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Starting Diesel Supply Business in Nigeria

Automated gas oil other wise known as Diesel  is serious business. It involves the purchase and supply of the product.
The product is supplied to companies that use the diesel to power generating set and other machinery. Companies that have a large fleet of buses and cars buy the Diesel  for their vehicles.
The business is profitable and falls under oil and gas industry. Countries with huge reserves of AGO like Nigeria have lots of small and large entrepreneurs in the diesel supply chain.
The business is capital intensive and requires lots of funding to buy the product. If you secure the right gig you make a ton of money. Are you interested in starting a diesel supply business here are some ideas.
Why Diesel Supply is Lucrative
Some third world countries grapple with electrical power supply making them ideal candidates for diesel suppliers. Industries in such climes consume an insane amount of diesel daily.
They use several million liters of diesel  daily making the business venture very lucrative. Major consumers of the product are manufacturing companies, finance institutions and telecom's companies.
Diesel suppliers depend on demand and supply including sourcing the product.
How to Start a Diesel Supply Business
There are a few things you need to put in place before starting your supply business. You need proper registration, branding and equipment.
Carry out a feasibility study and write a comprehensive business plan. Other considerations are staff, office, networking and getting contracts.
Register your Company
It is very important to register your enterprise because you are going to deal with companies. Register your company as a limited liability company.
Your company is required to have a strong equity base to show financial capability. Diesel suppliers in many third world countries are not mobilized with cash and the clients pay only after the diesel is supplied. Some even pay fourteen days after the product is supplied.
To run your supply chain you need bank loans to buy the product. Diesel suppliers use contractual agreement and supply order from companies to source loans from banks.
Banks will only give the loans to diesel contractors that tender documents from known reputable companies. Your company also needs a business premises and address.
You are required to have a license to lift the product from the source. There is also the need to have insurance and tax identification number.
Your company should establish connections with associations and unions. The supply of diesel is highly regulated and controlled by the Federal government.
You have two options purchase the truck or lease the truck. Owning your own truck is beneficial, saves costs and unnecessary overheads.
However, small entrepreneurs with low funds prefer leasing trucks to fill orders. The problem with this arrangement is theft of diesel, shortages and sharp practices by the drivers.
You can buy a new truck, used truck or refurbish an existing truck. Another method is buying and assembling your truck from scratch.
Sourcing the Diesel Product
The diesel supplier can source his products from major distributors. There are many huge oil companies such as Shell, Total, Mobil and Texaco. Other sources are importers of diesel and government controlled companies.
Some diesel suppliers use middlemen effectively reducing their profit margin and capital flight. Try importing the product from neighbor countries if they are cheaper.
You need to establish a good supply chain to profit in diesel supply. To do this finding a reliable source for your product is half the work.
Another challenge is finding reputable companies that need your product. It is difficult breaking into the market because such companies already have established suppliers.
To break into such companies you need lots of advertisement and insider information. Make sure the companies you deal with are reputable and pay on time.
 Many diesel supply companies have had their monies tied down for several moths after supply. This is bad because you need to service your loans and cover other expenses.
Branding has to do with your company’s image. Companies that need diesel are more likely to deal with recognizable brands.
Make sure your services are topnotch and dependable. Branding includes a good business name, prompt and efficient delivery system.
The biggest challenge in diesel supply is getting good contracts. Others are adequate funding and networking with major suppliers.
You need lots of marketing to reach companies interested in doing business with you. Advertise in national newspapers and magazines related to diesel supply.
Join diesel supply associations for insider information and support. Build a website targeted to your demography and include a dedicated number and contact information.
Diesel supply business is capital intensive and tough. The supplier works on margins to make profit.
You need contractual agreements, network with major suppliers and funds. Approach many companies to secure contracts and drive your enterprise.

