Recycle Business Ideas. 15 Profitable Recycle Businesses
There is a huge market for recycled products. The enterprise is either small or large depending on you plan and job specification.
Financial involvement also depends on the size and scope of your operation. To start you need a business plan, finance and where to source the products.
Register your business name and partner with recycling plants. Other things are a good business premises and tax.
There are many items to recycle like steel, iron, aluminum, paper and waste. You also need to decide if you want to own a recycling plant or go into supplies.
A third spin off industry is fabrication and rehabilitation of recycle products.
Garbage Recycling Business
Garbage recycle business is a highly profitable business venture. This is one business venture that narrowly escaped my small confluence of businesses.
We had started the business with a partnership agreement but fell out on funding. The job involves collection of domestic garbage and dumping at designated locations.
People amass huge amounts of garbage daily creating steady work opportunities. To start a garbage recycle business you need a garbage truck and office.
The first step in establishing this business is getting local government certification and registration. If successful you will be given a dump site and other provisions.
Set your pricing according to what obtains in your locality and get lots of customers. You need to put in place a good payment collection system and don’t forget tax and company registration.
Used Battery Recycling
Used batteries attract a good price because of the components that make up the device. The battery cells are valuable including the rigid frame.
Battery recycle plants specialize in stripping the battery and recycling them. The batteries that use an acid/base liquid are first emptied and weighed.
You can choose to start a battery recycling plant or concentrate on purchase and delivery. The deliver end requires a strong truck and sourcing the product.
The purchase and delivery company needs to partner a recycling plant.  While the plan uses specialized equipment to strip and recycle the battery.
Steel Recycling
Steel is highly priced as a recycle material worldwide. The recycled steel reduces the price of commodities created from this material.
It also helps are environment because decomposing steel ruins soil components. There are many derivatives of steel like metal sheets and iron rods used in building construction.
Plastic Recycling
Another good recycle enterprise is plastic recycling. Plastics are used in making furniture, kitchen utensils, and casements. There are many grades of plastic so they attract different prices.
Plastic goes through various processes like sorting, cleaning, shredding, melting and molding. Other recycle plastic derivatives are fashion accessories and other manufacturing applications.
Wood Recycling
There are endless applications for wood products and the demand keeps rising. Recycled wood is made into high end furniture, pallets and other construction applications.
It is easier to create new chairs and tables from old wood. They only need processing, vanishing and remodeling. Other uses of recycled wood are fire chippings, picture frames and other manufactured goods.
To start a wood recycling business concentrate on one end of the business. For example you can recycle home chairs like two and three setters.
New furniture upholstery for homes is very expensive but used furniture very cheap. The differential between both extremes equates to lots of profit.
Electrical Wires Recycle
Electric wires retain some value after going through recycling. They use the recycled wire for many surprising applications that might have nothing to do with conducting current.
Wires are also stripped and reworked into new wires. You need specialized equipment to go into the electrical scrap wire business.
Aluminum Litter Cans
You can open an aluminum recycling plant or launch a supply business. Advanced countries have provisions for recycle waste which are separated into plastic, iron and aluminum.
It is not uncommon to see youths scavenging dump heaps for disposed cans and steel. They gather the cans and sell to recycle plants. You can upgrade this simple format by having a designated location to buy from individuals or sub contractors.
You can then sell the aluminum to recycle plants.
Copper Recycling
Cooper is very valuable and attract premium price per pound. Copper is weighed and bought cost per pound. The wire has many applications and is used in the automobile industry and electrical appliances.
Copper is found in circuit boards, electric motors and house hold pots and pans.
Used Cloths
There is a huge used cloths market in third world countries. The business is so lucrative that some resort to smuggling the highly demanded item.
We do not condone any form of desperation or criminality so study the country’s law on import/export of used cloths. A better way is to source your cloths from local suppliers or import small quantity.
The business formats is simple buy used cloths and sell to individual customers. You can sell from the back of your car, a small store or individual patrons.
Scrap Gold
You would be surprised the number of household items that have gold. Experts in this field can easily identify such objects and extract the gold.
The machines used for this process are getting more sophisticated and easy to manage. The gold is extracted and remolded into a gold nugget.

Junk Refurbishing Business
There are many items we throw away because they look old or you are tired of seeing them. These items only need tender loving care and reworking.
Wooden items can be polished, scrapped and resurfaced. Ceramic items need cleaning while electrical appliances repairs.
The business is very lucrative and has made enterprising investors crazy rich. Set up a collection center and buy from sub contractors or individual. You can even get lots of amazing items totally free and turn 100% profit.
Used Oil Recycling
Use oil from restaurants are recycled and used for various things. There are even cars that are powered by used oil.
There is other petroleum based application for certain used oil. There are different kinds of used oil apart from cooking oil. Some oils recycled are brake fluids, engine oil and emulsion fluid.
Bio Gas
Bio gas is produced from waste products to produce gas. The gas is used for cooking and manufacturing industries. Bio gas is very clean and is easily contained and sold.
Recycling Water
Water recycling is done in fish farming by using the same body of water. It reduces water wastage while supplying clear clean water for the fish.
Water can be recycled or purified and drank or used for various purposes.
Paper Recycling
Paper is constantly recycled into new paper products. Newspapers are constantly recycled into more bond paper. The papers used are sort according to grams, plain or printed.


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