How to Increase Brand Awareness with Instagram

Instagram is one among the endless list of social networking websites. Some of the popular ones are Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, and MySpace.

They have become an effective tool for sharing photographs, stories, news and meeting new and lost friends. The social network websites have grown in leaps and bounds into social media marketing.

Businesses are now leveraging on the popularity of certain profile and pages to increase their brands awareness. Instagram was founded in 2010 in Silicon Valley by two entrepreneurs namely Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom.

It was later acquired by the social media giant Facebook in 2012. The website ranked twenty nine has recorded an amazing number of subscriptions numbering over 160 million subscribers.
The power of Instagram as a marketing tool is gradually growing and business have taken notice. Smart businesses have harnessed the visual websites to improve their services or products.
Small and medium enterprises like cake makers, restaurants and hotels leverage on visual websites to drum up more clients. This is easily achieved via beautiful imagery of their products and services with offers of discount and coupons.
Many people know the power of marketing their products and services through giants like Facebook and Twitter. But have not realized that Instagram has an untapped potential to equal and almost surpass its predecessors.
Listed below are ways you can use Instagram to promote your small business
Use Powerful Imagery
A small production company can use powerful imagery to showcase what it does. The company can show an entire production process for people to get acquainted with your methods.
Small manufacturers have lots of advantages using this format because it could attract serious customers and even investors.
Create Interesting New Products
The home based business can create exciting new products that might interest your audience. Garment, bag, and shoes manufacturers including creative artist can use this medium to gain clients.
Beautiful creative work accompanied by lovely pictures is a very powerful tool. Instagram users have noticed considerable spike in offline businesses using online marketing platforms.
User Interactions and Suggestions
Instagram is time based current and easy to access via Smartphone and other devices. Getting feedback from subscribers and client is a huge marketing tool.
You get to know what people think about your product or service which is invaluable resource for improvement and getting client satisfaction.
The suggestions and interactions can also lead to the development of new products. Small businesses should be ready for constructive criticism and eager to change people’s views.
Share Business Photographs
Businesses can use Instagram by sharing relevant business photographs of the operational system of your company. When you feed their curiosity you open a channel for dialogue and imagery.
The imagery might have either positive or negative reaction but it invariably starts a relationship. Professionalism is the keyword to attract the right people to your Instagram page.
Businesses can use keywords and hashtags
Extend your reach via the use of keywords and hashtags. The use of keywords and hashtags on your Instagram page might just go viral.
Viral content can be redistributed along many channels like websites, blogs and even other social media websites. Viral is good because it creates more exposure for your small business model.
You get a sharp rise in traffic and followers which can translate to more clients and sales
Monitor your traffic
Your traffic statistic tells you how popular your Instagram page getting. Monitoring it allows you make changes to your profile or increase awareness by improving on your business format.
Traffic in online commerce is everything so monitoring your Instagram traffic is very important as a marketing strategy.
Instagram for business
How o promote your business with Instagram
1 Photograph and image association
2 Share business photographs
3 Use keywords and hashtags
4 Monitor traffic
5 Get interactions and suggestions
6 Use powerful imagery of your production process
7 Create new products
Associate an image to your company
Face association breads trust and trust breads confidence in the social media community. Your business model or brand needs a face associated to the business or account.
If you have a dedicated team posting images of your team in action is a powerful marketing strategy. Top bloggers know that face association breeds trust and trust equals money in the bank.


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