Art and Craft Business: Best Art and Craft Business Ideas

If you are creative and good at craft work, with lots of artistic knowledge then starting a small art and craft business is a no- brainer. The business ventures are either full time or part time business ideas. 
 You can easily run them from home or in a shop environment. Today there are many business opportunities and various marketing, sales outlets. This has made the business highly lucrative.
The good thing about creative endeavors is that you can have a regular job and still make lots of money from your passion. Artists in the past have had to deal with difficulty in selling their art works and craft. 
Not any longer all they need to do is identify a viable market for their product. The internet has become a good resource for selling art and craft providing another source of income.
When you decide to get into the art and craft trade choose a creative path that complements your skill. You need to master your craft so your creations are appreciated for there artistic value.
The more desirable your creation the better your reputation and the more money you make. Distinguish yourself with high quality work and the rest falls into place.
The craft business is so vast that you have a multitude of products to create. Some of the more common craft works are baskets, hats, and jewelry. The art world isn’t left behind with sketches, poster color art, pastel, graphic art, and sculpture to mention a few.

Creative people sometimes get the short end of the stick not any more. Listed below are art and craft business ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs.
beautiful woman
Start a Hair Accessories Business.
Hair accessories are very practical elegant and in high demand. They fulfill a basic need as well as offer a stylish finish to any ensemble.
 Creative artists that dabble in hair accessories make good money. There are different types of hair accessories such as beautiful scarves, amazing looking tiaras and simple hair bands.
The type of accessory you create depends on your interest and level of skill. Hair accessories are sold in high brow boutiques, fashion stores, open market and online.
Create beautiful pieces and market your wears to multiple outlets.
Pet Clothing Business
Pet clothing is a niche market that is competitive and lucrative. Pet cloths are pricey and accepted in high society pet couture.
It does not take lots of material but lots of imagination, sewing skill and presentation. Pet lovers spend millions of dollars annually buy those funny looking outfits.
Creative Phone Cases
We stumbled on an internet entrepreneur who displayed one of his first online business ventures. He had created an i phones case to accommodate different items at the back of the phone.
From his own account he made $6000 dollars in 8 months selling the simple item. Phone cases are in vogue and the more beautiful and practical the better your chances at a sale.
Candle Making Business
Candle making is easy to do and does not require any creative skill. To make candle you only need an acid and base compound mix and pour into cast mold. There are some safety precautions in candle making so you need to know what you are doing.
Learn how to make beautiful candles and sell to stores, individuals and online.
Bead Making Business
Beads are common to every culture around the world and they have become a fashion statement. In special ceremonies such as traditional African wedding, coronations and engagement beads play an important role.
Bead making is a highly creative art and bead makers living up to the challenge. The beads created are becoming more sophisticated elegant and beautiful.
 The ensemble of beads and the final product is at the discretion of the bead maker. Beads are made from a multitude of elements making the craft very interesting.
Beads are easy to market and attract premium prices.  Bead makers work from any location so long as the equipment they use is at hand.
Bead making is a skilled art form so proper technical training is required. The equipment need for bead making are basic but the outcome beautiful bead accessories.
Open an Art Studio
Artists have always had it difficult selling their art works. The reason for the difficulty is not because the art work isn’t good but good patronage is hard to find.
An arts looking to sell regularly can open an art studio.  The art studio should contain a large number of his work and accommodate other artists.
A well run art studio will attract artists and art patrons to your creations. Other Artists that showcase their own works in your studio add to your earnings via commission on any sale.
Having an art studio in a good location will put regular income in your pocket.
Shoe Making Business
Everybody wears shoes and they go through lots of damage. People buy shoes regularly making shoe making a good business venture.
Shoe making is slightly technical and the cobbler should master the trade. Shoe making business is either small scale or large scale depending on finance and the vision of the entrepreneur.
Ladies shoes sell faster than male shoes because women are more into fashion than men. However a high quality men shoes is very pricey and elegant.
