How to Buy and Sell Land for Profit


Landed property is big business either bought for personal use, office space construction or flipping. Whatever the purpose plots of land is very valuable real estate and good business.
Landed property is a very good investment if you have the resource.  Despite the huge amount paid to acquire land the investor over a period experiences capital appreciation.
This increase in value of the investment is largely due to the appreciation of the said property over a period. Land is important because of the steady growth in population around the world.
How to Become a Real Estate Agent
The Different Uses of land
Investors buying empty plots generally have different developmental prospects. The buyer can turn the plot into a car park if near a commercial area.
They can flip the land after a period or construct a building. Development would eventual get to a land in a remote axis thereby increasing its value. The longer it stays vacant the more money a land prospector makes.
Turning a plot into a shopping complex or an office complex is another strategy. Some might decide the land is fertile enough for farming or other purposes.
Depending on the reason behind land purchase, a prospector has many options. You need adequate documentation, due diligence and legal backing to avoid unscrupulous land agents and fraudsters.
Why Buy Land
The investor before buying a plot of land should have a workable plan. The type of land purchased is very important while some land is good for farming others have hard clay soil.
Some plots are water logged, so building a house on that location would be very capital intensive. Understanding why you want to buy the land gives you a clear picture of the challenges. The land speculator knows that land appreciates in value over time.

Make a Budget
Everyone knows a plot in an exclusive area attracts very high amount while one on the periphery of town is much cheaper. Beware of transportation costs, which might spiral out of control.
Always have a clear view of the land of interest before visiting the site. It is better to use a lawyer to conduct a thorough search of the title of the property.
Find out if there is any dispute or litigation on the land. Does the land have a certificate of occupancy, family seal or governor’s consent?
If you purchase the land to construct a building factor the immediate and remote expenses such as land filling, fencing, cutting trees/weeds. Also, include local government levies, indigenous residents, and transportation of building material.
Do not forget servicing your mortgage loans and other tax related issues.
How to Search for Land
Searching for land is easy if you know how to go about it. If you have specific areas in mind visit the top estate agent in that area and make your enquirers.
You can also use the internet to find property, by searching property websites and comparing prices. Newspaper is a good resource when searching for land or radio adverts.
Many property development companies also sell land in an estate to customers. If you buy from a property developer, first establish the ground rules such as building conformity.
The property developer should state if you could build any structure and any maintenance fee issues. Other things to consider when searching for suitable land are drainage, central sewage system, and proximity to electricity.
Banks also sell debtors lands when they are unable to service their debt.
Property handbills are commonplace in establishments that have large amount of customers.
You can find many large banners, television advertisements that have land for sale.
Thing to consider before buying a land
Things to Check
Check the lands titles
Developing the land
Access road land
Title deed
Shopping mall
Water logged land
Petrol station
Sandy, clay, Humerus soil
 C of O
Before Buying the Land Become a Detective
The value of your landed property is bound to other properties around that locality. A land bordering a new highbrow estate will have very high appreciable value.
A new industrial area might attract prospective buyers from the large conglomerates. What of government’s master plan for the area like roads, airports, cargo docks?
The more development projects within the plots locality the greater the value of the land. Lastly ask neighbors questions concerning the land, weather conditions, and irrigation.
Find out the water level, type of water in that area and sewage facilities. You might have to build your own septic tank in remote areas.
Other considerations before buying the land are the road network and distance to the highway. Roads and topography of the place has a serious impact on the value of the land.
Poor road accessibility equals low development, high transportation cost, and high building cost. What kind of soil is on your land clay, sand, humorous, waterlogged soil?
Things to consider before buying land
1 The land should have close proximity to electricity
2 Access road increases the value of the land
3 Avoid wetlands like the plague
4 Any natural gas
5 How is the centralized sewage system?
6 Understand the water flow rate, quantity and climate
7 Study the topology of your intended property
8 Make sure all legal work done properly
9 Avoid disputed lands
10 Find out about building permits
11 Always use a qualified real estate attorney.
12 Try to practice due diligence when buying any property.
Make Sure its Legal
When you purchase a land, make sure all the legal angles are covered. Secure your legal rights, get approved plans, check for any environmental restrictions.
Make sure the seller has all legal rights to the land to avoid capital loss and litigation. Wetlands are bad business unless you want to start a rice plantation.
 Secure the property after purchase by identifying the natural boundaries of the property. How is the telecommunication reception in the area, bad, good, or worse?
Buying land is very complex so use a highly qualified real estate attorney. Always do due diligence before money changes hands.
Never accept the first offer; they expect you to haggle a bit. When buying lands consider low priced property if you intend flipping it and high priced property if you intend building.
The high priced land in a highbrow area would attract high rent from tenants. Land is big business you can make a fortune buying land and selling land.


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