Dog Breeding Business: How to Start a Dog Breeding Business

Dog breeding is a profitable business venture done either full time or part time.  If you love dogs and have lots of patience then start a breeding program.  There are many breeds of dogs that attract high premium price.
Top breeds favored by breeders are Rottweiler’s, Boxers, German Shepherds, Pit Bulls and Doberman pinscher, and beagle. Others are greyhounds, Saint Bernard, Bull dogs, wolfhounds and Beagle.
The business applies to home-based and a commercial breeding facility. Dogs are bred for many reasons such as guard dogs and pets.  
Others are working dogs in entertainment, police force, sheep dogs or caregivers. Dogs have different temperaments, characteristics and pedigrees.
How to start a Pet Store
Before Starting the Enterprise
There are things to consider before starting your dog breeding business. Study the market to select the breed of your choice.
 How much do they pay for puppies and adult dogs?  And what are the dog’s peculiar health challenges and temperament?
To get started write a business plan and prepare a budget.  Get permits, licenses and follow local government rules guiding the business.
The next step is to buy or lease a space and build your kernels. Work on your funding and decide on the number of dogs you want to keep.
How to Start a Dog Breeding Business
Choose a Breed
Dogs are noisy, have peculiar behavior, dog scent and are difficult to manage.  To start your breeding programs select a good pedigree according to your business template.
Then deepen your knowledge of dogs to have a clear picture of breeding procedures and healthcare. Other things to consider are location, funding, feeding costs and waste management.
Laws Guiding the Business
Find out the permits and laws binding dog breeding business.  Dogs need regular veterinary checkups such as vaccinations and injections. Some important injections are anti-rabbis or distemper shots.
Register your business as a sole proprietorship and get insurance cover. If you want to run kernels then get documentations to cover such activity.
Make sure the veterinary health documents are properly filed and at hand. You can get a breeding license from PCCI.
 Home-based dog breeders face less rules and laws guiding the business. This is because the dogs are seen more as pets that commercial property.
Number of Male or Female Dogs
There are two ways to go about a breeding program. Buy only female dogs or buy both sexes. If you want to buy both sexes then buy only one male and several female of the same breed.
Pure breed dogs attract better prices so try to avoid mixed breed dogs. Although mix breed dogs live longer and are more resistant to diseases and illness they are not appropriate for dog breeding.
Buying only females has its own cost implications. Breeders have to pay other pet owners when introducing the male to the female. The payment is often a lump sum on each meeting or a deal for one of the puppies.
It is better to have both male and female to avoid contractual agreement between breeders. While choosing a mate for your dogs focus on size, health and an even tempered dog.
How Breeders Earn Money
The two major sources of income are selling your puppies and stud duties. Other sources are guard dog duties or other work related assignments.
It is expensive feeding dogs and paying for veterinary services. The cost of selling three puppies might cover the initial costs of maintenance.
Market your Business
To sell your new puppies you need to create awareness that the dogs are for sale. A good place to start is using a free classified website to advertise the dogs.
The classified website allows images, description and price. They also encourage showing your general location and phone number.
Another simple method is a sign with dogs for sale or a small advertisement in a newspaper. Other ways are telling a popular vet clinic or inform dog dealers.
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