Beauty Salon Business Ideas: How to Open a Beauty Salon

Beauty Salon has many small services attached to the enterprise. The job is rewarding, creative, fun and slightly challenging. The job entails personal care such as pedicure, hair styling, cutting and massage.
You need adequate technical knowledge or qualification.  The business requires visibility, quality equipment, trained staff and branding.
There are many beauty salons and each one has their own loyal patrons. There customer base caters to different levels of clientele.
Initial startup cost covers equipment, store, registration fees, and government taxes. Here are a few ideas on how to start your beauty salon
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Experience Matters
The difference between most beauty salons is the service, technical ability, staff and pricing. You need prior work experience to own a profitable beauty salon.
To gain experience you can study at one of the several institutes on fashion and beauty. Read lots of books or become an apprentice to an established beauty salon. Other ways to build technical skills are through workshops and seminars.
The amount of money you need depends on many factors such as location, equipment, furniture and interior design of your establishment.
The majority of your funds go into leasing a shop and equipment. Other things that require funding are registration fees, licensing, learning the trade, staff wages and stock.
You can source funds from personal savings or bank loans. If you don’t mind running partnership enterprises then go for it.
Where to Locate the Beauty Salon
Choose your location carefully because it is very important to your business. Heavily trafficked areas or commercial areas work.
Your salon needs lots of visibility and easy access to customers. Other considerations involve cost of rent and the community you serve.

To start your business purchase basic equipment needed for your salon. You need driers, towels, dispensers, disposable gloves, scissors and combs. Buy quality products such as creams, shampoos and lotions.
Create a comprehensive inventory of all the equipment you need. And buy only what you need and add the others as your business grows.
 There is no hard and fast rule to staffing your enterprise. Some major salons have many staff like hair stylists, barbers, cleaners and security.
They hire salon managers, nail technicians, receptionists, accountants and cashiers. Some run sole proprietorship or partnership arrangement.
You can register your business as a sole proprietor or partnership. If you plan a big operation make it a limited liability company. There are a few trade licenses and local associations to join.
Generally customers come to the beauty salon to get pampered. Offer topnotch services, trending hairstyles and nice salon experience. The business also accommodates both home based and office based formats.
Some beauty salons do home service and make lots of money. It costs three times the amount you charge for home service.
Do due diligence of your clients before agreeing to style a customers hair at their home. Expand you business to the lucrative bridal makeup and styling industry.
 To remain competitive, offer reasonable pricing for your services. Some salons indirectly drive eager customers from their establishment with high unreasonable pricing.
Create a generic price board for each service you render. Cost your nail work, styling, plating, weaving, retouching, massage and other services.
Get a website developer to build a good site for your business. The site should target clients in your area. You can showcase your hairstyles and nail work.
You need a powerful social media profile to gain followers and business.
Promote your Business
It is essential to promote your business to reach customers. Create an effective brand through advertisement, business name and services. Advertise your services in newspapers, magazines.
Use posters, banners billboards and handbills to attract customers. Spend a little more on television advertisement and immediately see an increase in your customer base.
To sustain the trend make sure your services are of the highest quality.


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