Welding and Fabrication Business Ideas: Top 10 Welding and Fabrication Business Ideas

Welding and fabrication businesses are two businesses that are inter-related. They deal with two major elements which are steel and aluminum.
You can weld or fabricate in your workshop but you need to decide which metal you want to work with. The equipment need for both steel and aluminum are different and have multiple functions.
The only similarity is the cutting equipment and business aspect. Specializing in one field has many benefits and allows growth and proper planning.
The business has witness lots of innovations and applications. The development and application of the work is felt in diverse industries like automobile, construction and even aviation.

Buildings are sturdier and have better structural designs. The technician tends to make lots of money in this business.
The business is so vast that getting jobs in this profession is easy. The amazing role it plays in modern architectural development makes this sector top priority.
Do you have the perquisite technical skills in welding then you can start this business venture? Here are a list of top ten profitable business ideas. 
Steel Fabrication Business
Steel fabricators have lots of work to do either in the construction industry or other sectors. The job entails molding iron into practical items used on construction sites or in households.
Construction items such as steel rids, iron rods, panels, boards, and pipes. Household items made are iron chairs, tables, safe boxes, security gates and stools.
There are other applications in steel like repairs, mending and fixing equipment and machinery. The job is location specific and revolves around the local community.
To start the venture you need to write a visibility study and make a business plan. Then you need to get funding from personal savings or friend and family.
Low interest bank loans are just fine but you need to provide collateral. Once you have adequate finance find a large shop with ample space.
Get your company registered, apply for licenses and get technical help or training. Provide high quality work and service and you will do great in this business.
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Aluminum Fabrication Business
Aluminum is an expensive item when weighed per pound and a highly sort after material. It is light weight, durable easy to manipulate and handle.
Aluminum fabrication business is very popular and covers several useful items.  They use aluminum to make decorative and functional pieces like show glass or display cases.
Food items like snacks are also encased in aluminum glass stands. Other products you can get are roofing sheets, door handles, window frames and doors.
The business venture is very lucrative because of the many application of the metal. To start aluminum fabrication business you need moderate amount of money.
You can launch a homestead business with $20,000 this covers cutter, and other basic material. A larger operation will need a large shop space in a commercial area.
Register your business, buy basic equipment, find customers and develop technical knowledge. This type of widows are in high demand and specializing in this field has its rewards. The material is easily manipulated beautiful and highly favored for windows and sliding doors.
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Creative Iron and Steel Fabrication Business
A creative artist might decide to work only with iron and steel. The creative works are usually statues, and complex metal masterpieces.
The business of art is lucrative and you can place any price tag on your work. To reach customers your workshop should be visible or located in a commercial area.
You can situate your workshop or store at tourist destinations for better patronage. Other ways is through exhibitions, trade and craft fairs or flee markets.
It is difficult shipping metal or steel products abroad because of the weight and cost considerations. The only way is to create light weight small pieces for tourists.
To start this business you need to develop your skill. Find a good location, buy needed equipment and aggressively find customers.
Create amazing and useful items like lamp holders, touches, manikins and other simple items. Iron Welding Business
Iron is slightly denser than steel and tough to manipulate. An iron bender works primarily on construction sites fabricating and cutting iron for construction use.
They make the inner core of pillars, poles and the grid foundation of buildings. The interesting aspect of iron benders work is the basic equipment they use.
The bender has a special table with an iron protrusion and cutting equipment. He also bends barbed wire and introduces it in his iron grill to make a solid frame.
Other welding jobs include the fixing or building of iron tanks, ponds, gates or household items. The major equipment's used by Iron welders are pricey but rugged and lasts up to twenty years.
The soldering equipment uses carbide while the welding equipment needs lots of electricity. In some regions with epileptic power the welder needs to investing in a heavy duty electric generator.
To start this business rent a shopping space with adequate workshop area. Then register your business, get certification and finance.
Buy the major equipment you need and invest in proper training and handling of the equipment. You business office should be located in a commercial area to attract customers. Marketing and prompt service delivery is an essential path to success.
