Top 20 Websites that Pay Instant Money to Contribute Articles

Websites to earn instant payment
Did you know that some websites pay instantly once your article is accepted and published? Many niche websites are eager to pay writers for their contributions. The article submitted must be original, unique, and devoid of grammatical errors.
The websites cover a large range of topics from entertainment, travel, music, online commerce, parenting, finance, and technology. They pay on publication and the amount per article starts at $50 upwards of $700 dollars per article. Averagely many pay $50-$100 per article via methods like PayPal or direct bank transfer.
Although submitting articles for sale is cool don't discount article directories. Top article directories like allow articles on different topics and a payment threshold of $50 monthly.
A writer can use both article directories and direct or commissioned articles to generate income. Writers seeking a veritable way of earning income can check out some of the websites bellow.
Travel Articles are popular
Travel article fetch higher payouts | Source
List of paying websites
1. Smithsonian
Smithsonian accepts articles on general topics and they pay $0.50-$0.60 per word. To submit articles you need to use their web form found on the article submission page.
2. BootsnAll
BootsnAll deals exclusively with travel articles and are then featured on their website. Writers pitch the content of their article and if reviewed and accepted attract a maximum payout of $50.
The payment method is via PayPal once your article is accepted and published.
  1. 3. Budget Travel
Although the payment method is unspecified, they pay $0.50-$1 dollar per article. The name of the website indicates the type of article they publish.
  1. 4. Back2College
Back2College concentrates on article about education for older students. The payment is done either through PayPal or check deposits. The good part is that the payment method is confirmed and they pay $60-$150 per article.
To get onboard you need to send them a draft of your article if accepted they pay one month after publication.
  1. 5. Income Diary
Income Diary pays $50-$190 per post and payment method is PayPal. Income Diary prefers articles on online commerce, ways to make money online, and online business ideas.
If you can write about building an online business, search engine optimization, and traffic generation Income Diary is the way to go. Other articles accepted by the website also deal with web designing and conversions.

eCommerce articles sell
eCommerce articles are hot cake | Source
  1. 6. eCommerce Insider
The payment method on eCommerce Insider is un- specified but the amount per post is $70-$130. Much like the other websites that pay outright sums for articles, they expect original articles. Article that cover commerce and online retailers are most welcomed.
How to articles are accepted including upcoming trends, educational articles, and industrial news items. They prefer word count of above 700 words and payment is remitted a month after publication.
  1. 7. Transition Abroad
Transition-Abroad is an interesting website because it focuses on travel-based articles. They pay $50-$150 per article and it is via PayPal or Check deposit. You get paid immediately your article is accepted or published
  1. 8. Travel and Leisure
Travel and Leisure also deals with articles on travel but the payment method is unspecified. They claim to pay as much as $1000 per article but the articles topic is assigned to writers
  1. 9. The Travel Writers Life
The Travel Writers Life is yet another website that deals with travel-based articles. Before writing for this website, you should visit the site and have a feel of the type of articles they want. They accept articles of about 600 words and they pay upon publication of your article.
Although the payment method isn’t specified they pay $50-$200 dollars per article. They have articles on personal story, interviews, and direct requests by the website administrators.
  1. 10. Matador
Matador accept article of any genre and they are published on blogs on the websites network. An article can attract $50 payment via PayPal on publication.
Online magazine
Magazine stand | Source
  1. 11. Belt Magazine
Belt Magazine is a niche website on Rust belt region articles and they pay $50- $600 per article. The payment method isn’t specified on the website.
  1. 12. Word Hum
Word Hum article word count is above 1500 words, and is submitted via email. The article shouldn’t be sent as an attachment or it would be rejected. The website deals with travel related topics and the amount paid per article is negotiated.
  1. 13.
The website pays a cool $100 per article through PayPal. The topics revolve around Business and they pay one month after publication.
  1. 14. Krazy Coupon Lady
The payment information is confirmed on this website. They accept articles with a word count between 300-900 words and they pay via PayPal. The topic favored on this website is finance.
  1. 15. Brazen Careerist
They deal with career related articles for professionals, seeking professionals and recruiters. They pay upwards of $50 and you can negotiate a higher payout.
American history and Wildlife articles

American history | Source

  1. 16. Treehouse
They are a bit flexible concerning the kind of articles they prefer. You can find articles on website designing, freelancing, and even productivity. They pay $100-$200 but the payment method isn’t specified.
  1. 17. Vector Diary
Vector art is big business online so tutorial relating to vector design is in much demand. They pay for tutorials on vector design and they pay $150 per post via PayPal.
  1. 18. DesertUSA
The website accepts articles on wildlife, natural history, American culture, and travel. They pay up to $50 per article and the length acceptable is 15oo words and above.
Payment method is unspecified but confirmed.
  1. 19. IntenseBlog
IntenseBlog is all about blogging, they pay $50 per article and the payment is done via PayPal. The payment method on this website is confirmed.
  1. 20. HongKiat
HongKiat deals with web design tutorials and articles; they prefer 1000 words and pay via PayPal. The website pays $50 per article when published and accepted.
There is one general rule to websites that pay outright sums for your writing. they pay on acceptance of your article or after publication.
The payment period may range from two days to one month, so you need to study their payment system. They accept well-written and high quality articles, which are original with well-attributed images.


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