How to Open a Free USA Bank Account for Non USA Residents: Step by Step Guide to PayPal,USA Account.

 The first is how to open a PayPal account, a virtual USA account and a USA account.
Are you a non- us resident interested in opening a US Bank Account to collect affiliate earnings or receive money from companies abroad? Then you are in luck we will show you how easy it is to get a US bank account and redraw the money via ATM.
PayPal Payment System
PayPal is the number one payment system of choice for online merchants and shoppers. Many e-commerce transactions are carried out using this mode of payment.
Credit card payments are still highly favored but PayPal reduces the risk of identity theft. The credit card system lost out to PayPal because they offered a fast, convenient, and inexpensive payment gateway for online business.
Ebay had a lot to do with the incredible pace PayPal has grown and developed into a billion dollar industry. The millions of transactions and sales carried out on Ebay needed a payment gateway that is reliable and easy to use.
The popularity of PayPal as a payment gateway increases daily with the introduction of many innovative solutions. Especially with the inherent dangers of hacking and typing personal details online.
PayPal allows both buyer and seller create an account using an email address. The address automatically becomes your account name and username. Buyers use their email to purchase goods or services while the seller receives payment the same way.
You can link a credit or debit card to your PayPal Account and fund the Account. You can also link your bank account to PayPal and transfer earnings directly to your bank account.
Creating a PayPal account is free and it takes only a few minutes to verify the account.
Create and Account
Step One
Visit either using your search engine browser or mobile device and log unto the website. At the upper left hand corner of your screen you will see the green padlock which indicates a secured website.
Step Two
You can create your account by using the mobile App or website. When you want to create the account look at the upper right corner and click sign up.
There are different account types like the standard account which is free, the Pro account that costs $30 and the business account. You can start with a standard account and upgrade later if you wish
Step Three
You get a page that has three fields email address, create password confirm password. The email address you write would become your PayPal account.
Enter your email address and create a password. The password needs to be strong and difficult to decode then click Continue.
Your email must be valid because you will use it to verify your account
Step Four
On the next page that opens you get a form that requires your legal first name, legal last name. Other personal information is street address, city, state, Zip code, Mobile Number.
Step Five
You can enter your debit card or credit card details although this provision is optional. It is better to enter the details now because in future you will need to verify your PayPal account. Without verifying it you will be unable to withdraw online earnings.
You can choose the option of’ id rather link my bank first’

Step Six
You need to link your bank account to receive money. If you like you can skip this process for now by clicking I will link it later then confirm that you want to skip that field.
Step Seven
Apply for PayPal credit is strictly optional click NO THANKS and you will be taken to Summary page
paypal card
How to verify your PayPal account
To start operating your newly created PayPal account you need to verify your email. Log into your email account open the email they sent to you and click YES this is my email.
The email might end up in your spam folder if you can’t see it in the main text body. PayPal can send another message from your summary page Click confirm email to prompt another email message.
Link your Bank Account
You need to link you bank account to PayPal for funds transfer. Click Link a Bank option in your account summary page.  If your bank is listed you enter your online banking login to automatically link your bank account.
There is a fair chance it isn’t listed if you don’t operate an American bank account. To get it listed you need to enter routing number which is found at the bottom of your checks.
You also add your account number to complete the process. PayPal would send very small deposit into your account to confirm your account. You need to confirm the value of the deposits so they know you are the owner of the account.