To get into shoe making business first learn the trade, then buy the appropriate equipment and open a shop. You can work from home if you desire and market your wears to your local market or online.
vintage hat
Hat Making Business
Milliners continue to develop better techniques and stunning hats. High society love hats and they are big fashion statements. The business of hat making is very competitive and you need to carve out a niche to succeed in this business.
Learn the skills needed to create lovely designs and hats, buy the equipment, open a store and do lots of promotion and marketing.
It takes lots of networking and marketing to turn a profit in hat making business.
Learn how to start a hat making business read more…
 Organize Art Auctions
Organizing an art auction is a smart way of making money. The major challenges to organizing an auction is local regulations, and having enough inventories to attract buyers.
You will make sales at an art auction however you need to provide enough variety to get your attendees interested.
To organize auctions get enough items for sale, apply for local permission and find a venue. You are at liberty to hire a professional auctioneer or do it yourself.
Organize and Arts and Craft Fair
Organizing an art and craft fair is another smart business idea. You only need to invest in the location and publicity while charging the participants to showcase their products.
You need to have enough traders and buyers for your fair to be successful. A successful fair can become an annual thing and attract huge crowds.
Another sweet deal about organizing an art and craft fair is the entrance fee you charge. The fee should be small to attract lots of visitors. You can include different vendors that sell snacks, ice creams, soft drinks and a roving photographer.
woman wearing jewlery
image source pixabay
Jewelry Business
Jewelry business will put hard cash on your table. Jewelry is always in demand and it doesn’t mater if its costume jewelry or the real thing. Jewelry sells year round and the demand is increasing.
There are many types of jewelry such as necklaces, chains and wrist bands. Others are beads, broaches and earrings.
A well located jewelry store will have regular sales year round. If you make your own jewelry sell them to jewelry stores, shopping malls and other fashion outfits.
Selling online is a breeze and you only handle the shipping and packaging.
Pottery Business
There are indigenous pottery makers that have trained three generations just by selling pottery. Pottery has two basic function, beauty and functionality.
Pots are used for various tasks like fetching water, saving valuables, cooking, growing plants and decorative art. The versatility of pots makes them an essential part of our life.
Locate your pottery business in a tourist destination for better sales. Sell to craft stores or open a sales outlet in a busy area.
Write a Book
Teach people a creative art and smile to the bank. Book writing and publishing today is easy. First decide if you want to use a trade publisher, subsidy publisher self publish your book.
Write your book and add lots of illustrations and make it a step by step guide. A well written book including moderate publicity will sell.
EBooks cost for less than regular books or print on demand. Why not make the book both print on demand and an ebook for maximum gain and exposure.
Hair Stylist
Hair making is big business everywhere from India, America to Africa. Hair styling is a creative art form than requires training and apprenticeship. The service based skill involves hair plating, braiding and weaving.
New ingenious techniques and hair styles keep cropping up everyday so the stylist needs to be on top of her game. Hair stylist makes good money especially when the business has a good location.
Bag Making Business
Bags are essential accessories that are both functional and beautiful. There are bags of various colors, designs and styles.  The cost of bags range from low, moderate to expensive depending on the manufacturer and material used to create the bag.
Some bags have intricate silverware, beads, jewelry and chains that add to the value. Bag making is good business especially in retail and wholesale markets.
There are many kinds of bags to consider such as leather bags, strap bags, hand bags and traveling bags. Discover your bag making talent and earn regular income. You can sell your bags online or to retail stores in your locality.
Learn more about leather business
Nail Studio Business
Nail studio business is lucrative and easy to establish. The major investments are the various shades of nail paint, polish, brushes, cutters and other equipment.
A good location is essential and mastery of the art is important. Another source of income for manicure and pedicure experts is organizing training workshops.
Welding and Fabricating Business
Welding and fabricating business is an important part of building and construction. Iron fabricators build gates, cages, dog houses, window bars.
The welder repairs rusty iron and even fabricates engine parts. Arts fabricators concentrate on iron sculptors and fancy frames.
