Small Business Ideas for Teenagers and Kids: 21+ Awesome business ideas for Young Entrepreneurs

The labor market is tough especially for young adults and teenagers.  This is because they have to compete with unemployed graduates, and many unemployed individuals.
Getting a job is increasingly difficult with fierce competition from out of work adults and foreign immigrants. Unfortunately teenage unemployment is on the increase amounting to over 28% in modern cities and 53% in Africa.
How does Unemployment Affect Teenagers?
Without job related experience many teenagers will have to contend with difficulty in time management and confidence. Work builds a sense of purpose, accomplishment and financial independence.
A teenager doing part time or full-time job is able to offset tuition fees while having some level of financial freedom.  I discovered my entrepreneurial spirit in my early teens (14 years old) and vividly remember buying some laminated sports cards form an adult.
I bought 2 dozen cards at $35 and sold them to my school mates at $3 a piece making a total of $72 and a profit of $37. From that experience I realized that I can make money by just being creative.
Today’s teens are extremely lucky because of the abundant resource available to them. They have various platforms to build experience, gain knowledge and discover endless business opportunities.
Starting any business venture is moderately challenging, all you need is creativity and the desire to succeed. Business ventures build characteristics like confidence, finance management and customer relationship skills.
Awesome Business Ideas for Teenagers
Every business venture begins with an idea that is developed and executed. The ideas range from service based, marketing, product development and e-commerce.
The internet is a vast resource of knowledge when searching for a viable business idea. You need to discover which ideas best appeals to you and learn how to establish the business.
Almost every teenager is cash strapped so we have given consideration to the amount of money needed to start each business venture in the list.
Different kinds of small business ideas for teenagers
Some small business ideas for teenagers are service, product or internet based business ideas. They range from low cost, easy to start and lots of customers to high startup businesses.
Babysitting is the most common type of business venture teenage girls and boys do. The business is easy requires zero capital investment and it pays well. Babysitting is a great way to earn money but it needs patience and lots of diligence.
To gain many clients you need to build your reputation as a good babysitter. You also need to chose your clients carefully and keep yourself safe.
2.How to Get Started
Once you have decided to start your babysitting business you need to advertise. You don’t have to pay anyone to print your handbills or posters.
To make posters all you need are some marker pencils and vanguard paper. Then write legibly and advertise as a babysitter and include any special skills that enhance your prospects. Also include a dedicated telephone number for your clients to reach you.
The next step is to write the same information on an A4 paper and make photocopies. Once you have your posters and hand bills post them in your neighborhood and in local shops.
Another important way to gain clients for your business is using online resources. You can post advertisement in local free classified websites or put up a profile on, and sittercity.
Growth potential
Once you have gained knowledge and have a good reputation for babysitting you need to expand your business. Some smart entrepreneurs increase profit by starting a babysitting Agency.
This sounds big but in practicality is quite simple. Get your fellow teenagers in your area to sign up as babysitter in your agency.
Anytime your source a job for them you get a certain percentage of their earnings. You are at liberty to register your outfit but keep in mind tax consideration.
The major challenge is getting clients and working out a reasonable commission. If your workers enjoy certain privileges and are happy in your employment your will get lots of money.
A note of warning: Because of the weirdness in the world today don’t accept jobs far from you location. Always let your parents know your location and reject any job you don’t feel comfortable doing.
How to Start a Baby Sitting Business
boy washing a car

3.Car Cleaning Service
Car cleaning service is a good business venture if you live in a middle class environment. The business is easy to do but needs lots of effort and manpower.
It involves offering to wash your neighbor’s cars for a fee. Car wash business is a very lucrative business and entrepreneurs doing this business make lots of money.
A Car wash charges are usually high and a neighbor will rather patronize you if your charges are slightly lower. To start this business you should identify your potential customers and offer slightly lower rates than established car wash.
Another clever technique is to offer thrice weekly charge as a bundle deal. Once you have lots of customers you will make regular income.
Try to maintain a high standard and watch your client base rapidly expand. Another idea is to include car oil maintenance into your business frame work.
All you have to do is check the engine oil level gauge and if it needs top up inform the owner. If you know how to gauge it properly then help the owner by adding engine oil.