Link Your Debit or Credit Card
Linking your debit or credit card allows easy checkout during online transaction. When buying online you don’t need to enter your information if you have a card linked to your account.
In your summary page click LINK A CARD to add a card to your account. Enter the card number, security code and expiring date it is important that the name on the card matches your legal name.
If properly done the card is linked instantly.
PayPal accepts major credit and debit card such as MasterCard, America Express, Discover and Visa Card.
How to Set Up a PayPal Account for Receiving Payments
Sending payment using PayPal is easy and a popular way of receiving payment is by sending a request. You can send your customers requests for payment. PayPal sends an email to your customers with a link to receive the payment.
The request form has a provision for a quick note which becomes part of the email your client receives. Sending a payment request form is an easy and convenient method used by many merchants.
The merchant can issue monthly invoices if he is to collect monthly payment from clients. To do this under the request money tab click create INVOICE link. It has automated invoice number, list of items, details and days including different templates.
How to open a virtual USA Bank Account
There is a company that provides a free US Virtual Bank account and an ATM card via post to your country of residence. The MasterCard is used at any Automated Teller Machine in India and around the world.
What are the benefits of having a US Virtual Bank Account?
Indians face lots of restrictions online especially when it requires collecting affiliate or job related earnings. The ATM debit card you get is linked to your American account and used to purchase goods and services online. Other uses include verification of PayPal America.
The account works nicely with Electronic Funds Transfer which is the only payment method used by some affiliate websites.
The account holder gets full control of transactions done with the debit card and an account number. A company that offer non-us residents a chance at running and operating a USA bank account is Payoneer.
Getting a Payoneer MasterCard does not need a SSI or IP change.  The card enables account holders withdraw funds via automated teller machines, bank transfer or direct deposit
Freelancers and bloggers including marketers sell products and receive affiliate earnings mostly from US companies like Godaday, ShareASale, Amazon and Clickbank.
The simplicity of redrawing directly from your ATM machines make Payoneer debit cards a winner.  On my travels abroad I usually carry only my Payoneer MasterCard and it works fine.
The only disadvantage I found with the card is that it operates a checking account system and not a savings system. The payoneer card is free and after opening the account it will take about a month to receive your MasterCard.
You can use the card to purchase books, receive PayPal payments, and buy products.
More on Payoneer
Payoneer is an avenue small business owner and professionals use to collect money from companies abroad. Payoneer when they receive payment into your account clear the check and load your payoneer account ready for use.
The US MasterCard can be used to withdraw money from over 200 countries worldwide.
Other countries like Africa, Asia, Sri Lanka can open an account from there different countries. Don’t pay anybody to open the account for you just follow the easy step by step guide
This is how to open a USA Bank Account from India
1             Log on Here to open a USA Bank account with- Sign up now and earn <!-
         $ ->       
2             Then Click Sign up
3             The next step is to complete the online form which include First name, Last name and email address. The information must be truthful and should correspond with your mode of identification. Before filling the form you need to know the postcode of your location. You can find the postcode via the postal service website or go to the nearest post office and ask.
4             This is very important that you get it right because they will send your card to the location you provide. Don’t forget to fill the post code/zip code of you location correctly.
5             You need to also scan your national identity card or passport or driving license.  The name on the identification card must correspond with the details you have provided.

6             Once the simple signup is complete they will send a confirmation request to your email
How Much does it cost to own a payoneer MasterCard
The entire process is free but you will be charge an annul fee of $25. They will only withdraw the $25 when you have money in the account.
Interestingly Payoneer has only withdrawn this sum once since I signup over four years ago. Other fees to look out for are a charge of $1 for every withdrawal you make via ATM.
Any transaction you do online does not attract any fees like buying a good or service.
The card has solved the basic problems of accessing funds online. It is easy to signup and collect earnings from hundreds of online merchants.
How to activate your payoneer card
It takes about a month to receive your payoneer card and after you get it you need to activate the MasterCard.
First login to payoneer account to activate it.
Click Activate button at the middle of the screen
Then enter the PIN code you received with the card through the post. You are at liberty to change the MasterCard password anytime you like.
Although you have now activated your card and it is ready to use you should consider applying for Payoneer USA payment Service.
Payoneer USA Payment service is a premium services that allows you receive direct deposit from partner companies directly into your payoneer account.
It works with Payoneer MasterCard using the ACH network. You need to submit an application with the following details.
1             Product or service that you offer or wish to receive payment
2             Direct web links to your products or blog or company profile.
After applying for the Payoneer US Payment Service you will get US payment information which includes the following
Bank Name, Account type- CHECKING, Account number and aba Bank Routing Number.
You are done!
How to open a Non Resident USA Bank Account on a Visit to America
You now know how to setup a PayPal and Payoneer Account. However, you are still interested in opening a regular USA bank account.
It is possible to open a bank account in the US if you have a deposit of $50,000. The amount is large and purposely discourages small business enterprises from opening accounts in US.
If you are a small business owner and you do not want to use either PayPal or Payoneer then the only alternative left is opening the US account personally. This is done by going to the US and opening the account.
A non resident visiting the US has a few obstacles before they can open an account. Opening a US account without a valid Social Security Number is a major challenge.
Another option is incorporating a company in US, filling tax and other legal requirements. The good news is that some US banks are willing to open a USA bank account without the holder depositing $50,000 or having a Social Security Number.
The downside is you need an average daily balance of $350- $750 depending on the bank.
Here is How to Open the USA Account when on a visit to USA
-Visit the United States of America
-They will request your Passport and make photocopies
-copy your home address and tender a utility bill
-make an initial deposit
-add a USA telephone number
Filling foreign individual or a foreign address will not work with US banks. The only address that the system allows is a valid USA address.
If you have a relative or trusted person in the US you can ask them if you can use their address. You can later ask the bank official to send a message to change your US address to your Home address.
To activate Online Banking Platform replace SSN with 9s number.
Once your US account is properly activated they will send you a welcome pack with details of charges. Some banks send three checks and a temporary debit card and online access.
Major USA Banks charge about $2 and 2.9% currency conversion fee. Very few USA banks allow non USA residents open account find the ones that do.
To get your permanent debit card to work get the bank to attach a temporary USA address. If you had gotten your friends address and left it on your form you will not encounter this hitch.
You now have a USA Bank account.


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