Bridal Salon Business: How to Start a Bridal Shop Business

If you have a passion for fashion and weddings then starting a bridal shop is your calling. Combining two amazing industries is fun, challenging and lucrative.
The job description for a Bridal Shops is to create the perfect look for a brides dream wedding. Thousands of weddings occur daily despite many encumbrance or hardship in the economy.
Although the business is fun, you need lots of guidance and information to launch your enterprise. Bridal boutiques are rewarding and profitable become its part of a multi-billion dollar wedding industry.
The career is exciting, rewarding and has its own peculiar set of challenges. The business entails stocking or creating beautiful bridal gowns for brides to be.
To increase sales stock trending, high quality gowns including head wear, veils and bridesmaid dresses. Some add outfits such as tuxedos, bridesmaid dresses and designs for flower girls.
A well stocked bridal shop sells many accessories and other wedding paraphernalia. You need to decide if your shop specializes only in wedding gowns or offers full service.
You need adequate planning and motivation to succeed in the bridal business. There are lots of competition from established shops and boutiques however the industry is open to new entrepreneur and ideas.
 Are you interested in starting your own bridal shop here are a few business ideas.
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How to Become a Bridal Shop Owner
To start a bridal salon you need a business plan to guide your enterprise. The plan can focus on product sourcing, budget, finance, tasks and objectives. Other things in your plan are management structure, customer base, future goals, location of business and a comprehensive marketing plan.
What kind of Bridal Shop to Open
What kind of bridal shop to open. This is a very important consideration before launching the enterprise. There are two types of bridal stores the one that focuses on only bridal gowns and full service bridal shops.
A specialized bridal salon that stocks only gowns caters exclusively to bride. They offer different types of gowns such as consignment gowns, couture gowns and custom-designed gowns.
Full service bridal shops apart from bridal gowns stock bridal accessories, bridal gloves, and wedding books. Other inventory includes veils, bangles, wristwatches, bridesmaid dresses and flowers.
Other considerations are leasing your shop or buying/ refurbish an existing bridal shop. Leasing gives you total control of every aspect of the business.
Name the Bridal Shop
Choose an interesting name for your bridal shop to reflect your corporate identity. Design a befitting logo to complement the name. This is done strictly to create a brand new brides can identify with.
Buying a wedding gown is very emotional and family oriented. Your shop should reflect these values and offer a delightful experience and identity.
 If you stock specific name brands or different Varity make sure it reflects in your style and identity
Register your Business
You business requires only two major licenses which are a trade license and business name. There might be other provisions or laws in different countries. Find out what is obtainable in your country through your corporate fairs commission.
Startup Finance
Bridal gowns are very expensive so you need serious cash to venture into the business. Your personal savings can’t cut it unless you have a huge stash of money somewhere.
Approach a commercial bank for loans to start the enterprise. Use your business plan to show the exact direction of your enterprise. You will need landed collateral like a building or parcel of land you own.
You might have to come up with 25% of the loan you seek. Other conditions they request are opening an account with them to receive funds. Another way to raise funds is to find an investor and sell equity in your business.
Where to Locate your Bridal Shop
We assume you have a business template and know the direction you want to go either full service or a niche market. Locating your shop is very important towards the success of your enterprise.
Locate your shop at popular shopping malls, departmental stores or mega malls. Other good locations are close to churches and residential area. The best locations are where there is lots of vehicular and human traffic.
Make sure your shop has ample parking space, easy access and is very visible. For example we noticed a beautiful bridal shop in our community, despite having lots of finance and inventory has very low patronage. They even owned the property where the shop is located.
After studying their business model which was good. We realized that all they needed to do was break the wall in-front of the shop to grant customers better access and a parking space. This simple solution was the difference between a failed business and a successful one.
Decide how much space or square footage to you needs to setup your enterprise. Work on the interior and exterior design of the bridal shop to attract patronage.
Equipment and Supplies
You need to contact dress makers, suppliers and gown designers. You can Network with manufacturers, and bridal accessory suppliers. Include wholesale accounts with dress stores for more choices.
Negotiate and form relationships with suppliers for best terms and contracts. Other ways to stock your shop is obtaining items on consignment. You can include a sample agreement in your contract.
Managing your Bridal Shop
You need effective management of your bridal shop to make profit. Try to organize your inventory by using appropriate software.
 Discover ingenious ways to attract patronage and hire competent staff. Set competitive prices for your gowns by using an effective pricing system.
Other considerations are theft prevention, security, publicity and marketing. To succeed you need to identify strategic partners, get referrals.
Promoting the Business
Promote your bridal shop through newspaper publications, and television advertisement. Use large billboards in strategic locations and posters.
Print glossy brochure, business cards and handbills. Another very effective method is organizing your own fashion show highlighting your bridal wear.
Have a grand opening and participate in bridal expos
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