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Leather Bag Making Business: How to Start a Bag and Purse Making Business

Leather bag making is a venture that requires both creativity and business acumen. The startup cost depends on your business model either assembly line or hand made.
Other things that impact on your leather wear are quality of item, design concept and originality. The homestead format is not capital intensive and need low startup funds.
It takes lots of technical knowledge and fashion flare to create a design that trend. The business of bag making is tough and highly competitive and there are many players.
To gain top dollar in this enterprise strive to make durable, functional and beautiful bags for mass production. There are lots of raw materials available in the domestic market making the venture very viable.
Even machinery used to manufacture the items is simple basic and easily produced locally. These facts make bag business very attractive to investors.
There are a few steps to take before launching your creative enterprise.
Outline the Company Structure
You need a business plan to successfully start a leather bag manufacturing enterprise. The first step is to gain technical knowledge of bag making.
Then find a good source for your raw material and cost implications. Factor how to get startup capital, tax issues, company name and niche market.
You need to decide on manufacturing, wholesale or the retail end of the business. Other considerations are target customers, staff strength, location and marketing.
Wholesalers might create their own designs and sell to retailers. While retailers purchase the item and sell to individual customers.
You need to differentiate your product from others obtained in the market. Create a brand name synonymous with high quality and perfection.
The name is sewn into every product that comes out of your assembly plant. Big designers proudly display their brand names on each product.
There are a few ways to raise funds for your business. You can get loans from banks, personal savings or friends. Other sources are through crowd funding or cooperative loans.
You can sell shares in your company or find a core investor. There is nothing wrong in getting a partnership agreement to get more funds.
Type of Leather Bag
There are different types of leather brands in the market. You need to decide on what type to produce because there are so many choices.
Some are laptop bags, handbags, purses, traveling bags and even briefcases. The type of product dictates the design, scope of operation and even leather.
Fashion is not static and certain items are trending today and forgotten tomorrow. Before selecting the product do lots of research, fact finding and product testing.
You don’t want to be caught with a product nobody wants. Make small samples and seek honest opinions about the product before mass production.
Other important aspect before choosing a product or design is the price. More things to mole over are how to market the item successfully.
Gain Technical Knowledge
You need lots of creativity and craftsmanship to design a good product. There are many ways to develop your talent such as through books or tutorials.
Other methods involve skill training or becoming an apprentice. Learn to design functional, practical and beautiful products for the general public. Another good idea to gain technical knowledge is working with a coach.
Get a Permit
You might need a trade licenses and permits to make bags. You also need to register your business either as an enterprise, one man business or limited liability company.
You can find further information on setting up your company from you local chamber of commerce and industry. A vendor’s license is important because of tax, legal and account purposes.

Things to consider before starting a bag business
There are a few things to consider before starting your bag empire
1             Create a desirable product for the market
2             Do lots of research
3             Get permits
4             Learn from books, be an apprentice or understudy a coach
5             Do lots of product testing and take surveys
6             Find a niche market
7             Have a unique selling point to differentiate your brand and stand out.
8             Make sure the bag is sturdy, durable elegant and functional
9             Decide on source of funding either through bank loans or savings
10          You need effective marketing strategies to push your brand
How to Make Leather Bags
The first step is to create a beautiful design. The design works as a guide and template for cutting, stitching and sewing the leather.
You then select the type of leather that brings the design to life. Other considerations are the manufacturer’s specification.
Add interesting bits like straps, rings, chains, buckles to your finishing. The color, texture and shine add character to the final product.
Try to use high grain leather for better results. Once you have decided on the production process buy the necessary machinery, sampling or outsource production.
The type of Packaging, branding and marketing should be give careful consideration.
Wholesale, Retail or Manufacture
If you are strictly into manufacturing you need to liaison with wholesalers. Manufacturing is a challenge because you have two options. One is finding a manufacturer that meets your expectations or doing it yourself.
Outsourcing your product to established manufacturers is the less expensive option. You only need a strong contract and effective quality control.
If you want to go into retailing then you can purchase different products from manufacturers. It is easy to find manufacturers and wholesalers eager to do business.
Simplify your operations by using only one trusted manufacturer. Manufacturers work generally on unit per cost and might include delivery service and shipment.
Major players in this regard are India and Chinese leather goods manufacturers.
Price of your Goods
To succeed your goods should have a competitive price. When arriving at a price, factor in cost per unit, type of leather, labor and value added tax.
An over priced item will be difficult to sell especially a new brand name. Once properly established with a powerful reputation your brand becomes a premium.
Create a Website
A website as a marketing tool is not a bad idea. The website should contain product detail, prices and beautiful photographs.
Get a merchant account to receive credit card payments or activate PayPal on your website. If you don’t have the perquisite skills to design a website hire a web designer.
You website can target wholesalers, retailers and individual’s customers for your items. To save space and reduce warehousing costs, order directly from your manufacturers.
To gain lots of customers apply effective marketing techniques. The bag world is highly competitive so you need to get your brand noticed.
Invest in television advertisement, newspaper advertisements and magazine adverts. Spend a little on amazing billboards in strategic areas like highbrow malls and super stores.
Get your products in such store including more product advertisement. If you can afford it use a famous celebrity to advertise your bag.
Other methods are through Google Adwords, online classified and press release. An interesting way to market your item is through sales representatives and mobile stores.
Make a glossy catalog or brochure to introduce your product. You can leverage on print media like complementary cards, handbills, posters and banners.

