22 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

 Simple traffic generation techniques
Over the years, Web masters have developed different techniques to increase traffic to their websites. They know traffic is king when it comes to web conversions and impressions. Without adequate visitors to their blogs, websites, and sub domains, they earn next to nothing.
It is not enough to have good content if no one is going to read them. Good quality alone will not work but proper planning and Search engine optimized pages.
The first step to traffic is valuable content and the use of keywords. Keyword stuffing is bad news so a writer has to develop a natural rhythm when writing a story or article.
The most basic way to increase traffic to your website or blog is to do your research on hot trending topics. You can use keywords to optimize your content and drive traffic to your website.
Bellow is some hot tips on how to generate traffic to your website.
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Write useful content
The first step is to write useful content that is search friendly. Websites that write stories on celebrates, latest fashion, news and current affairs attract a high volume of traffic. Other high traffic websites are sports related articles, how to articles including make money online articles.
Evergreen article do well but not in the category of news and entertainment. Sometimes the article goes viral and attracts thousands of visitors. Try to research topics, write good articles, and the use of keywords are the first step.
Make your website mobile friendly
Seventy percent of internet access is through Smartphone’s, iPhone, and tablets. Therefore, to remain competitive you need to make your website mobile compliant. If your website is difficult to navigate and access via mobile devices then that is bad.

Traffic sources
What is your preferred way of generating traffic?
Top of Form
  • Article directories
  • Social bookmark websites
  • search engine submissions
Bottom of Form
Use social network websites
Social network websites are the rave and the attract millions of users daily. You can increase your traffic by posting a link on social websites.
There are literarily thousands of social network websites you can use. Some include twitter, redgage, reddit, Stumbleupon, delicious, MySpace and FaceBook.
Social network sites only work when you have a large following and you are very active. Another method is to place targeted adverts on Google Adwords or FaceBook.
Some of the websites mentioned above are social bookmark websites. There are many and some even pay you some money for your content.
Web directories rock
Get listed on as many web directories that would have you. Many offer their services free but other demand sums, don’t pay for things you can get free.
The best way is to submit your website to the top web directories and forget the smaller ones. Apart from being ‘listed’, the directories attract moderate traffic to your website.
Get listed on search engines
This is a very important step, which would exponentially increase your traffic. Select the top search engines like Google, Bing to submit your website. Search engines take time to search through your pages before listing them on their pages.
Getting a first pages listing is equivalent as money in the bank because more people see your website.
Sign up for webmaster tool
The webmaster tool helps you understand the statistical data on your website. They also help you index your new content faster make them available to traffic quicker.
There are many webmaster tool but the major ones are Google Webmaster tool and Bing webmaster tool. You can also get lots of traffic statistics and hints on how to improve your website.
 Traffic generating techniques
Other platforms
Link Building
Link building
Web Carnivals
Internal links
Guest blogging
Article directories
External links
Niche websites
Email list
Increase the speed of your website
There is nothing more annoying than a website that takes to long loading. You can increase the speed of your website by using a clever web crawler tool to search through your pages and entire website.
The tool tells you all the links and possible solution that would increase the speed of your website.
Use videos
You can use videos like YouTube to direct traffic to your website. Videos are an effective way of getting more traffic and it is easy and free. The good part is you can even earn some income from the videos while increasing the traffic to your site.
Use forums
Forums are a great way to be-noticed and add your website link. Forums have different rules that guide them so know them before participating. Find forums related to the topic on your website, post useful answers and questions including your link.
Clever webmaster put their links in their signature so it is not that obvious. Participating in forums can help increase your traffic from that website.
Use long-tail keywords
Discover long tail -keywords to go under the radar and discover less competitive words. Many small niche websites that attract moderate traffic are niche sites that use long tail-keywords.
Websites that focus on certain weird topics like ‘crooked dentition replacement therapy ‘get lots of traffic. Anyone searching for anything remotely similar to the topic will end up on your site.
FaceBook Groups
Start a FaceBook group targeted at certain niche and find people of same interest. The group would be interested in topics related to the subject matter.
Email list
Email listing gets you connected to people interested in your product or topic. Gather an email list through free promotions and giveaways. Marketing your website through email listing and subscriptions is very effective in increasing traffic to your website.
Guest blogging
Guest blogging is another way of increasing the traffic to your website. Many blogs do not allow website links  but some do. Find those that allow links, post useful content to the blog, and place your link.
Just having your link on a top blog would boost your websites ranking.
Online contests
Some webmaster organizes online contests to drum up traffic. Others use webcasts, podcasts and paid advert placement to increase traffic, RSS Feeds, or Link exchange.
Article directories
Many webmasters use article directories to increase traffic to the websites. They do this by joining top article directories, write content related to that found on their website and place do-follow links.
Many article directories have no-follow links but some allow do-follow links. Placing a websites link with the body of an article with related topic is a very powerful tool. It increases the ranking of the website giving it more prominence and other benefits.
22 Ways to increase traffic to your website
1 online contest
2 RSS Feed
3 Podcast
4 Paid advertisements
5 Guest blogging
6 Forums
7 Videos
8 Webmaster tools
9 Search engine listing
10 Web directory listing
11 High quality SEO content
12 Social networking
13 Social bookmark website
14 Increase website speed
15 Contribute to article directories
16 Use long-tail keywords to drive traffic
17 Start FaceBook groups
18 Have good titles
19 Be a columnist on a major publication
20 Link relevant posts
21 Use email listing
22 Post article frequently

Good titles and headlines
Having good titles and headlines will effectively increase visitors to your website. Look at what people are doing and format your headlines in similar ways. A concise headline is much better than an arbitrary one.
Link relevant posts on your web page
Linking relevant posts makes tons of common sense if done properly. The internal links allows visitors move around your website from page to page. This simple strategy can double internal traffic and expose other interesting topics.
Be a guest columnist on top newspapers / magazines
A web owner recently attested to increased exposure and paid international conferences curtsy his articles. By merely guest blogging or writing short articles the writer attracted lots of attention and interest to his website.
Post frequently
There is nothing better that posting stories or articles frequently. The simple act increases traffic and follower-ship to your website. You can also build solid connections with websites that have similar interests.


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