Blogging for cash: A Beginners Guide to Profitable Business Blogging

Let’s face facts it takes time to make money blogging. It will take a minimum of eight months before you start seeing good returns for your effort. Blogging is not a get rich quick venture however with time becomes a steady source of income.
Blogging is the number one way entrepreneurs make lots of cash. The platform is easy to build and it earns regular income for the webmaster.
To run a blog you need a Self-host plan, free host or paid host plans. There are other ways to blog including Article Content contribution and guest blogging.
Blogging can be recreation or a business venture depending on your interest. Bloggers share information concerning evergreen topics, health issues, relationship advice, news and current affairs.
A blog is serious business and a veritable income generating platform for individuals, small business owners, groups and associations. There are basically three ways to blog.
They are free host, self hosting and revenue sharing websites. You earn from various sources like pay-per click, pay per impression, contextual ads, donations, referral income and many more.
You can sell affiliate products and use other high paying advert networks. Blogging is very fast and the site owner is usually allocated a sub domain when they opt for free hosting.
 Free Blog Hosting
Free blog hosting websites

Blogging platforms
A popular blogging website is powered by Google. You get a free host plan and a sub domain name or integrated a domain name on another host website
  Wordpress is another favorite hosting website like blogger use to post content.

Free blog websites: there are many free blog websites you can choose to start a blog.
A blogger has the choice of using Wordpress, Blogger, TypePad, Drupal, Textpattern and Squarespace. Others in this category are,,,
Almost all the free hosting website also accommodates paid hosting including domain name registration.

Revenue sharing blog sites: listed are some revenue sharing websites where you can earn income. Many of them monetize through Google Adsense and affiliate earnings. The blogger earns revenue from the advertisements placed on the blog page and affiliate product.

The blogger monetizes the page by adding links to affiliate partners and advertisement via clicks and impressions. Some revenue sharing websites you can blog and get paid are Hubpages, Knoji, wikinut, shvoong, Triond, Blogger Party, and Blog Burner.
Quality content is key

How to write High quality content
Blog content
Choose a niche you are passionate about and write quality posts. Talk to professionals, conduct interviews or seek expert opinions. 
Follow leads effectively and include diagrams, facts and figures to present a robust article.

If your aim is to promote certain goods then write honest reviews on products and services you have tried and include useful suggestion. News and current affairs blogs do very well but the blogger has to be consistent and post new stories daily.

The content of a blog depends on the blogger so choose your niche carefully and if possible focus on a certain demography to get a Google front page.
Affiliate networks
The four ways blog owners can monetize there websites include advertisements, affiliate programs, commissions and donations. Blog owners have an endless list of affiliate networks to monetize their content and earn income.
Some networks provide contextual advertisements, banners and text links. Others sell products or services, click per pay, click per impression and even donations. 

Most networks pay per click usually on the bases of commissions per traffic or product sales. Top Affiliate networks are eBay Partner Network, Avangate, direct,, Clickbank and Rakuten
 Other are Cj,, Amazon associate, and

Using affiliate marketing
The blogger signs up with a website that provides affiliate marketing opportunities place items by the affiliate partner with a link to the product. Anytime someone click on the link and buys something the affiliate marketer gets a commission.
The products offered by affiliate networks vary from household items, shoes, cloths, cosmetics, eBooks, even company products. Joining affiliate networks is easy especially if your blog or website generates lots of traffic.
 Affiliate networks usually have payment threshold and remit money earned to affiliate partners through method such as PayPal, checks, electronic transfer, and western union money transfer.
Affiliate marketing can also be done without a blog or website by joining an article directory and placing relevant products on your article pages.

Making money through advertisement is one of the major ways bloggers generate income. They build their blogs then introduce advertisements to earn income. Advertisements come in various sizes, shapes and colors depending on the bloggers preference.

Some are banner advertisement, side advertisements, search based advertisement and is usually click per pay or traffic impression estimates. Adverts may be sourced through third parties like Google Adsense or directly placement.
Before relevant advertisement is placed on a blog adequate traffic will guarantee better earnings through advertisements. New blogs because of their low traffic might have to post regularly and for about eight months before earning income.
To use advertisements on your blog you need to determine the type of advertisement, size and color scheme. Then priority should be given to placement and kind of advertisement shown so they are relevant to the content.
Bloggers can sign up with websites that provide third party advertisement and earn money via clicks, impressions calculated by the providers.

Sell your own products
Bloggers can make money by selling their own products and services because of the ready market online which makes sales easier. Wholesale and retail outfits have doubled their sale by going online and building a blog to highlight their products.

Some website owners provide solutions and valuable content then ask for donations in return for their services. Surprisingly some earn a decent income through donations by visitors to their blogs.

How to Start a Blog
The first question you need to address is why you are interested in blogging. There are many reasons why you should consider starting a blog.
Reasons to start a Blog
1             Blogging is a popular way to get your message across
2             You have Lots of Self expression and freedom
3             Builds your writing skill
4             An outlet for emotions and expression
5             You can make lots of money
There are many blog platforms to choose so you need to cover a few basics.
1             Choose a good platform for you Blog
2             Select a top Host provider
3             Work on the design and template
4             Add other plug- ins or useful devices
Step One
Select either a Wordpress Blog or a Blogger Blog. The more popular Blog type is the Wordpress Blog because of the amazing gadgets and plug-ins. Wordpress is the biggest platform with millions of Blogs numbering over 89 million blogs.
Step Two
1          You need to choose between self-host or free host platforms. Free host blog offers sub-domain extensions while paid self-hosting plans come with a dedicated domain name.
The dot com extensions of domain names are a more powerful extension than dot blogspot or dot Wordpress.
2          Only Dot blogspot allow monetization via advertisement, other free hosts will show there own advertisements on your blog. Free Wordpress blogs have a default template while paid host have thousands of free and paid templates for your blog.
3          The most annoying aspect of free blog hosting is that you don’t own your blog because the service provider can pull the plug anytime. While self-host on you domain name gives you total control of your blog. You can select a Bluehost Plan for as low as $3.98

Step Three
Start a blog on your own domain name by using a self-host website. Choose a competitive domain name with an extension like .com or .net
Then select a host partner like blogger or Bluehost this is where you build your blog. A domain name can cost $12 to $15 a year but you get a free domain name at Bluehost.
Once you sign up with a host you will be taken to a dashboard where you select post, add title, post content and publish.
Wordpress blogs need to be installed to create your website. If you are using Wordpress you can install a free Wordpress theme. Choose a theme that complements your content and use lots of images and videos.
How to Start Making Money from a New Website in One Month
We know you are in a hurry to start making money so waiting six months to get adsense approval is a drag. However, there are lots of ways to start earning money within a week or month.
Google adsense is not the only advertisement network online. Read the article on this website about other advertisement networks to find high paying alternative.
Another way is to sign up for Amazon Associate and get approval. You then have a choice of advertisements and several thousands of products to place in your website.
Yet another way is to write reviews and place affiliate links to the source. You can also sign up for ClickBank choose trending digital products and promote on your website.
Another way is to create a product and sell directly from your website.
Starting a blog or website is essential if you want to make money online and sell your products and services. You can use free blogging platforms, article directories or affiliate programs.
The commission earned start small however over time increases and out perform off line earnings. However, to be successful you need a niche, quality content a platform and targeted traffic to succeed.


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