26 Profitable Sports Business Ideas: 26 Top Business Ideas in the Sports Industry

Are you passionate about sports related business then you are in luck. Sports related businesses account for several billion dollars industry world wide.
The industry is huge and has many sectors related to products, services and participatory sports. The sports entrepreneur could provide a service like sports management or sports insurance.
Sports business has may huge conglomerates and brand names however the industry is able to accommodate small, medium and large entrepreneurs
The industry is full of untapped opportunities that a business man can leverage on to earn decent income. Other important sectors in sports industry is the manufacturing sector. 
Manufacturing is either done on a small scale or industrial level. Sports items like footballs, cricket bats, sports shoes, nets, and cloths just to mention a few.
The amount of capital invested into the business dictates your business model. Whatever model you choose the sports industry is able to accommodate your vision.
The sports industry is highly profitable but you need proper knowledge and management skills. You need to decide on which aspect of sports business you want to establish.
Listed below are several sports related businesses you can do to earn a living. Some of the businesses mentioned need some capital investment but others might require substantial investment.
wordpress bike
Start a Professional Sports Blog
You can start a sports blog with zero capital investment. Host your blog on a free host platform and create sports related posts.  You have the option of concentrating on a sports niche like basket ball, cricket, football or athletics.
There are many areas of sports journalism like daily news update, up coming events and statistics. Other things to focus on are club table, general sports review and live sports.
The quality of the content with attracts sport’s fans to your blog. Sports fans are fanatical and eagerly seek news about areas of interest. The sport industry that attracts lots of cooperate sponsorship, advertisements and endorsements.
Monetize your blog with direct advertisement placement, advertisement networks, products and sports memorabilia.
You can sell sport event tickets and gift items on your blog
Start a Sports Photography Business
Sports photography is a lucrative way to earn income. It is exciting, financially rewarding and challenging at the same time. Sports photographers always strive to get the perfect shot that will make history and resonate for years to come.
Do you remember the iconic image of Mohamed Ali in the Rumble in the Jungle image? A sports photographer strives to capture high quality images from sporting events.
You need registration and certification from local regulatory bodies to gain access to top sporting events. Sports photography business is lucrative if you learn the trade and take stunning images.
sports bar
Open a Sports Bar
Sports bars are a meeting destination for sports enthusiast. The bar offers to its customers live sporting events, reviews and charts.
Sports bars are very popular, whenever there is a major sporting event like club football the bar is usually packed to the rafters.
The bar owner makes money from the patronage and in certain countries slightly increase the cost of the beverage or charge a small fee.
The amount of money you invest in your bar depends on location, interior decor, and other running costs.
Open a Sports Shop
A sports shop sells items like balls, bats, branded t-shirts, cps and sneakers. They also have pictures and images, and other sports related items.
The shop should be located in a sporting environment to attract buyers. The major people that buy sports items are professional athletes, youths and bargain hunters.
The sports shop can sell different collections of magazines, and sports newspapers. A sports shop is capital intensive because sports items are costly.
Open an Online Sports Business
You can complement your physical store with an online presence. You will make more money running an online store than your physical store because you are no longer limited to a location.
Online store opens the world to your amazing collection of sports accessories and memorabilia. You don’t even need a physical store to run an online sports business.
All you need are a number of interesting items and an eCommerce website. The way a sports eCommerce website works is you showcase the item for sale.
If there is a purchase you handle the packaging and shipping of the good. This is done either by courier service, airfreight or postal service.
horse racing
Sports Betting Company
There are two ways to get into sports betting. The first is to invest heavily in developing your betting company, get certification and accreditation from government authorities.
