Non Government Organization Business Ideas: Non Government Organization Business Structure and Fundraising Ideas

A non government organization like any business venture needs to be established. There are strict laws concerning donations that formulate the work ethics and policies of an NGO.
Non Government Organization business is a little different than general purpose businesses because they solicit for funds and funded primarily to provide service for a certain cause.
You need to have a deep interest in helping others before you venture into NGO business. The business is primarily funded for the purpose of free service to humanity. To succeed in this business the organization should offer high quality programs and impeccable accountability practices because of the revenue streams available to them.
A non government business should demonstrate key characteristics in relation to character and vision of the organization. There are a few checklists to follow before properly establishing a Non Government Organization.
Certificates of incorporation
Any business venture including NGOs needs to get a certificate of incorporation. The certificate highlights the functions, type of business, business structure, address and senior officers. The certification also establishes if the organization is an enterprise, partnership, Charity or a limited liability company.
Select Board of Directors
The Non Government Organization needs a board of directors to oversee the affairs of the company. The selected members should have impeccable character and history of charity.
Develop a Vision and Mission Statement
A mission statement is very important because it guides the organization. It also shows clear focus and dedicated and will towards the chosen charity.
Establish bylaws and Board Policies
The NGO needs to establish bylaws and board policies towards successful running of the NGO. The bylaws are a framework that governs the daily running of the organization.
Obtain an Employer Identification Number
Non Government Organizations have a few core staff and many volunteers. The staff and volunteers go regularly out into the field to solicit funds.
Proper identification of staff including volunteer staff members is important to keep the integrity of the organization. This is because large amount of funds are involved and there should be transparency.
Open a Bank Account
To collect the funds the Non Government Organization needs to open a single Bank Account. The account is highly important because other functions and project running costs are deducted from the account.
Things needed for Smooth Running of NGO
The NGO should have key staff members and a public address or location. The best location for the headquarters of any NGO is a commercial city.
It should have adequate office equipment like computers and supplies. The NGO needs a knowledgeable office manager to coordinate the day to day running. The NGO also needs to do lots of operational research, organization of programs and outsourcing.
The Structure of an NGO
Non Government Organizational structures differ in each country in relations to number of members, accounting, and operations. Indian has the public and private charity organizations, society and trust organizations.
Types of Non Government Organizations
Non Government Organizations are generally grouped according to certain classifications like participatory, charity, service and empowerment.
They are further grouped according to the structure and level of the organization. They are either community based, national, international or worldwide in structure.
They cover a wide scope of work but are generally voluntary, self-help, individual, civil society and social movement.
Other kinds of NGOs are international, business friendly, community based, scientific or civil society. Others are advocacy NGOs, donor organizations, global, government operated and standard organizations.
Some prefer technical assistance, grassroots support system, market advocacy and community health and rural development societies.
Non Government Organization Orientations
Charitable organizations focus on food distribution, clothing, medication, natural disasters. They also focus on war and conflict resolution and clothing for the poor.
Service organizations are more into family planning, and education services. While participatory organizations use self help projects by giving equipment, labor and funding towards their project.
Empowerment NGOs help the poor and developing nations, political issues, economic and social issues.
Level of Operation
We have community based organizations founded by women’s groups, neighborhood programs and educational organizations. Citywide groups have a wider focus like social infrastructure and community development.
National Groups
National groups have diverse functions like Red Cross and other society empowered organizations. International groups have diverse function depending on the organizations manifesto
Social NGOs are non profit organizations like social public service organizations. While public NGOs promote public service and participation.
International welfare organizations promote democracy, freedom and stability in countries.
Here is a list of NGOs Based on Orientation and Community Service
1             Service orientation NGOs
2             Charity NGOs
3             Participatory NGOs
4             Empowerment NGOs
5             City wide NGOs
6             International NGOs
7             National NGOs
8             Communal NGOs
General areas of focus by Non Government Organizations are human rights, education, women’s right and health. Other areas are children’s rights, humanitarian, peace and resolution including youth empowerment programs.
Fundraising Ideas
Non Government Organizations if they are to remain relevant have to develop interesting fundraising ideas. Listed below are lots of fundraising ideas to help NGOs perform there laudable functions.
General Fundraising Ideas
NGOs can source funds from online donations for their programs. This is easily done through their website with a donate button. The website can cover day, week and month activity and programs so the general public knows what they do.
They can use Crowd funding to raise funds, organize Green for garden or have a walkathon. Hike day marathons are also fun and attract useful focus on their programs.
Water bottle sales are an interesting idea, a yard sale works or even a fun filled scavenger hunt. The NGO is at liberty to organize a Trash art auction, do free Office decoration or try a Photography contest.
