How to Buy and Sell Used Books-Get Paid Selling Used Books

How to Buy Used Books
Interestingly used books are in high demand despite the huge proliferation of digital books. Buying and selling used books is big business earning retailers and wholesalers huge profit.
Individual business men also sell books for profit. Digital books might attract low priced however print books retain there charm.
Used books with amazing graphic art, elegant binding and limited edition are still highly priced items.
Reading electronic books regularly could cause eye damage because of the incessant glare of the screen monitor. Anyone interested in buying and selling used books need to consider a few things before starting the business.
used books Understand the Business
There are two sectors when it comes to books. Book publishing business and old books sales business are two different sectors. The two sectors are entirely different and follow different rules and marketing techniques.
Books are either seasonal, text books, recreational or instructional. A successful used book sales man is able to understand the intricacies of the business.
Follow these steps as a used book seller.
Good Source
You need to identify a good source to buy your used books. The good aspect of buying used books is that the seller has no idea of the worth of the books. To them the books are just causing a build up of junk. But to the astute used book trader the books are pure gold bars.
There are many ways to get used books such as online, garage sales, flee markets, individuals, and aging libraries.
Select Carefully
You need to determine the kind of used book that sell before buying them. Not all used books have any value some have lost there value a long time ago.
Most academic text books still in use in higher institutes are a good buys. While, limited edition children’s book, fantasy or fictions are highly collectible.
A book signed by the author has even more value. However, before you make such a purchase you need to authenticate the signature. Romance books are good sellers including crime and science fiction.
Discover Great Deals
Finding affordable deals is the cardinal rule to buying used books. Profit is the name of the game and any purchase should guarantee moderate profit.
Durability of the Book
The book has to be in good condition before purchasing or selling the publication. Study the binding, cover art colors, pages and legibility of the print.
The book has to be intact and without blemish before you can make a sale.
used books
How to Sell Used Books
Determine the Books Price
You need to determine the price of a used book before you buy or sell. There are many parameters to consider before reaching a reasonable price.
You need to examine the condition of the book, rarity, limited or unlimited edition or collectors item. Others are the popularity of the author a signed book and the story behind the publication.
Find a Market for your Book
The used book seller needs to decide where to sell his used books. He can open a small book store, sell at book fairs or use online resources.
Another way is to open an online store, sell through free classified websites or any designated online book stores.
The used book seller is at liberty to use direct book sales to college students and other institutions.

 Manage your Books
For effective management of your used books first categorize them according to niche, genre and subject matter. You need to keep a proper inventory for better storage and handling.
Books don’t sell themselves so you need to apply proper marketing techniques. You can hire sales representatives to do door to door sales.
Sell online via eCommerce websites and advertise in newspapers. You need to consider your advertisement and marketing budget to avoid profit loss.
Make Money from Used Books
We all have used books, once they are read are kept away in cupboards, book shelves under the bed or in boxes. Used books are generally any book purchased read or stored after being bought from publishers or book stores.
Once a book is purchased it automatically becomes classified as used regardless of the condition.  A book is said to be in mint condition when it is classified as new or very good.
Books are classified as great, good, complete, average and fair conditioned books. If there are signs of depletion they are called poor or incomplete books.
Any sign of damage drastically reduces the value of the book. We also have Book club books, library standard, binding copy which refers to a complete book with poor or torn binding.
Book Types
The different book types are science fiction, non fiction, mystery, textbooks, art, children books poetry, and fantasy books. We can also have comics, science, and educational journals.  Books only attract premium prices when they are in mint or very good conditions
How to Value your Old Books
Placing an appropriate value on your book is one of the most important steps in correct pricing. It is relatively easy to place a price on them due largely to ingenious software and Apps online.
The most sort after books are new books, first edition books, collectibles, relic and antiques. Most current publications have moderate sales especially when kept in very good condition.
 They attract good competitive prices than older editions. Older editions of current publication are worthless and attract low patronage. This is quite curious because like old wine they should have mature with age.
Many publishers’ print hardback copies of new titles before publishing soft cover books. The book publishers use this method as a business strategy to make more money.
Hard cover books are costlier than soft cover books hence the business strategy. Book shop owners fall over themselves for such hard back copies.
Some books are collectible and limited editions while small publications have very good re-seller value.
Books that Attract Less Value
Books that attract less value are old books, earlier editions of used textbooks, romance novels encyclopedias and outdated scientific books. Best sellers also attract zero bids because over purchase of the best sellers reduces there price/value.
In most cases current publications attract reasonable bids while collectibles despite their age are priced items, rare books are also in this category. Other least valuable books are journals magazines, old books.
Books regarded as poor or very poor conditions have missing pages, discoloration, torn pages or missing binding. Text books with white wash texts or a book that have been scribbled on devalues the re-seller price.
How to Sell
You have over the years accumulated a fair amount of books so selling them could put hard cash into your pocket. Books in general retain their value and have a good resell rating.
 To get the best price for your book you should first determine the true worth of the book. Certain parameters such as the condition of the book, brad new, good condition or very good condition or poor,
Another thing that affects the price is an author’s signature on the book or outdated publication. Find prospective buyers by input the ISBN  number on a used book websites price checker.

