24 Profitable Agricultural Farming Businesses

Farming is big business and it covers agricultural farming, livestock farming and aquatic farming. You can start a farming business either on low scale, medium or high scale farming.
It all depends on your financial involvement purpose and vision for your project. There are many types of farming a businessman can do that hardly require huge capital involvement.
Homestead farming is all the rage in Europe and parts of Africa. This model of farming is cheaper, easy to maintain and has high profit potential.
There are a few sectors of farming you can consider if you are interested in the farming.
snail farming
Snail farming
Snail farming is fast becoming a viable business in India. Snail meat is considered a delicacy and attracts high premium prices in the open market. Snails are eaten in stews and soups or a delicious fried meal.
Snails are not that difficult to breed especially if they are well protected from rodents, birds and pests. In a controlled environment
snail’s breed, thrive and attain full growth in a relatively short period.
When you decide to farm snails you need to learn a little bit about the snail’s habitat, food sources and pen management. The best variety to farm is the giant snails for maximum gain.
Giant snails attract best prices in the open market. To successfully farm snails you need a slightly shaded location to build your snail pen.
You also need a choice of food and shelter plants and proper protection from predators. Snails multiply rapidly and a few male and female snails can rapidly become several hundreds within a year.
Avoid overstocking and set a reasonable price for your produce. You can sell your snails in the open market, restaurants, or directly to interested individuals and stores.
Grasscutter Farming
Grasscutters are referred to as muskrat in Europe and Asia. Muskrat are members of the rodent family they a large mammals and are easy to breed.
In Nigeria it is a savored delicacy and attracts premium price in the open market. Grass-cutters grow rapidly and reproduces little liters at a high rate.
To become a Grass-cutter farmer you only need a male and two female Grass-cutters to start the business. They will rapidly reproduce and in a very short time you have many Grass-cutters.
If you have the right market to sell your produce you will make huge earnings. To start the business you need to build a secure pen and provide food, shelter, water and medication for your muskrat.
Grass-cutter are a source of protein and a good replacement for red meat.
catfish farming
Fish farming
There are two major types of fish you can farm on a small scale at your backyard. Fish farming is a highly lucrative business venture with huge turnaround profit.
The best fish to use when fish farming is catfish or tilapia. The two are fresh water fish that grow rapidly and attract top prices.
Tilapia fish are boney and highly vulnerable outside water while catfish are rugged and can live several hours outside water.
Fish farmers sell there produce by kilogram and the heavier the more money you make. To start fish farming you need a constant source of fresh clean water.
You also need to build a fish pond to accommodate your fish. The pond can be constructed using blocks or concrete. But the best and convenient pond type is the above ground pond.
Another type of pond fish farmers can use is plastic ponds. The best way to farm catfish or tilapia is to buy fingerlings from established farmers.
The fry or fingerlings with proper care will attain full maturity in seven months. The heaviest cost in catfish farming is the cost of feed.
The feed are pellet shaped and they float in water. The highly nutritious feed helps the fish grow rapidly. Places you can sell your produce is to market women, restaurants, individuals and in your own store.
catfish eggs
Catfish Hatchery Business
Catfish hatchery business is another sector of catfish farming. The business format is purely focused on fish breeding.
The business is lucrative because the fish breeder can get over a thousand fry from one female catfish. Once they are hatched the fish breeder sell to fish farmers who grow them to table size.

Livestock farming
Livestock farming is the most popular form of farming in many regions. The animals that constitute livestock’s are chickens, goats, pigs and turkey.
The major type of livestock farming is chicken farming. There are two areas of chicken farming egg production and meat production.
The farmer needs to choose which type best appeals to him. Both types of farming require adequate space, ventilation and medical care.
Chickens are fragile and in bad conditions die easily. If you intend starting this business regular vet checks is essential.
Apart from the health issue of chickens the major expenditure is feeding and pen maintenance. Chickens produce an enormous quantity of excreta so adequate provision for the evacuation is important.
You can sell your livestock to market women, frozen food stores supermarkets and individual buyers.
Piggery Business
Pigs are taboo meat in certain religions but if your faith does not forbid the meat it is good business. Pigs grow rapidly and produce many piglets.
They are rugged and highly resistant to diseases. Piggeries are built to house the pig in a certain location. The good part of pig farming is the big money you can make selling your produce.

