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25 Small Business Ideas for Teachers

There are many business ideas for Teachers because the profession has a lot to do with imparting knowledge. Teachers are also good public speakers and organizers.
The teaching profession pays better than in the past and teachers are finding additional sources of income through entrepreneurship. Teachers can start small businesses that complement the day jobs and put money in their pocket.
They can take advantage of summer holidays and weekends to dabble in business. Some have found some of the business ventures highly profitable.
Here is a list of top of business ideas for teachers
Publish Educational Material
Teachers are in the best position to know the schools curriculum. They can leverage on this knowledge to publish educational material.
The material could be a subject that he teaches making it more simplified for students. The teacher has three options on how to circulate the material.
The first is to present it to educational certification body. If the book is adopted  by the ministry of education it will be available in most schools. You can see clearly the financial reward with that arrangement.

The second method is for the school to adopt the material for study. The third way is selling the book to students taking that subject.
private tutor
Private Tutoring
Private tutoring is the most common way teachers earn money outside the class. The accept students to after school tutoring in there homes or classroom.
Parents readily appoint tutor because they want there children to excel in their studies. Another reason parents pay teacher to teach their wards is if they seem to lag in class.
Private tutoring is financially rewarding however the teacher should only accept a limited number of pupils.
After School Lessons for Students
After school lesson is similar to private tutelage but the difference is the lessons are carried out in the school complex. The lessons have the sanction of the school and only students that pay for the service get to stay behind.
The school shares lesson fees with the teacher involved. The advantage of this arrangement is the student learns directly from the same teacher.
mark exams
Marking Examinations
Marking examinations is tedious but worth the effort. Teachers are already proficient at marking examinations.
All they need to do is offer your services to notable examination bodies. Examination bodies are always on the look out for qualified teachers to mark the examinations.
Skill Training
Although good grades are fine students need Individual life coaches to teach interpersonal skills, soft skills and comportment. The teachers help the student overcome personal hurdles and challenges while preparing them for the job market.
Online Tutoring
Online tutoring is similar to regular tutoring but a different medium of presentation. Online tutoring uses videos lectures, charts and continuous assessment.
The teacher can join an established program or develop his own.
Organize Seminars
Teachers and lecturer are the most sort after people for seminars. Teachers make great coaches and are able to pass on the message easier than non teachers.
There are two ways a teacher can make money from seminars. They are either contacted to lecture in a seminar or organize the seminar themselves.
Write an eBook
The teacher is in the best position to write books related to the subject he teaches. Write an ebook on the subject you teach, promote the book to your students and other institutions.
Students same grade class despite being in a different school would most likely buy the publication. A good eBook publisher will pay you your royalty every month without fail.

Sell Educational Videos
Educational videos are the rave of the moment because students prefer videos. Most educational videos sell like hot cake because they reduce the stress involved in reading.
Create the videos on a subject you are familiar with. Make your educational video fun while teaching the core subject to eager students.
Sell Audio Tapes
Audio tapes sell even better than video tapes and are easy to make. Some students religiously seek audiotapes of lectures to listen too in their spare time.
Make your audio tape clear and concise for easier assimilation.
used books
Sell Used Books
Find rare books and sell for huge profit. Teachers are surrounded by books, locate an out of print masterpiece and earn big payout.
You need to understand which books are valuable or not. A very old book does not necessary mean it’s of any value.
Learn more on how to 
sell used books for profit
Start a Professional Resume Business
Job applicants suffer rejection despite having the prerequisite qualification and skill. The main reason is because of a poorly written resume.
Teachers can start a professional resume writing business to aid job applicants. You make a small amount of money but provide an invaluable service.
Other services in this scope of business are job application letter and letter of introduction.
teach music
Teach music
Music teachers can offer private tutelage and group seasons. The teacher can organize field studies and visits to the theater or concert.
Music teachers have many sources of income to tap into such as making caller tunes and techno music. If the teacher has a good singing voice he can cut a single.