What is an ISBN Number?
An ISBN number is found at the back of books or in the first inner page of most publication. ISBN numbers come in different number combinations and the numbers are either 10 or 13 digit numbers.
 There are several other number combinations that are also readily accepted. When the ISBN number is scanned it will provide the date of publication image of book, author and details such as publisher of the book.
The ISBN stands for standard identification number.  There are other acceptable formats such as the EAN format that uses bar code at the back of the book.
The EAN 13 digit that uses the bar coding system, Amazons ASIN identifier. All modern books have one form of ISBN or the other.
Some websites offer services to find prospective buyer who are willing to buy your used books at competitive prices. To use their sites you need to enter your ISBN numbers and compare the over 40 partner books shops willing to offer a bid.
When you enter your ISBN number a list of buyer will show and the price they are willing to pay for your used books.
The websites like other sites are fully integrated and flexible software that list buyers for your book. You can also use the bar code scan or manually typing the ISBN number and get instant bids.
On the website view what other are selling to get a view at what others are sell. See the top sellers and most sort after books.
They also have a mobile version application that does the same job. These are a list of websites to sell your sell used books.
Textbook,k-12 book, buyback,topdollar4books,buyback 101,Blue rocket books College books direct, Powell’s and many more.
A simple Way to Sell Used Books Online
The first step is to get a quoted price for your used book by entering your ISBN number located at back of your book. If the price quoted is agreeable to you the next step is shipping the book.
This is done free of charge for residents of USA through their per-paid label that you can copy onto the delivery package. Once the recipient receives the package your money is immediately remitted to you. This is done via PayPal or check. is an important book destination online founded in 1995. However, it is now a subsidiary of the book giants The sole purpose of the site is to link sellers and buyers of used and new publications.
They have a large network of thousands of book sellers where over 1 million books change hands. The books sold on the website range from used textbooks, used fiction, non fiction, collectibles and antiquarian books.
The websites also has large market places online.
Using Some Website to Sell Used Books
To set up an account with websites that buy and sell used books click the red bar at top of site that says sell book. Then click sign up now to become a seller.
Registration Process
Go- through the registration check list, click sign up now on the web page, enter required info. Then click on save and continue at bottom of page.
Your account would be credited then go to application and follow the 6 step process which are Booksellers details and Agreement details.
The details cover contact information, preferred currency, terms and conditions. The next is the acceptable payment method where you select payment options like credit card.
 You are asked to give credit card information and then you are done. You need to do proper due diligence to ascertain that you are dealing with a genuine book market place before divulging any card information.
Remember to keep your 4 digit secret number safe, nobody should ask for such a detail unless they are fraudsters.
Some More Used Books Websites
Powell' is another place for used and new books. They started from humble beginnings in 1971 and now provide service to buyers and sellers.
 The website has the discover section that highlights new arrivals, best sellers, award winners, and signed books. You can search through subject matter like literature, poetry children books mystery, used textbooks and gift items.
The used book seller has the option of selling online or off line in one of their 5 stores based in Portland. has a large stock of used and new books.
Selling Used Books Online
To sell used books just enter your ISBN number, click sell this book and get an offer. If agreeable to you send the book freight free and get paid through PayPal or payment credited to your account.
You can also use the store to sell directly at other outlets. Most websites pay you either in checks or PayPal or put the money into your sellers account.
All you need to get started is sign up with the website then follow their terms of use. Used books will always be in demand so you can always cash in if you have nice publications.
Selling Used Books on eBay
Many books are sold on eBay a good auction site that has over 300,000 books sold on its platform. So there is a chance that someone somewhere is looking for your book.
Books are setup for auction/bids to the highest bidder within a stipulated period and the highest bidder gets to go home with the publication. But there are draw backs to selling on eBay most times you will get zero bids.
 To get started on eBay you need to firstly upload a photograph of your book and the description. The description covers the condition of the book, new or very good.
You must state the condition of its pages, loose binding, and creases any discolored covers, soft cover or hard cover. The seller indicates shipment method, location and where it originates.
Other considerations are shipping cost and payment methods.
Trade Books
You can trade your books on To sell your books on this website first conduct a search by inputting the ISBN number book you intend to trade.
Click trade in and compare prices on the price list. If your book is not listed try search words and see what happens.
Shipping is free of charge by using Amazon’s generated label which is acceptable only in certain countries. To use the label enter your trade in account and click the free shipping option label on the trade order and print out and attach to shipment.
Earn Amazon Gift Cards
Your account will be credited if the shipment meets the receiver’s expectations-in very good condition that is called Amazons product eligibility criteria. Shipping trade-in may take 6 to 10 working days depending on the postal service option you choose.
 This is followed by adequate tracking of your shipment. On receiving the book Amazon sends a conformation to your email with 48hrs. Then your gift card balance will indicate that payment has been made.
Selling your Book offline
Despite all the advantages in online sales there are many opportunities for ready made cash off line. Patronizing bookstores in your neighborhood is a good place to start selling.
Another way is to use your countries yellow pages to track potential buyers. You can find out the kind of books they stock and sell accordingly.
Gather all the books and take to the book store most likely you stand a better chance of getting an offer using this method.
Selling in Flee Markets and Open Air Sales
Flee markets is a good place to sell your used books because you are selling directly to customers. Using this format helps you get the best prices for your books and be prepared to haggle.
Find out where they are held and buy space or find free space to highlight your books. Arrange them in an attractive way and offer 2 for 1 discount for quicker sales.
You may sell other house hold items if the market is not meant for only books. Open air sales depend on your countries rules and regulations. You can take advantage of crowded pedestrian pathways but be prepared for long hours between sales.
Selling used books is fun and will put money in your pocket. Why not open that old crate and discover hidden treasure.
Open a Book Club
A Book clubs is a good avenue to offer your book for lease and get paid. Opening one is easy and does not require strict regulations.
 All that is required is paying members to lease your book at low attractive prices. Book clubs are fashionable in some parts of the world and can bring in a steady amount of cash.
 There is also the added advantage of getting more used books at a discount to shore up your existing collection. Besides you can also sell or rent new books to non paying members at reasonable fees.
Selling your used books can make you some reasonable money. All you need to do is get creative and use some of the methods listed in this article.

