How to Start a Lingerie Business

Trading cloths is commonplace and has a simple business template. Selling women’s cloths is profitable and is done in small or large scale.
We have petty traders, cloths store, departmental stores and garment producers. The three sectors associated to lingerie business are manufacturing, wholesaler and retailing.
Anyone can start a lingerie business without any formal training except manufacturers. To produce lingerie you need fabric knowledge and sewing skill.
However traders in women wear should have some measure of business acumen, startup funds and good location. The amount of funds you need depends on the size and scope of your enterprise.
To succeed it is important to secure a good location and stock only quality items. Locate your business in a commercial area with lots of vehicular and foot traffic.
Women are conscious of the look and feel of their underwear and are ready to pay premium prices for designer lingerie.
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 How to Start an Underwear Business
Major Considerations
Before launching your enterprise there are a few things to consider such as securing business loans and writing a business plan. Others are e-commerce solutions, leasing, stocking your store and marketing.
Study your Competitors
Lingerie business is highly competitive so you need to research your competitors. Learn their trade secrets, business format and customer service.
Explore areas they operate such as shopping malls, lockup stores, or major retail stores. Study their prices, type of inventory and niche market.
If you notice a niche sector unexplored by dealers in your community you get competitive edge. You should study consumer behavior through surveys and questioners.
 Choose a Sector
Before you launch you enterprise decide on the sector you want to operate. You can open a wholesale store, boutique business, retail outlet or sell lingerie online.
Here are a few ideas on how to run a profitable lingerie business. Write a comprehensive business plan and feasibility study.
Focus on product, management structure, funding and future goals. Other considerations are marketing plan, product pricing and mission statement.
The amount of startup capital you need depends on your business structure, products, location and marketing. Designer underwear is expensive including leasing a store and staff wages.
You can seek funds from bank loans and contributory groups. Try personal savings including family and friends.
Leasing your Shop
The location you choose could make or break your enterprise. You need a heavily trafficked area to make sales.
You can find lingerie stores in departmental store, shopping malls and boutiques. Other locations are the open cloths market, small sheds and roadside vendors.
Source your Product
You can stock your store by networking with wholesalers and manufacturers. Get contractual agreement with private label designers and major wholesalers.
 Women underwear come in different sizes, shapes, designs and preferences. Try to Stock underwear in different colors, fabrics and sizes.
You are at liberty to diversify your inventory by adding slippers, shoes, perfumes, bags and stockings. Your lingerie business could focus only on women underwear or both sexes.
Tie-Dye Business Ideas
 Register your Company
You need trade permits and a business license. Register your business as a sole proprietorship or limited liability company.  You might need tax identification number and liability insurance.
The purchasing power of your host community should be taken into account when pricing your goods. The price of your lingerie depends on the source and manufacturer.
The type of fabric, brand name also impacts on the cost. Your prices should be competitive and similar to that obtainable in the market.
Promote your Business
You need to stay abreast of fast changing trends in the market. Inform your community through flyers, posters, complementary cards and banners.
Try direct email marketing, a glossy brochure and monthly newsletter. Use electronic media such as television advertisement or radio jingles.
An effective method is advertising in newspaper or popular fashion magazine. Other marketing tools are through a website, and free classified. 
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