Steel fabrication business ideas: How to start a welding/Steel fabrication company

Steel fabricators are in high demand and make lots of money.  Metal works are long lasting durable and sturdy. That is why many items are fabricated using steel as a frame or structure.
Builders use an insane amount of steel and many are fabricated into iron grids for strength and stability. You find iron benders working tirelessly to fabricate different components on a construction site
Entrepreneurs can leverage on great opportunities in steel fabrication business. The business is done on large industrial manufacturing level or small business format.
An entrepreneur looking to start a steel manufacturing business needs adequate training in steel works. On the alternative he can hire professional fabricators to do his jobs.
Apart from the skill needed for this type of business you need business knowledge. The business part of steel manufacturing is the toughest part of the operation.
Steel manufacturing and fabrication jobs abound and require expert handling. The million dollar question is how to start a steel fabrication business.
steel gates
Study you Competitors
Prior to starting your steel fabrication business you need to study your competition. You have to know their strengths and weaknesses.
Understand their company profile, team and services rendered. This gives you a clear picture of what you are getting yourself into.
You also need to learn from established brands what they are doing right. Find a mentor outside your locality to give you some business advice.

Get Trained
The job of steel fabrication is highly technical and requires lots of training. You can acquire skills from practical workshops or a technical school.  Another way is to serve as an apprentice or understudy a mentor.
Steel fabricators need certification to ply their trade. Try to master different disciplines in fabrication work like joining, welding, turning and fitting.

Proper certification is very important before opening your welding outfit. Register with your local authorities and get registered.
The certification could be a welding certificate, university degree, or membership of steel fabrication professional bodies.
There are professional examinations on both theory and practical aspects of the job. The reason for all these conditions is because steel structures hold buildings, bridges and other major structures.
A defective frame can cause death and millions of dollars in structural damage. If you don’t want to go through the stress simply hire qualified steel fabricators.
Register your Business
We have always emphasized on proper registration of your business. This gives legitimacy and some level of cover from untold ligation. It also provides a corporate identity and other important benefits.
Registering your business is similar to having a to a sub domain site. Follow the entire legal requirement in your area concerning registration and certification.
Business Plan
What type of business are you doing without a business plan?  Make sue you business plan covers every aspect from registration, financial, location, niche market to marketing and equipment.
You can include staffing, sale representatives and business structure.
Hire Professionals
Even if you have adequate training and certification you might need to hire some staff. A small fabrication business has a staff strength of four or five.
Make sure you employ certified steel fabricators and an apprentice. Two top fabricators are enough in a small steel fabrication business.
Your company profile will look lovely with certified fabricators as part of your team.
steel workshop
Step up a Workshop
You need to invest in a good workshop to warehouse and store your equipment. The workshop is also used to fabricate steel on demand.
The size of your workshop depends on the scope of work and size of your organization. Other things to consider adding to your workshop are administrative building and storefront.
Get Business Insurance
Proper insurance is necessary because of the delicate work you are doing. Steel fabrication has its level of risk both onsite and during installations.
Accidents happen so adequate safety protocols are important. Business insurance covers most unforeseen mishaps and litigation.
It covers you from personal liability and hospital or equipment loss. You should also get insurance for your working staff.
Safety Measures
Steel fabricators work in a very hostile environment because of the heavy machinery and equipment's. The job has lots of risk so proper safety gear such as goggles, hard hats, gloves, boots and vests are important.
Your workshop should have a safety standard strictly adhered to by all your employees.
Determine your Client Base
Steel is a heavy metal and requires adequate equipment and handling. The size of your operation is determined by your scope of work, focus and market base.
You are at liberty to go large or handle small intimate jobs. Industrial steel plants fabricate several tons of steel material and have lots of fabricators.
They also have legal team, managers, accountants and advertisement agency that handle their promotions. Large steel fabricators occupy huge plots of land usually a warehouse or industrial complex.
Small fabricators need about three plots of landed space for their factory.
steel pipes
Type of Service
The type of service you offer depends on your business focus and plan. You should be prepared to perform an extensive range of functions and services.
Basic fabrication jobs require shearing, folding equipment, drilling, welding, painting and finishing. Your business establishment should offer full service from fabrication to installation of the steel.
This is not always possible because clients might have their own contractors to install your product. You need to ensure your service delivery and products are of the highest grade.
This will ensure repeated patronage from satisfied customers.
Marketing your Steel Fabrication Business
Steel fabrication business has lots of industrial applications.  Many items are fabricated in steel like swings, bar stools and window bars. You business should provide end to end service such as steel fabrication, installation and rectification.
Marketing is very important in the steel manufacturing business. There are many marketing tools you can use to effectively reach paying customers.
However, the most important is a glossy brochure that highlights completed projects. A brochure effectively showcases your work in a pictorial way.
In the brochure you can add a company profile list of completed jobs and contact information. Anytime you seek contracts use the brochure as a calling card.
Print lots of business cards, posters, hand bills and banners to promote your company.
Blow your Trumpet
Let potential clients know your area of expertise and services rendered. Showcase you vast experiences and any construction work completed.
Another way to convince clients is finished infrastructure, type of equipment you use and your niche market. Companies looking for a specific steel fabrication work will most likely offer you a contract.
Get Contracts
Without contracts or patronage you will on make money. Try aggressive marketing and search for outsourcing contracts.
Contracts don’t come easy many companies go through a biding process. Beat your competitors by offering value added services and best pricing.
large steel pipes
Sell Welding Equipment
You can diversify your operations to wholesale and retail sales of welding equipment. This is where having a storefront becomes very handy.
Other fabricators searching for equipment are more likely to patronize your sales outlet. Have a rich inventory of tools and equipment to attract buyers.
Build Unique Steel Items
Let loose you creativity and build unique steel items for sale. You can make steel chairs, iron gates, tables and statues for tourists.
There are many things to fabricate from steel like key chains and bottle openers. The more unique and interesting the item the better sales you get. Interesting novelty items are easily sold online and shopping malls
Iron Supply Business
Steel fabricators with large warehouses sell iron to construction sites. The business is highly lucrative and has good turn over profit.
A huge construction going in your locality equates to huge patronage. The good part is they can even buy your entire stock in one order.
Steel fabricators manufacture supplies like iron grills, iron gates and steel larders. Other smaller equipment fabricated is angles, shingles, rods and sheets.
Diversifying your operations guarantees another source of income. you can even start an iron wholesale supply business
Here is a list of how to start a steel fabrication business
1             Get proper training in steel fabrication
2             You need certification from a recognized professional body.
3             Register your business with the appropriate authority
4             Write a powerful business plan
5             Your business needs the impute of hired professionals
6             Set up a good working environment
7             Get proper insurance cover
8             Take lots of safety measures and precautions
9             Decide on your client base
10          Give end to end service
11          Proper marketing is needed to take your business to the next level
12          Seek contracts
13          Build unique steel items and offer them for sale
14          Open a sales outlet and sell welding equipment
15          Supply iron to building sites
16          Buy an established steel manufacturing company
steel keys
Buy an Established Steel Fabrication Business
The business you buy should have proper equipment and devoid of any litigation. Before you buy that business do due diligence, hire a lawyer and look into their books.
Understand the reasons why they want to sell the business. Be very careful if you want to tow this path because there might be a few hidden land mines.
Another business ideas you can consider is Aluminum fabrication business
Steel fabrication business is capital intensive and tough. However, fabricators make lots of money plying their trade. Push your business to the next level by attending trade shows and industrial events.
Use networking, advertisement and high quality work to attract clients.  Diversify your operations to earn additional income.


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