Dog Grooming Business: How to Start a Dog Grooming Business

Dog grooming business works both part time and full time. Animal lovers can start this business at a designated location or at home.
Animal care is a million dollar industry fast becoming a veritable source of income. Entrepreneurs that ventured into this business are making good money.
 The business does not require a degree however knowledge in animal care is important. The startup cost is relatively small compared to other pet related businesses.
Dog grooming salons are highly profitable, fun and easy to manage. Before you start the business there are a few things to consider such as funding, location, equipment, staff and training.
How to start a dog Breeding Business
Get some Training
The best way to gain experience is understudy an established pet salon. You can become an assistant, and learn grooming skill from books, seminars and trade institutes. You can also get formal training or use online resources.
Another way is to enroll in a pet grooming training program to develop your skill. Get certified as a pet groomer and boosts your clients confidence in your ability.
Register your business as a sole proprietorship or limited liability company. Find out licenses you need to run a dog grooming enterprise.
Other considerations are tax, insurance and membership fees. Insurance is important to handle any liability claim instituted against your organization.
Pet grooming is not capital intensive so use personal savings. You can source funds from target savings or get soft loans from family and friends.
The only thing that might increase expenditure is your business location and cost of rent. Creating an aesthetically pleasing salon is moderately expensive.
Dog Grooming Equipment
Regular dog grooming is an integral part of pet healthcare. The groomer needs basic equipment to clip, cut, brush, straighten, condition, and bath the dog. Other job descriptions are cleaning teeth, sprays and fancy colors and ribbons.
The common equipment used to groom dogs isn’t expensive and easy to purchase. A dog groomer needs a large grooming table complete with a grooming arm and noose.
You need at least a pin brush, slicker brush, dog nail clippers, and a bottle ear cleaner. Other are 2 speed 10-30 blade grooming clippers, dog shampoo, dryer, 5 inch straight hemostat for cleaning dog ears.
Add a pair of 6 inch dog grooming scissors, pair of shears and a container of styptic powder.
List of Basic Equipment Used for Dog Grooming
Buying the right equipment helps perform the duties of a groomer. You don’t need expensive equipment to start a successful grooming salon. Here is a list of equipment to start your grooming business
            1. Brush-Different Brushes such as  pin brush or short hair brush2.  Combs-Wide toothed, 3.   4.Mid toothed, 5. Flea comb 6. Dog Tooth Brushes and Tooth paste
4     7.Toe nail Clippers 8. Shampoo 9. Electric clippers10. Styptic powders 
     12. A table 13. Towels14. Dryer 15. Sprays 
     16. Cleaning products 17. Shears 18. Bowls 19. Bandannas 20. Bathtubs 21. Cages 22.    Washing machines
Common Dog Grooming Routine
The groomer can start by brushing the dog to remove dirt. Then a pre-bath, clip, then the dog is bathed and rinsed.
The dog is then rubbed down with a towel and dried. The groomer trims toenails, brush teeth and remove any eye tear stains. They then brush the dog, apply conditioner and clip excess hair.
To arrive at a competitive price study what competitors are charging? Research what is obtainable in your locality.
You can offer discounts and promotional deals to attract patronage. Things that impact on price is size of dog breed and work schedule.
Dogs with lots of fur cost more than those with less fur. Create a basic price list according to breed, and services rendered.
You need lots of marketing and promotions to reach customers. Create a powerful brand name for your dog salon.
Use both print and electronic media to advertise your business.  Print handbills, posters, billboards, glossy catalogs, postcards and complementary cards.
Network with vet services and leave flyers at such locations. Other good locations to publicize your business are dog food marts and breeders.
You can use word of mouth and marketing agents or contact dog trainers.


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