42 Business Ideas for College Students to Start Earning Money-


College students need lots of funding for their education and general welfare. Going through college education costs lots of money regardless of the country, origin or location.
 Parents struggle to raise adequate funds for tuition feeding and other sundry issues. A college student seeking additional funds can start a small business venture.
Enterprising students even earn enough to argument their tuition fees thereby aiding their parents. An interesting report in a newspaper showcased a female student who studied micro biology and made 4.0 GPA.
To fund her tuition she learned hairdressing and sold tickets for a states bus company. Through this means she managed to graduate and bag the best result in the history of the college.
The amazing thing about starting business ventures is that small part time businesses can become a giant conglomerate.

Many student entrepreneurs end employers of labor instead of job seekers. Listed below are a 42 business ideas for college students.
There are important rules you should abide by when starting your student business.
1             Your education comes first never compromise
2             Know the rules and regulation of your institution
3             Never dabble in anything categorized as illegal.
4             Offer services that don’t clash with your academics
5             Never get carried away by the money you make.
Become a Tutor
Offering tutelage to fellow students is a good way to raise funds.  Being proficient in certain subjects is an advantage you can harness for profit.
Help them through the difficult subject and get paid. You can even extend your services to freshers in your department.
To get students you can place small notifications on school billboards and general purpose areas. Another effective method is word of mouth and call cards.

Graphic Designs
If you are a graphic artist you can help fellow students with assignment presentations. College is full of partying and events which are promoted using powerful graphic designs.
If your designs stand out many students will seek your services. Graphic designs is applicable to posters, banners, complementary cards, school projects, invitation cards and greeting cards.
As a graphic designer you will find lots of paying customers.

All you need is a pair of clippers, combs and barbing skill to start a barbing business. This is a very lucrative venture for students.
Every guy likes to look smart so on an average they cut their hair 4 times a month. Barbers are constantly in demand and you can turn a small area into your work space.
The female student hair stylist makes even more money than barbers. Women are conscious of there looks especially in college or universities.
They will rather patronize a talented student hair stylist than pay higher sums to regular stylists.
Manicure and Pedicure Services
Start your own college manicure and pedicure service. If you are very stylish and women generally appreciate your style there is a good chance that they will gravity towards you.
You can use brilliant innovative colors to attract customers to your service.
College Cab Service
 There is a fair chance that you have an old jalopy in college. Why not use it to earn daily income. Transportation is a major challenge for students and offering lower rates will attract lots of customers.
They will rater ride in your car than use bus services. Many colleges have vast landed space especially the distance from the main gate to the campus.
Going the distance a few times daily transporting students will fill your pocket nicely.
Promote Parties
Are you a party animal and know how to organize a gig why not make money doing what you love. Parties are the best ways college students unwind after a hectic day.
Organize a banging party and make lots of money. There are many way to make money from parties such as selling customized t-shirts, gate fee, drinks, and snacks.
For every successful party you organize your reputation grows. Others trying to have parties will pay you to organize there own gigs.
You can even charge consultation fees to fellow party entrepreneurs.
Event Planning
College is full of events that need careful planning. Offer your services as an event planner and bring new innovations.
With time your reputation will grow as an event planner and you will make cool cash. To jump start your event planning business you can even organize your own event.
Fitness Trainer
Join a fitness club and signup as a fitness trainer. The business structure is rather flexible because you can do it anywhere.
You don’t even need specialized equipment to start a fitness class.
Photography is a nice way to provide a service and earn income. There are many business options for photography.
The business options available to photographers are graduation, matriculation and many social events. Many students and even visitors to the college will pay to have there pictures taken.
As a photographer study the event calendar and go to the appropriate venues. You need to have a mobile darkroom or equipment to quickly process the photographs.
Another way to earn from photography is uploading images to stock photography websites. Anytime someone downloads your image you get paid.

Get a good video camera and offer your services at events. There are many occasions both in college and the general public to make steady incomes as a video-grapher.
You can also upload interesting videos to YouTube and earn a little money
Ladies who are good at sewing can design garments, amend cloths or refit outfits. You will get patronage and earn some money.
Try not to disappoint your customers and always deliver on time. All you need for this business is a good sewing machine and scissors.
Master of Ceremony
Masters of ceremonies only need lots of wit and charm. They are able to skillfully coordinate an event to the satisfaction of the event planners and attendees.
The master of ceremony should have confidence and follow protocol. Master of ceremony business is a high paying business with zero capital investment.
The only real investment you make is on a good outfit that complements the occasion.
disc jockey
Disc Jockey
Disc jockeys are always in demand for parties and events. They bring life to an occasion while playing appropriate music.
You can pay your way through college as a disc jockey. The major investment is the equipment and lots of records.
Amazingly some disc jockeys also double as master of ceremonies.
Pet grooming Business
Pet grooming is easy especially if your services are limited to washing the pet. Many pet owners will pay you good money to groom their pets.
The job requires washing, trimming, cutting and brushing the animal.
Make Unique Gift Items
Unique gift items are only limited by the imagination of the creator. The items should be appropriately priced and functional.
There are many special occasions that warrant such items. Gift items are useful for lovers, birthdays, anniversaries and weddings.
Pre packed Meals
Are you good at cooking then make pre-packed meals for students. There are many lazy or busy students who would rather buy than cook food.
The tough schedule has a part to play in making pre-packed meals a viable business venture.
Property Agent
Student property agents get regular student clients than mainstream agents. You need to have good rapport with landlords and property managers in and around the campus.
Students have no choice but find accommodation either on or off campus. To cash in on student property business you need to resume early and catching those seeking accommodation.
Organize Seminars
Seminar business is very lucrative if you have the right product. To organize a seminar you need a venue, topic, lecturer and handouts.
You do adequate promotion for your seminar and charge attendance fee.
Online Businesses
There are many online business opportunities for students. The payment formula defers on each website from instant cash, weekly and monthly.
Others need an earning threshold and others pay in coupons and shopping vouchers. Here are a few online businesses you can do part time from college.
Search Engine Optimization
Help other optimize websites and blogs and earn income. Every website needs optimization to attract lots of traffic to the site.
Offer your skill via freelance websites or your own website. There is a lot of work for a search engine optimization specialist.