Small kerosene Deport: How to start a kerosene Supply and Retail Business

Kerosene is a product used for cooking in many African countries. It is in high demand and attracts margin interest. The price of kerosene is very volatile based on the supply, demand and source of the product.
The major consumers of the product are third world countries. They use the dual purpose kerosene to provide light through kerosene lanterns, burning refuse and cooking.
They cook using kerosene stoves which are cheaper than gas cookers. The business is very lucrative because of the demand and the fluctuating prices.
Kerosene retailers store the liquid in storage tanks and sell directly to individual consumers. Other installs crude kerosene dispensing machine to service their customer.
Petrol stations are not left out in this business. It’s not unusual to see a designated dispenser allocated solely for kerosene. Although kerosene retailers encounter a few challenges they break even in a couple of years.
Are you interested in the oil and gas business then you can start your enterprise as a kerosene retailer.
Why kerosene is in High Demand
Kerosene is in high demand because technically it is cheaper than gas. Rural and poor urban dwellers can’t afford to by gas cookers.  They prefer cooking with cheaper alternatives such as charcoal, firewood and kerosene cookers. Kerosene cookers are crude, locally manufactured and affordable.
Why start the Business Venture
There are many good reasons to start a kerosene retail business. Kerosene is in high demand and backed by a huge population.
You retailers provide value to low income earns who use kerosene daily. Other reasons to establish a kerosene outlet are profitability, easy to store and multiple applications.

 How to Start a kerosene Retail Business.
Register your Enterprise
There are three petroleum products commonly used by consumers. They are the AGO, PMS AND DPK which represent Dual purpose kerosene.
There are a lot of bottlenecks, permits and licensing required to run a kerosene retail business. In the world of oil and gas business government permits are difficult to get.
However third world kerosene dealers who start with 10,000 litter and bellow are not obliged to secure licensing. They only need trade licensing to start the small enterprise.
A small retailer could decide to build surface storage tanks and dispense through a tap. Others buy one or two kerosene dispensers.
You have two options buy a haulage truck or lease. They come in different capacity such as 13,800 liters, 30,000, 33,000 and 45,000 litter trucks.
You need to register the truck and secure lifting permits. There are very powerful unions and associations that regulate the practices of oil and gas companies.
You also need DPR peddlers permit to operate your business.
The best location is close to residential areas and urban dwellings. Build surface tank of 5,000-10,000 liters capacity. The tank should meet government specification on design.
Another ideal location is near foot and vehicular traffic. Source you products from major marketers in your country. Some kerosene retailers use the services of independent marketers and distributors.
People will come to your retail outfit if your prices are fair. A simple method is to place a signboard with the current price of kerosene.
The board should also indicate availability or non availability. Offer your customers some incentives to encourage patronage.
To run a successful kerosene retail business you need a proper accounting system. Hire competent staff such as sales attendants, certified drivers and security guard.
The enterprise is capital intensive and you face lots of bureaucracy. Sometimes you will face supply challenges, fluctuation in prices and theft. Despite the challenges the business remains highly profitable.
Start a Diesel Supply Business

Angora Goat Farming: How to Farm Angora Goats for Mohair Fiber

Angora Goats are a special breed that produces Mohair.  Mohair is a silk-like fiber made from the hair of the Angora goat.
The yarn is durable has high luster and very resistant. It is luxurious, resistant to flame and has many applications.
 The hair attracts premium price and is rated in the same category as cashmere, or silk. The keratin fiber does not felt and costs more than wool.
Young Angora goat’s hair is highly treasured while the older goat’s hair is used for carpets and outer garments. Other properties of mohair is easy to dye and other applications.
The goats are very efficient fiber producers, moderately gentle, interesting and beautiful.
History of Angora Goats
Angora goats have a long history of domestication and were introduced to Europe in 1554. The goat is believed to have originated from the mountains of Tibet.
The Turkish province of Ankara was the sole producers of Angora goats until 1820. However the goats are found today in South Africa, Yorkshire, Newzealand and the United States of America.
Other countries that farm the animals are Turkey and Australia. Today South Africa is the largest producer of Mohair in the world. While the United States of America is the second largest producer of Mohair.
Characteristics of the Goat
A single goat can produce an astounding 5 kilogram of hair a year. They are fleeced twice a year and are predominantly bred for their white coat.
The male goats are usually castrated and susceptible to parasites because of their dense hair. The most common angora goats bred have white hair.
However cross breeding has produced goats that have silver, white, red and brown hair. The goats need proper feeding and medical care to grow big and healthy.
Younger Angora goats have finer fiber while older goat’s hair starts becoming coerce with age. Mohair other qualities are strength durability and marketability.
 Export farmers can sell the fiber raw or process for better pricing.
Industrial Application of Mohair
Entrepreneurs looking to invest in mohair well make good returns. This is because the valuable fiber has many industrial applications.
The fiber is made into clothing such as coats, sweaters, suits scarves and hats. Other uses include carpets, craft yarns and wall fabrics. The soft yarn is easily blended with other materials such as wool.
Mohair is used to make light weight garments and it’s warmer than other fibers. The fiber also possesses a distinct luster, easy absorbs dyes and vivid colors.
The fiber is either exported raw or semi processed to major manufacturing countries like the United Kingdom. Other recipients of the fibers are Arab countries and Europe.
Textile companies are the major consumers of the product. Secure a contract to supply the fiber and follow their packaging and processing requirements.
To stock your farm you need to find a breeder in your area. You can start your farm buy buying three does and a buck and gradually increase the stock.
Make sure the goats are high quality breeders.  Decide on the type of farm equipment's, fencing, barns and feeding. You can lease land, buy land or work from home if you have adequate space.
Shearing the Goat
Angora goats are farmed for two reasons for meat or fiber. The goats are sheared twice a year and they produce fine fiber.
Keep the fleece clean and prevent fleece damage. Use vet services to tackle tick, lice and worm issues.
The goat is sheared by using scissors or modified electronic hand shears. The method used in preparation for shearing includes keeping the goats dry for 24hrs.
 Farmers prefer shearing younger goats first because of their fine fleece and higher value. Keep the sheared area clean and remove soiled hair before storage.
Breeding Angora Goats
It is not a common practice to use artificial insemination. To breed Angora get a male buck and introduce to does during the breeding season.
The breeding season is usually between July and January. Feed the doe’s high nutritious diet subsequent to breeding.  They don’t have many kids and manage only one or two.
Angora goats live long sometime up to 16 years of age. The best time to start breeding does is 2 years of age. 
Angora kids are delicate and subscribe to cold weathers.  As they grow provide separate feeding pens for kids to grow.
profitable livestock farming business

