Bead Making Business: How to Start a Bead Making Business

Bead-making is a small business centered on a person’s creativity. The business is arts and craft related and has to do with fashion accessories.
Fashion accessories are either high end craft-work or general use accessories. Beads are always in high demand and are used to enhance garments and worn in several ways. They also have lots of cultural and ethic significance in many countries.
Bead making is a small business idea that requires moderate funding to start and get running. You can stat your bead business from the comfort of your home or an office environment.
The more practical and unique the bead the higher value in the open market.
There a many reasons entrepreneurs choose bead making as a business venture. Some are the need to express their individual creativity, unemployment or an interest in fashion accessories.
african child wearing beads
Beads are very expressive and have significant importance to the wearer. They are also high fashion accessories and traditional wear. Beads are favored by both sexes and are used in caps, necklaces, wristbands and ankle beads.
In south Eastern Nigeria special beads are worn around the waist called Jigida. The good aspect is that bead making is not location specific and is easily applicable as a home based business.
 This business venture has a huge potential for growth and huge financial rewards. Young entrepreneurs looking for a viable business venture should consider starting a bead making business.
To stand out as a bead maker you need to develop your skill and master creative ornamental designs. The bead make is at liberty to include precious stones and other jewelry into the creation.
Beaded accessories include necklaces, neck chains, waist beads, ring, earrings and bangles.
blue beads
Different categories of Jewelry
There are different categories of jewelry used in bead making business. The jewelry includes plastic, pearl and metal jewelry.
Plastic Beads
Plastic jewelry’s are shaped out off plastic elements and are usually light weight and durable. They are good for casual wear, children’s jewelry and fun outfits.
Serious bead makers avoid using plastic beads and prefer high quality beads.
Metal Beads
The metal element used in making a metal bead dictates the price. There are beads made from tin, silver or gold. Metal beads are moderately priced and are easily shaped into amazing designs.
Pearl Beads
Pearl beads are the high-end beads favored by bead makers. True pearls are harvested from nature, polished and shined into nice bead ware. Beads are highly priced accessories and complements most outfit.
purple beads
Bead Types
Bead makers can choose from a variety of bead types in the market. They come in many rich shapes, colors and sizes.
Let us look at a few bead types in the market today.
Pearl Beads
Pearl beads are either coated glass pearls or authentic fresh water pearls. Fresh water pearls are highly sought after and rather expensive.
The fresh water pearls are sometimes dyed, while coated glass pearls often have a opalescent coated sheen.
Pearl beads are high society accessories cultivated from clams, oysters and mollusk.  Pearl jewelry is very beautiful and regal and they come in different shapes and sizes.
The preferred color of pearls is white but we have black, green, yellow, red, cream and blue pearls. They are simply elegant and very attractive.
Pearls are mostly associated with necklaces, earrings and finger rings. They are a status symbol and are made into varied lengths and designs.
Jewelry designers identify pearls by their luster, definition and color and they attract high premium prices in stores around the world.
Glass Beads
Glass beads are cheap come in various sizes and dimensions and are readily available. Although they are generally low cost some are top quality glass beads.
Some of the good ones are precious glass and crystal glass.
They are weighty and used by most bead makers to create amazing jewelry. Glass beads are easily adaptable to resemble more exotic varieties.
The beads are easily made into complex designs as bracelets and necklaces.
beads in hair
Acrylic Beads
Acrylic beads are generally made from polymer or plastic. They are light weight used in different applications and low cost accessories.
The beauty in acrylic beads depends on the craftsmanship of the bead maker. Acrylic beads are durable, beautiful and are used in dress designs, rings and necklaces.
They are sometimes referred to as plastic beads and are easily crafted into flowers, hearts, oval shapes and leaves. Although they are in-expensive they are easily crafted into beautiful and luxurious designs.
They come in different hues, shades and colors giving the bead makers a range of color choices. The appearance of acrylic beads mimics crystal and germ stones.
Acrylic beads are best bought in bulk because they are affordable and easily fashioned into beautiful designs.
Crystal Beads
Crystal beads are high-end beads that come in various sizes and cuts. Some of the more common shapes are rondelles, rivoilis and bicones.
Charms Beads
Charms are metal beads that are easily interchangeable and versatile. They have different shapes, sizes and functionality. They also have an extensive range of colors and designs.
Seed Beads
 Seed beads manufacturing is dominated by Japanese and Chinese companies. They come in different shapes, colors and sizes. They are round, hexagonal, cubical, square, and oval shaped.
Blass squared beads have two hollow holes, while oval shaped beads have holes at either end.
Wooden Beads
Wooden beads have varied designs, shapes, colors and quality. The material is easily manipulated through coating, dying, sanding and turning.
The cost of the bead depends on the design and application.
Metal Beads
Metal Beads are generally used as spacer beads in bead work. They are die-cast, plated metal or wrapped wire. Metal beads are low cost and easily introduced to spacing the bead during production.
Semi-Precious Beads
Semi- precious beads are high-end material used in bead work. There are different bead elements that are categorized as semi- precious. Some are turquoise, shells, and agate. You can even find natural occurring elements in this sub group.
Pendant Beads
Pendant beads are fun and are the center piece of a necklace or chain. They are usually bold, beautiful and a focal point in such an ensemble.
Pendants are made from acrylic, glass, metal and other elements. Some pendants are made from a combination of precious stones and basic materials
Bead Types
Here is a list of bead types used in making bead wears
 1             Charm beads
 2             Crystal beads
 3             Pearl beads
 4             Bugle beads glass beads
 5             Czech  Glass beads
 6             Acrylic beads
 7             Fire polished beads
 8             Glass beads
 9             Spacer beads
10          Pendant beads
11          Pandora beads
12          Wooden beads
13          Seed beads
14          Metal beads
15          Precious beads
16          Semi-precious beads
lots of beads
Things to consider before starting a bead business
You need adequate training in bead making to start this business. You also have to develop your skill and learn different forms of the art.
Practice makes perfect so work hard on your creations and don’t be scared of experimentation. Stay updated to latest trends, designs and styles. Get ideas from event gatherings, magazines and other bead makers.
Other things to consider are equipment and capital to start the business venture.
Financing the Business
You don’t need huge capital to start a bead making business. You can source capital from personal savings, friends and family and soft loans.
Startup capital for a home based bead making business is about $1000-$10,000.
Type of Beads
The type of beads you decide to make is significant to your initial investment in the business. You can focus on a single accessory like necklaces or different accessories like earrings, foot rings, and waist beads. Other applications include beaded bags, shoes and wrist bands.
bead earrings
Sourcing Supplies
Bead makers create their pieces from scratch so you need lots of raw materials.
You need tools like metal strings, wire cutters, pins and clasps. Other supplies are various types of beads, jewelry and measuring tape.
Bead makers use design boards and design software. Try to buy your supplies from reputable dealers so you get high quality items.
 Write a Business Plan
You need a business plan to launch your bead making business. First register your business name with the appropriate authorities.
Then target your market either domestic, local of international. Offer high quality products and get appropriate pricing for your items.
Do effective marketing through multimedia networks and word of mouth. Source your products from reputable bead dealers.
Do proper accounting and invoicing to have an overview of expenditure and profit.

