Online Business Ideas: 10 Profitable Internet Businesses
The internet has developed over the years to become a good source of income. Several business and job opportunities have made the cyber space a powerful tool in eCommerce.
Many people have become internet entrepreneurs making a fortune by providing products or services. It takes lots of hard work and dedication to achieve any measure of success.
There are lots of businesses you can do online from home or an office environment. However, you need to find the one that complements your talents, educational background or passion.
Making money online isn’t easy it requires hard work, dedication and a good knowledge of the sector. To find any measure of success the best way to earn huge sums is sticking to one venture. Spreading your self thin doing several internet businesses will only bring low earnings.
Today many countries face endemic poverty, job losses and economic downturn leading to millions of jobless citizen. This is common in African and Asian countries with large numbers of employable individuals in abject poverty.
A few have found the internet a good source for jobs and starting an enterprise. That has reduced significantly this alarming statistic.
One of the major advantages to starting an online business is flexibility. You can start your venture from home or anywhere in the world.
All that is required is a computer and internet connection. We started our eCommerce journey via cyber cafes before eventually owning computers.
Are you seeking web based business ideas you are in the right place? We will introduce many business opportunities you can do both offline and online.
Things to consider before starting an online business
Every online enterprise provides lots of opportunities for success. Many people search through endless articles looking for the golden opportunity without much luck. The simple rule is you get what you put into any internet venture.
The best advice is focus on only one business model and builds make it profitable. The more work you pout into a single enterprise the better the results.

How to Select the Perfect Online Business
Everybody has different qualifications and talent such as mechanical knowledge, designing or creative writing. Others have artistic skills, specialized knowledge and some are goods at sales.
Here are a few Profitable Business ideas to get you started.
1.  Setup and e-Store
Starting an eCommerce business is profitable if you get it right. Many entrepreneurs have found lots of success operating an e-Store
There are two ways e-Stores work you sell other peoples products or your own products. You are not required to own any products to make huge earnings.
There are many websites and companies looking for sales outlets for their products. A major player is with thousands of products to sell directly on your e-store.
New internet entrepreneur can start with Amazon Associate program. The business format allows a member select products from their marketplace and placing them on your blog or website.
The products cover a wide range from household items, electronic, books, cloths, machinery and phones. Once you sign up for the free account they provide a unique link to products.
The links they provide are image/link, image or just links. You sign into your account and select a product, copy the link and place the HTML link on your web page.
You can even place Amazon advertisements on sidebars, header or between posts. The commission you earn is rather low however the more traffic and sales the higher your commission.
2.  Sell information product
Some online entrepreneurs have made money selling information products. The business format is easy but requires a little research and planning.
An information product contains tutorials on how to do certain things. The subject matter depends on the information marketer’s specialty or package.
Topics cover online business, agriculture, small business ideas and home based business ideas. Information products are not limited to online commerce and many focus on offline ventures.
To start your information product marketing business-choose a topic and create a package. The product package is presented as an eBook, manual, software or video tutorial. Once you have created the package sell to eager customers through your website or blog.
3.  Website and Blog
There are millions of blogs and website today earning income for webmaster. To own a website you need a web host and domain name.
However the blogger has a choice of using a free host or paid plan. Website and blog owners have many ways to monetize their content.
They make money through affiliate programs, referrals, product sales and advertisement. To start this business you can build a Wordpress blog in 10 minutes or use a free blog host like blogger..
The only difference between free and paid hosting is there are limitations to using a free host. Some free host providers do not allow advertisement and other monetization methods.
To succeed, build a web blog, find a niche and create original content. After a few months monetize you site with any method mentioned above. The good part is you can use more than one monetization method.
4.  Sell Using Online Classified Websites
An interesting business that is steady gaining popularity is selling using classified websites. The classified websites accommodate both offline commerce and online business.
You can list any product or service on classified websites. There are the paid classified and free classified platforms.
You can sell used items by listing them on such websites. Other things you can sell are books, electronics, smart phones, eBooks, software and many products.
To start your business using classified websites sign up to such websites. Then place your advertisement by adding an image, description and contact information.
You can include a price or indicate if the price is negotiable.

5.  Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is promoting other peoples products or services. The affiliate is provided an affiliate link to the product.
You then market the link and earn referral commissions on sales or purchase of the service. You don’t need a website or blog to promote an affiliate link. However, owning one makes the job easier.
There are many ways to market your product such as email marketing, lead generation, advertisement and content.
To start the business find an affiliate program that pays high commission on sales. You need to use their product to have an honest opinion for your customers.
Some affiliate marketers make lots of money doing only this business.
6.  Advertisement Networks
Website owners monetize their site mainly through advertisement networks. The biggest advertisement network is Google adsense.
There are hundreds of advertisement networks you can use. The advertisements are usually for content based website.
There are text adverts, image and text and pop up advertisements. The website administrator makes money through impressions or clicks.
Advertisement companies have strict rules of compliance or outright ban. The advertisement slots on websites are header, sidebar, footer and within content.
Many people earn monthly payouts form advertisement networks.
7.  Domain Sales
Domains are bought and sold every day. The business offers entrepreneurs another good way to make money. Domains names are web property that has a specific location online.
Domains have extensions, .org, .uk, .info and others. Top domain names like .com attract high premium prices in the domain market.
The names are hosted on a web host or packed. To start the venture signup with a host provider and purchase a good domain name.
If you want to fast track the business purchase a top existing domain name. Increase its value then re-selling at designated websites that trade in domains.
A top website that handles lots of domain names sales and transfers is
8.  Web host re-seller business
Web host re-seller business is a huge market and there are many players. New online entrepreneurs might find the enterprise a little challenging.
Although saturated you can carve a niche and reach local webmasters. Web host reselling is about selling web space and hosting plans to individuals and company’s.
The web host package also includes selling domain names. You earn commissions on sales of hosting plans and the money is recurrent.
To start the business signup with a web host that produces re-seller programs. Build your website and add the host packages to your site.
Many host webs allows members fix their own prices and services.  Learn more on  
web host re-seller business
9.  Flipping Websites
Flipping websites is simply buying and selling of websites. The job is interesting and you stand to gain a good pay day.
The major challenge in this business is transferring the web property to the new owner. Transferring is technical and you need specialized knowledge.
Before buying a website study the monetization method, traffic statistic, age of the website, layout and social media engagement.
There are many places to buy and sell websites for profit. Check out a list of 7 places to sell your website
10.            Article Websites
Writing articles for cash is a tough business venture however people still find some measure of success. There are many ways to cash in on your writing skills.
You can submit articles to article directories and write reviews. You can sign up to revenue sharing sites or seek commissioned posts.
The job requires lots of writing of original content and posting. Some website offer immediate payment for your effort while others have a minimum threshold before payment. The harder you work as a writer online the better your remunerations.

Other online business

1              Membership websites
2              Owning a Blog network
3              Programming service
4              Software development
5              Creating an APP
6              Forex trading
7              Surveys
8              E-books
9              Auction websites
10           Copy writing
11           Virtual assistant
12           Web designing
13           Social media consultant
14           Freelancing
15           Proofreading
16           Web development
17           Consultancy service
18           Graphic designing
19           Selling stock photography
20           Transcriptionist work


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