Graphic Design Business Ideas: How to Start a Graphic Design Business

There are a many business and career options for graphic designers looking to start an enterprise or seek viable employment. The parameter that defines who is a graphic designer is rather vague and complex.
There are two basic areas considered as graphic design territory printing and website application. In graphic designs we find different sectors like Mac designing for desktop publishing, and custom design projects.
The profession has many broad applications such as those found in advertisement, branding and typesetting.  To launch your career, seek the creative sector that you find appealing.
Apart from gaining experience as a designer you need to build business knowledge to run your own enterprise. There are different business and career paths for graphic jobs so you need to discover your passion.

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Develop a Strategy
You need to develop a business plan or strategy in order to succeed. The plan should project growth rate and job completion, jobs preference, skill acquisition, marketing and start-up costs.
Common jobs executed by graphic artists include website layouts, posters, handbills, advertisements and magazine covers. Other business prospects are logo designs, book formatting, brochures and package covers.
You need a very good computer installed with design software and a laser jet printer. Other equipment’s you might need are scanners, facsimile machines and various software programs. Arrange a good office work space, internet connection and a dedicated phone number.
Print Industry
The print industry uses the services of a graphic designer referred to as artwork artist. Every printed material goes through four stages the artwork, plating, impression and trimming.
Therefore the designer’s job is an integral piece of the puzzle. The artwork artist occupies the basic entry level for graphic artists.
Basic entry level in the industry is the Mac operator who does the artwork in the printing industry. The person applies his knowledge by using basic layout software to create handbills, complementary cards and logos.
Other artworks created by the artist are poster images, book covers and letterhead paper.  The artwork is then sent to the lithographer who converts them into a plate then the impression process.
The business aspect of becoming an artwork artist is establishing your own enterprise. You provide the designs for printing outfits and get paid for your work.
To start this business you need an office, computer and design knowledge. The best location is in an area with lots of freelance printers.
The freelance printers will patronize your services and pay on completion of design projects.  Artwork artists have set prices for basic designs but charge more for complex work.
The person doing this business needs layout software, a laser jet printer and skill. You can earn steady income providing this service.
The major cost considerations are the office space, computer, printer, company registration and labor.
Mid-level Designers
You find mid level designers in marketing and advertisement companies.  They are versatile and produce amazing work found in every sector of an economy.
They also have several years experience in the industry and earn modest wages. Those in this category are at liberty to work in publishing houses, electronic media, packaging or branding companies.
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The advertisement world is glamorous and you find graphic artists creating amazing designs.  The job covers both digital and print industry.
Top advertisement companies produce their own logos, billboard and general advertisement channels. The work of advertisers is to shape perception, brand image and customer behavior.
They are usually targeted at certain demography, age group and habit. Graphic artists have a crucial role to play in this dramatization.
You have two options getting a job in the advertisement industry or building your own business. Advertisement companies are highly competitive and they have lots of financial backing. Breaking into this market is very difficult but not impossible.
To create your own small advertisement business you need to have a business plan. The next step is funding your enterprise and awareness campaigns.
The funding goes to office accommodation, staff salaries, equipment, registration and marketing. To get clients showcase your work to prospective companies and firms.
Advertisement industry is very lucrative and there are lots of players. Try to find your own brand and niche market to achieve some measure of success.
Top graphic artist use detailed information to create proper branding for their clients. Branding a company requires knowledge of imagery, colors, corporate identity, logo, business services and location.
Print Publications
Print publishers use lots of graphic designs to bring their publication to life. It starts from the publications cover art and internal layout of the pages. Newspaper, magazines and newsletters need the services of graphic illustrators.
Print publication work includes books, magazine blogs and directories. The market is huge for graphic artist both freelance and in-house jobs abound.
Packaging Industry
There are many opportunities for graphic artists to earn income in the packaging industry. Large companies have in-house artists creating the artwork.
However, others prefer outsourcing their work to design companies. Almost every product wrapped or sealed has images and logos on their cover.
You have soap boxes, cartons, bottle labels, bags and nylon wrappers all having typeset images. You can start your custom design company with as little as $2000.
You can start the business venture from home or an office environment. A Home based company eliminates rent or location costs effectively reducing your start-up capital.
If you apply the home business template you need to create an office space and do effective marketing to get contracts. Produce high quality work and use networking to get new contracts.
Don’t forget to register your business and join relevant associations in your location. A good advantage in packaging specialization is that you can offer your services online. There are two ways to get client online through freelance services or a website.
Marketing Industry
The marketing industry is different from advertisement because it builds on existing brands. Advertisers create new concepts while marketers engage customer behavior.
The marketing artist centers his work on promotional materials such as logos, packaging and target audience. They usually work under time constraints to deliver a change in customer behavior.
As a designer in this field you work on short term marketing contracts. The designs are to help the marketing department to achieve set goals like increased sales and brand awareness. Marketing artwork covers both digital and print mediums.
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Logo Designer
Creating logos is serious business because the logo is the corporate identify of the company. The logo should effectively identify the product or service rendered by the company.
Logo designers specialize in creating amazing logos that embody the corporate entity. The logs are either digital or print but serve the same purpose.
Although logo creators earn moderate income you can’t retiree doing this job alone. You can get lots of opportunities online as a freelance logo designer.
Companies take their logos very seriously and pay reasonably for the design.
Web designers
As a Web designer you need basic knowledge in HTML and CSS to get ahead. The artwork is used in the front-end layouts and arrangement of websites.
There is a steady rise in patronage for such work because of increasing interest in website ownership. There are different categories of designers that perform varied function.
Some are user interface designers, developers, and user experience designers.

How to Get Paying Clients
Graphic designers have many resources to get paying clients. They can use both online and offline resources to achieve this feat
Join associations in your locality and use networking. Another way is through marketing and promotions such as newspaper advertisement or television advertisements.
Other offline methods are fliers, business cards, large banners and posters. Online resources include website or blog or freelance contracts.
There are many freelance websites that graphic designers use to get jobs. Try free classified websites to get a few customers.
The start-up cost from a graphic design business ranges from $2000-$10,000. You can operate it from home or rent an office space.
The business involves freelancing, job placement or having a small design company. The format is flexible and easily applicable to an online or offline enterprise.
You have to get adequate training and a sold background in designs. Today it is easy to find huge resources that help artists create amazing work such as e-books, and software applications. The higher your proficiency in graphic designs the better your chances at success in this business.
The print media offers lots of opportunities to create nice designs such as letterheads, cards, handbills and posters. Other opportunities are in advertising, packaging and marketing industry.
Logos are also important and your work schedule depends on your contractual terms. Your main customers are publishing firms, printer houses, product manufacturers, and advertisement agencies.
Promote your business through advertisement publications and electronic media. Other means of marketing your business are word of mouth, printed material, brochures and online resources.
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