Home Embroidery Business Ideas: How to Star a Home Embroidery Business

Embroidery is the creations of graphic designs on a fabric. It is done through intricate needle work to create an elaborate pattern.
This ancient art form has been improved in modern times through the introduction of embroidery machines.  The sewing machine is graded to use complex needle movement and multiple threads to achieve a seamless design.
Computerized embroidery machines have made the business more accessible to new entrepreneurs. Digital embroidery uses computerized embroidery machines to carry out specific commands.
Home embroidery companies use a small single needle embroidery machine that accommodates one garment at a time. While commercial companies use huge machines that run several needles at once.
Machine Embroidery Business
Embroidery machines have made it easier to start a small enterprise. The technology reduces time and has a wide range of software designs. All the entrepreneur needs is to purchase the software online.
 Do your research before selecting any embroidery machine for your business. Small home business owners use single head embroidery machines.  They have low production outputs and should be handled with care.
 Embroidery machines are noisy, expensive and could cause serious damage if handled carelessly.
Advantages of Home Embroidery Business
The business is fun, easy to do and you can make money. Other advantages are setting your own time including expansion potential. You also have the added advantage of setting your own price.
Home based means your business premises is located at home. Create a working space and add basic equipment needed to start your operation. You can decide to lease a property or buy a shop for your business.

Purchase your Equipment
Your home based business requires a small workspace for office equipments. You need a single needle embroidery machine, work table, hoops, patterns and needles. Other equipments are thread spools and a computer with embroidery software designs.
Use a steamer to straighten fabric, garment hangers and office telephone to reach customers. You can buy a small embroidery machine for home use or a commercial machine for larger operations.
Commercial machines are 500% more expensive than small home embroidery machines. Interestingly some machines are pre-programmed with basic software programs.
Develop your Niche
Learn as much as you can about embroidery business to offer your customers quality products. Your customers demand unique and appealing items therefore focus on products related to their interests and hobbies.
A good place to develop relationship and build a long term customer base is your community.
Your staff strength depends on the size of your business. You can hire marketing manger, account clerk, and machine operators. Other staffs are cleaners, sales representatives and security. However if you run a home based business you can run it alone.
Basic Operation of an Embroidery Machine
The simple steps to creating a beautiful embroidery design is file type, software, design and loading into a compatible embroidery machine. The person that creates a design file is called a puncher. 
You can purchase machine formats specific to a machine. Another way is to source design formats specific to software.
Trained punchers are able to handle auto-digitizing, editing and outlines to create original work. A conversion program helps compatibility issues between different machine formats and file types.
Embroidery software allows delicate changes through stitch, split, crop, rotation and cropping. Some allow color changes, text including adding or removing stitches.
Production Process
Create the design-load into embroidery machine- stabilize fabric- start the machine-change thread manually. Types of stabilizing include open mesh, tear-away and cut-away. Others are water- soluble and heat-n-gone.
Market your products online through a website and use online resources. Reach customers through promotions, discounts and product donation.
Use word of mouth, and many advertisement channels. Advertise your business on social media, Google Adwords, Facebook groups and FaceBook advertisement.
Use newspaper advertisement, colorful brochures, handbills and complementary cards. Seek referrals and showcase products at exhibitions or trade shows.
Embroidery business is touch, challenging and fun. You get to create amazing designs and make money from your craft. To get ahead do effective marketing, customer oriented service, and quality products
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