20 Small Business Ideas : 20 Small Business Enterprises you can Start

Small Business Ideas 

India has lots of business opportunities which require moderate to large sums. The amount of money you need to stat up a viable business venture range from Rs 1000 to Rs 100,000.

The type of business venture size, location and cooperate structure dictates the initial investment. With little capital an Indian businessman can start and grow their businesses into a huge conglomerate.

If you have limited funds there are a lot of business ventures you can start. Listed below are a few business ventures that can earn the budding entrepreneur huge profit.

a private teacher
Private tutor

With very low amount of initial investment you can earn huge money as a private tutor.  If you are a university graduate, or an experienced teacher private tutelage business is your best bet.

Parents are faced daily with the challenge of helping there children get good grades. By offering private tutorship you are paid good sums of money.

There are two ways you can start this business. You can create a study environment within the confines of your immediate environment. You can rent a small shop or office space and convert it into a class or you can visit clients at home.

Home tutelage is the easiest and cheapest business format and it will cost you less than Rs1000. If you are lucky and have up to ten clients you will make huge profit in no time.

When doing private tutelage you need to work hard so your students pass there examinations. 
Your student’s success equates to more clients who will seek your service.

The last thing about private tutelage is that you should set a competitive price that is reasonable for both to you and your client.

indian event manager
Event management temp service

Even management temp service has to do with creating a support group for event managers. Event managers no matter how large the organization outsource lots of there services.

Some of the services outsourced by event managers are drinks, refreshments, ushers, cooks, small chops, decoration and even planning and logistics.

If you are skillful in any of theses areas you can offer your services to even management services.  Once they are satisfied with your service you become part of their success.

They will consistently hire you and even recommend your services to other event management companies.

They key to success as a support company is good service, lots of networking and moderate advertisement. With about Rs3000 you can start this business.

The good part about this business is that majority of the financial burden is carried by the event management companies.

They usually pay upfront for certain services to food vendor, ushers, event decorators and other services.

indian leather refurbrishing
Leather refurbishing business

There are millions of old leather bags, shoes, sandals and jackets that need refurbishing. You can start a leather refurbishing business from a relatively small space.

The business model depends on the kind of machinery you purchase. To save cost you only need a few small machines to help in the refurbishing business.

The first step is to go for training in bag repair, furniture repair, shoes and cloths repair. Then purchase the basic equipment needed for the business.

The third most important part of the business is identifying a cheap but ready source of products. You can find such items in used stores or open market places, discarded items or discount sales.

 If you put good craftsmanship into the repairs and refurbishing you can make six times you investment on each item. You need to make sure you make whatever item very appealing and elegant and you will roll in money.

There are many ways to sell your recreated leather items. You can give them to department stores, sell directly to customers, open an outlet store, use trade fairs, and open stalls.

You can even market your wears on the internet on websites like eBay and earn dollars.

indian car wash
Start a car wash business

Car wash business is a highly lucrative business venture that can make you very rich fast. The business venture does not require huge capital investment.

The major challenge to opening a car wash business is location. The cost of the location should be kept low if you are to succeed in this business venture.

All you need for the business is a location, source of steady water supply, a pressure hose and washing equipment like car soap, foams and towel.

People doing this business make lots of money in a very short time. Other transportation that visits car wash outlets are tricycles, motorcycles, vans and even trucks.

To increase your profit you can add engine wash and interior cleaning.

indian event management
Even management business

Event management business is a highly lucrative business venture. However, the business is a little bit capital intensive and requires lots of initial investment.

Many cooperate bodies use the services of event managers including party planners, and weddings. To start this business you need some level of training and apprenticeship to learn the tricks.

You also need lots of networking and advertisement to get paying clients. A new company can offer great discounts to attract new clients and latter increase pricing.

Event planning is a highly competitive business and you need to be on top of your game to succeed.

Garment manufacturing

Garment manufacturing covers different aspects of cloths making. The cloths manufactured industry includes fashion items like uniforms, overalls and work shirts.

To make good money from garment manufacturing you need to specialize in one or a few sectors of the business. If you choose to make school uniforms you will have large orders of cloths to fill which means more money.

You can gain knowledge for the business via training or hiring professional tailors to do the work. If you know how to cut, design and sow it would be highly advantageous.

Lots of women gravitate towards this business venture but men also succeed in the business. When you decide on a sector you need to approach the company or school you want to service.

To test you competence in garment making they might give you a sample of their work for you to duplicate. The quality of what you produce and your prices will determine if you get the contract.

Garment manufacturing requires specialized equipment for the cutting, sowing and even buttons. If you have the finance you can have most of the equipment in-house but outsourcing some of the production process is another option.
Indian garment makers also leverage on the international market earning lots of dollars in the process.

Food delivery service business

Office and home food delivery business is not capital intensive and its very lucrative. There are two way to do food delivery business. One you can cook the food and deliver to clients or buy ready made food from reputable restaurants and deliver to customers.

Making your own food gives you better control of the quality of the food you sell. Depending on the format you need a dedicated kitchen, specific menu, a clients list, dedicate receptionist to answer calls and a delivery method.

The delivery method can be by truck, car, bicycle, motorcycle or on foot. The only requirement is that you get the food to your client on-time, hot and in good shape.

