Leather Furniture ReFurblish Business: How to Start a Leather Repair Business

Old and damaged furniture are either discarded or sold at a ridiculous amount. The price in some cases is discounted at a reduced price.
The leather contractor stands to gain lots of profit repairing the damaged and defective furniture. There are two business templates that define leather furniture repair business.
 Start a furniture repair business from scratch or refurbish used furniture. Refurbishing used furniture is a very lucrative business because of the huge profit margin.
Increase your Earnings
To maximize your earnings open a show room alongside your refurbished business. Having a retail operation creates an avenue to sell your furniture. To properly position your enterprises try to follow these rules
1.    Produce high quality workmanship consistent to major manufacturers in your country.
2.    Set appropriate pricing mechanism for customers
3.    Carry out the entire contract in your workshop to save cost and maximize profit
4.    Do effective and secure shipping to reduce mishaps in handling and shipping
Benefits of Starting Your own Furniture Repair Business
Owning a refurbish business has lots of business opportunities and benefits. The benefits point to huge earnings and opportunities. Three benefits of running a refurbish business are high rates, good profitability and lots of outside repair work.
The rates charged by professional companies are high in comparison to other service providers. Upholstery contractors make lots of money repairing old furniture for customers or their show room.
Another benefit to the contractor is low expenses and over head. The high rates charged guarantees profitable margins.
How to start your refurbishing business
Learn the Trade
You need to learn the trade because it is a technical field. It involves carpentry knowledge and upholstery.
 Gain valuable knowledge by becoming an apprentice or a vocational institute. If you are not interested in doing the work yourself hire carpenters and upholstery staff.
Finance your Business
The amount of funding is moderately challenging. You can start a furniture repair business with $40,000.
You need small bank loans or cooperative loans to effectively position your company. A partnership agreement is another way to raise funding.
Other funding sources are core investor or equity sales in your business. Try target saving and reach out to family and friends.
Register your Company
Register your company and get appropriate licensing. Find out what is obtainable in your country.
Find a Good Location
You need two things for you office space. Find an office in a busy area that has a workshop space behind. The workshop is where you do all the refurbishing while the front store to sell the furniture.
This simple solution solves lots of transportation costs and saves money and time. your store front should be attractive welcoming and have a good interior design.
The job entails two basic upholstery and carpentry work. You need technical skills and the right tool to create amazing furniture.
To earn huge payouts your job need to meet professional standards obtainable in the industry. Having proper knowledge on tools and how to use them is the difference between a roadside carpenter and an establish brand.
Minimum Starting Tools
Professional furniture repairers and beginners use the same basic upholstery tools. There are many diverse tools however narrow set your sight on only tool you need.
Purchasing only essentials reduces wastage and undue expenditure. The right tools save money and offer efficiency and value.
Here is a list of basic startup tool your need for your refurbishing business.
Upholstery tack hammer
Regular hammer 
 Heavy duty scissors
Staple pin and staple remover
Flat sharpened screw driver  
Curved needles  
carving knife
Webbing stretcher  
Tape measure
Functions of the Tools
The carved needles measures 4inh or 6inh and is used to sew fabric together. The electric knife is used to cut foam while the tape measure is for measuring.
Ripped chisel is effective in removing old fabric and you need straight slotted screwdrivers. Other is straight claw to strip old leather cover and sharp scissors to cut the fabric.
Power Tool
You also need power tool to make your job easier. There are a number of power tools you should consider.
Buy a metallic body heat gun, steamer to steam wrinkles out of fabrics and air nozzle. The air nozzle is used as a blower to remove dirt.
There are three types of upholstery staplers to consider. They are the heavy duty hand stapler, air stapler, electric stapler.
You also need a saw, electric drill, foam saw, iron and jig saw.
You can buy an air compressor and band saw to cut special shapes. Other machinery include foot sewing machine and press button.
A good billboard in front of your store is a good idea. Make your products visible by adding a display window to your store.
Place colored advertisement in national newspapers for a wider reach. You might need a truck or bus to transport your furniture.
If you don’t have your own trucks hire cargo transporters to carry your furniture. Distribute handbills to residents in your area showcasing your products and services.
You can network with property developers and government organization for supply contracts. Building a website targeted at your locality and market base.


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