60+ Low Cost Marketing Ideas for Small Business Owners

Every enterprise needs marketing to attract patronage and grow their business. Many companies find themselves spending too much on marketing without commensurate results.
Sometimes it is difficult finding effective marketing ideas to reach target audience. Without adequate marketing your competitors will take majority of your customer base.
There are many ways to reach target audience based on age, gender and demography. Here are low cost but effective marketing strategies applicable to all business owners.
Urban Marketing Ideas
Interestingly urban marketing is an effective low cost technique common to highly populated areas. Some marketers use concrete surfaces that abound in such environments.
Urban marketing is localized and tailored to a specific locality. The business owner writes inscriptions on walls, sidewalks, road demarcations and walkways.
Some use print medium to reach potential customers. The medium are temporary such as chalk and water soluble paint and paper.
A List of Urban Marketing Techniques
Print Medium
1.    Poster
2.    Handbills
3.    Complimentary cars
4.    Brochures
5.    Newsletters
6.    Banners
Surface Inscriptions
7.    Chalk writing on walkways, walls, sidewalks
8.    Commissioned murals at heavily trafficked locations
9.    Billboards
10. Unusual sponsorship on mobile devices like bikes, taxi cabs, tricycles
 Content Marketing Ideas
Content marketing reach a wider audience through visual, graphic and original posts. It also involves reviews, templates, graphic designs and charts.
 Other elements in content marketing are using statistical lists, controversial content and videos.
List of content marketing ideas
11. Graphic designs
12. Reviews
13. Charts
14. Original posts
15. Templates
16. Visual aids
How to create quality content using outside resources
A smart way to create quality marketable content is through the aid of experts. You can interview major industrial players for a blog post.
 People follow top industrialist by sharing expert ideas that attract loads of potential clients. Interview with such personalities are usually viral and trending.  Other advantages using this format are huge social media followers of the said personality.
  Another way to write quality content to attract loads of traffic is writing a Top 10 List. Top 10 lists are easily read and provide more in-depth and specific analysis.
Do Reviews and Product Comparison
You can also try out a product comparison guide or review. The writing style is very effective if you are using affiliate or referral links.
The review should be honest and products you use or subscribe to. A comparison allows customers make quick decisions on patronage or purchase.
 Write a comparison guide for item related to your product and audience interests. Do guest blog posts and feature your best content on top blogs.
The method is very effective and attracts audience from highly trafficked blogs. Other effective content marketing techniques is keyword queries to generate content, webinars for leads and slideshare PowerPoint presentations.

Sources for Quality Marketable Content
17. Slideshare PowerPoint presentations
18. Webinars for lead generation
19. Keyword search
20. Product comparison guide
21. Guest post top content
22. Interview top personalities
23. Guest post
More content marketing ideas
The use of videos is another effective content marketing platform. Visual marketing by uploading videos has become common place because of YouTube.
Other tools are using statistical lists, eBooks, beginner guides and evergreen content. Evergreen content last several years because they remain relevant.
However, high quality content will always attract loads of traffic that converts. Other strategies involve collaborations, podcasts and highlighting trending event.
A powerful tool used by marketers is mobile marketing. Do you know that 50% of visitors to websites are done through the aid of Smartphone’s?
Taking advantage of this large market could increase brand awareness and traffic. Other equally creative but offbeat ideas are comics, magazines and memes.
Promote your business using these tools
24. Videos such as YouTube
25.  Statistical data
26. Ebooks are an effective marketing tool
27. Writing a beginners guide
28. Writing evergreen content
29. Mobile marketing
30. Memes
31. Cartoons
32. Magazines
33. Collaborations
34. Quality content
35. Podcasts
36. Covering trending events

Social Media Marketing Ideas
You can use social medial platforms to reach huge audience. There are thousands of social media sites with millions of subscribers.
To build a large following post regularly, creative and engaging write-ups. Use 8 second vines including insightful comments and pin powerful images with links to your webpage’s.
Hashtags reach a wider audience interested in the same things while social business pages show professionalism. Don’t forget Facebook groups and slideshows to increase follower’s engagement.
Social Media Marketing
37. Use Hashtags
38. Post regularly
39. Use video vines
40. Pin powerful photographs and images
41. Create or join groups
Contest Marketing Ideas
Companies have found contests and promotions a good marketing tool. During such engagement they see a spike in patronage and profit.
There are many ingenious ways to use contest marketing to target certain demography, gender and age groups. Contest marketing ideas include photography contests, video contests, essay writing, caption contests.
Others are sports contests, quiz games, voting, treasure search contest, sweepstakes or giveaways. To increase patronage make- it shareable, viral and giveaway free stuff.
Offer two for one deal and incentives and promote the contest on social media, forums, blog posts, email list and advertisement.
List of Contest Marketing Ideas
42. Photography  contests
43. Video contests
44. Essay
45. Caption
46. Quiz
47. Sports
48. Entertainment
49. Talent search
50. Treasure hunts
51. Sweepstakes
52. Giveaway free stuff
Advertisement Marketing Ideas
One of the most effective marketing strategies is paid and free advertisement. Advertisement marketing covers both electronic and print media.
The method is so effective that a small company could experience a 200% increase in patronage. You can advertise in national newspapers and magazines related to your business.
 Use television advertisement and radio program sponsorship including catchy radio jingles to attract customers. Online resources are also highly effective at targeting conversions and sales.
You can use Google Adwords and Facebook advertisement to reach paying customers. Print flyers, poster, business cards, newsletters and billboards.
Use free and paid classified websites to drum up sales.  Build a website or blog and apply search engine optimization techniques to increase traffic to a landing page.
Don’t forget to offer discounts, promotions and free giveaways.
Advertisement Marketing
53.  Classified websites
54. Newspapers
55. Television
56. Radio
57. Google Adwords
58. Facebook advertisement
59. Website


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