How to Start a Boat Rental Business

If you live close to a waterway you might consider starting a boat rental business. The business is simple, easy to execute and fun.
Having a passion for boats, rivers, fishing and leisure is important to the success of your enterprise. The business involves renting out motorized or paddle vehicles to fun lovers.
The enterprise is not only targeted at tourist but applies to urban transportation. To maintain a successful boat rental business your location is very important and the type of motorized vehicle.
You can start by buying the vehicles or leasing them from another company. Your customer base includes commuters, vacationers, tourists and research teams.
Another very important consideration is the comfort and safety of your customers. Before launching your enterprise there are a few things to consider.
How to start a Transport Shuttle Business
By Maepet (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons
Do your Homework
Before starting any business venture you need to do research. The research is to gain valuable knowledge of the enterprise including permits, licenses and government regulations.
 Find out safety and insurance protocols, networking and contractual issues. It is likely a boat rental business will need to have contractual agreement with host community, jetty owners or local government.
The business attracts levies, fees and strict rules of operation. Other major considerate are funding, business structure, staff and management team.
You also have to research on the type of water vehicle you want to buy. Study the demography, businesses in the area or if it’s a tourist location.
Buy or Lease Boats
The choice of vehicle you need depends on your business template. The type of water body also impacts on the choice of boat. The location could be close to a lake, natural estuary, rivers, ocean, sea or pool.
The type of boat costs, functionality and maintenance differ. You have a large selection of boats from motorized vehicles to mechanized boats.
The type of vehicles include row boats, sail boats, kayaks Surf boards and jet skis. Others are gondolas, pedal boats, power boats and canoes.

List of Water Vehicles
1.    Jon boats
2.    Mini pontoon boats
3.    Rowing boats
4.    Jet Skis
5.    Kayaks
6.    Sail boats
7.    Water toys
8.    Power boats
9.    Gondolas
10. Pedal boats
11. Electric boats
12. Canoes
13. Surf Boards
14. Theme boats
You need to find a good location for your boat hiring business. There are many locations where you can setup your boat hiring business. The only rule is nearness to a body of water.
Some profitable locations are fishing clubs, yacht clubs and marinas. Other cool locations are in amusement parks, tourist destinations and theme parks.
Setup the enterprise at summer camps, near rivers, city, state, beach front and beach properties.
Decide on your Services
The services offered to customers are ferry transport, leisure trips and tourist guides. Other services are taxi, fishing trips, sight seeing, skiing and underwater diving.
Set reasonable price for your service and create a good accounting system. You get paid by hiring out your boats or annual fees.
Offer discounts to regular customers and proper safety gear. Before arriving at a price factor working cost, insurance, tax and amount paid to host.
The job comes with some dangers or hazards such as drowning and accidents. You need to provide adequate security and safety gear.
You need a comprehensive insurance cover and safety instructions. Make sure your first aid kits are certified and easily accessible.
Promote your Business
Although your business is location specific you can still attract customers. Use handbills, posters and television advertisement.
Your peak period is during holidays increase advertisement during this period. Try to network with hotels and tourist centers including travel agents.
Build a website and highlight your services to attract customers.

