Stock Photography Business: Top 8 Sites to Sell your Photographs

If your passion is photography and you are thinking of how to make money from it then selling them is a good idea. Many people have amazing photographs of holiday locations, pets or just fun photos.
Turning those pictures into hard cash is as simple as uploading them to a stock royalty free websites.. Stock photography sites have evolved over the years becoming a good source of income for amateur and professional photographers.
Contributing images to stock photography sites can generate lots of passive income. However, getting your photographs on the top sites require thigh quality images and strict compliance to the rules that guide such sites.
The rules center on image resolution, size another provisions. Once your photographs are uploaded and accepted you can literarily make money while you sleep.
Some top contributors on these sites make $10,000 – $20,000 monthly. Here is a list of top websites to sell your photographs.
The list comprises 8 top photography website


Shutterstock is a popular image on demand stock photography website. The images are tailored to the budget of the customer.

 They have over 80 million stock photographs, vector, videos and music tracks. Customers can find anything they need for their creative project.

Image categories found on this site include Abstract, Animal, Textures, Fashion, Food and drinks. Others are Interior, nature, illustrations, business and patterns.

You can get as low as $.25 per download and the images found on the site are high quality.

123rf (Royalty free Stock photographs)
The stock photography website 123RF operates a royalty free package. A royalty free stock photograph applies to images that are downloaded at same price.
This means the more photographs you upload into their data base the more money you are likely to make. Photographers with huge volume of images will find a good home at
Copyright Image use is rather flexible but has a few limitations to usage. Each upload you contribute has a 300MB benchmark and their super fast uploader accommodates java.
Subscription customers pay as low as $.36 per download and the site boasts an astounding 58 million stock images, vectors, footage and audio clips
They also accommodate info graphics and icons Stock photo. The image categories accepted on the site are abstract, animals, business, celebration, fashion and fitness.
Others are lifestyle, people, romance, travel, technology and vintage images. Buy credits customers enjoy 50% commission on downloads.
Alamy is one of the largest stock photography sites. They have over 17.43 million stock photographs on their data base.
The interesting thing about Almay is the non exclusivity of your images. You can upload the images to other stock sites without attracting a penalty. You also retain the copyright to your work.
 They have instructions for sellers on how to submit your photographs on their blog post.. Another good deal is the 60% earnings for each sale on the site. The company has strict quality control and over 14,500 photographers on the site
Envato Market
Envato market sells digital photographs across eight market places. Top authors earn huge sums and some managing over $19,000 per month.
The pay 55% for each sale and has a non exclusivity arrangement. However, to make more money you can make your photograph exclusive to Envato market.
They run a Photodune marketplace and have a community of over 6 million users. Other features are Envato Unstock a platform to sell premium authentic photographs.
Crestock has lots of exceptional images for creative people. They offer Crestock members a monthly subscription of $.30 a photo. Other offers are single image from $5, quality selection and fast secure shopping.
The image categories are vector, people, family, fashion, Christmas and fitness. Other categories include computer, food, technology and icons.
Crestock does not require exclusive rights and they have high standards and quality control. Their uploader is super fast and sign up process easy.
However, your photographs have to pass the quality check and other conditions before added to the data base.
Dreamstime is based in Brentwood, Tennessee and was established in 2000. The micro-stock photography agency accommodates stock photographs and illustrations.
They have over 42 million images and over 250,000 contributors. The company offer free royalty photographs and users have access to the entire data base.
They also have a mobile App that allows user upload and sell photographs directly from their smart phones. Images cost $1and top contributors make up to $10,000 a month
Fotolia was launched in 2005 and has more than 4.2 million images on their data base. They are royalty free image providers which include vector art and illustrations.
The micro-stock agency has over 9.8 million images and 17 million digital images. Fotolia is a stand alone website now under the management of Fotolia by Adobe.
Istock is a micro-stock photography website founded by Getty images. It operates the royalty free format and has a micropayment business model.
The site accommodates clip art, videos, illustrations and photographs.  The website has a global community of over 130,000 contributors. Pricing for photographs range from $0.9,$1.50.,$3,$5 and $10 for high resolution.
The images presented on istock have extra-small, small, medium, large and extra large images.


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