How to Self Publish on Kindle Direct Publishing: A Step by Step Guide to Selling Your eBook on Amazon

Amazon kindle store is one of the largest Books stores online. They have several stores in locations like United Kingdom, India, Germany, Canada and USA among others.
Authors have found kindle Direct Publishing a convenient platform to publish there books.  They Sell Ebooks which are digital books that are downloaded or read online.
kindle reader device
Amazon created the kindle book to accommodate faster and seamless download of ebooks. The Publishing giants also have print version which is Print- On- Demand on Createspace.
Kindle publishing are one of the best passive income sources online. If you want to achieve success producing ebooks you need to concentrate on certain aspects of publication.
Step By Step Guide to Selling On Kindle Direct Publishing
Step one
Create your Content
What is the genre of your book is it fiction, romance, contemporary, Business, or ecommerce. You need to choose a topic, do research and produce valuable content.
You can write the book using online resources, ideas or personal knowledge. If you are not prolific in writing buy private label or re-seller rights rework the content and publish.
You can also outsource the writing of the book to freelancers. Nicely written books will attract commendation but a hurriedly done job the opposite.
Choose your niche carefully, do lots of research and never take your audience for granted.  Top publishing websites demand original content from their authors.
Step two
Get you book proofread
Getting your book Proofread is essential because it eliminates errors in the publication. Hire a good proofreader and get the best possible book you can produce.
Step Three
Create a good cover design
Your book needs to have a good cover design to attract attention. Remember there are literally millions of publications worldwide across several publishing houses. A good cover attracts interest in the publication and it’s also a very good marketing strategy. You can design your cover and upload it to KDP or use the cover creator on your publishing page.
How to publish your first ebook
First choose a niche create content and design your book cover.
1             Sign up with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishers it is free
2             Once you sign in you will be taken to your Bookshelf
3             Click on  create new title
4             Then you enter a publishing page that highlights a three step process. Your Book, Rights and pricing and KDP benefits (Optional)
They then ask you if you want to enroll your book in Kindle Direct Publishing Select. If you tick the box your book will be exclusive to Amazon publishers alone.
The benefit is 70% royalty and exposure to other Amazon stores worldwide. Other functions of enrollment is normalized reading, free borrowing of you book by registered members and a share in the Monthly Select Fund.
Get Started
Enter your book details-Book Name, Subtitle and if the book is part of a series.
You also have publisher option, book description, book contributors and language
Verify your publishing rights-here check. 'This not a public domain work and I hold the necessary publishing right'
The next step is to Target your book to customers
You choose two categories
Age grade and US grade then add search keywords
Then select your books release option- select I am ready to release my book now.
Upload or create a book cover they have a book cover guideline
Then upload your book file and preview your book
Save draft, then save and continue
Verify your publishing territories- choose worldwide
Set your price and royalty-you have two options 70% royalty or 35% royalty
Skip kindle matchbook and tick kindle book lending
Then click on save and publish
Kindle will moderate your book for 24 hours and publish it live if there is no problem. Either way they will send a notification to your email address showing the status of your Book.
Summary of publishing on kindle direct publishing
1             Register and sign in
2             Create a new Title
3             Select KSP
4             Book name
5             Book description
6             Book contributors
7             Verify publishing right
8             Target audience
9             Keywords
10          Check I am ready to release
11          Upload book cover
12          Upload book content
13          Save as draft
14          Save and continue
15          Publishing territory worldwide
16          Royalty70%
17          Check Kindle lending
18          Check I agree to terms
19          Save and publish
20          Your book is live in 24hours. You can view it in any of the market places through a link beside you book image in your Bookshelf. It is easy simple and straight forward after a while you can actually publish a new book in less than 5 minutes.
How to increase sales of your ebook
Get reviews
If you want your book noticed and a chance at earning income get the book reviewed. A proper review attracts interest and curious readers. Reviews also bring some level of authenticity to your work.
Having a five star endorsement increases your books standing on amazon’s market place and more buyers. Top book websites can do a review on your book and publish it on their website.
The three major things reviews do is increase sales, builds trust and improve SEO.
Give away free eBooks
Kindle Select allows author’s giveaway their books for free for five days. It sounds weird but they have noticed with each free giveaway there is a spike in sales.
The giveaways are regulated every ninety days and KDP also has Amazon count down deals. The countdown deal is basically a strategic shift in the books price for a few days.
The advantages of free giveaways are new readers, increased sales more awareness. You do not earn any royalty during the free giveaways but after the promo your are back to business.
Use social media
Use social media like twitter, FaceBook, to share information amount the book. You can also promote your publication via FaceBook advertisement and reach prospective buyers.
Use discounts
Everybody loves discounts so offer discounts of your book for a limited period. Kindle supports discounts and count down deals. Time based discounts is a powerful tool marketers use to drum up sentiments and attract new subscribers.
Set a reasonable price
You have the power to set the price of your book on KDP. Ebooks have low distribution cost so they are usually much cheaper that print books. Your pricing can make or mar your sales so choose wisely.
Join Author Central
Author central helps new publishers sell more books. You can create a biography add links to your websites or blogs and track sales.
You can get your biography translated by signing up for an international version and attract foreign readers.
Promote your book
There are three major promotional channels on Kindle Direct Publishing for authors
1             Paying customers borrow your books
2             Authors giveaway books
3             Countdown deals
All these options are open to only authors that selected the Kindle Select program. When promoting your book use free book promotion websites for maximum exposure.


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