How to Start a Lingerie Business

Trading cloths is commonplace and has a simple business template. Selling women’s cloths is profitable and is done in small or large scale.
We have petty traders, cloths store, departmental stores and garment producers. The three sectors associated to lingerie business are manufacturing, wholesaler and retailing.
Anyone can start a lingerie business without any formal training except manufacturers. To produce lingerie you need fabric knowledge and sewing skill.
However traders in women wear should have some measure of business acumen, startup funds and good location. The amount of funds you need depends on the size and scope of your enterprise.
To succeed it is important to secure a good location and stock only quality items. Locate your business in a commercial area with lots of vehicular and foot traffic.
Women are conscious of the look and feel of their underwear and are ready to pay premium prices for designer lingerie.
Image source- Wikimedia Commons
 How to Start an Underwear Business
Major Considerations
Before launching your enterprise there are a few things to consider such as securing business loans and writing a business plan. Others are e-commerce solutions, leasing, stocking your store and marketing.
Study your Competitors
Lingerie business is highly competitive so you need to research your competitors. Learn their trade secrets, business format and customer service.
Explore areas they operate such as shopping malls, lockup stores, or major retail stores. Study their prices, type of inventory and niche market.
If you notice a niche sector unexplored by dealers in your community you get competitive edge. You should study consumer behavior through surveys and questioners.
 Choose a Sector
Before you launch you enterprise decide on the sector you want to operate. You can open a wholesale store, boutique business, retail outlet or sell lingerie online.
Here are a few ideas on how to run a profitable lingerie business. Write a comprehensive business plan and feasibility study.
Focus on product, management structure, funding and future goals. Other considerations are marketing plan, product pricing and mission statement.
The amount of startup capital you need depends on your business structure, products, location and marketing. Designer underwear is expensive including leasing a store and staff wages.
You can seek funds from bank loans and contributory groups. Try personal savings including family and friends.
Leasing your Shop
The location you choose could make or break your enterprise. You need a heavily trafficked area to make sales.
You can find lingerie stores in departmental store, shopping malls and boutiques. Other locations are the open cloths market, small sheds and roadside vendors.
Source your Product
You can stock your store by networking with wholesalers and manufacturers. Get contractual agreement with private label designers and major wholesalers.
 Women underwear come in different sizes, shapes, designs and preferences. Try to Stock underwear in different colors, fabrics and sizes.
You are at liberty to diversify your inventory by adding slippers, shoes, perfumes, bags and stockings. Your lingerie business could focus only on women underwear or both sexes.
Tie-Dye Business Ideas
 Register your Company
You need trade permits and a business license. Register your business as a sole proprietorship or limited liability company.  You might need tax identification number and liability insurance.
The purchasing power of your host community should be taken into account when pricing your goods. The price of your lingerie depends on the source and manufacturer.
The type of fabric, brand name also impacts on the cost. Your prices should be competitive and similar to that obtainable in the market.
Promote your Business
You need to stay abreast of fast changing trends in the market. Inform your community through flyers, posters, complementary cards and banners.
Try direct email marketing, a glossy brochure and monthly newsletter. Use electronic media such as television advertisement or radio jingles.
An effective method is advertising in newspaper or popular fashion magazine. Other marketing tools are through a website, and free classified. 
How to start a swimsuit clothing line

