Information Product Marketing Business: A Guide to Information Product Marketing

Information marketing is a highly lucrative business venture that requires creating an information based product. It does not need specialized knowledge or skill because you create the package. You can easy hire a freelancer or do it by yourself.
For the business to work you need to create a good product for sale. Many internet entrepreneurs earn huge earnings from selling the product.
What is an information product?
An information product is one of the most profitable businesses online today. The product includes digital software, PDF files, video, SlideShare and e-books.
The quickest and best way to sell information products is through your blog, website or article directory page. The information product is a downloadable high value property that fulfills a need or teaches a skill.
Many people prefer packaging their information product into an ebook or report. The good aspect of information marketing is the vast number of topics and self help niches you can compile.  You make huge earnings when you discover a useful niche or business that interest many people.
The more useful the product the higher returns you make on your investment. You need to know the basic ways the business works especially in relation to your website or blog. The digital content which is in a downloadable format allows the purchaser gain valuable knowledge on a specific subject matter.
The e-book is my preferred choice but you can use YouTube tutorials, audio and PDF files.
Chose a niche
The first and most important step is choosing a niche for you book. The topic you chose determines the content, title and format. You can leverage on your knowledge of a specific subject.
If you are good at catfish farming, snail farming, grass cutter, commodity sales why not write a book on that subject. Online resources are great sellers like web designing, traffic boosting techniques or Search Engine Optimization ideas.
The book should be well researched, factual, and full of useful information including beautiful graphics and images.
Hire a professional to proofread your digital product for errors and typos. You can offer free promotional copies, get reviews and testimonials.
Reviews are an essential marketing tool to create interest in your product and new clients.
Fast Delivery
There are various ways to delivery your downloadable content to customers such as putting a gadget on your website or sending the product by email. The delivery service you choose should be prompt, seamless and fast.
Build a website or blog
A crucial aspect of information marketing is building a simple website or blog. The blog offers your customers a preview of what is on offer. The best website or blog hosts are blogger or WordPress.
A good platform you can use is WordPress one sheet because of its functionality. Your website should include the best information about your product and a call to action page.
To make a sale you need to harness the traffic to your website and turn your readers to paying customers.
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Reach more customers through affiliate marketing
Get affiliates to market your information product for a commission in sales. The most powerful tool an information marketer can use is Clickbank.
There are thousands of affiliates eager to market your product on several channels. Clickbank has a registration fee for merchants on their website so factor it into your budget.
Find a joint venture partner
You can hire a full service partner to create content, editing, and design of your product. If you are cash strapped then you need to dig deep and create your product by yourself.
Be creative
Standard information products that are in high demand are e-books, webinars, books and manuals. Cultivate an interesting brand or concept for your product. You need to know what your audience want and provide the information.
Types of information product
There are three basic types of information products which are audio, video or the written word. You can combine one or both of any elements to achieve a robust presentation.
Step by Step Guide
Step by Step Guide to starting your own information product marketing business. We have said earlier that an information product is audio, video, or text. Other formats are e-books, manuals and software products.
Things needed for this business venture
1             You need a Bank account
2             A dedicated email address
3             You need to identify your product
4             Solve peoples needs by creating a niche
5             Write a sales letter or letter of introduction
6             Reach out to potential clients
7             Learn how to write a classified
8             How to advertise the product
9             How to sell the product
10          Cashing your payout
11          Learn how to package the product
12          Build a Client list
13          Get referral rights
Let’s go through the above steps one at a time
Opening a local bank account
You need to open a bank account to collect your earnings. Having a bank account is easy but if you don’t have one this is the process.
You need two passport photographs and two referees that have accounts in your bank of choice. Some banks have a mandatory opening balance so the account is funded before it becomes active.
Luckily Banks in Africa are evolving with new realities. For Nigerians a Top Nigerian Bank you can consider is Guarantee Trust Bank because they have zero account opening balance. Therefore all you need to do is walk into any of their branches and open a zero account.
It does not matter if the account is a savings or checking account any will do nicely. If you want to leverage your business and market your product to the international community you need to open a PayPal account.
It is easy to open a PayPal account from just click on this link on and open the account.
Get an email address
There are several free email providers such as Google plus, yahoo mail and others. All you need to do is log into yahoo mail sign up, fill the form, choose a password and you are done.
The email is very important in information product marketing because it is one means of send your product to clients.
Another method is using a digital download website to distribute you package.
Identify the product
The most important aspect of information marketing is identifying the product. You need to have a good product to gain subscribers and clients. Knowing what service they require or identifying peoples need is the bedrock of successful marketing.
A good product will easily sell it self because it is useful and timely. There are two sectors to information marketing one is to solve people problems. The other is to teach people how to do something.
The service angle could be topics related to beauty, family, relationships and health. Teaching about specific niches like bee keeping, bricklaying and furniture making are also good product ideas.
Solve people’s problems
Success in information product marketing is when the marketer identifies a need or service. The ability to produce an effective product to tackle people’s needs creates a viral product.
Let’s look at the demography of Nigeria and population. Nigeria has a population of over 150 million inhabitants solving people’s problems which offers the information marketer a vast audience.
Today the internet offers far more potential customers than 150 million considering the large population worldwide. The job of the marketer is to find the product or service that solves a problem.
For example a smart information marketer offers commodity export solutions to Nigerians. They charge a high premium for their services while earning huge profit.
The marketer can Package export solutions in an information product like an e-book or manual for sale which guarantees high returns.
Using an e-book format is a reliable way to market your product. You can write on a single topic or various topics and create a bumper package.
Ebooks are easy to market because you can place them on your website or blog. Other methods to market the book are established publishers like kobo, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and lulu.
People are willing to pay for useful information that will have positive impact on their lives. Information is already being provided for cash by magazines, television stations, newspapers, books and even audio-radio.
There is an endless list of services a marketer can offer such as business related services like forex trading, stock market analysis and online business ventures.
Many more fields are health and fitness, bead making, website designing and many more.
The information marketer needs to choose a topic he is passionate about and has vast knowledge. Get a good subject mater and many people will buy your information product.
Let us use beekeeping as an example of an information product. If you compile information about beekeeping like where to source your bees, how to build a hive, equipment, location, packaging the honey and sales your product will sell.
Getting relevant helpful information for sale is what information marketing is all about. Once you have identified a need an information marketer needs to find solutions to the problems.
Packaging an information product
There are important parameters when packaging an information product.
1             The information should be properly researched
2             It should have a good title
3             Be truthful and concise
4             Useful and on point
5             Should be appropriately priced
6             Promoted and advertised
7             It should identify peoples needs
You have identified a niche market and you are ready to package your information product. The next step is to decide which medium you want to use either text, video, or audio formats.
Video and text in form of manuals or books is the best type of information product. Producing a manual or ebook is not as difficult as you think.
You can either write the book yourself or hire online professionals for a small fee.
Writing the ebook
If you choose to write the book yourself then get as much information about the subject matter. Organize your work by title, content, summary and conclusion.
There are many ways of getting valuable information about your chosen subject like search engines, attending lectures and seminars, and interviews. You can also buy private label Rights, join online a forum or adapt a successful book into another language.
Private label Rights are products you can buy, learn from and resell.
Hire freelancers
You can hire freelancers to write your book online. All you need is provide the title including instructions of what you want. There are many freelance writing websites to hire writers a good one is
You can find a lot of content on various subject matters online so do the research and build your product. Make sure the product has a good title, information packed and appealing.
For video products
You can record a seminar, screen capture your skills or record a webinar.
 What makes a good information product?
What makes good information product is research, well packaged product, the presentation, and lots of publicity.


