificate.
         Bachelor’s degree in HR
         Masters of business administration in HR
         Marketing management
         International business management
         Management information system
         Strategic management
         Business ethics
         Organizational behavior
         Professional certificate
Personal Skill
The competence requirements include ability to improvise, good listener, practical and theoretical knowledge. Others are good interpersonal skill, self-confidence, trustworthiness, ability to conceptualize ideas and a hard worker. The person needs advanced business knowledge of the industry.
         Ability to improvise
         Good listener
         Practical and theoretical knowledge
         Interpersonal skill
         Ability to conceptualize ideas
         Hard worker
         Advanced business knowledge

Owning Your Own Swim Business

 A swim business is ideal for former swimmers with lots of experience and a perfect match for former swim coaches. The person can start the business from scratch, buy an existing business or join a franchise.
Make sure the facility offers high quality swimming pools, coaching and equipment. Leverage on innovative designs, technology and qualified instructors. To succeed you need passion, love for the sport, funding and a good business model.
Franchise Opportunities
A franchise opportunity provides support for new investors. They offer step by step guide, training and support. Some franchise optimizes result through the use of video analysis and pool system.
How to Build your Business
You need to write a business plan and carry out a feasibility study. Make sure the location is ideal and easily accessible. Study zoning requirements and government regulations for such establishments.
To improve services use software analysis, learn instructional techniques and procedures. Make sure the pools are specially designed to maximize the space.
Study the layout use promotional to drive traffic to the facility. Your operational standards should be high and at par with your competitors.
The business should offer individualized teaching for different ages. The scope of services includes professional training for competitive athlete and beginner classes.
Services to offer includes video analysis, pool system, aquatic training. You can sell swim merchandize, offer community activities and lessons.
Swim School Services
         Individualized teaching for different ages
         Professional training for competitive athlete
         Beginner classes
         Video analysis
         Pool system
         Aquatic training
         Sell swim merchandize
         Offer community activities
How to Start a Swim School
To operate a swim school there are legal implications and safety concerns. The schools should be certified with professional instructors. You can operate from a facility or offer outside jobs. Places to offer your services are theme parks, public pools and beaches.
Who can start the Business?
The business is perfect for people with passion for swimming. Knowledgeable people with perquisite skill and knowledge of the industry.
The job is to offer swim coaching, techniques and safety tips. A typical day involves lessons to people of different age groups. Teach aspiring professionals, swim teams, College and High school students.
Client Base
Your client base are both professional and young students. Offer swim coaching for children in your community, single or group lessons. You can offer private lessons and sell merchandise.
         Professional athletes
         Young students
         Single or group lessons
         Aspiring professionals
         Swim teams
You can run the business yourself and hire appropriately. A smart way to reduce cost is leasing equipment and pools.
The legal requirement include a swim instructor certification or license. The certificate should be from a recognized government agency.
It is important to acquire a state permit, secure a business name and register the company. It can be a sole proprietor or limited liability company. Other requirements are liability release form, legal agreement and operational permit.
         Swim instructor certification or license
         State permit
         Business name
         Register the company
         Sole proprietor or Limited Liability Company
         Liability release form
         Legal agreement
         Operational permit
Earning and Expenses
The cost depends on the type of service rendered. Group or individual sessions attract $50 to $ 100 an hour. Offer discounts, competitive pricing and joint classes to reduce cost.
The expenses depend on rent, utilities, transportation and insurance. The major expense is transportation and advertisement.
Attract customers through print and electronic media. Print flyers, posters, banners, business cards and billboards. Use social media, create a website, direct mail and community based activities.