How to Start a Transport Shuttle Business

The shuttle business is very dynamic and has many formats. You can have bus shuttles, train shuttle, minicab shuttle, boat shuttle, private cab and taxi cab shuttle.
The core business of a shuttle company is transporting passengers from airport hubs to pre-determined locations. The business owner provides a vehicle to transportation the passenger from and too the airports.
The business is lucrative and offers essential service to commuters. The reasons for customer patronage include a reliable, fast, safe and efficient method of transportation.
Other reasons include avoidance of parking fees and driving inconveniences. The service is pre-booked or chattered at the airport.
To run a shuttle business you need an office location, vehicles and drivers. There are two ways to run an airport shuttle business.
One way is to register your vehicle with the airport or register as an independent service provider. The shuttle company can provide services on pick up bases or personal chatter.
Get Organized
There are a few licenses and association membership required. The permits are different from country to country.
 You need to register a business name and commercial insurance. Airport shuttle providers are required to register their services with airport regulators on commercial transport within the airport.
You need to find out all requirements and local government permits before you operate Get more information from your state department of transport on permits including state tax laws. 
There are very strong associations and unions in the transport business. Therefore, you need to join the ones under the umbrella you want to operate.
Area of Operation
To operate a successful shuttle business you need to service a region or airport. Some states have both local domestic airport and international travel airports.
Choose either the local or international port as your area of operation. When analyzing your area of operation make sure it is within two hour drive from your base.
Study regional transportation networks, operators, shuttle services and type of vehicles competitors use.
Establishing the Business
Once you have secure your permits, registered your business and secure appropriate licensing. Buy your vehicles and determine your area of operation.
You need to provide reliable shuttle service that is prompt, affordable and efficient. Make a note of airports within your jurisdiction, destinations and distances.
You need to open an office with adequate parking. Use all available information to create an operational framework for your business. You need well trained drivers, receptionist and office staff.
Business Framework
Your business needs lots of commuters to make profit. Encourage repeat customers through customer service, networking and satisfied clients. Organize tour packages and effective management structures.
Your vehicles should be well maintained and presentable. Offer competitive and affordable prices similar to the ones obtainable in the business.
Apart from airport shuttle you can provide other services such as paid tours and domestic shuttle. Buy or lease your vehicles according to your business needs.
Obtain many shuttle vehicles to cover multiple routes in your operational area.
Train your Drivers
Your drivers need to be cautious, skilled and patient. Hire only qualified and experienced drives to drive your vehicles.
They show carry current driving license and other permits. You can operate a bus shuttle, minivan or car shuttle business.
How to Market your Shuttle Business
Transport shuttle business is very competitive and there are many companies offering shuttle services. Create a good business name and brand your vehicle.
You can Network with hotels, tourist resorts and travel agencies in your area. Promote your enterprise through national and local newspapers including popular travel magazines. Distribute your business cards to airport porters and staff.
Transport shuttle business requires huge capital investment. Cars and buses don’t come cheap and you need office space to run your business.
Secure adequate funding, marketing and management team to position your company for success.
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How to Buy and Sell Land for Profit


Landed property is big business either bought for personal use, office space construction or flipping. Whatever the purpose plots of land is very valuable real estate and good business.
Landed property is a very good investment if you have the resource.  Despite the huge amount paid to acquire land the investor over a period experiences capital appreciation.
This increase in value of the investment is largely due to the appreciation of the said property over a period. Land is important because of the steady growth in population around the world.
How to Become a Real Estate Agent
The Different Uses of land
Investors buying empty plots generally have different developmental prospects. The buyer can turn the plot into a car park if near a commercial area.
They can flip the land after a period or construct a building. Development would eventual get to a land in a remote axis thereby increasing its value. The longer it stays vacant the more money a land prospector makes.
Turning a plot into a shopping complex or an office complex is another strategy. Some might decide the land is fertile enough for farming or other purposes.
Depending on the reason behind land purchase, a prospector has many options. You need adequate documentation, due diligence and legal backing to avoid unscrupulous land agents and fraudsters.
Why Buy Land
The investor before buying a plot of land should have a workable plan. The type of land purchased is very important while some land is good for farming others have hard clay soil.
Some plots are water logged, so building a house on that location would be very capital intensive. Understanding why you want to buy the land gives you a clear picture of the challenges. The land speculator knows that land appreciates in value over time.