 Online Used Books Store: How to Start an Online Used Book Business

Starting an online used books store is relatively simple and does not require huge investment. The major investment is inventory and it depends on the amount you wish to invest in the enterprise.   
To start the venture you might have to incorporate your enterprise. The type of incorporation determines the company structure and management. Other reasons include funding and business scope.
Once the company is registered the next important factor is sourcing your books. Many things affect the price of a used book such as binding, rarity, edition and author.
Selling used books online is a home based enterprise however you need a dedicated office. Setup a home office with the prerequisite equipment and furniture.
To start your enterprise you need to write a business plan and register the business. Other considerations are stocking, pricing and shipment.
Write a Business Plan
Although you are going to work predominantly online you need a business plan. The business plan should cover startup funding, goals and future plans.
 It determines amount budgeted for inventory, hosting plan, website building and online advertisement. Other considerations are data fees, company registration fees and transportation.
The legal structure of your enterprise is very important. Although online entrepreneurs may choose not to register their company it will be counter productive.
Not many countries have laws determining online commerce however they expect some form of taxation. Register your business as a sole proprietorship. This one man business model is ideal for a one man business.
However, launching it as a limited liability company has better benefits especially if you want loans. Make sure your business name correlates with the domain name you choose.
This is important to optimize your website and uniformity. As a sole proprietor you need an employer identification number for tax purposes.

Once you have written your business plan and done a small feasibility study the next step is funding. You should have done adequate research on the type of books and prices you want to sell your books.
Make sure your prices are competitive and not overpriced. Funds are needed for host plan, website, Facebook advertisement and Google adsense. You need money to buy inventory, workspace, furniture, computer and modem.
Build a Website
There are two ways to sell your used books online. You either build a website or sell in an online market place.
The best way to sell is using all the resources available online. Fist build your website dedicated to selling used books.
 You can hire a website developer to create a search engine optimized website. Make sure you choose a premium hostname that reflects your business.
Your website should be easy to navigate and have book images, description and prices. You need a good shopping cart to accept online payments.
Make sure you can accept card payments including PayPal. Once you have built your website promote it through Google and Facebook.
Be very careful with your budget and do proper accounting. Apart from owning your website, sell your books on, Amazon and eBay.
Purchase Inventory
There are many places to purchase inventory for your business. You can buy used books from old book stores, garage sales and flee markets.
 Buy from libraries, book fairs, clearance sales and private individuals. Buy from family and friends and in your community. You can even buy books online and resell.
Shipping your Books
Once a book is purchased and payment confirmed you need to ship the book. The shipment method depends on the services in your area.
Make sure the delivery service you choose is cost effective, and transparent. They should be dependable and offer a good tracking and delivery system.
The biggest challenge is putting an effective service delivery system in place. This alone will make or break your enterprise.
Promote your Used Book Business
Although your business format is primarily online sales you can also sell offline. A good way to reach customers is through online classified websites.
Another advertisement option is through social media channels. To sell offline approach schools and uses websites such as


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