Fresh Fruit Juice Business Ideas: How to Start a Fresh Fruit Juice Business

Fruit juice business is part of the food industry and has a few local government regulations. The business is profitable when implemented correctly. Different verities of fruits exist like banana, orange, coconut, pineapple and grape.
They are bountiful, cheap and easily sourced in the open market. Fruits have lots of healthy nutrients and vitamins making it highly priced. Fruit juice is simple to make unique and a good alternative to fast food.
Fresh fruit juice refers to freshly squeezed fruits that are 100% natural without any additives or preservatives. The juice has a short shelf life and should be consumed with a relatively short period.
The business is highly profitable and can generate income for investors.  The fruit is processed without adding coloring, sugar, artificial ingredients or preservatives.
Although there are a few challenges the business has a simple template and easy execution.
Create a Logo
Get your artistic juices flowing by first creating a logo? The logo provides branding and a product image.
The reason is because people identify with a brand and become loyal to the corporate image. Once you have created a logo add a witty slogan
Find a Niche
There are different types of fruit juice so focus on one. You have juices like smoothies, organic juices, bottled juice and mixed juice.
Health Benefit of Fruit Juice
The health benefits of fruit juice are so numerous to mention. The have lots of vitamins and nutrients.
Freshly squeezed Fruit juice is 100% natural and free from supplements. The smoothie has natural sorbets and no artificial sweeteners, additives or coloring.
 Try New Recipes
Nothing beats the classic drinks like freshly squeezed orange juice and pineapple. However mixed fruits are common like pineapple and orange mixtures that come in different variants.
Experiment a little with different fruits to find an amazing taste or flavor. Mix something new and exciting however don’t forget the classics.
Health Regulations
Food handlers do yellow fever tests and other health related tests. The tests are necessary to avoid any transfer of diseases from the vendor to client.
Some of the certification and licensing are renewed every year. You also need an employer identification number, operational license and tax clearance certificate.
You need to register your business either as a sole proprietorship or limited liability company. To start a small fruit juice business you need about $7000. You are also required to have a food stall license.
Yearly renewal fees, registration fess and business name cost about $100
Build a kiosk
The list of items you need for your kiosk are straws, lots of plastic cups and storage containers. Others are mixers, juicers, fridge, cash register juice glass machine and furniture.
Your expenses include utility bills, shop rent, staff, fresh fruits and purchase of ice. You calculate your average income per cup of juice sold minus expenses to arrive at an average monthly profit.
Source the Fruits
You can outsource your bottles to manufacturers.  Your business concerns fresh fruits so finding constant supply is important.
There are a few ways to source your fruits such as direct from farmers or grow your own. You can buy lots of fruits in bulk from wholesalers and large retailers.
Local associations and farmers markets are also good place to get deals.
Marketing your Business
There are many places to sell your fruit juice and make profit. Sell the juice at festivals, along the road at commercial areas, restaurants and bars.
Display them at shopping malls, cafes and fitness centers. You can sell you juice directly to customers in plastic cups or bottle. You can target school sport programs and commercial kitchen to sell your juice.
Hire sales representatives to spread the word and drum up sales. Find a sweet spot at a tourist destination to build your kiosk.
Before your start your business venture formulate a comprehensive business-plan. The business plan should have location, source of product and future projections.
Include in your plan funding, business structure and focus. Once you have the location, good source of fruits and equipment you are ready.


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