Language Teachers
Do you teach languages like French, Spanish or Portuguese? Then you can teach language online and offline.
Apart from teaching private pupils language, translation jobs abound. Another way is to offer your services to travel companies and airlines.
Language teachers are at liberty to translate books into a language of their choice.
Freelance Writing
Take writing jobs online and get paid once the customer approves your work. There are many freelance websites that accept writing jobs.
The jobs are placed on a board and a writer takes on the assignment. Such writing assignments have a word count and are time based.
See if you are can write under pressure login and sign up with They have lots of writing jobs and they pay via PayPal. The payment threshold isn’t high and you can decide to cash out once or twice a month.
gym teacher
Gym Teachers
Start a small community gym and make it a hub for youths. Youths have lots of boundless energy so make your gym cool enough to attract patrons.
Health and fitness is big business worth billions of dollars. There are many businesses for a gym teacher such as an instructional videos and health drink business.
The gym instructor can organize football matches or any sports he fancies. Competitive sports attract spectators and spectators pay admission fees.

Corporate Training
Corporate training businesses are big money spinners.  Corporate organizations spend lots of money on training and retraining staff.
Build a sold reputation in this business and it might just replace your day job.
Build a Website
People build websites for various reasons for leisure, entertainment or business purposes. Find your voice and interest and the website will be profitable.
There are different types of websites like niche website, news, general articles and e-commerce website.
freelance journalist
Freelance Journalism
Home your writing skill into freelance journalism and earn steady income. Not every writer in the newspaper firm is in direct paid employment.
Top daily’s accept freelance journalist and give the prolific ones a special page. You will be expected to contribute articles once a week.
To get on the band wagon present a portfolio of your work. If your writing is up to their standards they will give you a trial.
Craft Teacher
Craft is big business both online and offline. Create unique items and sell to tourists and art lovers. Sell your craft at exhibition fairs, open market and novelty stores.
Sell on, and other classified portals. The uniqueness and quality of your work will make or break this business.
summer camp
Summer Camps
Summer camps are ideal for relaxation, sports, games and learning. The camps allow teacher better access to their students weaknesses and strengths.
The week long activates are beneficial to teachers and students alike.
Home Economics Teacher
Home economic teachers are ideal business people. They have lots of skill in baking, cooking delicious meals and general home improvement
A home economic teacher can start a fast food business and bake cakes for occasions. They could do laundry and house cleaning business effectively.
Accounting and Economics Teacher
Accounting teachers need to upgrade there certificate by getting a top professional accounting certification. The certification allows them work as chartered accountants.
Chartered accountants make lots of money because almost every company needs the services of an accountant.
Accounting teachers can moonlight as chartered accountants and earn reasonable money.
Zoology and Botanists
Teachers that are into zoology and botany are best suited for zoological gardens. Zoological gardens attract lots of visitors monthly.
Botanists work with different fauna making the good gardeners.
Online Paid surveys
This business venture is the least interesting one in the list. There are tons of survey websites online some legit some fraudsters.
Online surveys pay people to take surveys for top companies. The survey companies are hired by business organizations to conduct survey,
The survey company then presents the survey to its registered members and those that fall within the age/sex and demography.
 USA residents get the best survey jobs because most of the customers are in USA. To do surveys you need to open a dedicated email address to receive them.
Then you sign up fill the personal form and wait for surveys. People that make headway doing surveys sign up to many survey websites.
You need to sign up to at least 20 survey websites to make any money. If you want my honest opinion stay clear of surveys and never pay any survey website money.
Small business ideas for teachers
1             Make arts and Craft
2             Become a freelance journalist
3             Build a unique website
4             Start a corporate training firm
5             Start a gym
6             Try freelance writing
7             Become a language coach
8             Teach music
9             Work with seminar organizers
10          Skill training
11          Write professional resume for cash
12          Buy and sell used books
13          Sell audio tapes
14          Sell video tapes write a book
15          Start marking examination papers
16          Offer after school tuition
17          Start private lessons
18          Publish educational materials
19          Try online tutoring
20          Write an eBook
21          Take surveys
22          Start a botanical garden
23          Bake cakes
24          Become a chartered accountant
25          Summer camp rocks
Teachers have lots of money making advantages over other profession because of the nature of teaching. The teacher should discover his interests and build a business venture of hid choice.
Sometimes the business becomes huge and the teacher has a choice to leave regular employment to the tough world of commerce.

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20 Profitable Leather Business Ideas

There are lots of business opportunities in the leather business. The leather business accounts for billions of dollars in trade worldwide.

There are many business ideas for small medium and large scale businesses. Entrepreneurs can leverage on this vast market to do good business.

India is one of the major manufacturers of leather wear and the export potential increases daily. Leather business has grown by leaps and bounds because of availability of raw materials, new technologies and effective government policies.

