50+Small Business Ideas for Women-Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

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Women are great entrepreneurs and they account for a majority of businesses owned world wide. The businesses are small or large scale industries, petty trading and home-based business.
Are you thinking of stating a business? There are many business opportunities for aspiring women wither you are a nursing mother, stay at home mom or housewife.
Starting a business venture provides the entrepreneur an outlet for self expression. The business is either full time, part time and provides steady or additional income.
The reasons to start a business vary but the most compelling is seeking a viable source of income. Listed below are lots of practicable small business ideas for budding business woman.
Become an Author
Some of the bestseller writers are women they compete favorably with there male counterparts. Women dominate genres like romance, children’s Books, Fantasy Fiction, Cook Books, Fantasy Romance and Fashion.
Becoming an author is relatively easy with the advent of the internet. All you need is a good well written story, proof read and edited content.
Design your book cover art using free online resources. Choose a self publishing platform, upload the book content and cover then select a price and you are done.
The book is an eBook, print on demand or a downloadable PDF format.
Are you a creative artist with lots of artistic skill? Then you can earn a decent income doing what you love creating art. The types of medium accepted by art market places are endless from sketching, oil painting, print and watercolor.
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is one of the most common business ventures online. The affiliate marketer promotes either a product or a service and earns commission.
The marketer is given a unique affiliate link to place in certain locations. Anytime someone clicks on the link the person is taken to the sales page.
When a sale or service is purchased within a specified period the affiliate marketer earns a commission. The promotional method used by the marketer includes links on blogs, website, email marketing, social media advertisement and Google Adwords.
Beauty parlor
Women dominate beauty parlor business around the world. The business entails owning a shop and providing services like hair making.
Other treatments provided by beauty parlors are pedicure and manicure. They also sell beauty products like soaps, perfumes, and hair treatment solutions.
Some include services like sauna, massage and body wax treatment.
A Stay at home mom is at liberty to build a blog and monetize it. Blogging is very competitive so you need good quality content and lots of traffic.
Monetize your blog with Google adsense and affiliate links.
Baby products
Baby products attract high premium prices in the open market. There are many baby products such as baby shoes, cloths, baby food and toys.
The aspiring business woman has two options buy wholesale and sell retail or manufacture the products yourself.
Both manufacturing of baby products and buying in bulk needs lots of marketing to get customers. A business woman interested in baby products will require adequate funding before entering the business.
Coaching Service
Coaching service providers make lots of money doing what they love. A career coach helps young people reach their potential. While life coaches help youths gain knowledge about everyday challenges.
A health coach deals with health related issues like teenage pregnancy and dyslexia. Discover your passion, gain knowledge about a chosen subject and teach eager students.
Whatever your professional qualification or specialization someone is eager to learn from you.
Cake Baking
Cake making is easy all you need is flour, sugar, butter, baking powder and an oven. Build up your baking skill and add interesting shapes colors and icing.
Let people in your area know that you bake cakes and get regular orders from friends and family. There are many special occasions when cakes are needed like birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.
How Cake Making Business
Part time Teaching
Some schools have contracts with part time teachers. You can offer your teaching skills to as many institutions that are willing to pay.
You can also organize after school lessons for students. Students taking GCE are more likely to seek help from lesson teachers
Child care Services
You can run a child care service from your home with ease. When the parent has an outing or function they might need the child care service.
This allows them more flexibility in their schedule while putting cash in your hands.
Proof Reader
A proof reader helps an author arrange the words and correct errors. Proof reading is time consuming but pays well for your effort.
To get gigs online offer your services on fiverr.com or freelancer.com. The more gigs and positive recommendations you get the more work on your table.
Event Planning
Event planning needs lots of coordination and organization. If you love organizing parties, get-together and cooperate parties then event planning is your gig
The grander the event the more money you make. Common events the need event planners are weddings, anniversaries and entertainment events.
IT consultant
IT has to do with software development, networking, trouble-shooting and consultancy services. IT consultant business has grown in leaps and bounds as technology becomes more commonplace.
You can start your IT business from home and expand as your client list increase. IT consultants make lots of money when they get a good contract.
Arts and Craft
Use your creativity to earn steady income. Arts and crafts are big sellers both offline and online. Make unique items and sell them online, in bookstore, shops or art houses
Build an App
The more useful an App is the bigger it gets and more money you make. An App generally is supposed to simplify daily tasks or create amazing games.
If you have the technical skill why no build a useful App. Do you know you can outsource experts to build your App for you?
All you need is to come up with a brilliant idea for the App.
Tutoring Lessons
This is a highly recommended business for stay at home moms. Tutoring allows flexibility while gaining a steady client base.
Organize your classes after school hours and handle only a few students at a time. The great thing about tutoring is the success of your student usually translates to more clients.
Franchise Owner
Some companies offer Franchising to businesses and private individuals. The franchisee pays a certain amount to get the franchise of the parent company.
The advantage of becoming a franchise owner is the business support you get from the parent company.  To get into this business you need to find the right franchise.
Search opportunities in your area of interest and study their business proposal.
Food Creator
Do you have a homemade recipe that is just amazing? You can create and sell the product to eager customers.
There are limitless possibilities in the food creator business. Find a niche develop the product, preserve, can, label and sell to supermarkets. You might need local authority testing and certification.
hair dresser
Hair Dresser Business
Hair dressing is a nice business venture that earns daily income. The equipment used by hair dressers are basic and easy to procure.
