A Beginner Guide to Starting An Ecommerce Store

What is an E commerce store?
An electronic commerce store transacts business like a regular store. Many retail and wholesale businesses have trebled sales and inventory by simply embracing eCommerce.
The home business owners have embraced the eCommerce revolution making huge profits and sales daily. E commerce stores are not restricted to your immediate locality but are visible to the entire world
Buying and Selling
Shopping, buying and selling products or services are what eCommerce is all about. The online economy solves transaction difficulties associated with demography.
 An eCommerce store owner in China can sell to the rest of the world from his home base easily. Setting up an E commerce website is challenging however there are several options available to the budding entrepreneur.
 You can build your E commerce website from scratch or hire a professional designer. You can use software or join established E commerce hosting websites.
Before starting out you need to have the merchandise you want to sell. It doesn’t make sense to build a store without knowing what to sell.
The kind of E commerce store you build depends on service or products or sales. Focus on a niche market to sell products. To start register your business name then create a website.
Build your Ecommerce Website
Some businesses decide to build their own websites to showcase their goods and services. The idea makes loads of sense because you have the autonomy to display, price and present your store any way you deem fit.
Building an eCommerce website can be done by hiring a professional web designer. You can build it yourself using available software online or a free hosting/paid platform.
To create a competitive eCommerce website all you need is web knowledge and the proper software. You can pay someone to build your eCommerce store which should include the designer’s fee and a one year hosting package.
If you want to design it by yourself use software like Dreamweaver or front page.
To have an eCommerce website designed cost between $100 and$250. This includes a hosting website and personalized domain name of your choice.
More professional and technical websites cost a whole lot more depending on many factors. When building your store with an eCommerce design include a shopping cart, home page and  company profile.
 List goods and items complete with description, image and price. Other functions of your eCommerce website should include collection and collation of orders.
Notification, tax and shipping can be done using multi-channel Ecommerce platforms like goecart.com. There are many other reputable websites that perform shopping cart functions so choose wisely.
E commerce
Which option do you like when starting an eCommerce store
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  • Build from scratch
  • Use an established website
  • Hire a web designer
  • Use free listing
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Web Hosting
Choose a good web hosting company for you Ecommerce website, usually the website designer might have a favorite. The website owner pays subscription to the web host either monthly, six monthly or yearly.
Some web hosting sites include blogger, ipower; Hostway, Weebly and GoDaddy among may others. Web hosting sites do not charge much for their services because they deal in huge number of website.
You can use the service of web hosting sites to build your eCommerce store. They have templates that might meet your needs. Some even provide domain name registration, hosting, shopping cart services, and checkout services including shipping making them an all in one solution.
Merchant Account
You need a merchant account or a credit card processing company to accept online payment when customers make a purchase. PayPal also performs this function offering a seamless checkout button for PayPal clients using PayPal accounts.
PayPal sends and receives online payment in a trusted and secure platform, and they have the individual and merchant accounts. They allow merchants use there checkout by placing a PayPal Buy Now button directly on your website.
You can also open a merchant account with your bank so they can accept payment via credit or debit card. Authorize.net is a website that offers a payment gateway to eCommerce merchants. They accept payment online or anywhere.
Trying to connect payment applications to credit card processing network can be difficult for small businesses. It is easier and cost effective to use websites like Authorize.net to handle the intricacies and provide a fast and secure platform for your transactions.
Hosted Ecommerce Websites
If you are not interested in hiring a website designer you can use the various free and paid hosting platforms available online. Websites that usually offer this service hosts your website and has feature that allows you build your eCommerce store just with a few clicks.
Usually they charge hosting fees and you might need to pay for a domain name. Some allow the usage of a sub domain name with limited features. The websites you can create on such sites can be very professional looking if you know what you are doing even without programming knowledge.
Some website designers use these easily tools to build your website but highly proficient one charge heavily and produce top quality stores. There are many hosting websites that offer these services like kingeshop.com, siteground.com, Shopify.com, 1and1, fatcow.com and weebly.com.
There are three basic steps when using a web hosting site that offers templates and checkout facilities on their site. You need to find and register a domain name, then using there template, customize your ecommerce website to promote your brand.
The next set is to develop your ecommerce website with the tools available on the host site.
How to Create a Free Ecommerce Website
Ecommerce Store Includes
1 Online shopping
2 Payment solutions
3 Service provider
4 Internet banking
Free Ecommerce Listing Websites
Free eCommerce listing websites are the most popular e-stores used by individuals for online transactions. There are many eCommerce websites that allow companies or individual list any item for sale.
They allow classified advertisements on their websites for free and the seller can add an image, description, price and shipping. Some websites that offer these services are location specific to certain countries where buyers and sellers meet to transact business physically.
While other websites offer customers PayPal, credit/debit card payment solutions including checkout and shipping solutions. Shipping the items is usually done by the group or individual that posted the item.
You also have the choice of using eBay a free auction website to sell or buy items. The items listed on eBay are auctioned to the highest bidders. Some free classified websites collect a small percentage for any sales.
How to Drive Traffic to Your Ecommerce Website
Direct Traffic to Your Ecommerce Store
To direct traffic to your eCommerce store use advertisement channels and comparison shopping engines to boost traffic. Some top shopping engines that would attract lots of traffic are Google shopping and Bing shopping.
 Others are TheFind, SortPrice, ShopMania, and GoShopping.
List of E commerce Websites that Offer Free Classified
1 Dealfish.com
2 Aliexpress.com
3 Kasuwa.com
4 Dealdey.com
5 Olx.com
6 Wippypick.com
7 Tradestable.com
8 Kaymu.com
9 3al.com
10 Smemarkethub.com
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Ecommerce stores are a necessity for wholesalers, retailers and small business owners. They work 24hr to bringing new customers to your store.
. Ecommerce stores are built using a free or paid hosting including domain names. Other ways to sell your goods and products is through online free classified websites.
Are you thinking of starting an eCommerce store, great idea, so long as you do it the right way.


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