You need a corporate headquarters, powerful website that accommodates online gaming. The software should be highly interactive and secure.
Your betting company needs physical agents and small retail outlets. This is where the second business opportunity in sports betting comes into the picture.
If you don’t have huge funds to start a Sports betting company become an agent for a betting company.
This business format requires little capital and the major investment is the shop rental, computer and agent fees.
The sports agent earns a commission on the amount generated by the gamblers. The parent company provides the training and printing equipment to the agent.
Pay per View Live Streaming
Any popular pay per view streaming is highly lucrative. The business man needs to first secure streaming rights before he can offer the service. Live streaming is very popular among movie watchers and sports fans. The subscription quickly adds up, earning the pay per view business lots of profit.
The reason why it works is because of the huge world population and marketing potential.
sports equipment
Manufacture Sports Equipment
Sports equipment manufacturing is big business. The business covers every aspect of sports form the hardware to various products.
The entrepreneur studies his immediate market and decides on the equipment to manufacture. It is better to concentrate on favorite sports events as a good business strategy.
To get into manufacturing sports products and equipment you need lots of financing. If you have a good credit rating and physical property obtain loans from banks.
Hire experts in the field and gain knowledge of the manufacturing process, marketing and distribution. You need to have a budget, plan adequately before venturing into sports manufacturing.
Become a Sports Consultant
Sports consultants offer there services to sports men and women. Many country hire sports consultants for advice on several sports related issues. Sports consultancy is a high paying job.
The good thing about sports consultancy is that the bigger your reputation and achievements the higher your profile and more money you make.
Networking is an important aspect of sports consultancy business and having the right connections.
Open a Sports Souvenir Shop
The best location for a sports souvenir shop is beside or inside a stadium. Sports fans are the major customers of sports souvenir shops.
After and before a game they spend hundreds of dollars buying souvenirs. Branded souvenirs are the highest sellers such as sports jerseys, face caps that have their favorite clubs logos and images.
Sports souvenirs are highly prized items they are durable and have longevity and value.
Sell Sports Tickets
You will make cool cash selling sports event tickets. There are many major sports events that attract lots of fans. The sports ticket selling business earns the seller commission.
You only earn commission as a ticketer therefore you need to sell lots of tickets. The best ticket sales are made at football, cricket matches and basketball matches.


Become a Football Scout
The next Messi and Ronaldo might be lurking a few blocks from you. Football scouts find talented youths and build them to become super stars.
The best hunting grounds are age grade international matches, football academies and local leagues. Other good places to find future stars are street corners and high school matches.
You need to network and build lots of connections in the football scout business. The scout earns huge commissions in transfer fees and other deals related to his player.
Start a Sports Training School
The sports training school can focus on training football referees. Other areas the school might develop are sport coaches of different disciplines.
To run a training school you need local government certification. Training schools require lots of funding, top quality training staff and equipment. The school needs accreditation of international sports bodies to give authenticity to your certificates.
Start a Football Academy
Starting a football academy is a good business venture. The business nurtures youths into future football stars. The academy owners most ensure top quality facilities and teachers.
To start a football academy you need a standard football field, boarding house and class rooms. You also have to get state certification and accreditation before opening your school.
Start a Cycling Business
A cycling club is all about leisure and fun activities. Locate your sports cycling business in a tourist or holiday destination.
The patrons hire your bikes for a few hours and go on scenic rides. The major expenditure in this business are the bicycles. The bicycle club can target locals like children and youths in the region.
You can make money from club membership and discounts.