It takes time and marketing to build a clients list but in a relatively short period you start earning good returns. To succeed with your food delivery service you must factor cost of transportation and cost of meal including service charge when billing the recipient.

If you price is fair and competitive then you are in business.


Baby sitting is good business and the overhead cost is very small. If you are a stay at home mom and you don’t mind taking care of peoples children then the business is for you.

Baby sitters in every part of the world make huge money including India. The only danger is that you need to be extra careful with other people’s children.

To start this business all you need is a good environment for children and a permit. Make sure the play  area is beautiful and colorful and don’t take on more than you can handle.

You can get clients through paper advertisements, area advertisement, word of mouth and recommendations.

indian housekeeper
Housekeeping business

Housekeeping goes beyond individual houses and include schools , motels and hotels. Many housekeeping jobs abound and some hotels prefer to outsource housekeeping than hire regular cleaners.

To start the housekeeping business you need lots of cleaning agents, brushes, scrubs and buckets. The quality of you job will bring new clients and recommendations.

Housekeeping is a tough business because it involves manual labor, so you need to give it lots of consideration before starting this venture.

Property manager

Property manager is when a clients hands over the development or management of a property. The type of property dictates the way you handle the property.

Property management has different aspects and the manager has to be disciplined and hard working. What the property manager does depend on the contract and arrangement between the property owner and the manager.

The only underlining factor is the profitability of the said property.  Property managers need lots of sales and marketing skill to succeed in this business.

Job search companies

Job search companies are popular in many countries and are highly profitable. If you want to start a job search company you need to be honest and genuinely help your applicants find befitting jobs.

Companies are always searching for highly trained workers so providing this service is pure cash in the bank. The better your reputation in this business the more clients you get both from the cooperate world and job seekers.

The requirement for this job is purely networking and transparency. Highly reputable job search companies rake in huge profit monthly.

Online job search companies

Do you know you can start an online job search company alongside your offline job company. Job websites are very popular and brings lots of companies including job seekers.

Most online job websites allow free classified for companies but can charge for exclusive advertisement. They can also make money from subscriptions, Google advertisements, job placement and other sources.

The more popular your job website the more money you can make.

soap making
Soap manufacturing

Soap manufacturing is not as difficult as you think because the basic ingredients to make soap are about three. It all depends on the add-on like fragrances, coloring and other ingredients.

Once you have your mold and a few equipment and chemicals you are in soap business. You need to get a little training in soap production before venturing into this business.

The business is very lucrative and you can make three times you investment in a relatively short time. You can even branch out into detergents for more money.

When manufacturing your soap you can add your brand name and get official approval. You can market your soap to departmental stores, open market, online and to neighbors.
Are you interested in soap making learn these simple steps on how to make soap.

Transport business

Transport business is highly lucrative and you can become very rich in a very short time. The bus service business has a simple format and its easy to execute.

You might need a few local authority certifications especially on certain routes. You also have the option of driving the bus yourself or hiring a drive.

The driver you hire should be trust worthy because he can break or build you transportation empire.

indian tricicle
Taxi shuttle business

Taxi shuttle is good business you can do it on your own or hire drivers.

Start small and build a client list before expanding the business. You might need a dedicated website for you clients to reach you including telephone numbers on the taxi and website.

To get noticed you might need to do a little advertisement and even turn you vehicle into a mobile Advert.

an indian festival
Festive sales

India has many festivities from public holidays, religious festivals to weddings. You can make brisk sales during these festivals by providing items used on such occasions.

Festive and religious occasions attract millions of people who gather in a small area. This is a big business opportunity for any smart business minded person.

You can even provide a service and smile all the way to the bank.

Start a laundry service

Laundry services are good business ventures because they bring steady income daily. The business template is very simple and the rewards great.

To start your laundry business you need a good location like a shop or store. You need equipment like washing and drying machine, industrial or hand held iron.

Other things needed is detergent, starch and transparent nylons to run the business. Laundry business is not rocket science and the remunerations are worth your effort.

software company
Software company

Software companies are big business ventures because of the kind of money they can attract. If you are a good software development all you need to succeed is a software that people want.

The primary currency you need in software development is your brain and a few equipment. The company can develop applications for telecom companies, oil and gas and even manufacturing companies.

If your software simplifies or solves a problem you will get lots of clients.

Opening an art gallery

Art galleries can make money if you attract the right kind of customers. Art always sells and foreigners love Indian art and are ready to pay premium price.

You can get art from both old and established artists and craftsmen. The gallery can hold quarterly exhibitions to attract new customers and patrons.

You can also sell some of the art online with a website for the gallery. You can make a good living running an art gallery.

india private school
Start a private school

Private schools are cash cows if you are successful in this business. If you don’t have lots of patience then this business is not for you.

It takes several years before a private school gets established so you need patience. You also need lots of government approval, recommendations and good teachers.

Stating a private school is capital intensive but the eventual reward can make you a millionaire.

Other business ventures

There are many more business ventures you can start in India and make lots of money. Do you know you can start your own private martial arts class, teach swimming or other sports.

You can start a night club, manufacturing company or venture into real estate. Others are opening an art gallery, music store, auto shop.

There are many business venture you can start in India with moderate amount of investment.

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