 Other things that have contributed to the growth are availability of skilled labor, dissemination of information, huge global market and better financing. Leather business is both large scale and capital intensive or small scaled one man business.

The fashion industry is the number one consumer of leather products. However the automobile industry, furniture and fitted accessories are not far behind 
Listed below are a few profitable leather business ideas.  
Leather Accessories Store

Leather accessories make up a high percent of leather wear produced globally. They come in wristwatch straps, broaches, hand bands and belts. To start a leather accessory store you need to stock up on various leather items.

Showcase popular accessories and gradually fade-out the less popular ones. For any semblance of success locate your store in a densely populated area. Then apply marketing techniques and discounts to get a steady flow of customers.
 Leather Bag Making
Manufacturing leather bags is a lucrative business venture. Leather is durable, tough, and very rugged with high aesthetic value. To start this business you need lots of startup capital.

A small businessman is able to access capital through personal savings, bank loads, trade loans, investors, family and friends. You can concentrate on high end bags and focus on exclusive boutiques.
 Mass produced low end leather bags also have there own market base.

 To get started you need to find a good location for your factory and get the appropriate machinery.  Build a brand a, market your items and you will get moderate success in this sector.
How to Start a Leather Bag Making Business
leather shoes
Ladies Foot ware
Ladies foot ware is the number one leather item that sells best. Ladies love to look glamorous and beautiful and are willing to spend lots of money on foot ware. A manufacturer should create unique designs.

If your foot ware is of high quality they will be popular and sell nicely. You should decide wither you want to manufacture foot ware or retail foot ware. 

Both sides of the divide are lucrative but require financing. Foreign companies regularly outsource foot ware manufacturing to countries like India. If you are lucky and  get an outsourcing contract you make lots of money.
 Children’s Shoes
Children’s shoes are a niche market worth millions of dollars annually. Children’s shoes are in high demand to satisfy the rapidly growing child.

Despite the little size children shoes are more expensive than regular adult shoes. Decide if you want to manufacture or retail children’s shoes. There are a few top notch children’s shoes outlets that have distinguished them selves in children’s couture
leather belts
leather belts
Leather Belts
Leather belts business is another entirely different sector all on its own. Leather belt manufacturers work exceedingly hard to meet the demand for consumers.

Leather belts are good export commodities and attract high prices abroad. Many companies outsource the production of leather belts which are found in high end stores around the world.

 Leather Furniture Business
Have you seen the prices of leather chairs lately? Leather chairs are the high end market of furniture making business. The reason is because they are durable, tough and beautiful.

A complete three, two and one sitter chairs can sell for $3500. The application of leather in furniture is not restricted to chairs alone but is found on tables, cupboards and other household items.
 Leather Garment Making
Leather garments are high end fashion statement outfits. They attract lots of export dollars making them a highly lucrative business venture.

 Major markets for leather garments are Canada, Germany, Switzerland, America and Russia. Popular leather garments include jackets, coats, monkey jackets and full length jackets.
leather purse
leather purse
Leather Purse and Wallets
Wallets and purses are in high demand because of there simplicity and functionality. It is rare to see a woman or man without a bag, purse or wallet.
Leather wallets face great competition from synthetic wallets and bags.

 However, when it comes to durability leather is in a class of its own. You can manufacture purses and wallets wholesale, retail or export them overseas.

Leather Craft Business
Leather craft business is vast because of the variety of leather items you can create. These common leather items like clutch purses, decorative items, key holders, book covers and pet collars are in high demand.

The items are usually sold in bulk to retailers, super stores, arts and craft shops and the open market. The more useful and nicely made the item the likelihood of outselling its competitors.
 Leather Export Business
Leather export business is huge and covers different leather items. Not all countries allow leather wear into their territory excepted when properly treated for biological enzymes.

A country like Australia is very particular about the type of leather exported to their country. To export leather you need custom licenses, export license and other important documents.
You also need a good foreign technical partner that understands the leather business before exporting any product.
leather jewelry
Leather Jewelry Business
Leather complements many fashion accessories making it a good business. Leather jewelry business is more small scale manufacturing then large scale.

The more unique the leather items the better value and price. Jewelry manufacturing is easily home based because it requires little production space.
There are many items that are considered leather jewelry. Some are leather ear rings, friendship bands, necklaces and bracelets.
 Leather Watch Band Business
Good quality watch bands are in high demand in the international market. Watch band are highly exportable, easy to handle and transport.
Anyone interested in leather watch band business should maintain good quality and prompt deliver service.
 Safety Shoes
Leather safety shoes are the premium brand when it comes to foot ware safety. The boots are tough, rugged and protects the wearer.