 Build a Sports App.
Do you know how to build Apps then create sports App. Build a highly interactive and useful App and you could make a little money. There are lots of Apps on Google Play and other App marketplace.
There are Apps on health, food, nutrition and exercise.
Organize a Local Football Match
Football matches attract lots of fans and sports lovers. You can organize a local football game and attract lots of football lovers.
You make money from tickets and corporate sponsorship. To attract lots of interest you need to promote the event and get approval from local authorities.
The major challenge when organizing a football match is getting the teams, a football pitch and approval. Another easier method is to organize college football competitions.
Wholesale and Retail Business
A good business venture is opening a sport wholesale and retail outfit. There is a huge market for sports goods and products. Wholesalers stock the goods and sell to retailers while retailers sell directly to customers.
Discover the sports goods that are popular in your area and stock up on them. Some localities are crazy about boxing, others handball or basket ball.
Your job is to discover the passion, select appropriate goods and make money
Open a Gym
Gyms are here to stay because health and fitness is very popular today. Gyms are found in every locality, street corners and local government area. If you are interested in the sports industry why not start a local gym.
Start a Radio Program
There are two ways to get unto radio one is to join a radio station or start your own. A radio station needs a transmitter a few radio equipment and government certification and approval.
Every country has there own rule and legislation governing radio ownership. If you are a good orator then try working as a sports presenter on a radio station.

Sports Clothing Line Business
Sports clothing is a multi million dollar industry that attracts lots of companies. Sports clothing are usually pricey and high quality fabric.
To get into sports clothing business you need to use the best quality fabrics and lots of marketing. The business is highly competitive and an entrepreneur needs to stand out from the pack.
 Sports League Business
A sports league is recreational and youths focused. There are different leagues like basket ball leagues and football league.
The type of league you start should mirror the sports best loved in your locality. Running a sports league business aids the community while putting hard cash in your pocket.
Organize a Sports Camp Business
Your sports camp can focus on youths and kids. Do adequate planning before implementing your vision. Sports camps are fun, educational and build confidence and character in the kids.
Start a Sports Apparel Business
You sports apparel business needs licensing and registration. You can sell the sports, merchandise both online and offline.
The business format is simple but requires adequate funding.
Managing Athletes
There are many opportunities in the sports industry. One of such business opportunities is sports agency.
You can become a sports agent by opening a sports agency office. Agents make money from commissions on transfers, endorsements and winnings. The business is lucrative if you represent top athletes.
Personal Fitness Coach
There are many aspects to becoming a personal fitness coach. You can become fitness instructor, personal trainer or fitness coach.
The job descriptions are the same but vary slightly in execution. 

More Sports Business Ideas
Sports magazine
Good investment opportunity is establishing a sports magazine. Sports attract lots of passion, dedicated fans. They are eager to learn about their favorite stars including upcoming events. You need printing experience, professional reporters and distribution channel.
Sports television program
Independent television programs have their own audience. They involve good concept, funding, syndication. To start a program you must pitch the program to stations in your locality. You would need to pay for an assign broadcast bandwidth.
Customized jersey store
A customized jersey of a famous athlete is good business. However there are copyright laws guiding the enterprise. The cloths could have images, numbers, club logos and monograms.
Sports video games
You need to invest in popular video games consoles. Common games are car racing, adventure games, combat videos and football games. Find a location close to schools, residential areas.
Manufacture sports equipment
Quality sports kits are expensive, specialized to a particular game. You need to decide what type equipment to manufacture. Other considerations are type of equipment, factory space and machine operators. Others are appropriate pricing, branding and marketing
Taekwondo Club
Taekwondo is a popular sports taught to adults and children. Open a club in your locality, visit schools or recreational centers.
Football viewing center
Football is almost like a religion in many countries. Many fans love to gather together to watch their favorite clubs. Viewing centers make brisk business showing premiership matches, Italian league and Spanish league.
Open a public swimming pool
Public swimming pools are both recreational centers, health centers. A swimming pool in a good location would attract regular earnings for the owner.
Sell tickets for sport events
Ticket sales are big business if you are close to a stadium. Seasonal tickets are costly yet the sell out in a few weeks. You could run a sports store related to the sports event of you choice.