Make a Budget
Everyone knows a plot in an exclusive area attracts very high amount while one on the periphery of town is much cheaper. Beware of transportation costs, which might spiral out of control.
Always have a clear view of the land of interest before visiting the site. It is better to use a lawyer to conduct a thorough search of the title of the property.
Find out if there is any dispute or litigation on the land. Does the land have a certificate of occupancy, family seal or governor’s consent?
If you purchase the land to construct a building factor the immediate and remote expenses such as land filling, fencing, cutting trees/weeds. Also, include local government levies, indigenous residents, and transportation of building material.
Do not forget servicing your mortgage loans and other tax related issues.
How to Search for Land
Searching for land is easy if you know how to go about it. If you have specific areas in mind visit the top estate agent in that area and make your enquirers.
You can also use the internet to find property, by searching property websites and comparing prices. Newspaper is a good resource when searching for land or radio adverts.
Many property development companies also sell land in an estate to customers. If you buy from a property developer, first establish the ground rules such as building conformity.
The property developer should state if you could build any structure and any maintenance fee issues. Other things to consider when searching for suitable land are drainage, central sewage system, and proximity to electricity.
Banks also sell debtors lands when they are unable to service their debt.
Property handbills are commonplace in establishments that have large amount of customers.
You can find many large banners, television advertisements that have land for sale.
Thing to consider before buying a land
Things to Check
Check the lands titles
Developing the land
Access road land
Title deed
Shopping mall
Water logged land
Petrol station
Sandy, clay, Humerus soil
 C of O
Before Buying the Land Become a Detective
The value of your landed property is bound to other properties around that locality. A land bordering a new highbrow estate will have very high appreciable value.
A new industrial area might attract prospective buyers from the large conglomerates. What of government’s master plan for the area like roads, airports, cargo docks?
The more development projects within the plots locality the greater the value of the land. Lastly ask neighbors questions concerning the land, weather conditions, and irrigation.
Find out the water level, type of water in that area and sewage facilities. You might have to build your own septic tank in remote areas.
Other considerations before buying the land are the road network and distance to the highway. Roads and topography of the place has a serious impact on the value of the land.
Poor road accessibility equals low development, high transportation cost, and high building cost. What kind of soil is on your land clay, sand, humorous, waterlogged soil?
Things to consider before buying land
1 The land should have close proximity to electricity
2 Access road increases the value of the land
3 Avoid wetlands like the plague
4 Any natural gas
5 How is the centralized sewage system?
6 Understand the water flow rate, quantity and climate
7 Study the topology of your intended property
8 Make sure all legal work done properly
9 Avoid disputed lands
10 Find out about building permits
11 Always use a qualified real estate attorney.
12 Try to practice due diligence when buying any property.
Make Sure its Legal
When you purchase a land, make sure all the legal angles are covered. Secure your legal rights, get approved plans, check for any environmental restrictions.
Make sure the seller has all legal rights to the land to avoid capital loss and litigation. Wetlands are bad business unless you want to start a rice plantation.
 Secure the property after purchase by identifying the natural boundaries of the property. How is the telecommunication reception in the area, bad, good, or worse?
Buying land is very complex so use a highly qualified real estate attorney. Always do due diligence before money changes hands.
Never accept the first offer; they expect you to haggle a bit. When buying lands consider low priced property if you intend flipping it and high priced property if you intend building.
The high priced land in a highbrow area would attract high rent from tenants. Land is big business you can make a fortune buying land and selling land.

60+ Low Cost Marketing Ideas for Small Business Owners

Every enterprise needs marketing to attract patronage and grow their business. Many companies find themselves spending too much on marketing without commensurate results.
Sometimes it is difficult finding effective marketing ideas to reach target audience. Without adequate marketing your competitors will take majority of your customer base.
There are many ways to reach target audience based on age, gender and demography. Here are low cost but effective marketing strategies applicable to all business owners.
Urban Marketing Ideas
Interestingly urban marketing is an effective low cost technique common to highly populated areas. Some marketers use concrete surfaces that abound in such environments.
Urban marketing is localized and tailored to a specific locality. The business owner writes inscriptions on walls, sidewalks, road demarcations and walkways.
Some use print medium to reach potential customers. The medium are temporary such as chalk and water soluble paint and paper.
A List of Urban Marketing Techniques
Print Medium
1.    Poster
2.    Handbills
3.    Complimentary cars
4.    Brochures
5.    Newsletters
6.    Banners
Surface Inscriptions
7.    Chalk writing on walkways, walls, sidewalks
8.    Commissioned murals at heavily trafficked locations
9.    Billboards
10. Unusual sponsorship on mobile devices like bikes, taxi cabs, tricycles
 Content Marketing Ideas
Content marketing reach a wider audience through visual, graphic and original posts. It also involves reviews, templates, graphic designs and charts.
 Other elements in content marketing are using statistical lists, controversial content and videos.
List of content marketing ideas
11. Graphic designs
12. Reviews
13. Charts
14. Original posts
15. Templates
16. Visual aids
How to create quality content using outside resources
A smart way to create quality marketable content is through the aid of experts. You can interview major industrial players for a blog post.
 People follow top industrialist by sharing expert ideas that attract loads of potential clients. Interview with such personalities are usually viral and trending.  Other advantages using this format are huge social media followers of the said personality.
  Another way to write quality content to attract loads of traffic is writing a Top 10 List. Top 10 lists are easily read and provide more in-depth and specific analysis.
Do Reviews and Product Comparison
You can also try out a product comparison guide or review. The writing style is very effective if you are using affiliate or referral links.
The review should be honest and products you use or subscribe to. A comparison allows customers make quick decisions on patronage or purchase.
 Write a comparison guide for item related to your product and audience interests. Do guest blog posts and feature your best content on top blogs.
The method is very effective and attracts audience from highly trafficked blogs. Other effective content marketing techniques is keyword queries to generate content, webinars for leads and slideshare PowerPoint presentations.

