Business without Money: How to Start a Business Venture with Zero Capital

Are you interested in starting your own business but lack capital? You are eager, ready and full of the entrepreneurial spirit but hindered by lack of funds.
The good news is that not every enterprise demands huge capital investment. You only have to look at the petty trader selling recharge cards, fruits and vegetable products around the corner.
Her start-up capital is lower than you think same applies to many small business enterprises. You are brimming with ideas and ready to take on starting your own business.
On the surface finance seems to be the major challenge blocking your ambition. Starting a small business venture with little or no capital is possible.
All that is required is proper planning, size of the business and other resources.
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Why is Money Important to Start up Companies?
Starts up companies face many legal fees, location, supply, production and service related challenges.  These aspects of running a business take up lots of money especially location, staff and operational costs.
However, every company or business has different cash requirement to start operations. No two companies have the same start up cost even if they run similar operations.
Businesses need different impute depending on the company structure and business template. The larger the company gets the larger the staff strength to accommodate a growing customer base.
Low starts-up companies include home based businesses, one man businesses and enterprises. The smaller the operation the less capital is needed to start and run the business.
Things to Consider before Starting a Business Venture
There are many things to consider when starting a business venture. Let us first concentrate on the funding and financial aspects of starting a business.
The first thing to consider is getting appropriate licensing for your business venture. There are many licenses and permits needed to run any business ventures.
The size of the operation is irrelevant if you are a retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer or service oriented business. Getting legal recognition lends legitimacy and cover for your business venture.
The cost of licensing defer according to the type of business model. Getting a license to lift petroleum products or open a petrol station will be definitely higher than opening a barbing saloon.
Same applies to licenses for GSM mobile companies compared to small used phone outlets. No matter the size of your operation you need permits, licensing and paper work to start your business empire.
Some business ventures are supply based and need lots of it to function properly. Running a wholesale business is totally dependent on the amount of supplies in you warehouse.
Supply businesses tie down lots of cash in stock and inventory.  Therefore you need to provide adequate cash for supplies. A small business owner looking to start a wholesale business knows he will invest a huge chunk of his cash on supplies.
Office Space
Office space takes up lots of money especially in high brow areas. It takes up huge amounts of your initial capital investment including utilities.
You need to choose your location carefully because location can make or break a business venture. A bad location is like signing the death warrant of your business even before it commences.
 The location depends on the goods or service you want to render. Try to locate your business in an environment that needs such services. Other considerations when locating your business are the financial capability of the neighbors like low, middle of high net worth individuals.
You can’t locate a luxury store in a slum and expect to make profit. Locating it in such an environment will only attract the wrong type of customer’s (robbers). Therefore do your visibility study before spending your hard earned money on a bad location.
If you are all about reducing cost to zero start your business venture from home. If the business template permits homestead business then situate it at home.
Starting a home based business helps you keep your office space rent and subsequently more cash in your pocket.
Furniture and Office Equipment
Furniture and office supplies are the next important step in setting up your business venture. Your business venture needs to look presentable to attract customers..
There is nothing more damaging to a business than tacky furniture or bad aesthetic. Spend on good furniture and office supplies to show a level of seriousness.
If you don’t know how to create a good working space hire an interior decorate. Why do you think banks spend so much making there banking halls pleasing to the eye.
The first impression a customer gets about your business is very important.
Association Costs
Today almost every professional job has an association that guides their work ethics. There are associations for artisans, lawyers, bricklayers, doctors and landscapers.
Find out the fees and subscribe to the relevant association as a member. Associations work on monthly or yearly fees for members depending on their constitution.
The good part of joining an association is update on current practices, legal aid and networking.
Operational Expenses
Operational expenses cover daily, weekly and monthly running cost of your establishment. The costs include utilities, equipment servicing, staff wages, accounting and management costs.
Getting a good grip on operational cost is the line between profit and loss. Proper inventory, accounting and statistical analysis of daily cost will give you a clearer picture of the amount involved.
Legal Fees
Litigation will come no matter how careful your organization operates. There are unforeseen circumstances that mitigate such actions. Legal fees might incur due to consultations, retainer, advice or litigation.
Having legal backing and documentation based on services or product is very important. Factor the legal fees into your overhead start up capital.
What type of business venture are you planning of running. There are some businesses that require lots of staff while others are one man businesses. The more staff you hire the more capital you need in salaries and remunerations.
The fewer your staff the less money you spend on salaries. The educational and professional experience of staffs needed to run your organization also impact on the paychecks.
Highly professional staff will attract huge salaries for their expertise. If your business uses the outsourcing model then contractual agreements are necessary.
Reducing your needs is an effective way of lowering cost. By working on a business model that requires very little staff saves lots of payroll money.
Take your Business Online
If you are seriously cash strapped then take your business online. You can launch a Wordpress website/blog including hosting and domain name with less that $150 a year.
The website will stand as your storefront offering your local community or the entire world your products or services. Apart from the initial costs the only additional costs include promotions and marketing.
The website should be well designed easy to navigate and functional. You can integrate checkout and other things to enhance participation or patronage.
If you have no idea about building a Wordpress site you can Lean how to launch your Wordpress blog on Bluehost. Owning a website for your business reduces the initial cost of renting an office space.

How to Get Additional Funding for your Business
Funding is very important in any start up business venture. There are a few sources you can explore such as bank loads and cooperative loans.
Other loan sources are partnership, venture capitalists and family. Join contributory groups or sell private equity in your start up company.