To get into the welding and fabricating business you need training and technical skill to handle the equipment.
Carpentry Business
Carpentry business involves the fabrication of chairs, tables and beds. The business is lucrative and requires skill and knowledge of the trade.
Carpenters can make money from building there own furniture, refurbishing or minor reconstruction work.
Open a Dance School
Do you know how to dance and choreograph nice dance moves? Then open a dance school for kids and young adults. Dance schools are perfect places for kids to unwind and have fun.
Basket Weaving Business
Who says baskets are not in vogue especially homemade beautifully crafted pieces. Learn ancient basket weaving patterns and designs and make lots of money.
The more pleasing your designs the more sales you’ll make.
Interior Decoration Business
Do you have an eye for esthetics then interior decoration might be your calling. Interior decoration is a highly competitive business venture and you stand to make lots of money.
The interior decorator needs to bring on his 'A' game all the time. Interior decorators attract different customers from private individuals to corporate clients.
The interior decoration industry is large and has many players.
Graphic Arts Business
Graphic artists have lots of work to do and are usually slumped with jobs. They provide essential service to magazine publications, and entertainment shows.
You find designs done by graphic artists on tablets, tables, cars virtually everywhere. A graphic artist looking to expand his scope can join a freelance website and get more jobs.
Goldsmith Business
Goldsmiths are versed in the art of melting and molding gold into jewelry. Gold is a highly valued precious metal that attract premium price.  You will make money if you master the art of molding this precious metal into alluring sculptures and designs
A modern goldsmith has the use of more specialized equipment than his predecessors.
Sculpture Business
Sculpture is a bit tough and needs lots of marketing. The reason is because sculptures are purely decorative and an artistic expression of the creator.
True art lovers buy sculptures and they don’t come cheap. The price of the sculpture depends on the material used in sculpting the masterpiece.
Other consideration in pricing is rarity, size and reputation of the sculpture. It takes years of dedication, training and practice to become an accomplished sculptor.
Customized T-shirts Business
Customized t-shirts are always in demand. They are either commissioned for an occasion, advertisement branding or sports event.
The t-shirt designer needs lots of designing skill and specialized equipment. The good aspect is this business can be done from home.
You can sell your customized t-shirts online or to local wholesalers and clothing departmental store.
tie and dye
Tie and Dye Business
 Tie and dye is a process of tying a white cloth material and soaking in dye. The material is tied into sophisticated patterns and dipped in different colors.
The resulting effect is and amazing cloth with geometric and concentric shapes. Tie and dye material is in high demand and used mostly on special occasions.
Tourists on vacation love to buy tie and dye cloths because of their uniqueness and moderate prices. Tie and dye is an ancient art form with a modern twist adding to its appeal.
Makeup Business
Makeup artistry is a specialized skill that is learned. Makeup artists work in regular beauty parlors and pedicure outlets.
There are many prospects for the makeup artist like having a training school or home service. Makeup artists have found a huge money spinner in applying makeup at wedding ceremonies.
They are paid huge sums of money to make the bride and bridesmaids look beautiful. Other business ideas are creating your own line of make up or film and entertainment makeup art.
Photography Business
Photography falls under creative arts and it’s quite lucrative. Photographs help us record our memorable occasions for posterity.
There are many business opportunities for photographers such as sports photography, news and entertainment photography. Others are vector art photography, weddings, anniversary photography.
Photographers earn good money and have many business prospects. Are you interested in photography here are a list of business ideas for photographers.
Publishing Business
Publishing business is rather interesting because you do lots of computer designs and typesetting. The business is lucrative if you have the right clients.
Publishing involves publishing books, magazine, newspapers, journals and digital books. If you find the right gig you will succeed in book publishing business.
Some more Art and Craft Business Ideas
Here are a few more art and craft business ideas
Tinker Business
Gift cards
Book clubs
Karaoke studio business
Disc jockey business
Voice talent coach
Modeling Academy
Content writing
Embroidery Business
Picture Framing


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