Start a Vegetable Business
Green vegetables are in high demand and depending on the type and its seasonal. Vegetables require lots of tendering, water and sunshine to grow.
If you have green fingers you can try planting vegetables. Two plots of land with good soil will yield lots of vegetables.
In some Asian countries they plant vegetables on top of the houses. While more advanced areas use green houses with controlled environment for maximum growth.
Such green houses might employ the use of aquaponic system. The major investment in vegetable business is the landed property and seedlings.
The vegetable gardener has a choice of growing them himself or hiring workers.
Fertilizer Distribution Business
Fertilizer is big business and goes through several regulatory bodies and Government control. The business is capital intensive and has to do with huge quantity and weight usually in metric tones.
There are two major kinds of fertilizer natural fertilizers and synthetic fertilizers. Both types work but for a more organic harvest, farmers are encouraged to go green.
A businessman with enough finance should follow government rules of best practice. Organic manure might be pricey but it’s still the best form of fertilizer.
Dried Flower Business
India has one of the biggest markets for dried flowers. The reason is not far fetch if you consider the numerous religious gatherings and celebrations.
A top wedding ceremony isn’t complete without beautiful floral arrangements. Dried flowers are also greatly appreciated in European cities thus increasing the value daily.
You need a horticulturist with ample knowledge of flowers to assist you in this business venture.

Organic Fruits Business
Organic fruits Business are the rave in advanced countries and they attract high prices. They believe organic fruits are better than those grown with synthetic fertilizers. Grocery shoppers are willing to pay top dollar for anything organic.
Therefore business men can take full advantage of this trend. For the record organic fruits are grown from organic compost of decaying shrubs, roots and animal droppings.
Mushroom Farming
Do you know you can grow mushrooms at home? Mushroom farming is a low cost high yield business venture. Mushrooms are grown in logs, darkrooms, cupboards and in compost depending on the variety.
Only a few mushrooms are edible while some are very dangerous. To start the business you need to learn about edible mushroom, growth and harvesting.
Mushrooms are easily sold in departmental stores, open market, trade shows and online to individual customers.

Guar Gum Manufacturing
Guar gum is ground endosperm of guar beans used in food. The market is specialized and is moderately easy to implement. Once you understand the process of de-husking the seeds, and the milling/screening process you are good to go.
Fruit Export Business
Many countries export fruits like apples, grapes, oranges and lemon. The fruits are generally preserved to withstand the rigors of shipping. Fruit drink manufacturing companies use lots of locally and internationally grown fruits.
This makes the business more attractive to local investors.
Bee keeping
Bee keeping is generally to produce honey for sale. Bee keepers situate their bee hives in remote areas away from huge populations. The bees are housed in specially constructed hives and harvested after awhile for the rich honey.
Canning and labeling the honey gives the business a recognizable brand. Bee keeping is good business but you need good land and special equipment to do this business.
Frozen Chicken Production
A top business idea is frozen chicken production. Billions of chicken are consumed daily worldwide making it a good business. To go into frozen chicken you need to first grow the chicken.
The adult chicken is then harvested and processed and refrigerated. Although frozen chicken does not attract the same price as live chicken the difference in price is almost negligible.
cane chair
Craft, Baskets and Chairs
Turn your agricultural produce into a work of art. Chairs, tables and beds are all agricultural derivatives. Create something that is practical, functional and beautiful and people will buy.

 Production of Pesticides
Create an organic pesticide and smile to the bank loaded with cash. Every agricultural farmer needs pesticide to control pests on his crop.
Pesticide companies are very busy firms especially during rainy season. They sell their pesticides to farmers or help them apply the agent for a fee.
Fruit Juice Business
Fruit juice business is another highly lucrative business. There is modern machinery that easily extracts the fruits with little fuss.
Fruit juice is drank freshly squeezed or in containers or bottles. Top fruit juice manufacturer make good business squeezing fruits into delicious liquids.
Cashew nut Business
Cashew nut business is a multi million dollar business with huge returns. There are various stages a business man can enter the cashew business.
A method is to source the product from farmers and sell to exporters. He could decide to buy process and export the cashew for maximum gain.
It is good to learn and understand the trade before venturing into the business. The business is capital intensive and seasonal.
Shrimp Farming
Shrimp farmers make use of there aquatic environment to gather the shrimps. The business is a little bit tough but shrimps are in high demand.
Potato Chips Production
Potato chips are a nice delicacy everyone enjoys. You can invest in the production process, packaging and retail segment of production.
Always source fresh commodity and produce only the amount you can quickly sell.
Corn Farming
Corn is highly needed in many manufacturing companies ingredient list. So corn farmers have a high paying outlet for their commodity.
The interesting part is corn is used for so many things like cereals, corn meals and even the corn husk has commercial value.
Another interesting fact is that corn isn’t that difficult to grow making it a highly profitable plant.
Diary Milk Production
Milk has endless applications and different varieties. Milk will always sell so you have a verified business to consider. Dairy farming is capital intensive and requires lots of landed space for the animal.


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