Pricing your goods appropriately will guarantee loyal customers. If you are into manufacturing or retailing try to offer the best prices.
You don’t have to make all your profit at the expense of customers. You can use proper pricing to regulate costs.
Marketing takes lots of money to get your business visible. You need to include marketing in your budget when stating a business enterprise.
Look for cost effective and resourceful marketing strategies to gain customers.
How to Save Start-up Costs
There are lots of ways to save costs while starting a business venture.
You can save costs by working from home and create a small work space. Another method is doing the job yourself and gaining more experience.
You can source cheaper supplies by buy in bulk to save and reduce costs. Discard expensive product lines and concentrate on cheaper but good products.
You can save cost by using online resources like blogs, websites and eCommerce websites. Other money saving alternatives is free classified advertisement and word of mouth.
Big companies save cost by outsourcing their non core products and services. Try to choose cost saving marketing strategies to promote your business venture.
The bigger your operation the more money you are likely to invest in your business. Seek legal and professional advice in cost saving measures before starting your business.

How to Start a Business with Zero Capital

Start-up Capital
Most business ventures need capital investment to start-up but with some exceptions. It is true that many businesses fail because of limited funds which affect its growth and productivity.
However, having a good brand, quality service, and passion for the job usually translates to success and growth.
So what are the options available to the large number of unemployed people? The only viable option is to become self employed and take advantage of business opportunities around where you live.
Finance is a very important issue for a start-up company. Despite the challenges, there are small businesses ventures you can start with zero capital investment.
Listed are a few businesses that need little or no capital investment.
business man
Printing Business
Yes, you can start a printing business without funds. You do not need heavy machinery and equipment to collect printing jobs.
Jobs such as anniversary celebrations cards, obituary posters, political campaign posters, handbills, and complementary cards. What you need to succeed in this business is knowledge of how to calculate the amount a customer pays for your service.
Established printing firms have all the machines you need and charge freelance printers for each step of the printing process. The printer’s job is to calculation the entire printing such as the price of paper, card, typesetting, plate, impression, and cutting.
He collects an advance sum from the customer uses it to buy the items needed and pay the established print firms for their services.
Estate Agent
Estate agents sometimes get a bad reputation but honest agents get recommendations from happy clients. Starting as an estate agent is about connection and networking with other agents.
You need to register as an estate agent with your local agent associations. Registering is not expensive and you get to meet other agents and network.
An agent’s work is to sell or Let a house, property, or land for a commission. The agent either gets a commission for finding a property for his client or an agreed sum on certain deals.
All you need to become an estate agent is lots of networking and a steady client base. If you are honest and hard working you get recommendations and lots of money.

Types of Business Ventures
Which business do you prefer?
Top of Form
  • Estate agent
  • Sale representative
  • Online business
  • Used car broker
Bottom of Form
Sell your Creativity
Some of us are very creative when it comes to paintings, sketching portraits and handcrafts. You can focus on your special talent and create beautiful craft works or paintings.
You can sell you creation to supermarkets, private individuals, friends, and family. Many creative people earn a decent wage selling their craft online.
Once you have the basic tool what limits your success is your business skills and creative outlets. You can sell your craft in open stalls or advertise them at eateries or e-Stores.
Here are a few Best art and craft business ideas
Sell used items
Used items up for sale | Source
Start an NGO
Non Government Organizations focused on a niche area of specialization to offer service to the people. NGOs are service based and should be run with passion.
Such businesses rely on donations and support to thrive especially if they have good programs. You can build a website highlighting what you do with proof of performance.
There are NGOs that have to do with widows, motherless babies, HIV disease, kickback malaria and so on. Warning,-only start an NGO if you truthful want to offer selfless service to your community.
Learn all you need to know about starting an NGO business enterprise
Selling Used Items Online
The new online stores have made it easy selling used stuff online. You no longer need a business premises to do good business selling stuff to customers.
All you need is to use free classified online stores like to sell any items. To successful sell items on online first take a few pictures of the item add detailed description, and list a reasonable price.
Interested buyers contact you and you make the deal either face to face or via email or courier service. Selling items online is very lucrative when done properly and it costs next to nothing.
Company representative
company representative
Company representative | Source pixabay
Company Representative
You find company representatives everywhere selling all kinds of items on the streets, in offices and at your doorstep. Being a company representative is very hard work and the remunerations are usually based on sales commission.
You make money only when you make a sale. There are literally thousands of companies looking for sale representatives from pharmaceutical companies, herbal companies, children's items etc.
Entertainment Business
Are you eloquent in speech, then you can become a master of ceremony? Such jobs attract large payouts especially if you have carved a brand or niche for yourself.
The bigger your brand the more money you can charge and the more occasions and business opportunities you get. All you need is loads of confidence, nice working cloths, and a knack for entertainment.
You can even add event planning, ushering guests and catering to your resume.
Start an Online Business
The easiest way to start a business with zero investment is online business. You can do various online businesses such as blogging, article writing, and selling used items.
Other online business is building websites for clients, Apps development and sale, writing ebooks and freelancing
Business Ventures you can Start with Zero Capital
1 Become a blogger
2 Write articles for cash
3 Freelancing
4 Become an estate agent
5 Be a freelance printer
6 Sell your creative work both offline and online
7 Start an NGO
8 Design Apps
9 Become a transcription-ist
10 Try the dangerous job of debt recovery for micro finance banks
11 Make huge money as a used car broker
12 Self publishing
13 Try being a company representative
14 Buying and selling old and new items
Starting a business venture with zero capital is only limited to you ingenuity and focus.


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