Car Wash Business Ideas: How to Start a Car Wash Business
Owning a car wash is a good business venture because the service is needed daily. The size and scope of the business determines the capital involvement.
A large car wash would have special equipment, landed space and moderate staff. They run either on manual power or automation.
Small cash wash companies are basically manual with small staff strength. Small scale companies can conveniently function on a single plot of land.
No matter the size of your establishment the business will make you rich. To start you need to do a little research, determine size, equipment, staff and location.
It doesn’t take that long to establish a car wash if you have enough capital, license and location. There are a few administrative costs, wages, and sourcing adequate water.
 You need to accommodate equipment, finance and marketing before launching the business. Let’s see what you need to start your profitable car wash company.
Make a Business Plan
You need a good business plan to set-up your car wash. Do lots of research and factor finance, construction, management costs including short and long term goals.
You can hire a professional to write the business plan. And include legal fees, licensing and recurrent costs.
Get Finance
A small scale car wash cost moderate amount compared to large ones. Try to get a bank or cooperative loan to start your enterprise. You might sell equity or target venture capitalists.
Partnership models work or sell executive shares in your company. Getting adequate finance is a major challenge you have to surmount.
One of the most important decisions you make when setting up is location. The location will make or break your enterprise. Locate your business in a heavy vehicular trafficked area.
Other things to study are population of the area, busy street or residential area. The costs of landed property in a heavily trafficked area are usually high because of their commercial value.
To get a good location you can acquire a vacant plot or an old car wash. If you don’t have enough capital rent a space. The only danger with this arrangement is the possibility of eviction by the land owner.
If your car wash is successful the owner might evict with an aim of starting his own car wash. To avoid this unwholesome situation save up and buy a plot of land.
While selecting a good site consider traffic, competitors and prices in your area.
Check out your Competition
It makes sense to check out the competition in your area. Find out what are their challenges, earnings and local levies.
Do they get enough customers how about marketing costs? Many car wash patrons become loyal customers of a certain establishment.
Find a location some distance from the next car wash to avoid undue conflict. Local players are very aggressive because of the huge sums they make.
You need to carve a niche, offer discounts and good services to beat your competitors. There is lots of competition from large automated car wash and even single stall businesses.
Study you competitors promotional methods, automation services, express detailing, pricing and distance to your establishment. Find out who repairs their machines, type of machines they use and staff strength.
This will give you a clear picture on how to proceed.
Operational Costs
The business model works either as a franchise, partnership, sole proprietorship or share structure. Another business models is franchising which lends experience and support from an establish business.
You need to calculate registration, construction, staffing and machinery.  Your business plan will clearly identify all these parameters.

Get Registered
To start the business you need local government license to operate the trade. Find out the requirements and laws guiding the practice in your area.
Register your company with the corporate affairs commission. It does not matter what you call your enterprise your work ethic and service is all that matters.
Other considerations are utility provisions, insurance, tax and other requirements. Major issues that should concern you are water usage limits, utility prices, sewage and environmental issues.
Work on solutions to tackle these issues effectively.
Get an Approved Plan
In advanced countries you can’t just build a building or put up a structure without government approval. Work on the building design and get government approval for the structure.
The city council and state government are the bodies involved in approval of such civil work. Once you get your approved plan and other certification you can start the project.
You building plan should optimize the space with provisions for expansion and proper esthetics.
Some small car wash company can work out of a simple canopy cover and a number of pressure hose. They have a very basic framework including a dedicated borehole or water source.
The drive-ins are usually tarred with drainage holes for used water. Automated car washes use slightly more complicated machinery including a drive through building.
The land space and finance determines how large the building or drive-in. A large expansive car wash will definitely attract more customers that a small operation.
Design you car wash to allow quick entry, purchase and movement through the wash tunnel. You need to work on the building aesthetic to attract customers.
Every stage should be flawless, professional and appealing.
The cost of equipment varies depending on the manufacturers and function. The equipment used for automated wash is different from pressure pumps.
Other equipment's are generators, clever plumbing system and wash detergents. Some automated wash also have blow dryers.
Marketing Considerations
Marketing is essential to the success of your business. Remember you face stiff competition from establish businesses.
To carve a niche offer discounts, use fun branding and effective marketing. Target your marketing to your immediate area because they are your customer base.
Print handbills, posters and have billboards highlighting your services. To launch your business start with free promotional washes for a limited period.
The off chance is that they will come back on a latter date. Promote your business with sales representatives for commissions.
Car wash business when done right will give you lots of money why not start one today.


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