Where to Sell Websites: 7 Places to sell your website or blog

It takes lots of hard work to create a successful website and manage its affairs. But with time and different interests occupying our mind we decide to sell the web property.
A successful website would have gone through lots of changes, focus and structure. However knowing when best to sell is almost as important as building your website.
If you have little time to build your property it would steadily lose page rank and profitability. Knowing when to get premium price for your work is the difference between a good sale and a bad one.
Once you have made up your mind you need to find a trust worthy site to list your domain or website for sell. Website selling is an intricate business that requires transferring the site to a new administrator and host company.
Some webmasters find the task daunting and tedious, however adequate preparations will reduce the technicalities and stress factor. To sell your web property, domain name or APP you need to find where to sell.
There are very few websites that help companies and individuals find viable buyers. Listed below are websites that offer sales outlets and listing including customer support.

# WebsiteBroker
WebsiteBroker.com was created to assist webmasters buy and sell websites. The company was founded in 1997.
Over the year’s websitebroker.com have established themselves as a veritable resource for companies and individuals.
They provide lots of tool to simplify the process of buying and selling. They reduce the complexity associated with selling websites by simplifying the process and making a difficult transaction easier.
The site offers support on technical issues, hosting agreements software transfer and coding. Other things involved in selling websites are trade logo, licensed material, social media and copyright material.
The founder happens to be a California attorney who understands law and advocacy. To use their serves enter basic information in an online form and you get listed.
The site has price listings from standard to premium listing ranging from $9.95-$29.95. Sites listed under premium enjoy more visibility and support.
 Buyers use keywords to search for websites on their sites data base.
WebsiteBroker.com accommodates domain names with their standard listing fee of $9.95 to premium listing at $14.95. Completed listing does not attract any commission.
The search is easily done through price range and categories. Buyers are allowed to contact sellers directly and request further information.
Other features include website valuation, featured website, free account, latest articles and affiliate program.
flippa homepage