The boots also protect form harmful chemical agents, fire, and dangerous hazardous materials. Manufacturing safety shoes isn’t easy because of government regulations and certification.
Safety shoe manufacture requires moderate investment is a good export items and is done both large and small scale.
shoe shinner
Shoe Repair Business
The shoe repairer is referred to as a shoe cobbler. The cobbler repairs any type of shoe for a fee. There are two categories of cobblers the large scale cobbler and mobile cobbler.

Large cobblers use industrial type machines while one man cobblers use needles, threads, glue and nails to mend shoes.
Small cobbler earn very little money for their services while large cobbler make huge profit

 Leather Promotional Products
Leather promotional products are basically targeted at the gift industry. Promotional products are popular items like leather cases, laptop cases, brief cases and bags. Others are leather laptop briefcases, promotional key rigs. The business is very profitable because the items are used daily and are important accessories.
  Leather Processing Business
Processing leather is filthy and the location should be far from residential area. Leather process is referred to as tanning. A tanners job is to source lots of raw material, process the leather, clean and market his product.
leather gloves
Leather Gloves
Leather gloves sell best in cold regions of the world. They don’t do well in tropical areas like Africa but sell best in temperate areas.

Leather gloves are both fashion statement items and work items. The leather gloves manufacturer should determine which aspect of glove making he likes.
Gloves are generally export commodities and with proper marketing sell nicely.

 Leather Aprons
Aprons are protective wear used in industrial application. The common leather used for Aprons are chrome tanned or split leather. Leather aprons a subject to wear and tear and is a cheap leather product.
Aprons go through rigorous handling including the non leather verity.
leather traveling bag
traveling bags
Leather Traveling Bag Business
Leather traveling bags are very popular because of their durability and strength. Some manufacturers and retailers concentrate on only traveling bag business.

Other leather bag products that are categorized under traveling bags are leather suitcases. Leather traveling bags and suitcases have also found there way as a high fashion accessory.

Many businessmen favor leather suitcases over synthetic ones.

Laminated Split Leather Making
The laminate split leather is used to produce fancy leather products. The products are bold, contemporary and fashion statements.
PU laminated split leather business is profitable and has high demand. The manufacturing process is modern and capital expensive.
 List of profitable leather Business ideas
1                                   Leather accessories
2                                   Bag making business
3                                   Ladies foot ware
4                                   Children’s shoes
5                                   Leather belt business
6                                   Leather furniture business
7                                   Leather garment business
8                                   Leather purse and wallets
9                                   Leather craft
10                                Export business
11                                Leather jewelry
12                                Leather wrist bands
13                                Safety shoes business
14                                Shoe repairer business
15                                Leather promotional products
16                                Leather processing units
17                                Leather gloves
18                                Leather Aprons
19                                Traveling bags business
20                                Leather split leather manufacturing

leather stiching
Manufacturing Leather Goods
The manufacture of leather is both small and large scale. The business models are similar but the production and amount invested in the business differ.

Small leather manufacturers have small staff strength of between one and five work force. Large manufacturer on the other hand have a large work pool according to their needs.
 One Man Leather Manufacturer
The one man produces common leather products like shoe and bags. He works out off a small shop with basic tool of the trade. The production process might involve grinding, styling, cutting, stitching and sewing.

The type of goods produced dictates the equipment he uses. Small leather manufacturers are at liberty to create on demand, repair or restore old leather goods.

They also design and fabricate their own in-house leather items. One man leather outfits gravitate between high-end and low cost leather products. They also have a production line that handle a small amount of goods weekly.
leather manufacturer
leather manufacturer
Large leather manufacturer
The large leather manufacturers produce mass leather products. They have a large labor force and are good outsource contractors.

They produce wholesale for both retailers and individuals. The size, operation and equipment depends on the type of leather work they produce.

Large leather manufacturing is very capital intensive and they make huge profit. Large manufacturer also supply to the local market and export their goods.
Leather wear is a very vast and exciting business. It has lots of money making potential for an astute business man.
To take advantage of all the opportunities in leather trade you need to first define your scope of business. Are you interested in manufacturing or wholesale/retailing.
The next step is financing, learning the trade, equipment, location and sourcing the raw or produced material. The last aspect is proper pricing selling your goods and effective marketing of your product.