Sources for Quality Marketable Content
17. Slideshare PowerPoint presentations
18. Webinars for lead generation
19. Keyword search
20. Product comparison guide
21. Guest post top content
22. Interview top personalities
23. Guest post
More content marketing ideas
The use of videos is another effective content marketing platform. Visual marketing by uploading videos has become common place because of YouTube.
Other tools are using statistical lists, eBooks, beginner guides and evergreen content. Evergreen content last several years because they remain relevant.
However, high quality content will always attract loads of traffic that converts. Other strategies involve collaborations, podcasts and highlighting trending event.
A powerful tool used by marketers is mobile marketing. Do you know that 50% of visitors to websites are done through the aid of Smartphone’s?
Taking advantage of this large market could increase brand awareness and traffic. Other equally creative but offbeat ideas are comics, magazines and memes.
Promote your business using these tools
24. Videos such as YouTube
25.  Statistical data
26. Ebooks are an effective marketing tool
27. Writing a beginners guide
28. Writing evergreen content
29. Mobile marketing
30. Memes
31. Cartoons
32. Magazines
33. Collaborations
34. Quality content
35. Podcasts
36. Covering trending events

Social Media Marketing Ideas
You can use social medial platforms to reach huge audience. There are thousands of social media sites with millions of subscribers.
To build a large following post regularly, creative and engaging write-ups. Use 8 second vines including insightful comments and pin powerful images with links to your webpage’s.
Hashtags reach a wider audience interested in the same things while social business pages show professionalism. Don’t forget Facebook groups and slideshows to increase follower’s engagement.
Social Media Marketing
37. Use Hashtags
38. Post regularly
39. Use video vines
40. Pin powerful photographs and images
41. Create or join groups
Contest Marketing Ideas
Companies have found contests and promotions a good marketing tool. During such engagement they see a spike in patronage and profit.
There are many ingenious ways to use contest marketing to target certain demography, gender and age groups. Contest marketing ideas include photography contests, video contests, essay writing, caption contests.
Others are sports contests, quiz games, voting, treasure search contest, sweepstakes or giveaways. To increase patronage make- it shareable, viral and giveaway free stuff.
Offer two for one deal and incentives and promote the contest on social media, forums, blog posts, email list and advertisement.
List of Contest Marketing Ideas
42. Photography  contests
43. Video contests
44. Essay
45. Caption
46. Quiz
47. Sports
48. Entertainment
49. Talent search
50. Treasure hunts
51. Sweepstakes
52. Giveaway free stuff
Advertisement Marketing Ideas
One of the most effective marketing strategies is paid and free advertisement. Advertisement marketing covers both electronic and print media.
The method is so effective that a small company could experience a 200% increase in patronage. You can advertise in national newspapers and magazines related to your business.
 Use television advertisement and radio program sponsorship including catchy radio jingles to attract customers. Online resources are also highly effective at targeting conversions and sales.
You can use Google Adwords and Facebook advertisement to reach paying customers. Print flyers, poster, business cards, newsletters and billboards.
Use free and paid classified websites to drum up sales.  Build a website or blog and apply search engine optimization techniques to increase traffic to a landing page.
Don’t forget to offer discounts, promotions and free giveaways.
Advertisement Marketing
53.  Classified websites
54. Newspapers
55. Television
56. Radio
57. Google Adwords
58. Facebook advertisement
59. Website