Make Money Writing for Hubpages: 7 Reasons Why Hubpages is the Best Article Directory

If you love writing, learning useful information or searching for a viable platform to make genuine online income then Hubpages is the place. The article directory is a revenue sharing website that offers its members a good opportunity to earn income while doing what they love best.
To have an authors account with hubpages  you should be 18years and above and can be a resident of any country. Anyone can contribute content based on their passion, preference and interest so long as they do not contravene Hubpages terms on usage.
If you are consistent work hard and learn proper management of your content then building a lucrative career or business venture is guaranteed. Topics range from politics, evergreen, poetry, lifestyle, reviews and general information.
The articles on Hubpages are referred to as hubs and the contributor hubber, among the hundreds of article directories Hubpages is my favorite. Let us examine why Hubpages is the best revenue sharing article directory online today.
Full disclosure
Many article directories are not what they seem because some directories allow you to sign up without full disclosure that their preferred contributors most be from certain demography. After signing up you discover that you are either locked out or you account mysteriously terminated.
On some directories even when you manage to log in and submit articles even with 100% unique, informative and original content they flag it as duplicate. Others only disclose certain earning caveats after you submit an article such as “This is only applicable to USA citizens”.
Many article directories only cater for people who live in certain countries and are not open to world citizens even the payment structure and method of payment is shrouded in mystery. Hubpages is open to the entire world and the articles are subject to fair scrutiny by their moderators.
Their payment structure is fully disclosed and earning potential viable while a learning center provides tutelage to new and existing hubber on how to maximize the website.
Hubpages capsules | Source

hubpages capsule

Revenue sharing website
Many people visit hubpages | Source
Numbers never lie
Hubpages is one of the biggest article directories online much so with the joining of another top article directory to the hub family. The user generated website by December 7 2013 had 910,106published articles (hubs), and 73,969 published contributors.
The forum posts accounted for 2,494,967 forum posts and 16.1 million unique visitors including 30.9 million global visitors by 2013 ending.
 Hubpages Template
Every article directory provides a template that you use when writing your article or uploading content to your text page. On Hubpages there are many resources you can use on your template to create a highly interactive hub.
The resources or hub tools on your template are called capsules and they include video capsules, text, and photographs Other capsule are the poll capsule ,link capsule, receipt capsule, Google maps and table capsules among other.
The capsules are highly functional and easy to use when you click on one it automatically goes to the bottom of the page and can be guided up/ down with arrows. The capsules can also be placed in your text by clicking the cursor to position the capsule on the left side.
Hubpages has made publishing highly rated hubs easy by introducing title of image, URL or source, and groups into organizing the hub. Videos are either self made or YouTube videos while images should be free images, certain Wikimedia images or preferable self made images.
You also have the option of organizing your content or organizing your group so at least your hub has links to two other hubs in the same group. Unlike many article directories were the templates are difficult and cumbersome to maneuver, Hubpages makes publishing easy and exciting especially for non programmers.
After publishing a hub you only have to wait 24hr to get published or not, articles unpublished can be reviewed and corrected. Other platforms give no reason why your content isn’t published or you need to wait 2 weeks before knowing its status.
All hubs must pass the quality assessment before the hubs can get featured before becoming available to search engines or indexing.
Things that can improve your hubs
How to create a good hub
Good Forum posts
Capsules to use
Choose subject matter carefully
leave insightful comments
use photograph capsule
Always do research
avoid short comments
use table capsule
Additional information is useful
solve peoples problems
use text and poll capsule
Arrange your content
interesting comments get more responders
use Google maps and affiliate capsules
Do you use poll in your hubs
Top of Form
  • yes
  • not really
  • sometimes
  • never
Bottom of Form

 Published article
There are basically three types of publishing platforms article directories use for your articles, they can place the article on a webpage on the site. They can place the article on a dedicated website for all articles published by their members, or provide a sub domain.
Articles placed directly on an article directories website is subject to that website and can only generate a collective earnings which is shared among contributors. Same goes with articles posted on dedicated sub directories published by contributors, sometimes they are grouped according to topics.
Hubpages uses the sub domain format were each article published on the website is allocated a sub domain. The advantage of sub domain directories is a powerful online presence, improves SEO, good search engine ratings and the hosts name.
Sub domain are unique, easy to categorize attracts better traffic, gain popularity and provide an added player of indexing. Keywords are easily introduced to URL title making the sub domain easily identifiable and user friendly.
The recommended word count per article is placed at 1150 words so they are better read by search engine web spiders.
Search engines usually accept multiple listing containing sub domains than single domain articles, another reason why Hubpages is ahead of the game. Other capsules that makes Hubpages stand out is the easy use of affiliate capsules in your hubs like the Amazon and eBay capsules.
An Update
The sub domain format is no longer used by hubpages but other interesting features have been added to the website. You can find spell-check’s, prompts to moderate certain sections and other resources that help improve your writing experience.
Under the display options you now have hub groups, copy write, bio of the writer to add more value to the page.
 Hubpages community
The Hubpages community and forum is about the most useful and friendliest group online, long lasting friendships are formed and contributors genuinely help subscribers. Topical issues are discoursed in insightful ways while form members answer to the best of their ability questions regarding Hubpages.
Hubpages also has a support team that answers technical question when they arise, vengeful and spiteful people are banned from the community making it family oriented. Topics are usually evergreen, family oriented while nudity, profanity, sexual images banned.
Getting paid on Hubpages
Hubpages uses PayPal the number one online payment service provider, all you need to do is associate your PayPal to your account via the area provided. After confirmation and tax requirements and activating the Hubpages Ad program you immediately start seeing your daily earnings in your Hubpages account.
The payment threshold is $50 and payment is made once threshold is reached and audited on the 28th of the subsequent month. Hubpages pay promptly without delay or other intricacies associated with other article directories like late payment or no payment at all.
Conclusion: If you are searching for a legitimate platform to earn money writing article online then Hubpages is the best. They provide a good support system; encourage first time writers offer full disclosure, easy to use capsules and many monetization techniques.
Do you want to join the best article directory online then sign up here Hubpages and start earning income? The huge traffic they attract guarantees earnings for contributors and a good platform to express your creativity.

 How to monetization
The Hubpages earning program is structured to maximize your content through traffic and clicks to generate earnings for the hubber. The earning programs are about the best online because Hubpages leverage its earning potential through top websites and advertiser to deliver more earning for its contributors.
There are seven ways to earn income on Hubpages which include Google Adsense and the Hubpages Ad program. Other methods are through Hubpages eBay program, referrals, and Hubpages Amazon program or Amazon associate program.
You can also earn revenue through contests and competitions and the listed affiliates making the Hubpages earning program second to none. So many earning potentials under a single program make Hubpages the best article directory online.
When visitors view the hub and clicks on the advertisement the hubber earns a percentage of the income. Before you can use Google Adsense, eBay or Amazon associate program you need to sign up with them through Hubpages.
The process has been made much easier by Hubpages especially for eBay and Amazon associate. Before you can sign up for Adsense you need to have at least 10 published hub and for certain countries have a 6 months period before you can sign up.
At first this condition seemed unreasonable but it cuts across blogs and websites so they build traffic and generate following including proper indexing. The Hubpages Ad program uses multiple advertisement partners alongside Google Adsense using premium ad sources to generate revenue through traffic and impressions on your hubs.
Your hub on the Ad program has six full size Ad units and an Adsense unit while using only Google you have three Ad units and a link. The advertisements that appear on your hub also depend on which ad unit outperforms the other.
There is a 60/40 revenue sharing ratio and autonomy for Amazon associate users but higher percentages on Hubpages Amazon program.


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