Write for Article Directories
You will only make small earnings writing for article directories. To maximize earning potential find a top revenue sharing article directory.
It is better to focus on only one article directory for better results. If you are not happy with the result after a while remove your articles and place on your own website.
Freelance Writing
As a freelance writer you only work assignments you get from online freelance websites. Most of the assignments are web content and advertorials.
Don’t write assignments for students this is wrong. Most assignments you get from freelance websites are time limited and have word count.
You can earn form as little as $2.5-$10 per 150 worded article. 
Build either a free blog or a self host Wordpress blog. Your blog can either have a sub domain name or domain name of your choice.
Blogger.com is only one of a few that allow advertisement on sub domain. Others hosts place advertisements on your blog to offset costs of hosting.
Self hosts have more control of there websites or blogs. To earn money from blogs write valuable content, build traffic and monetize via advertisement and affiliate links.
You can sell your own product or other people products. A good place to build a Wordpress blog is Bluehost.
If you don’t have a clue on how to install and build your Wordpress blog read this article.
 Learn how to build a Wordpress blog on Bluehost.
Write an eBook
Writing an ebook is relatively easier than you think. Write the book on a subject you are familiar with. Once you have finished writing the book, create a cover Art.
Then select a free self publishing website upload your pdf File and Cover Art. Choose a price and promote the book.
The publishers get a commission on every sale. Another way to sell an ebook and keep most of the profit is store the book as a digital download.

Build an App
There are millions of Apps carrying out various functions. Any App that simplifies daily tasks is a winner. Do a little research and develop your App and offer it for sale or downloads.
The more practical your App is the better chance of making money.
Affiliate Marketing
You can avoid the stress of building a website or blog by being an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing is easy just sign up as an affiliate get a special link and place the link to attract customers.
Once a purchase is made you get a commission on the sales. You can promote your affiliate link through email marketing, blog posts, websites, and advertisement on social media.
Web Designing
Design websites for clients and make money. Many people seek web designers to launch there websites. You can offer your services on freelance websites, your website or on classified websites.
Students interested in owning blogs and websites are potential clients.
Build an online Directory
Online directories have only one function a location to find business addresses. The directory can be broad based or niche based content.
You make money from advertisements, subscriptions and placement of business addresses.
Sell items on Classified Websites
An easy way to make regular income is selling goods and items on free classified websites. Find unique items or regular items people need.
Write a full description of the items you want to sell, add a photograph and telephone number. Once a buyer makes contacts you meet in a public place with lots of people and exchange item for cash.
Sell on eBay
The same way you sell items on classified websites is how you approach selling on eBay. The only difference is that your item goes through bidding.
Once a purchase is made you send the item via post or courier service. Heavier items are shipped either by air or sea.
Sell Amazon Products
Amazon is one of the larges companies online. They have many products from cosmetics to televisions and books.
To join you need to signup on as an Amazon Associate to get access to lots of goods. You can promote any item they have by using the items special encoded links.
You get the links on your Amazon Associate dash board page. They also have advertisement banners you can place on your blog or website.
items for sale
Sell items to Students
If you have an eye for great bargains sell items to students. Buying and selling is good business.
Sell shoes, jeans, shirts, dresses, t-shirts, caps, bags and sandals. Make sure you keep them in a safe place so they don’t get stolen.
Make Mixed Music Tapes
Student love music and will buy a nicely mixed music cd. This business has some grey areas because of copyright infringements.
To avoid going foul of the law seek songs that have become public property. Get nostalgic and music lovers will appreciate your effort.
Computer Repair
Two thirds of college students have at least one computer. Computers like any device need software programs and repair.
Learn how to repair computers and earn money doing this job. You will get a steady stream of customers.
Sell Old Computers
Another highly lucrative business venture is repairing old computers and selling them for profit. Not every student can afford a sleek modern computer.
Many will opt for any computer that carries out basic functions like browsing, word documents and Photoshop.
Sell Digital Products Online
There are limitless digital products you can develop and sell. If the digital product is useful and simplifies problems it will sell.
You can even develop digital games and eBooks for sale. There are some websites that go the extra mile to get product promoters and sales for your product.
Buy Second Hand in Demand Text Books
This is a smart way to make money on campus. You buy second hand in demand text books and sell to fellow students.
At the end of term such books are no longer needed buy them from your course mates and sell them to new students.
Become a Publisher
You can start a school magazine and make money. First write trending stories, guest posts and get advertisement.
Local businesses within the campus environs are likely to support school magazines. Another publishing platform is producing newsletters.
Sub Contract Laundry business
You can collect student’s laundry and take them to established Laundromats. Mark up the price slightly to make profit
Offer a Recorded Transcription Service
Transcribe recorded lectures into written notes for students. The job is fairly difficult and might take up a lot of your time.
Organize Trips
You can organize student event trips to festivals or historical sites. Sell tickets for the trip and hire a good bus service.


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