Business Process Outsourcing: How to Start a Business Process Outsourcing Company

Business processing outsourcing is closely related to the function of outsourcing. It is a contractual agreement between two parties to manufacture or perform a service.
The contracting of a service to a third party is called business processing outsourcing. Large companies especially in Europe and America have found PBO a useful business initiative.
BPO is usually used for Back office services include accounting, finance, human resources and minor front end operations. Others are services like customer relations and contact center services.
BPO provides a seamless operational format for companies to contract a small part of their operation to a third party. They hire outside partners to perform certain non core functions.
 The front office functions generally outsourced are secretarial work, filling documents, accounting and other non core services. Advancement in technology has increased the prospect of hiring highly technical or qualified professionals to do the job.
Others business outsourced are manufacturing, graphic designers, marketers, labor, sewing and paralegal services. BPO has two formats one is outsourcing within the same country referred to as ‘near shore’ outsourcing or outside the country ‘off shore’.
Often manufacturing and information technology are the most common forms of the process
Why Outsource Part of your Business
The major reasons for companies to adapt BPO as a business template are many. The structure effectively reduces the cost of labor, invariably increasing revenue. Other reasons are the ability to hire cheaper highly qualified professionals including reducing overhead such as tax, health insurance, rent, and payroll.
Business process outsourcing increases efficiency and competitiveness in your chosen sector. It also increases company flexibility, cost efficiency, and direct quality control.
India is a major player due to highly qualified workforce and advancement in technology.  This has a great impact on offshore services provided in the country.
 Other production based services are garment, packaging and some labor services. The service trade accounts for billions of dollars in foreign exchange to India.

Other major BPO countries are the Philippines, South Africa and China. A major benefit of BPO is quick and responsive changes in capacity and less investment in assets.
 It allows the company more time to focus on core operations without much bureaucracy. More benefits of operating this process include speed and efficiency, growth potential ad less capital expenditure.
When to Outsource
With all the benefits of efficiency and reduced cost a company might decide to try BPO. The process is not limited to large conglomerates because small and medium companies can also benefit.
The big question is when to use business process outsourcing to re-position your company. Sometimes a company discovers a huge growth in their customer base and administrative functions. This is good but might affect the productivity and capacity of an overworked staff.
The company has to decide on either reducing productivity or re-position the business. They can decide to hire more staff which means more payrolls, heath insurance and overhead costs.
Outsourcing the job to qualified freelancers reduces these costs exponentially.  Another reason companies consider this format is when undertaking a new project.
Instead of adding more workload on in-house staff they can contract the job to freelancers. A major factor that contributes to company deciding on BPO is growth.
Delegating non core jobs through contractual agreements is an effective business strategy. There are many competent qualified professionals willing to do the job for less.
A small enterprise might contract virtual assistants, bookkeepers, project managers, graphic designers and web developers. The need of the enterprise depends on the scope of work and contractual agreement.
What to Outsource
BPOs provide a free-for-service business model such as software development. To free employees from non core administrative process a third party vendor is needed.
You need to determine your core competence, capacity and value before outsourcing any part of your operation. The major tasks carried out by your staff is a no go area because any major drift might adversely affect the company.
There are categories of jobs a company can outsource such as tasks that involve specialized knowledge like information technology. Others are highly repetitive jobs like data entering and skilled jobs like financial analysts.
More examples of repetitive jobs are sewing jobs, assembly, accounts, inventory and sorting. Highly specialized jobs revolve around professionals in certain fields, IT and product development.
Companies might need the services of a highly skilled executive with vast knowledge of financial analysis and business operation. The person could be a retired top member of staff as a consultant.
Who to Hire
Finding reliable and efficient outsource providers is easier in today’s global economy. A few ways to find competent hands is through technology like the internet, networking, and recommendations.
Other ways to find companies to work with is through classified advertisements, and professional bodies. Online resources that help in this regard are freelance websites like freelancers, and ODesk
An amazing thing about business process outsourcing is the flexibility of the process. Your contract is not localized to one country and you cam have people working in different countries and locations.
Before going into contract you need to gather the best information about the company. Seek previous clients and get vital information on the company’s service delivery and work ethics.
Focus on your specific needs to determine the best candidate for the job.
What is Expected?
Once you have settled on a company create a contract that outlines your expectations.  Trust is an important factor in outsourcing your business process. The whole point of BPO is to delegate non crucial business to partner companies.
Cost Considerations
Cost differs according to the involvement and scope of work. Things to consider are highly technical professionals, location and wages.

