Disc jockey Business Ideas: How to Start a Profitable DJ Business Enterprise

It is not often you get financial reward for pursuing your passion. However in the disc jockey business passion, swag and smart business acumen equates cash money in the bank.
Today DJs are finding their niche market not only highly exciting but financially rewarding. The reasons are not far fetched from improvement in sound technology and integration of computer software into their art form.
Working as a DJ like any skilled profession is hard work, long hours and sleepless nights. The thespian has two business formats in this industry that complement each other.
The musician could run a mobile operation or locate his craft at a dedicated studio. The for-bearers were limited to recorded mixed tapes for sale to music enthusiast.
They hardly featured in outside gigs but were sometimes engaged in children’s parties. Today the jockey has so many business opportunities to make regular income.
The jobs cut across the corporate industry, shows, anniversaries and recording gigs. The person behind the console needs to be hard working, talented and have an energetic personality.
Although the world of entertainment is exciting and glamorous the job is highly tasking. To succeed in this business you need to maintain a high standard of expertise and branding.
Before starting your journey into sound there are a few things you need to know about the disc jockey business.
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Learn the Trade
The quickest way to gain experience is to become an apprentice to an established brand. Most DJs started out learning from turntable maestros.
Other ways of improving your skill are through regular practice, books and informal training. You need to build up your confidence and know your music.
It takes endless hours of experimentation and practice to gain enough experience for public outings.  Having a love for music and in-depth understanding of different music genre and sounds is a good advantage.

Develop a Plan
It is risky to just jump into the enterprise without a proper plan. You need to understand the business end of the job if you want to achieve success.
The business aspects include price for your service, transportation cost, and labor. Create a unique identity and brand including a signature sound.
Other considerations are target market, operational costs and start-up capital. The start-up cost for a Disk Jockey service is about$ 5000-$20,000 depending on the scope of operation.
You can start the operation from home or an office environment. There is availability for franchising and you can market your skills through a website or blog. Your business plan should include promotional, recurrent costs, and marketing.
Others are growth expectations, branding and sourcing finance. You need to develop your own technique, unique identity and project earnings for the next five years.
Without reaching potential clients you will not make money. To build on your reputation and brand do a few free gigs for NGOs and voluntary organizations.
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More Considerations
Are you interested in working only part-time then you have found the best business opportunity. Although day gigs are highly favored jockeys work mostly on weekends or at night.
The job is highly competitive and lucrative and there are many players. The demand is high because of the crucial role they play in providing music at events.
The major investment in the business involves buying of the equipment, fuel and transportation costs. Once you have the proper equipment the only recurring cost are purchases of records.
Disc jockey business is not capital expensive and with moderate savings you can buy your console.
A list of performance gigs you can do as a disc jockey
1             Your services are needed at red carpet events, musical concerts and bachelor’s parties. Get regular gigs in clubs, music stores and dance bars.
2             You can record your own music using established stars for vocals and make cool cash.
3             Do forget the old ways of recording mixed tapes for customers.
4             Weddings and marriage ceremonies are incomplete without either a live band or a DJ.
5             Children’s parties, birthdays, television shows and theme parks use them to create a lively atmosphere.
6             You can even sell special sound compositions to recording artists
Financing your Gig
Once you have the basic equipment the rest is just show business. You don’t need bank loans to start a DJ enterprise.
Try target savings with a commercial bank, loan money from family and friends.  The good part about the business is that you can loan equipment when you have gigs.
Although you don’t need to have your own equipment to start earning money it is better to own them.
The disc jockey has an array of tool to enhance his performance. The equipment include Audio DJ controller with virtual DJ 8LE Software, Bubbletron bubble machine and media operator mp3 Bluetooth media player.
The jockey might include micro galaxian laser, vertical fog machines and crossfader and channel fader.  Other equipment used is turntables, cartridges, mixers, monitors, slip-mats, headphones, vinyl records and cables.
List of equipment's used by DJs
1             Computer monitors
2             Turntable equipment
3             Mobile Table stands
4             Cartridges
5             Mixers and amplifiers
6             Slipmats
7             Records and cables
8             Audio controller
9             Interactive software
10          Bluetooth media player
11          Mp3
12          Headphones
13          Microphones
14          Different music selection
15          Lighting and fog machines
16          Public address system
17          Karaoke machine
18          Have a comprehensive song list       
Collect Different Genre of Music
You need to have a comprehensive list of old, new and trending sounds. Apart from buying CDs and discs you can store music on digital files like mp3 or other software applications.
There are so many genre of music a jockey can select such as calypso, reggae, R&B and disco among others.
Register your Business
It depends on the laws of your resident country regarding registration. Another important consideration is insurance because of your equipment.
You can also join a performing musician association in your country of residence. This will give legitimacy and recognition as a musician in your country.
A major advantage of such organizations is networking and having inside knowledge of trending events. You might need the services of a paralegal to settle disputes on payments and remunerations.
Other functions of your lawyer are to study contracts, endorsements and performance deals.
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Marketing and Branding
The disc jockey is only as good as his brand name. Create a unique brand and showcase your immense talent to your clients. Try newspaper advertisement to reach a wider customer base.
Other advertisement options include billboards, handbills, complementary cards and posters. You can use classified websites to attract patronage.
Use multimedia channels including television advertisements, radio and YouTube.  You might need a manger or management services to book events.

Launch a Website
A website is a good place to showcase your talent and drum up new clients. Make your website unique and Identical to your personality.
Things to include in your website are free downloads of mixed recordings, about me page and contact information. Other things are photographs of your show and concerts including celebrity selfies.
The more comprehensive and exciting your website the more clients you will get and fan base.
Thinking of starting a Disc jockey business there are a few steps to actualize your goals.
1              The job is highly technical so you need to learn certain skills. Learn the rudiments of handling the turntable and mixing sounds.
2              The next step is to develop a business plan that covers all the modalities of the venture.
3              Get adequate financing to buy the equipment, rent space, registration and transportation costs.
4              Hire a manager to oversee your jobs and endorsements.
5              Buy high quality equipment for better sound quality.
6              Build a formidable collection of records, CDs and mp3 recordings.
7              Develop your own swag, style and branding.
8              Register your business with the appropriate authorities.
9              Marketing is very important to reach potential clients.
10           Set a competitive price for your appearance and performance fees.
If you have the talent starting a DJ business is not that difficult. You need to generate hype and create a buzz around your performances.
Top players earn from regular gigs in night clubs, drinking joints, guest appearances and concerts. Another highly lucrative avenue is supporting a recognized record label or rap artist.
You find them at corporate gatherings, anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and children’s parties. Top talk show celebrities in America even use them in their productions.


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