Different Types of Mobile Marketing Platforms

With the proliferation of smart devices like Smartphone’s, hybrid phones, notebooks and I phones the mobile marketing platform has grown. More people have access to these devices which are getting more sophisticated and cheaper to own.
The mobile network providers are not left behind offering various marketing outlets via their network and Smartphone’s. There is no doubt that technology has greatly influenced and changed the way we live.
Over a billion people use phones and a third that number have Smartphone’s. Harnessing the limitless possibilities of mobile marketing has bought new marketing strategies to light.
Serious businesses in order to have a competitive advantage use mobile marketing technology to enhance sales and awareness of their brand. The question is how best to harness this incredible potential for competitive advantage
Mobile Marketing
What is Mobile Marketing?
Mobile marketing is marketing through the aid of mobile devices. The range of devices cover Smartphone’s like blackberry, android phones and various Smartphone’s.
The location sensitive marketing makes information about products or services readily available to customers on the go. This makes mobile marketing vey effective and target oriented making it a very attractive form of marketing.
Different Mobile Marketing Platforms
The mobile marketing platforms you can use to harness the large potential are numerous. They offer direct advertisements, target marketing and location sensitive marketing.
Let us look at a few mobile marketing platforms used today
Small Messaging Service
Small messaging services known as SMS service is the most common form of mobile marketing. Smartphone users are inundated with SMS messages offering one service or promotion.
The SMS messages range from spiritual help lines, to promotions, discounts, events and services. They are unsolicited and can be annoying when the service provider misuses this platform.
Advertisers using SMS messages can localize the messages via, age, location, profession and so on. The service providers have the data of their user and can target market easily.
Multimedia Messaging Service
Multimedia messaging service works almost the same way as SMS messages. The difference is that the messages are more robust with slide shows, images QR codes and location targeted information.
Other multimedia messages can be served up as videos including text and audio messages. Multimedia messaging service is very proactive and an effective mobile marketing tool.
Mobile Marketing
Which marketing tool do you like?
Top of Form
  • Multimedia marketing
  • Application based marketing
  • SMS messaging
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App Based Marketing
Mobile apps are the bread and butter of Smartphone’s because they provide added value to the device. Mobile phones have many apps from social media apps to weather and map apps and even game apps.
Mobile marketers have found this market very rewarding platform to showcase their services and products. Advertisement can be placed into a popular app to gain new clients.
Mobile marketing has grown beyond text messages and are used in wider more effective applications. Gaming apps and business app including social media apps are the most targeted by marketers.
Mobile app store provide thousands of downloadable apps for virtually everyday need. This provides opportunities for mobile marketers to reach a wider audience.
Mobile app encourages direct client engagement such as payment of services like downloading games or movies. Apps that offer useful value to Smartphone users are the most desirable.
Mobile Marketing
email marketing
SMS Marketing
Mobile application
mobile friendly websites
multimedia marketing
Social media marketing

Email Marketing
Email Marketing via Smartphone’s
As the phones get more sophisticated Smartphone’s are now email enabled. You can easily configure your phone to receive email as they arrive.
This makes it very convenient for mobile marketers to reach their desired targets on time. Before Smartphone’s the only way to access your email was through the tabletop or laptop computers.
Now you can get your mail on your tablets, iPods, I phones, Smartphone’s and android devices. The increase in number of mobile devices has made email accessible through Smartphone’s easy.
You get your messages on time and are easily read as they arrive.
Mobile Friendly Websites
Websites are not usually mobile friendly so webmaster needs to make mobile friendly websites. People use their mobile phones to access the web more than PC’s. Therefore a mobile friendly website attracts more visitors and potential clients for your products and services.
Advantages of Mobile Marketing
A major advantage of mobile marketing is its flexibility, unique offers and, check responses, campaigns and update fresh offers. Other advantages are potential to offer value, direct engagement, pay platforms, rapid responses, deals, discounts and rewards.
Mobile marketing will only improve and become a better resource for business worldwide.


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