Free Business Email Address: How to Set-up a Free Business Email Account.

Business websites and blogs give little attention to the creation of an email account. This is because mail services like Yahoo mail and Google plus have made acquiring a free mail easy.
The emails provided by such websites have a sub domain extension such as and
However business websites looking to carve a more serious identity uses business email names. The business email usually follows a certain pattern such as yourname@
For example this websites email address is
Although email names seem insignificant such email names and extensions carry lots of weight. It is pretty difficult today to get a website offering free business email services.
But the paid versions have a number of websites with lots of amazing templates and data space. The general practice for paid business email is a small hosting charge of between$ 2-$10 monthly depending on the band size and users.
Some advertisement networks when reviewing your website to serve advertisements are interested in your traffic, website layout, email, and privacy policies.
Although having a corporate identity through a business email is small yet indicative of the seriousness of the webmaster. Let us see how you can get a free business email for your website or blog.
How to Get a Free Business Email
One of the few websites that offer both free and paid business email services is Zoho. To setup your email you need a website hosting company.
The reason is because the mail service company will require confirmation of ownership of your website/domain name. Since most websites and blogs have hosted domain names verifying ownership is easy.
Zoho provides many options for host company verification during the set up process. However we shall focus on one Host Company called  Although this step by step guide does not include other host providers you will find lots of instructions and guide to setup at Zoho.
This is how to set up a free email with Zoho through Godadday.

Getting a Free Email from Zoho
It is very difficult to find websites that still offer free business email service. One of the last players is Zoho mail and the email is truly free.
No purchase is required however they have conditions of use including upgrade.  The free email offer comes with a 5GB data plan and 10 totally free business accounts.
They also allow up to 25 users on your email platform. Small business owners have plenty of options and band space to receive and send mails.
There are basically two major steps before claiming your business email account. The first step is verifying your domain name ownership and creating the email account.
Let us go through each step one at a time.
 Verifying Domain Ownership
The first and most important step in the process is having a domain name. If your website or blogs domain host is you are good to go.
As stated earlier you can use other host providers but this guide is for websites hosted on Once you have purchased your domain name then you can start.
Domain names on cost about $12 unless you buy a top level domain names.
Go to Zoho mail and sign up for a free account by clicking on create an email.  The sign up process require name of account owner and usual sign up fields.
The next step is to login to Zoho and click mail icon. To fast track the process select the Lite-plan from the drop down menu after clicking create an email.
The plan is listed with other paid plans but choose the one that offers 5GB and 10 free business emails.
When you want to set up the email don’t log out of Zoho or until you have successfully created the email. 
email plans

Zoho Email Domain Setup
Once you have selected the Lite plan the next screen requires (your business name) the domain name for your email. To set up the business email they allow yourname@domainname.
So you add the name you want to use including your domain name.
Once you have added the domain name you want for your business the next step is verifying ownership. You verify ownership by adding CNAME and destination to your host websites domain server. You will also see a verify button at the bottom of the page don’t click on it yet.
screen shot

godaddy domain manager
Go to Godaddy
To verify ownership go to Godaddy and log into your account. Then select domain names and click manage button beside domains.
At your domain Manager select the domain name you want to use as a business email. Then on next page click DNS tab an add record.
A window will open to enter you Record Type-CNAME, Destination including Point To. The ADD ZONE RECORD has only four fields which are Record Type, Host, Point To and TTL.
DNS zone file
You Record Type are CNAME (Alias), copy you host name from Zoho and paste in the ADD ZONE RECORD. The same applies to Point to on the ADD ZONE RECORD.
TTL 1 hour then click finish on the add zone record field. A red table will open to notify you of changes you have made click on the SAVE CHANGES.
Head back to Zoho Mail Suite and you can now click the green verify button. If you have added the records properly a window will open to acknowledge your success.
verify page on Zoho
create account Zoho

The above process has confirmed your ownership of the domain name now you need to create the account. Click-create account on the domain setup window you are now on.
The subsequent pages that open allows you organize your groups, users. You can skip this part and add users later to get to the second part which is creating the account.

To Create the Account  
To create the free business email account you need to head back to DNS ZONE File and change MX records. Again click on DNS ZONE FILE and scroll down to MX Records and delete any MX Records in the list.
mx mail exchanger

Make sure you find the MX (Mail Exchanger) field and delete the mail records. The reason is to allow better connection for your new email address.
Now scroll back to DNS ZONE FILE and click add record. We are going to follow similar method used to verify the domain however this time we add 2 MX records.


At the ADD ZONE RECORD window select Record Type-MX (Mail Exchanger), HOST-@, Point To, Priority-10, TTL-1hr.
Then Add the Second One
The second Add zone record select Record Type-MX Mail Exchanger, Host-@, Point To, TTL-1 hour then Finish.
You have successfully created a new business email account. The mail will be up and running within half and hour and you can start sending and receiving mail.
To operate the mail sign into Zoho using your email and secret pass word and don’t forget to include your mail into your website or blog.


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