How to Build an Online Store with Shopify or Earn huge Sums as an Affiliate

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Are you interested in building an online store then your best bet is Shopify.  Shopify was specially designed with stunning templates, multiple sales channels and fair pricing.
Shopify understands that your eCommerce store is meant to be functional and also impress your customers. The website is easy to use with a beautiful and secure online platform.
Your online Store would have three basic elements the store front, your product and orders. Your store front is hosted by Shopify who provide different templates to help you customize your brand.
With Shopify you have total control over the outlook of your online store.  The store is unique because of its layout, domain name, content and colors.
You also have a choice of over 100 professional store templates. However, you can choose to build your own design using HTML or CSS
You run your business on your own terms by managing orders, track sales trends and contact customers. You can manage orders, use analytic, add-ons and even monitor sales from you mobile phones.
One of the major advantages of building a store on Shopify is accepting orders in seconds. You get quick notification by email or mobile including multiple orders in one click.
Another major advantage is easy integration with major carriers. You customers are also provided tracking information for their orders.
You get all the features you want
They handle all the eCommerce needs of both experts and beginners. They have unlimited bandwidth and products, search engine optimization. Other features are website builder and full featured blog, global tax and currency support.
Shopify has over 70 international payment gateways including CashEnvoy. CashEnvoy is a payment gateway that works on Shopify built by a Nigerian for Nigerians.

How to Setup your Shop
To setup a shop you need to first pick a paid plan. However, Shopify allows new subscribers to try there system absolutely free of charge for 14 days no credit card payments required.
The paid plan is the Basic, Pro and Unlimited host plans. The Basic plan allows you sell in your own online store on social media and in person with Shopify POS. 
The Pro has the Basic feature including enhanced reports, analytics and much lower transaction fees. The Unlimited plan has the Pro plan with lowest transaction fees and real time carrier shipping.
All three plans attract monthly fees like$29 for the Basic plan,$79 Pro plan and $179Unlimited plan.
How to add commerce to your online store
To add commerce to your online store you need to embed a shopping cart. Do you already have a store front you can sell directly on your existing website? The process is easy you just add some simple HTML and have a working ecommerce store in minutes.
Shopify has Buy Buttons that works seamlessly with Wordpress, WIX, tumbir, Drupal, joomla, Shopify and Squarespace. The hip enterprising company has powered over 243,000 businesses helping the stores sell over 14 billion dollars worth of products.
Advantages of using Shopify
1              Shopify has powerful features
2              It is easy to setup and run an online store
3              The simple ecommerce solutions save time
4              They fully understand the online store business
5              They have 24 hours customer care services
6              There is no risk with their 14 day free trial
Features on Shopify
1              A cool website builder
2              Store front
3              Shopping cart
4              Mobile commerce
5              Ecommerce software
6              Point of sale either in person, iPad POS,POS software
7              Helpful resources include 24/7 support, Shopify Doc, Blog , Ecommerce forums, API Doc and free tools.
Shopify also have partner programs, affiliate programs and APP developers. Do you need an online store join SHOPIFY and start your 14 days free trial
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Affiliate Program
You can become an affiliate of Shopify and earn one of the highest commissions on referrals. You can make up to$2,400 per customer when you sign up for the Shopify affiliate program.
When you sign up you are given a special link to Shopify that you can share on social media or your website. You will earn income for every customer that signs up for Shopify through your link.
Per sale commissions mean you earn 200% of a customer’s subscription fee each time you refer someone to Shopify. You can make up to $2,400 per sale
Sign up to be a Shopify affiliate
Anyone can be an affiliate with or without a website or blog. Bloggers can monetize there blogs by adding Shopify banners or affiliate links to your post.
Shopify is one of the strongest brands in the industry.
How to make money with the affiliate links
To make money you have many marketing strategy that works. A few strategies are email marketing, pay per click advertisements, contextual advertisements, FaceBook or Twitter.
Shopify also supports affiliates with free resources like marketing materials such as banners, templates, and handouts. As an affiliate you also get a Shopify affiliate dashboard to track your earnings.
Other perks are monthly newsletters outlining new features, upcoming events and recommended reading. Shopify has one of the highest conversion rates in the industry which is good news for blogs with huge traffic.
You can earn referral commission as a Shopify affiliate.


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