factory workers
Outsourcing Problems
It is not all about smelling the roses because there are a few problems that may arise. The major problems with BPOs are over dependency on the offshore company, poor contractual agreement, and poor service delivery.
Other problems are security risks pertaining to information technology, language, patent theft, loss of independence and weak running costs. You need to effectively manage risks to control the business process.
Among all the prevailing problems the most difficult is poor contractual agreement. Generally BPO contracts run from 3 years to 5 years.
Despite the problems BPO provides new business opportunities for growth, development and cost management. Another advantage is the time zone of offshore BPOs that allow extended working hours.
The benefits out way the problems because it allows highly trained professionals contribute to the growth of your enterprise.
How to start a BPO Company
The main function of a BPO company is getting regular jobs. To start this business you need to find your niche.
Then register your company as a limited liability company. Once that is done hire appropriate staff for your organization. The most difficult task is getting top companies to hire your services.
Before approaching any company make sure you have the right equipment and staff to successfully deliver the job. To set up your business you need a business plan, finance, location, qualified staff and marketing.
Outsourcing is beneficial to both parties providing growth for companies and jobs for countless workers. Are you interested in finding companies that outsource their non core operations then learn more.

Hair Extension Business Ideas: Hair Extensions Business and Different Types of Hair Extensions

You can easily turn your passion into a profitable business with hair extension. Worldwide hair extension is big business raking several Billion dollars annually.
The insatiable interesting in hair has made this business venture very lucrative.  Americans and Europeans are the biggest users of hair and it’s equally popular in the Africa.
There are different types such as the curly, waxy and the most popular ones the straight hair.
Why is Hair Attachments so Popular
The truth is that the product helps a woman look beautiful, it adds to her glamour and personality. There is nothing wrong in keeping your natural hair.
Natural hair is easier to maintain, less expensive and simple. However, hair attachments offer much more innovative styles, fun and complement the woman’s natural features.
Most beauty stores in Africa that offer weaving, fixing and braiding stock hair extensions.  You find two major types which are the either long lasting or a temporary fix.
Category of Hair
Different hair falls into various groups like the micro link, micro bead or loop hair. Others are weave hair, tape hair and fusion hair extensions. They have different characteristics however the core function is to add beauty and glamour to the features.
Before you venture into hair products you need to learn about the product. Listed below are a few facts about hair attachments.
The Different Types in the Market
There are many types such as micro ring, clip-in and sew-in. Other types are pre-bonded hair, glued hair and pre-bonded hair.
Sew in Hair
Sew-in hairs are generally weaved and tightly braided into the scalp. This type is common in Africa and preferred because of its permanency and durability.
The hair is sew along the braid unto the scalp and can last up to five months. The hair needs monthly cutting and straightening to remain beautiful.
Pre-tape Hair
Pre-tape hair come in small sections with a strip clue attached to the top. It adds instant volume to the hair by attaching it to the root of the hair. The duration of this type of extension is about a month.
Pre-bonded Hair
Pre-bonded hair has a bond attached to the top of the extension. Some even have keratin formula that helps protect the hair.
The method used for pre-bonded hair is the extensions bonded to root by using heat to melt the adhesive. Pre- boned hair is long lasting but need maintenance very two months.
Micro Ring
Micro rings are attached to your hair via a tiny ring and clapped to the root. The major attraction to this type is easy adjustment of the hair and low maintenance cost.
black long hair
Cost of Hair Extensions
Hair extensions are pricey and they start at $150 upwards to$ 2500 USD. They come in two basic variants synthetic hair and natural hair.
The prices are based on the type of hair, products quality, durability and length. Other considerations are the volume, color and texture. The cost varies according to your location, type of extension and styling.
Hair type Extensions
Cost of Hair
Total cost
Partial head of hair
Plus cost of hair
Full head of hair
Plus cost of hair
Full head of hair
Plus cost of hair
High-quality human hair
Length and origin
Additional costs are based on maintenance of the hair extension such as monthly trimming ad shaping. Extension replaced or reapplied including re-coloring or removal costs.
Inexpensive extensions are clip in, temporary extensions and discounted extensions.