# Flippa
Flippa is the number one market place to sell and buy websites and domain names. Based in Melbourne Australia and San Francisco it was established in 2009
The interesting fact is that the website started as a spin off of another website but till date has traded over $140,000,000 in web property.
Website sales account for 50% of flippa revenue while domain sales are 30%. A record sale on the site was planetrx.COM for $1,2million USD and domain StockPhoto sold for $250, 000.
They also own Domain Holdings a Florida based company. Flippa has four categories which are Established sites, starter sites, domains and APPs.
You can buy or sell any of the above motioned products through their services. Established sites are rated as websites that are older than 3 months. Starter sites are websites created less than 3 months, with no traffic or revenue.
They sell all types of domain names but prefer extensions like .com, .org, .info, .net. The Apps listed on their site should be compatible with IOS, android or smart phones.
Flippa.com has done over 8,000 transactions and has close to 850,000 buyers coming to scout for sites.. The site is easy to navigate because of their simple interface, nice features and affordable listing.
To get stated all you need is to fill your email address and URL of your website. The listing is also simple and basic which are free classified listing and auction.
Auction will attract the highest bidders and most bids including quick sales and interest. Classified listing takes a little longer because you wait for private offers and interested buyers.
To place your website on auction costs only $9-$19 with 10% success fee while classified listing is free.
They provide customer support and have a trustworthy verification process. To verify a seller they use your Google analytics traffic states, phone number and other features.
If you have a good website your best chance at making a good sale is www.flippa.com
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# Empireflippers
At EmpireFlippers.com selling websites is made easier with their in-house support service system.  To sell your site with them you go through a few steps.
They take you through the step-step process from listing to actual sale of your web property. Although the process of transferring ownership seems daunting to new sellers, empireflippers.com make the transition as painless as possible.
The site has sold hundred of website and is slowly building a reputation of trust and delivery.
Benefits of selling through empireflippers include quality listing. Although the site demands premium price for the services they offer.
The financial involvement of the seller allows the website administrators show significant sales records. They claim to have a 95% success rate in selling websites.
They adjudge their success to high quality buyers and websites including their private listing and private niches. To get listed on empireflippers your application goes through an extensive verification process and quality assessment.
There is no guarantee that your website would be accepted after the verification process. The reason for this tough process is protection for both buyers and sellers and veritable quality sites.
There are certain criteria they use and are looking for specific type of websites
What sites are empireflippers.com looking for
Types of Sites
They basically focus on six types of websites in their marketplace. They accept affiliate websites, sites that use Google Adsense and SaaS Sites. Others are Drop shipping websites, lead generation sites and eCommerce sites.
Websites they don’t want
They are not interested in blogs or websites without any monetization method. They reject Adult related sites, Gambling related sites, Social media or fan sites and SEO or Link building service websites.
Site Revenue
The sales period for sites differ according to the revenue it makes. Sites with earnings of $80-$500 per month are typically sold in 1-4 weeks. Those that make $500-$2000 per month get sold with 8 weeks while $2000-$15,000 is sold in and around 4-12 weeks.
Websites that make $15,000-$50,000 monthly may take about 2-6 month. They reject sites without revenue, and those that make$ 0-$79 per month.
Mega earning websites that manage $5M are not accepted because they are rather large.
How to Sell Your Website
Submit your website by going to the ‘sell your site’ page.  The listing starts at $297 for first time sellers and $97 for repeat sellers. The payment is for listing and verification of your claims.
Once your site is listed in their marketplace no refunds. However if they decline listing your site they will refund your money.
Once you have selected a package and paid the appropriate fees. You then fill an order form with relevant information about yourself and site.
The information you provide include personal information like name, email and social media profile. Other information on the form is site detail and URL, backlink’s, date purchased.
Others detail are 30/60/90 days revenue and the expenses between the same periods.
# Webuywebsites
The company webuywebsites.org has been around for 6 years and is relatively a new player. According to them they have done over $12.5 million dollars worth in acquisitions.
They offer two services one to buy your website or provide a mailing list of hundreds of webmaster who buy website. To pass on your information all you need to do is complete a simple form on their website.
The second service buying websites has certain criteria your website should meet. The types of sites they are interested in are well established websites.
The established site should have a strong reputation and brand name. Another thing they want is significant evidence of huge traffic.
They like websites with premium keyword domains including affiliate traffic such as eBay or Amazon. They reject sites with no organic search, adult sites or personal blogs.
To submit your website for review fill a simple form that has fields for email, website URL, visitors per month and revenue per month.
Webuywebsite.com corporate office is in New York, 75 Varick Street New York, NY, 10013. They payment process used for successful bids is via escrow.
# Buysellwebsite.com
You can sell your website on buysellwebsites.com. They focus on both established sites and start up sites. Buyers also have the option of browsing through their marketplace for deals.
The site also offers appraisal services for webmasters. Established websites listed in their marketplace enjoy front page feature.
To list your established site you need to pay $59 for a two week listing. Two months listing on their site goes for $99 and include a month extension in the package.
Therefore, if you pay for a two month listing you get your site listed for 3 months. Start up sites attract similar fees but don’t enjoy front page feature.
Forums and Website Sales
Interestingly forums have become another outlet to sell websites. They leverage on membership strength, large traffic base and high PR ranking.
Various software, ebooks and business offers are frequent on some forums and some have included site markets. The forums generally follow similar structures if you want to list your site in the forum.
The first is signing up and becoming an active member of the forum. Here are a few forums that accommodate the selling of websites.
warrir forum
 # Warriorforum.com
The warrior forum is one of the biggest forums online. They deal with several topics like starting an online business, latest trends, marketing techniques and strategies.
The forum is the largest marketing marketplace with lots of deals and incentives. The forum has provisions for website products and services, warriors for hire and even web hosting offers.
The elite forum for private marketers has other services apart from website listing which includes building websites, conversion rate discussions and SEO
# Digitalpoint
Digitalpoint.com is a forum similar to geekvillage, nairaland, and warrior forums.  The forum deals with topical issues that deal with online commerce such as link building and copy-writing.
They have freelancers developing amazing Apps and software and offer services like social media marketing, affiliate conversion programs and even payment processing accounts.
With all these variables it’s not difficult to see websites and domain names for sale in the marketplace. Some members also have support services in domain sales and website transfer.
The forum is focused on digital applications such as HTML, web design, content management, graphic design and multimedia applications.
To list your website or blog for sale on their forum you need to sign up as a member.  Once you become part of the community get acquainted with the site and place your website for sale.


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