Stockpile Beads
Stockpile supply reduces the overhead cost of the purchased items. You also need to build an inventory of your products and services.
Market your Products
You need lots of marketing to sell bead wear. In time you will get a steady steam of customers who identify with your brand. Carve a niche for yourself and don’t forget branding.
There are many ways to market your products and services. You can create a blog or website and showcase your work online. Use free classified websites to drum up fast business deals.
You can approach different stores to sell your goods for a commission or outright purchase. Attend many arts and crafts fairs and organize your own small show.
Word of mouth is powerful don’t forget to use it to your full advantage. Finally use newspaper advertisements, radio jingles and handbill to spread the word. 

pearl bead
How to start your bead making business
1     Get adequate training in bead making
2     Get capital for you business
3     Learn about the different types of beads
4     Buy your beads from a reputable source
5     Write a business plan
6     Buy your products in bulk to reduce cost
7     Market your business and products
Beads are an amazing accessory that has transcended through the ages. We love them and they well always have a place in the creative industry. Bead making is a good business venture to explore.
Are you interested in art and craft here are a few profitable art and craft business ideas.
 Beaded Patterns and Techniques

There are many patterns and techniques to learn bead making. Some are more intricate than others however the goal is to produce beautiful, alluring bead work.
 You need to learn the various styles and develop your bead making skill. Here are a few bead patterns and techniques you can learn.
Beaded Bracelet Patterns
Top beaded bracelet patterns include double copper cuff, color block bracelets and twisted beads bracelets. Others of note are Kelly Woven bracelets, crystal woven bracelets and spinal rope bracelets. Some more are lattice weave bracelets, cluster bracelets, flower bracelets and petal bracelets.
Bead Weaving Techniques
To create a stunning bead you need to apply advanced bead weaving techniques. There are different cool techniques such as the double St. Petersburg chain, tubular pear netting and spiral Peyote.
Other techniques are Russian spiral, double spiral and tile bead right angle weave. Some interesting ones are the square stitch trim, curved double chevron chain and weave triangle.
Beaded Earring Patterns
There are some beaded earring patterns that stand out from the crowd.  There is the Victorian style earrings, circular brick stitch earrings and spiral earrings. Others are DIY earrings and beaded earrings.
Necklace Bead Patterns
Woven necklace are gorgeous and fun. They add glamour to any ensemble or special occasion.
Common bead weaving patterns for necklaces are blue loop, afternoon lace, brick stitch and swan necklace. Others are brick stitch bunting necklace and basic net necklace.


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