They can make Labels and caps with the name and logo of the organization for sale or
Recycle cell phones.
Tournament Fundraising Ideas
Organizing tournaments is an effective way NGOs raise funds for their projects. Common tournaments favored are kickball, football, basket ball, and cricket competitions.
Other tournaments are trivia night, sports events and group debate
Community Fundraising Ideas
The NGO can offer free car wash services for donations or small community dinners. Silent auctions are crowd pullers and house parties are useful ideas.
Event Fundraising Ideas
Events are known to yield the highest funds for NGOs because of peoples love for entertainment. Everybody loves a good comedy night, musical shows and gala nights.
The Charity organization can have karaoke nights, talent shows and even mini golf tournaments to create funds.
Outsourced funding is an integral part of Non Government Organizations. The administrators are entrusted with donations and grants. Therefore transparency, service and accountability are imperative in the NGO business venture.
Corporate Donors for NGOs
Several large conglomerates and mid range companies have adapted the corporate social responsibility mantra. They have adapted a business ethic to provide financial grants and donations to support various social programs.
These donations are strictly at the discretion of the donor and covers diverse interests like sports, rural development, and academic excellence.
The support or assistance they render might be long term, sponsorship or non financial support. Non Government Organizations and tertiary institutions are the major beneficiaries of these funds.
Therefore, finding corporate groups with clear policies and budgets to support the activity of NGOs are far and in-between.
There policies and grants support only a sector of interest as regards poverty elevation, war, famine, sports, infrastructure , health.
A major advantage to top corporate donors is tax benefits and social responsibility. Some of such organizations only function in their locality while others have international grant support programs.
The list of top international grants include some of the following
Healthcare Positive Action for Children
The grant covers maternal healthcare issues like prevention of mother to child HIV transmission. The VIIV Healthcare Positive Action Grants go a long ways towards information dissemination and procurement of drugs.
The drugs are either free or at a moderate discount for mothers and children care worldwide.
The giants Starbucks foundation is youth and community based engaging an astounding number of youths in community development. Another notable grant is the environmental activity grant program handled by Toyota Motor.
Food and beverage corporations are not left out with significant donations of beverages to internally displaced people world wide. Nike Foundation supports Adolescent girl, while Swiss Res Corporate Responsibility awards sustainable watershed management.
Nutritional health for school age children is another important social responsibility supported by these giants of industry.
Scientific discoveries, education, software development and technology get a boost from massive grants from Microsoft. IBM is not far behind with its community based framework and direct grants to deserving Non Government Organizations.
Cisco supports non profit social investment programs through international partnership with communities’ and NGOs.
Some interesting grants and funds
Governments and Global organizations have grants and funds targeted to specific occupation or areas of interest. We have listed a few interesting grants and funds.
1             PeaceNexus Foundations organizations development grant
2             United NATIONS trust fund to end violence against women
3             UNESCO international fund for the promotion of culture
Unique ways non profit organization raise Funds
Crowdfunding is technology driven and uses virtual crowd to raise funds. You create a page for your campaign and sign up on a Crowdfunding website.
Customize your page with useful imagery and information and share via social media. There are many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, MySpace and many more. The huge population on such platforms guarantees donor support for your programs.
Why not set Welzoo as your home screen and Welzoo will donate 3 cents a day to your charity. Signup and enter a non profit organization and set Welzoo as your home screen.
They use the onlin4donations format and it works. A website App Shoparoo donates to your school when you buy an item from a store in the US and take a snap shot.
Sports Event
Need serious funds why not organize a marathon? Get sponsorship from local stores and businesses, get local government permit, a designated route and promote the event. Don’t forget adequate parking for participants, lots of water and toiletries.
Organize Contests
Choose a contest get location, preparation, gathering, judges, and prices. Advertise the event and get local sponsorship. Why not have a field day competition they are fun and easy to organize. Focus on events like obstacle course races, three legged races, relay races, tug o War and egg races.
To collect funds charge small entry fee and get merchant donations and support.
Organize Tournaments
NGOs can organize tournaments like Dance marathon, football, and basketball including game board events.
Product Fund raising Programs
To get funds the NGOs can design custom t-shirts, face caps and buttons. If the items are nicely made you sell them to the general public. Why not organize a comedy night at a local theater or outdoors and invite notable comedians to support your program.
A Talent show is a good crowd puller and has a community feel. Charge small entrance fees and sell small items to the audience.
Summary of Unique ways NGOs raise funds
They get raise funding through the following
1             health ideas
2             technology ideas
3             company ideas
4             contest ideas
5             trash to treasure ideas
6             event ideas
7             sports ideas
8             donation ideas
9             community ideas
10          tournament ideas
11          product ideas
12          company ideas


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