You need a shop in a busy location to attract customers and learn how to make fabulous hair styles or hire hair stylists.
Hand made Invitation Cards
Hand made invitation cards are specialty cards that add uniqueness to any occasion. The cards are costlier than print because they are hand made.
Reach out to potential customers through online classified, neighbors, family and friends.
House Cleaning Service
House cleaning is hard work but the remuneration is good. Many people need the services of house cleaners and are willing to pay for the service.
Promote your business through online classified, newspapers, hand bills and posters. House cleaning is lucrative and you get recurrent patronage.
Baby Sitting
Baby sitters are paid reasonably well by grateful parents. You can start a baby sitting business from your home. If you are a stay at home mom baby sitting is your best bet.
House Sitter
A house sitters job is very boring and requires long hours. The house sitter takes care of the client’s property when they are away.
The house sitter makes sure the house runs efficiently. Some aspects of house sitting is paying electrical bills, cleaning dirt and feeding pets.
 Many publications need illustrations to bring them to life. A good illustrator earns regular income for her passion.
Some publications that need illustrators are poetry books, fashion magazines, eBooks, and children books.
Interior Designers
Interior designers are in great demand in offices, building projects and stores. The designer works with the vision of the client to transform a space.
Start by offering free interior design consultation then buildup the business.  Your business grows as your client list increases.
Invent something patent it and sell, the more useful your invention the greater your profit margin. You might just get lucky and get a high net worth core investor.
Get creative and put your grey matter to task.
Social Media Marketer
Social media marketers know how to harness the power of social media for traffic and conversions. Many affiliate marketers hire the services of a social media expert.
Established companies also reach out to media marketers to effectively advertise a product or service.
Sell used Items
There are many websites to sell your used items. To sell the item you need a description, image and price. You can even place the item on an auction website for the highest bidder.
Jewelry Making
Jewelry making is a good home based business. All you need are a few specialized tool a table and pieces of jewelry.
You can make bangles, neck chains, bracelets foot chains and bracelets. There are many outlets to sell your costume jewelry
Content Writing
Content is what makes the internet a good source of information. Content writers earn decent wages producing valuable articles for websites.
Some website pay content writer once there publication is live. While other websites share revenue with content writer
Content writer also make money from personal blogs and paid assignments. If you can work under pressure and accept writing jobs for instant pay.
Wedding Planner
Wedding planner work under extreme pressure conditions to pull of fabulous weddings. They take care of all aspects of the ceremony from entertainment, food and decoration.
If you have great organizational skill then wedding planning business is calling your name.
There are lots of seamstress shops in my area and they seem to have lots of business. A seamstress sews cloths to order that fit perfectly. They can also carry out small alterations and adjustment.
Software Developer
Develop software for schools and companies and smile to the bank. Many companies need effective software to simplify their business operations.
Software developers are in high demand because software is not static.
SEO Consultant
Search engine optimization experts are highly needed online. They help increase the visibility of websites which could translate to more earnings.
Top Search Engine Optimization consultants make thousands of dollars helping blogs and websites reach their potential. The website gains higher ranking and first page views when fully optimized.
Article contribution websites
 You don’t need to own a blog or website to contribute content. There are a number of article contributory websites that share revenue with contributors.
To earn regular income you need to write original content and contribute regularly. The amount you make is relatively small except if you have lots of articles.
A content contribution website i use is hubpages.com they allow adsense, Amazon associate, eBay and hub adverts to generate income.
Graphic Designer
There are many business opportunities for graphic designers. To get clients advertise your service in newspapers, online classified. Another way to get clients is to become a freelancer and register on websites like Click Bank, fiverr, freelancers.
Gardening and Landscaping
If you have green fingers then gardening and landscaping is good business. Offer your gardening skill to neighbors for a fee. Slowly buildup your client list and expand your business template.
Online Store
Build an online store and earn regular income. You are at liberty to sell your own items or select other peoples products and earn commission.
Amazon associate is a good place to source endless products. They sell household items, books, electronic equipment even heavy equipment.
They handle the inventory and shipping all you do is place an affiliate link to the item.
pet grooming
Pet Grooming
Pet grooming is big business if you have a popular outlet. Pet owners spend insane amount of money grooming their pets. To succeed as a pet groomer you need to get the appropriate equipment, training and nice location.
There are many ways to earn money as a photographer. You can take family portraits or work as a wedding photographer.
Other ways to earn from photography is taking beautiful pictures frame them and sell. Another way is to submit your pictures to top stock photography sites
 Project Manager
Project management is all about organization and planning. The various tasks carried out by project managers include project development, planning and other oversight functions.
Pet Sitting
Pet sitters take care of peoples pets when the owners are away on vacations. They feed them make sure they have their medications, feeding and grooming.
Sales Representative
There are many companies looking for sales representatives. The business is driven buy sales commissions and profit. A sales representative works strictly by commission and wont get paid if no sales.
Real Estate Agent
You can make lots of money as a real estate agent. You earn a percentage of the sale or an agreed commission. The major challenge in real estate agency is getting good property and paying clients.
Some more Business ideas for women
1             Video producer
2             Virtual assistant
3             Translator
4             Travel planner
5             Medical transcription
6             Tax consultant
7             Sports instructor
8             Public relations expert
9             Personal trainers
10          Personal shopper
11          Online publisher
12          Personal chef
13          Information system administrator
14          Mystery shopper
15          Recruitment director
16          Internet researcher
17          Independent tour guide
18          Financial planner
19          Wholesale or retailer
20          Bookkeeper


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