What is Outsourcing: Costs and Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a business solution whereby an individual, group of people or company is hired to do a specific work or service. Outsourcing is the number one business solution that provides tons of work and revenue to millions of freelancers.
Seasoned professionals can work within a geographical location or on a global scale via the internet by providing quick and cost effective outsourcing solutions.
Individuals can practice outsourcing from a home based business, including small and medium business and even well establish companies.
Outsourcing depends largely on the individual’s professionalism to carry out the job successfully. With very little investment, anybody with relevant skills and experience can earn huge payouts relatively quickly making it a very lucrative business.
Outsourcing also involves the employment of both domestic and international workforce on temporary bases to perform a specific task. Outsourcing jobs given to foreign partners is sometimes referred to as offshore outsourcing.
Companies can also outsource their non-core jobs while saving cost on labor and training.
Why Outsourcing Works
Outsourcing is focus-based on a certain task that requires professional handling at a reasonable fee. The business seeking to outsource certain tasks or services has a choice of many professionals with verified credential of project delivery.
The tasks are generally specific and tailor made to outsource specialist in the particular skill or vocation.
The cost associated with outsourcing is also very attractive because the company or individual seeking to use an outsource professional has a choice based on cost. Most websites that offer outsourced jobs allow such individuals bid on certain jobs and the company seeking their service choose a suitable partner for the project.
The advantage of being an outsourcing professional is the flexibility to choose your work hours, job type and price. The investment needed to successful become and outsource professional requires minimum investment, knowledge of the job description, transparency, quality, and prompt delivery.
Factors why outsourcing is good for Businesses
1 Business owners get lower costs
2 Employ professionals
3 Saves money
4 Time management
5 Allows businesses concentrate on their core business
6 Budget flexibility
7 Reduces the need to hire or train new staff
8 Capital expenses are reduced
Outsourcing for businesses
Businesses find outsourcing a profitable way of doing business because it allows the company focus on core business without distractions. Outsourced jobs cut down cost of operation and are relatively cheaper than hiring staff to do the same job.
For example, if a small company hires a secretary at $300 a month for the same workload they can outsource the secretarial duties to outsourcing professionals and they cost far less.
Time is Important
The jobs are time specific therefore, increasing the output and reducing the time spent on a project. Outsourcing saves time, which in the end equates to more money saved by the company that hires the services of a freelancer.
Outsourcing improves efficiency, attracts lower costs, saves money, has a better output, and is time specific. This all leads to fewer overhead costs for the company and better efficiency.
Some reasons why companies chose to outsource includes labor costs, which are cheaper, domestic taxation and high energy and production costs. Other benefits include better service delivery from seasoned professionals and prompt delivery.
Outsourced Labor
What kind of labor is found in outsourced market place?
Top of Form
  • Trained workforce
  • unskilled labor
  • Cheap labor
Bottom of Form
Why Outsource
A list of outsourced jobs available online
1 Customer service
2 Virtual Office assistant
3 Writing/content jobs
4 Online marketing jobs
5 Search engine optimized websites
6 Website designing and development
7 Administrative support
8 Accounting and data entry
9 Public relations management
10 Software development
11 Digital outsourcing
12 Communications such as call centers
Types of Outsourcing
There are different types of jobs outsourced to professionals, which include secretarial work, data entry, accounting, software development, web designing, and marketing.
Other jobs in this category are software development, manufacturing, programming, customer service, office assistant, content writing, and several administrative works.
Subject to a countries laws regarding certain type of work and tax, outsourcing can be done from anywhere in the world. The freelancer needs to have the prerequisite skills, a dedicated internet connection, and signing up with the numerous outsourcing platforms you find online.
You can also offer your services through your blog or website highlighting what you qualifications and prompt work delivery. Outsourcing is not new to big companies and has been used far back as the 80s long before the advent of the internet.
Last Word
Outsourcing jobs are one of the most lucrative jobs offered online and is beneficial to both freelance and company. It provides steady wages for the proficient worker while aiding the growth and capital appreciation of the company.
How to Get Outsourced Jobs
A few major players’ online offer outsourcing jobs to freelancers some of which are ODesk, Freelancer, Elance, i-writer, and Guru. Each website has its own rules and regulations, payment methods and jobs offered by a large database of companies.
Outsource websites have two distinct players those that seek professionals to do some job and those that do the job. The side you chose depends on your needs, if you seek freelancers to do a specific task you need to post the job on the website, select the bid in your price range or negotiate.
The bidder/freelance usually includes profile, jobs done successfully, agreed rate for payment and history. The money might be releases in phases or after completion of the assignment and acceptance of work by the company.
If you chose to do freelance jobs then you should have the right credentials and work experience to successfully carryout the task? You need to register with a reliable outsourcing company, bid wisely, and deliver high quality work to your clients.
Clients tend to use the same freelance on request if satisfied with their job, which means more recognition and money.
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