Learn More On-How to Start a Car Wash Business
4.Children’s Event Organizer
If you have lots of organization and management skills then consider children’s event business. The business has two sectors which are organizing parties for children on behalf of the wards or your own event.
Some parents find it difficult organizing parties for there children and need help. This is where you come into the picture. Once they know you organize children parties they will contact and pay you for your service.
To organize the event you need to know the child’s interests to get a befitting theme. You can ask the child and parents to create a clear picture of what they need.
For every successful child’s event you organize the more customers you get. To do this business you need to determine how much your customers will pay. Once you have a list of items, decoration, food and type of entertainment including service fee send it to your client.
The good part about this business is your client bares the entire cost of the event. There are many occasions that might need your expertise like birthdays, school events, anniversaries and special holidays.
You can organize your own children’s event and get entry fees. The even can have lots of games, fun rides and entertainment.
Organizing your own children even is more difficult and involves your own money. It is more stressful and there is no guarantee of success. However, a successful gig will attract lots of money.
5.Kid’s Taxi Service
Kid’s taxi service is a good business and can make lots of money. The only criterion is good driving skills and road knowledge.
This business is growing in popularity because parents would rather trust their kid with teenagers than strange adults. Parents are also very busy and are grateful for any additional help in ferrying their children to events like dance, music, literary or sports events.
After school activities is a big reason kid taxis are growing in popularity. To do this business you need to have a high level of responsibility. The average age of teenage drivers acceptable in many countries is eighteen years of age.
You need to have a valid driving license, car insurance a good working car and phone.
Good business practice; Always try to inform your customers of your location especially when you get there. Communication and dependability is the key to car taxi business. The only major obstacle in kid taxi service is getting the car for your business.
To start this business you need funding to buy a used car and moderate promotions. You can get money from personal savings, family and friends or soft loans.
6.Homemade Candles
You can start a homemade candle business. Candle making is easier than you think and has two basic elements wax and wick.
To start this business you need to buy beautiful decorative mold to receive the hot wax. The shape of the mold dictates the way your candle will look.
Sell your candles to neighbors, friends and even restaurants. To market them you need to be very creative because candles are not essential commodities.
Source your wax and wick from reputable dealers and learn the essential of candle making
7.Greeting Cards
If you have a creative flair then greeting cards will fetch you modest income. You can make creating cards on commission bases or make a few and place in departmental stores.
You can market your cards online and offer them to prospective customers. To succeed make your card unique and target events and holidays like birthdays, anniversary and corporate gigs.
8.Social Media Consultant
Social media is here to stay and it has grown in popularity over the years. The importance of social media as a promotional tool has developed a whole new group of entrepreneurs.
Private individual and companies are willing to pay for the expertise of a social media consultant. Most companies are profit driven and are eager to pay consultants if it impacts positively on sales.
Teenage social media consultants make brisk business providing this service. To start you need to know how to create and advertise on various social media website and launch a successful campaign.
Many youths are fast becoming social media consultants.
9.Lemonade stand
Lemonade stand business works best when there is a yard sale. All you need to get rolling is lemonade, ice blocks and a stand.
You can’t make lots of money running a lemonade stand. This business is best left for your kid brother or sister.
10.Errands and Delivery Service
You can run errands for neighbors for a fee. The kind of task or errand dictates how much you charge. There are many errands or tasks people need done such as walking the dogs, picking up groceries and babysitting.
If you can multi task and have lots of boundless energy then you can do this business.
11.Sell other Peoples Products
Put on your sales cap and sell other peoples product. This is the simplest business model of the lot. You purchase and item wholesale or retail and resell the product.
Find items you think people like and search for discounts and bargains. Then sell the item to friends, family, students and the general public.
There is no limit to the kind of things you can sell such as jewelry, costume designs, scarves, cosmetic, face caps, bangles, bracelets or rings.
Find some item that you think you can sell get it at best price and sell for profit. If the item is unique you can sell on eBay or other e-commerce channels.
Your startup capital depends on the product and price.
12.Cut Firewood
If you have strength you can offer to cut firewood for cash. This business needs lots of manpower and patience. In cold regions that use firewood as a heating agent you will get good business.