How to write a persuasive sales letter
To get peoples attention you need to advertise or drive traffic to your blog. A persuasive sales letter highlighting the importance of your product is important. The sales letter can be featured on a blog or website or sent to respondents to your advertisement.
The letter can be sent via email or a dedicated URL to your blog post.
Sales letter features
The letter should be convincing your prospective customer to purchase your product. The content of your sales letter should describe the product or service in clear terms.
The cost of the service should also be included in the document including instructions on how to purchase the product. Your sales letter is very important and should be written with care to convince people to buy your product.
1             It should be appealing and convincing
2             Product or service clearly stated
3             Cost clearly displayed
4             Instructions on how to order the product

How to reach customers
You need to sell your product if you want to make any money. You can use social media like Facebook groups, Mail list building, email marketing, advertisement both online and offline. You can also reach your buyer by using bulk SMS service providers.
A blog or website dedicated to information marketing works with a checkout page. You can join forums and leave links, and send sales letters.
Promoting your information marketing business is the key to success.
Marketing your information product through a website
You can create a Wordpress website to market your information product.  A Good place to host your website is BlueHost because there prices are competitive and Wordpress templates are well integrated.
Building a website is an effective way to market your product. To drive traffic to your website you need good content and become an active member of a community. Other methods are through, discounts, freebies, social media share, YouTube videos and forums.
You can also increase your websites visibility through link building. You can generate free publicity using press release sites like 24/
How to send your information product
If you chose to use email to send your product to customers this is the method.
Yahoo mail
1                             Open your email
2                             Select COMPOSE
3                             Type the clients email address in the appropriate space above were they have written-TO
4                             Type the name of the information product in the SUBJECT
5                             Click ATTACH
6                             Then go to  the doc page where your information product is stored
7                             Then click OPEN then click OK you will be taken back to compose message page. Once the attachment is completed you will see the name of the product and document
8                             Then SEND
9                             The email notifies you by writing SENT SUCCESSFULLY.
Once you follow all the steps you will become a successful information marketer. Information marketing is big business and marketers make six figure incomes monthly.
All you need to do is find a good product, package it, set the price, promote and advertise your product.


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