Bonding Methods
Bonding methods used for hair extensions are braiding and sewing. Others are pining, fusion including weaving of the hair. The extension is natural or colored according to the customer’s choice.
The stylist might trim, cut and style the attachment to complement the customers features.
Sourcing Extension
There are many major players in the business. You need to identify top manufacturers that produce the product and get their franchise.
Major markets for the product are Asian countries and India. You should determine the best type that complements your marketing plan and finance.
Starting the Business
Interested in stating a hair extension business then follow these simple steps. First get finance for the business, open a store, source your product and market the business.
You also need a business plan and budget before commencing with the project.
Business Plan
A business plan is very essential because of the intricacies in the job. You need to factor capital, location, business structure, sourcing your goods and government regulations.
Other things in your plan are taxation, import and export license, promotion and marketing. Once all the parameters are covered then you can start by registering your company.
Register your Company
Register your company name, location, share structure and mode of business. You then need to decide on supplying your local market or exporting your product.
Other considerations are entering the wholesale, retail or manufacturing aspect of the enterprise.
Financing your Business
The type of hair attachment you are interested in stocking dictates the amount of money you need. The industry is capital expensive tough and difficult to break into.
The hairs don’t come cheap so entrepreneurs interested in this enterprise needs proper financing. You can get finance via bank loans, friends and family or personal savings.
Other methods of obtaining finance are through core investment, venture capitalists or partnership. You can join a corporative association and seek soft loans to finance your business venture.
If you are not averse to having share holders in your business then sell equity in your business to raise start-up cash.
Source your Product
The major manufacturers of hair extensions are Asian countries. India is the number one hair producers in the world. This is because Indian hair is regarded as premium hair around the world.
The industry is massive in India and you even find temples where hair is donated. The long luxurious hair attracts higher value in the open market. To source your products find major manufacturers and request samples. If you have the luxury to travel go directly to major dealers and buy the product.
Get a Shop
A shop that deals in extensions will attract patrons especially if you have high quality stock. The business can be done from home but you need lots of advertisement and mobility to reach customers.
High brow areas attract high brow customers so choose your location carefully. Locate your enterprise in a busy commercial area for better patronage.
You can sell to other retail outfits include beauty stores and hair dressing salons.
Marketing your Business
There are a few way to market your hair extension business both online and offline. Here are a few ways to boost sales and attract lots of customers.

Sell to Stylists
The major buyers of hair extensions are stylists or boutiques. The big ones have the money to purchase high quality attachments in bulk.
Hair Salons buy lots of attachments form retailers and wholesalers to use on their customers. They even source their products from individuals returning from foreign trips.
Advertise your Wears
Advertisement is the best way to reach individual customers, salons and bulk purchase. You can place classified advertisements in newspapers, handbills, and posters.
Other methods are electronic media such as television and radio. Dealers in hair attachment cover lots of ground selling to individual stores.
Once they have established a good reputation for high quality goods you will have a list of eager buyers.
Build a Website
A website is a useful resource to get paying customers for your product. Websites reach an amazing number of people worldwide taking your business international.
You can also use free online classified advertisements or guest blogging to create awareness. Your website or blog should have lots of photographs of your products and prices. The site needs a payment gateway and checkout for online purchases.
You can build your website yourself or hire a professional to create a befitting site for your products. Statistics have shown that most businesses experience a 30% increase in patronage through online commerce.
Use Word of Mouth
Word of mouth is a powerful tool to get recommendations. Hair Salon patrons talk a lot and friends listen, they are curious about beautiful extensions and hair styles.
Spread the word and watch your profit climb to greater heights.
Recap on how to start a hair extension business
1             Write a comprehensive business plan
2             Register your company
3             Learn about hair attachment
4             Source proper financing
5             Rent a shop
6             Source your goods
7             Do effective marketing