Another way to approach this business is sourcing the wood cutting them and offering them for sale. If you don’t have the strength pay someone to cut the wood then package it and offer it for sale.
The business model will attract good returns on your time and investment.
13.Computer Repairs
Computers are not that complicated if you know how they work. The first thing is to learn how to fix computers by going for a short program and through tutorials.
Once you have mastered the skill offer your services to the general public. Use free classified to offer your services, fliers and hand bills.
Don’t forget to tell your friends and family to get more clients. If you do good work you will find yourself getting lots of customers.
The mistake teenagers make when doing this business is taking on too many clients at once. You need to pace yourself and the work to get happy customers.
To create more revenue streams you can include computer tutelage. Many people don’t know how to use the computer so charge a modest fee to teach them the basics.
14.Moving Assistance
Moving is stressful and the job of a moving assistants job is to reduce the stress by lending a helping hand. To have any semblance of success as a moving assistant you need regular work.
Senior citizens are your best bet including moving companies. You need to advertise your service on the internet and the local community.
disc jockey
15.Disc jockey
Do you love music and have an ear for good music. Then disc jockey business might be your calling card. To succeed in this business you need disc jockey equipment and lots of records.
You also need to learn the trade and practice your skill regularly. Disc jockeys make lots of money because of the different places they play their music.
They are needed in clubs, parties, weddings and school programs. Build a good brand for yourself, promote your business and see the money build up.
How to Start a Disc Jockey Business
16.Music Lessons
Are you proficient in music and have mastered instruments? Why not start giving music lesson in your free time many parents will gladly pay for lesson for their children
There is zero startup capital and moderate earnings. To increase the amount you make organize group music lessons for a small fee.
It takes the same amount of effort to teach a single student or a group lesson.
17.House Painting
Offer your services as a house painter to your neighbors. House painting is relatively easy because all you need is a brush, roller and paint.
The difficulty in this business is the manual labor.  You need only a roller and a few brushes and a bucket. Then place advertisement in popular areas and online to get more customers.
Charge fair but competitive prices and work diligently. If the scope of work is a lot get a friend or two to join you and share the profit.

18.General Maintenance Handyman
The job of a handyman involves general maintenance of a house. He does simple tasks like changing a light bulb, carpentry work, refurbishing and electrical work.
Once you have the basic tool and knowledge the rest is pure profit.
19.Pet Services
Offer pet services like walking the dog or pet sitting. Other services under pet services are aquarium cleaning, maintenance and dog cleanup services.
The startup capital for this business is zero and you earn decent wages.
20.Online Auctioning
If you have an eye for unique items sell them online. Place them on top auction websites with a good picture and description of the item.
Factor in cost of shipment and a minimum amount you are comfortable with. Another technique is to find such items online buy them and repackage them for sale.
If you are creative make an item and put it up for auction. Many teenagers have found moderate success selling items online.
21.Web Based Business
There are many web based business like graphic designs and web development. Others are internet marketing, freelance writing and blogging.
Find out were your passion lies and build an online business.
Warning:  Although the internet has lots of opportunity for teenage entrepreneurs be very careful who you do business with. Never disclose your identity to strangers or meet any Stranger offline.
If there is going to be an offline business transaction go with a friend or two and meet in a crowded public place.
Be Safe.
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Here is a more comprehensive list of business ideas that you can do
1             Small engine repair
2             Children’s Night out
3             Vacation Childcare
4             Holiday decorating
5             Lawn care
6             Selling custom t-shirts
7             Data archive
8             Entertainer
9             Party planner
10          Garage sales
11          Academic tutor
12          Growing organic vegetables
13          Film to digital scanning
14          Specialty photographer
15          Language instructor
16          Organizing an educational tour
17          Construction cleaning
18          Gutter cleaning
19          Selling used books
20          Gutter cleaning
21          Pressure washing
22          Roofing
23          Carpet and upholstery cleaning
24          Treasure hunting
25          Cake making business
26          House sitting
27          Interior designing
28          Pool cleaning business
29          Lawn mowing and leaf removal
30          Newspaper delivery service
31          Dry cleaning service
32          Personal shopper
33          Senior care


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