There are many small business ventures that service welding and fabrication businesses. 
Wholesale Steel Business Venture
You need a sizable chunk of money to venture into this business. The reason is because you buy your steel from manufacturers and they have a minimum benchmark for wholesalers.
The wholesaler also has to invest in a large warehouse or storage space and a shop. The store is where you sell your steel to retailers and contractors.
To start a wholesale business venture you need to secure a supplies contract from a reputable steel manufacturing company. Then register your business name, source funds through bank loans and target saving.
Rent your storage facility and office space and do lots of marketing. As a wholesaler you need to find a good location for your business.
New development sites or satellite towns are good locations because construction work is on going. The supply chain starts with the steel manufacturer, then wholesalers, retailer and down to the artisan.
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Wholesale Aluminum Roofing Business
There are two ways to approach this business venture. The first is to concentrate on the wholesale or retail aspect of the business or provide roofing services.
There is nothing wrong in combining the two services for greater gain. The wholesale aluminum roof dealer buys directly from roof manufacturers. You then sell to retailers, individuals and contractors.
If you have the technical knowledge of roofing offer them your service. The basic requirements to start an aluminum roof business are similar to wholesale steel business.
You need adequate funding, good location, bank credit and lots of customers. To get supply orders and contracts you need to visit construction sites and have an online presence.
You need lots of networking and marketing to position your business for success. Here are a few more details about wholesale Aluminum roofing business 
Aluminum supply business
You can run an aluminum supply business without owning a wholesale or retail outfit. However, if you own one it becomes an added advantage to your business.
Aluminum supply business is very versatile and covers different aluminum products used both for construction and farms. Some construction items you can supply include specially fabricated angles, sheets, roofing sheets, and rods.
If you don’t own a store the start-up is low because you can source your supplies from established wholesalers. The major task for supplies is to find a market or contract to supply such items.
A company name and small office will add credibility to your supply business. If you manage to get a huge contract then you will make lots of money.
Aluminum suppliers make money through commissions and margins including supply and transportation costs. You also need to have vast knowledge of aluminum products to succeed. Steel Supply Business
Steel supply business is slightly more challenging than aluminum supply business. The business aspect is the same with aluminum supplies but transportation plays a huge part in this business.
To make money you can buy a truck to carry the load to construction sites. Although you could hire a trick to carry the load this will eat deeply into your profit. 
The business is lucrative because contractors will rather leave the heavy carrying and supplies to a steel supply expert.  To get customers you need to visit new construction sites and introduce your services.
If your prices are competitive and fair the contractor might choose to use your services. You need a dedicated truck and extensive networking with steel wholesalers and retailers. You also need to have a good grasp of the type of steel used in construction site.
 Iron Supply Business
The supply end of iron is basically transportation. The fabricator or welder needs to get his masterpiece or goods to his customers.
You provide a trucking service to carry the goods to an agreed destination and get paid. The business model is simple and you earn daily income doing this business.
Iron and steel supply truckers are usually members of an association or union. Without membership they will make your life difficult. Join the association and choose a truck park to ply your trade.
The best truck parks are situated at articulated markets and wholesale iron businesses. Build a record for dependability and you will get recurrent contractors using your services.
The major investment in iron supply business is buying the truck, company registration, association fees and car park levies. 
 Welding equipment business
Why not try stating a welding equipment business. Although welding equipment's are rugged there are many welding tools that are constantly replaced.
Locate your equipment store beside welders who are your customer base. Stock high quality welding machines and allow discounts and warranties.
To start a welding equipment business you need moderate funding. The major expenditure is the equipment, shop rent and other union and registration fees.
Try to stock your welding store with items that welders use daily. If you have a good reputation welders will patronize your store from far and wide.
Got any welding and fabrication business ideas let us know and don’t forget to share this publication on social media channels.


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